What is a star child: who are the crystal, rainbow, indigo babies? By Mercy Mbuthia

Children are complex by nature. Over the years, they have exhibited a rare combination of traits standing out from the previous generations. However, special groups of children spring from the 70s and are characterized with unique personality features. Their natural abilities supersede those of other children. They are commonly referred to as star children.

Star Child

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What is a star child? Who are these star children? Let’s take a look at the star child meaning as well as star children characteristics.

Star child meaning

Star children are gifted human beings with unique abilities, and their mission on earth sets them apart from the rest. A star child’s role is to actively take part in transitioning the world into a new existence.

As change-makers on the forefront, the star child paves ways for humankind to thrive. They assist in raising human frequency, which is pivotal to the development of humanity.

Starseed child is another term coined to refer to the metaphysical concept of a star child.

It is estimated that the star child has been incarnating on earth for over 100 years. The first wave of star children on the planet was tracked as early as the 1970s.

From the 70s, the star children have come in three generations, namely indigo children, crystal children, and rainbow children.

Indigo children were the first of the three waves of the star children. Each generation has borne subsequent generations.

Indigo parents bore crystal children, whereas rainbow children were borne to crystal parents.

In as much as indigo children, crystal children and rainbow children possess similar special abilities and traits. Each generation of the star child dawns with its unique features in abilities and traits.

Star children characteristics

Arguably, everyone has met a child who they thought was wise beyond their years. The star child exhibits certain features that differentiate them from the rest.

Interestingly, each new wave of the starseed child displays unique characteristics and abilities. Regardless of the generation, they belong to; the star children share common features.

They understand their common purpose is to assist humankind as they rebuild the earth.

What are some of the star children characteristics to look out for?

Emphatic and aware – They see individuals who are emotionally hurting and want to help. They are focused observers and sensitive to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

Wise beyond their years – They fathom things that transcend their physical form and limits of the earth. Regardless of their age, they grasp large concepts.

Find love everywhere – They have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Their aura of unconditional love helps them spread positive emotions to those hurting.

Creative and expressive – They express themselves freely and wordlessly through brain activities such as creative arts. They draw, paint, sing, dance, and even immersed in the world of poetry.

Impatient and highly intelligent – The starseed child always seems faster than the world’s pace around them. They are still waiting for the world to catch up with them.

Generous – Material things do not particularly interest star children. They clearly understand that everything on the planet is connected and belongs to everyone.

Feels they do not belong on earth – They feel disconnected from others because of their unusual thoughts and behavior.

Knows they have past lives – The concept of reincarnation is predominant with star children. They feel as if they have lived in several previous lives.

Have a great connection to nature, animals, night sky, moon and stars – They can spend hours looking at the sky, moon, and stars.

They love nature and can take strolls to look at the forest or look beyond the horizon of large water bodies. Besides, they amazingly connect with animals.

Star children are always inclined to push boundaries that were set by their predecessor generation. Each incoming generation tends to go beyond traits and characteristics boundaries.

It is a way to distinguish them from previous and forthcoming starseed child.

Who are Indigo children?

Indigo children are intuitive, strong-willed and very sensitive. They are the first wave of the starseed child and first dawned in the 1970s.

The term Indigo refers to their auric field. Indigo star children were born from 1970 to 1992.

Just like other starseed children, they share the common purpose to make humankind better. The main task for this starseed child is to fight for justice and expose the truth.

Indigo children traits

The star child from the indigo generation shows a myriad of characteristics, including;

A higher sense of self-worth – These star children are born knowing that they are unique, making them confident.

Insightful – Indigo children see the world differently and offer better ideas and new methods, especially better ideas for existing methods. They possess innate knowledge to do things better. They are change-makers.

High expectations on self and others – They are hard on themselves, which poses a challenge in their relationships and interaction with others. They came to challenge the world.

High sensitivity and psychic capacity – Indigos have a strong sense of knowing about people and their situations.

They love nature.

Resistant to authority – They are free thinkers and have a hard time putting up with rules and authority.

Desire a more fair and just world – They stand up against compromised integrity.

Feel as old souls – Indigos feel like they have lived a handful of lifetimes, and they have wisdom unlike others of their age.

Strong-willed -They do everything to achieve set goals.

What are crystal children?

What is a crystal child? Crystal kids are gentle, loving, and forgiving.

They are the second wave of generation after indigo babies, their predecessors. They are highly sensitive as a result of their global consciousness. They are very linked to the world and are considered pure spirits.

Although the first crystal baby can be traced to the late 80s, a major wave of crystal kids was born in the 90s to early 2000s. They possess an Octarine-like aura that the human eye cannot see.

Their aura is therefore referred to as crystal.

The main purpose of crystal kids is to make the earth a better place by leading humanity to love and peace. They are tasked to teach the world unity as they live by the law.

Crystal children traits

One of a crystal baby’s unique characteristics is that they are guided with their hearts and not their minds. Here are the unique features and characteristics displayed by crystal children.

Crystal children are forgiving.

They have a calming aura with a penetrating gaze. They are caring, fun-loving and love to hug.

They live in the present and are affected by neither the past nor the future. They are connected to humankind.

They display magical abilities, and as a result, they make it possible to work on energy in new ways.

Intuitive and empathic – They relate with others very well, and from time to time, they can tell what others are feeling and thinking.

Late developers – Crystal children tend to speak later than their appropriate age. As a result, they are telepathic.

High sensitivity – Crystal children are sensitive to sound, colors, the environment, and others’ emotions. They suffer from allergies as a result of their sensitivity.

They are affected by adverse events on an individual level and other world occurrences.

Autodidacts – Crystal kids prefer to teach and equip themselves with skills; thus, they are multi-talented.

Who Are the Rainbow Babies?

The last wave of the starseed child is the rainbow babies. They are also the rarest type of star children; therefore, their abilities and characteristics are not widely known.

Their scarcity makes them different. Rainbow babies are also special because they are the highest example of true potential. They are the last star children.

This wave of rainbow children sprung in the 2000s. They are born with a bundle of positive emotions and have no karma. They have not lived on earth before.

Their purpose is to raise human vibration and frequency. They came to heal and realign humankind.

They possess a rare quality of quickly recovering from negative emotions. They are not affected much.

Rainbow children characteristics

They reveal the truth.

They are not affected by negative emotions; hence they are easily forgiving.

Clean slate – They have no earthly karma. This makes them more focused to bring more happiness, harmony and defy odds.

Deep connection – They are kind and loving. Full of empathy, they seek to help others. They are well-attached to their mission.

Strong-willed – These star children are fearless and are not easily distracted from their mission on earth.

Energy – They have constant high energy and, therefore, do not require much sleep. Best Yoruba names for your children

There are no actual times for star children to be born. They are only born when the world needs to evolve. The starseed child is on the lead to make the world a better place.

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A local priest explains the truth about exorcisms by Rick Hinton

Thus comes the opening music: the haunting piano from Michael Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, a thick curtain of fog and a darkly silhouetted priest next to a streetlight; also a sense of urgency. Modern-day exorcists … a present-day occurrence or a legend seeped in folklore? How does this translate into paranormal investigations? Is it something to be laughed away? Or, is there credence that demonic activity holds court in the present?

I believe that it does; that evil has the capacity to be the great imitator of what we feel is good, and sometimes steers us down a path we don’t want to walk down. Exorcism? Ghost hunting? Between the two it’s a whole different realm. And not one to be taken lightly.

Entertainment media, it appears, has become the illumination of the demonic, with exorcism portrayed in books, movies, online and television. In 2016, one show – The Exorcist – was the revamping of the original 1973 movie of the same name. Regan has grown up, now with a family of her own. However, it would seem the forces of darkness never fully relinquished its hold upon her. Was it a good show? Concerning the subject of demonic influence, I felt it was spot on; and somewhat disturbing (as was the movie when I saw it in the 1970s). It was moody, dark and yes – the first episode contained the music, fog and the solitary figure of the priest about to do battle as he stands outside the house. Nice touch!

Father Vincent Lampert. (Submitted photo)

Is it all real? Very much so. The Catholic Church has long recognized the reality of evil, demons and possession. However, it’s not a subject they will advertise, rather putting priests quietly into place to deal with it.  As stated in the last article, Greenwood had one of these priests. Father Vincent Lampert resided at the Saints Francis and Clare Catholic Church on the Southside. At the time, he was one of about 50 working exorcists in the United States. His official title was “designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.”

“I saw someone levitate once. I saw foaming at the mouth, bodily contortions, superhuman strength, speaking in a strange language and howling like a wild animals!”

Regardless, he held to his faith, believing that evil was no match against the power that resides in the church founded by Jesus Christ. He was an adamant teacher in dissecting evil from the grace that Christ provides. To witness a possession he equated to visual shows or parlor tricks, meant to scare or distract from the business at hand.

Fr. Amorth: Fr. Gabriele Amorth knew a thing or two about the dark side. (Photo by Rick Hinton)

“I think there are a lot of people who think that exorcism is a throwback to the Middle Ages,” he stated. “But, lots of times, it’s because they don’t want to think about it. They don’t want to think about the reality of evil, or what that means or entails. Evil IS a reality, but that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of it!”

Or hide our heads in the sand. …

The late Father Gabriele Amorth, the priest exorcist in Rome and chaser of demons, spent decades battling the devil and his minions by performing literally tens of thousands of exorcisms. He knew the enemy intimately, explaining many truths about the devil.  True evil is a real thing, still corrupting believers and unbelievers alike; it will continue. It’s one of many reasons I’ve backed off from paranormal investigations.

Keep an open eye out there!

Article Source – ss-times.com

‘Life After Death’: Netflix Spirituality Documentary Trailer by Dwadmin

Netflix has released the trailer for the documentary series “ Surviving Death, ” which features testimonials from people who have died and come back to life.

The series is based on journalist Leslie Kean’s bestseller, and will launch on the platform on January 6.

Watch the trailer:

The investigative series explores the possibility of an afterlife. Over the course of six episodes, “Surviving Death” will explore issues that have been resolved over time, such as: What does it mean to die? And is death the end of our existence? Weave innovative new research with the reports of those who were close to death – and even who experienced it.

Enjoy watching:https://www.youtube.com/embed/CiAYldDE4AM?feature=oembed

“The question of what happens to us after death is something that we have pondered throughout history – confronting mortality takes us on a path to explore the possibility that consciousness can live after the death of the body”, revealed director Ricki Stern. .

Throughout the episodes, the series will feature interviews with scientists, psychics, psychologists, and child psychiatrists to explore near-death experiences, sessions and other post-mortem communications, and memories of past lives.

Article source – DesignerWomen.co.uk

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Calleen

I hope every one of you has a warm, loving, and special Christmas. The energies from above are nearer Earth right now than at any other time of the year.

Consequently, if you have people on the other-side, or even just want to grow, touch in, or expand your psychic abilities, now is the time to reach out and likely feel them reach back… bringing comfort, love, growth, and confirmation.

It truly is a special time. Please enjoy it and utilize it.

All the best,

How Spirituality Can Change Your Brain by Elvira Barucija

How can spirituality change the way your brain works? Your whole body is connected and there is a strong connection between your brain and your health, both physical and mental.

It’s not only that your brain can have an impact on your thoughts, but your thoughts can have a strong impact on your brain. Spirituality can change the chemistry of your brain.

When we talk about spirituality, we are referring to any religion or pure connection with the world and the universe. Whatever your relationship might be with God, spirituality can be a part of your life in a great way if you are not religious.

Spirituality and Your Brain

Spirituality lights up certain parts of the brain. According to a study published in the journal of Social Neuroscience, spiritual and religious experiences can activate your brain in the same way as food, love, drugs, music, sex or gambling can be rewarding for some or everyone. There is a separate field dedicated to only researching the connection between religion and the brain called neurotheology. Here the subject of examination is religion not spirituality as a whole.

When it comes to mental health, many studies have proved that spirituality can boost serotonin levels which is a feel-good neurotransmitter that can stabilize mood. A recent study found that those who had a stroke but were spiritual had a higher psychological quality of life compared to those who had a stroke but were not spiritual.

Spirituality and Your Brain

When someone has a sense of meaning in life, that can significantly improve your motivation and positive overlook on the future. Religion and spirituality can be a source of comfort when someone is dealing with chronic illness or consistent stress. Generally, spirituality is associated with positive mental health. When someone is spiritual, they might deal less with negative and self-destructive thoughts. A spiritual person is more likely to know and apply the good in life. They are more likely to eat healthily and be positive about life and it is mostly due to their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Additionally, spirituality has an impact on physical health as well. Those who are spiritual usually promote healthy living and healthy behaviors which overall have a positive impact on mental health.

Spirituality is Powerful

Spirituality is truly powerful, and it has many health benefits. Before you tap into spirituality, you must have a clear vision of what is spirituality for you. Usually, spirituality is believing in something greater than yourself. For some that might be God and for others that might be nature and the universe as a whole.

Usually, spiritual people completely surrender to a higher power. Spirituality helps you sit with heavy and difficult emotions. Something like meditation can help you connect with greater force. Or a prayer at a Church or other place where you worship.

If you pray or meditate for 20 minutes you will feel easier and you will deal with stress better. People who are religious deal better with death when they believe in life after death. Religious people often feel like a part of a tribe and they might have stronger social relationships compared to those who are not religious. Regardless if you are religious or not, or if you are only spiritual, you can experience the health benefits of believing in a higher purpose and a meaningful life.

If you haven’t already, find a regime that works for you. With spirituality, you will embrace uncertainty and we all have some of that in our lives. We all know that life is not this peaceful and joyful place. There are a lot of anxieties, uncertainties, and fears. That can’t be avoided.


There is a science between spirituality and mental health. It can change your brain circuits and how you think and feel in life. There are many ways to get in touch with your spirituality and reap health benefits. We often find ourselves thinking why we have to go through certain things or what’s the meaning of this and that, and why are we doing this? Spiritual people are more likely to find answers to these questions. The feeling of not having meaning can be difficult for many. Spiritual people usually don’t have that problem.

More on Gildshire Healthy Lifestyle Magazine 

New Side Gig by Calleen Wilder

Over the next few weeks most of you (or at least those who visit this website) will notice some pretty significant changes taking place.

I am finally working on the manifestation &/or completion of a project I’ve been mulling over for about two years. I am SO excited about it. I can’t wait to share all of the details with you soon.

However, since everything’s not yet entirely concreted in, I know it’s best I don’t say a thing. I realize I have to at least try to stay semi-flexible (hard at my age) for any last minute adjustments.

I will, of course, still be offering readings, so no worries there. They can still be arranged either via this website or by calling me.

I really do believe this next phase involves my shooting straight at my “life purpose”. It feels like something I’ve been heading towards forever… albeit resisting it vehemently at times. I felt I had other things I wanted to accomplish first, so I always back-burnered this.

PLUS, I am a Virgo. As such, I need all of my little damaged ducklings swimming in what some might call a “slightly chaotic synchronized arrangement”. Meaning, I’m OCD and terribly detail determined.

In the next few weeks I hope to have all of this up and running. Yet, there is still lots of work to be done, some of which is slightly out of my control. That part is driving me slightly bat-s-crazy. So no definite timing just yet.

But I wanted to let all of you know when you visit this page over the coming weeks, you’ll definitely notice things being rearranged and redone. Yet, I’m still here. I still do what I’ve always done. I’m simply adding something so super cool to the mix. I hope you’ll love it too… or at least benefit from it.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Until then,

Is There an Angel of Death in the Bible? By Lesli White

An angel of death isn’t mentioned anywhere in Scripture.

I found this article somewhat interesting, so thought I’d share. I have been asked this question before and feel this is a very interesting take on it. Calleen

When we hear “Angel of Death,” we often think of the Grim Reaper, a figure that has been pushed in popular culture. Yet, contrary to popular belief, the concept of an angel of death is not taught in Scripture. The big idea around an angel of death is the idea that this angel comes to a person right before they die to take their soul. Some believe this angel oversees death, or simply present when a person passes away. There is not a specific passage in the Bible that reinforces this belief.

Some religions do have specific angels equated with death. Judaism connects this role to Azrael, who is recognized as an angel of destruction. In Islam, this figure is known as “Malak Almawt.” In Christianity, some believe the Archangel Michael plays a role in death.

According to the Testament of Abraham, archangel Michel told Abraham he had to die. At this time, Abraham asked God if he could see the wonders of the world so that he could die without any regrets. Michael took Abraham on a tour of the inhabited world. After this, he took Abraham to prepare for his death. While Michael appears to guide departed souls, he doesn’t take on a grim reaper role. In the Bible, Michael is associated with fighting spiritual battles and carrying out the commands of God. The name “Azrael” also never appears in the Bile.

Some people may equate Second Kings 19:35 with angels of death. The verse says, “That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies.” This verse describes an angel putting to death 185,000 Assyrians who invaded Israel. Some equate chapter 12 of the Book of Exodus with angels of death. This is the passage that references the death of the firstborn of Egypt, seeing it like an angel’s work. Scripture does not link the death of the firstborn to any angel. While the Bible may mention angels causing death at the Lord’s command, it does not teach that there is a special angel of death.

In the Book of Revelation, God gives one of the angels the power to cause death. In Scripture, we see that the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse has the power to wipe out one-fourth of the earth’s population. Revelation 6:8 says, “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” While some believe the Four Horseman are angels of death, they represent rulers and authorities on earth more so.

It wasn’t God’s original purpose for us to die. We know from Genesis that God made man to live forever on earth. Our Heavenly Father placed the first human couple in paradise, blessed them to perfect health. He wanted good for them. Scripture tells us, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Ultimately, God created us with a desire to live forever. While it may be hard to understand when you’re only looking at our time on earth, God has opened a way for that desire to be achieved.

The concept of death can be frightening, even for believers. One of the big reasons is because there are so many unknowns around death. Yet, we know that we don’t have anything to fear when it comes to death through our belief in Christ. We actually have a lot to look forward to. In Philippians, Paul declares, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain, I am torn between the two: I desire to depart to be with Christ, which is better by far.”

God is the only one who knows the timing of our death and is sovereign over it. No angel or demon can intercede or cause death before God has willed it. Only God knows the date and time of our passing. Many people, including believers, think that death can come in the form of an angel or demon, but the Bible does not teach this anywhere. We know from Scripture that death is the separation of our soul-spirit from our body. While we may no longer be attached to our physical bodies, believers recognize that there is life after death.

Ultimately, angels can be responsible for death, and may be engaged in what occurs after death, but there is nothing in the Bible that speaks to a specific angel of death. It simply doesn’t exist. The Bible provides us with the assurance of life after death. God tells us that we will return through the resurrection of the death. Through this, we know that we will receive the gift of eternal life. While our bodies may be temporary, we will eventually decay and turn to dust. God has bigger plans for us than death. One of the wonderful things we have to look forward to is the Kingdom of Heaven when we die. At this time, the struggle over sin will finally be over. We don’t have to worry about a grim reaper visiting us before we pass away. We can rest assured that God will be right there with us. He was at the beginning of our life on earth, and He will be there in our final moments on earth and beyond. We have nothing to fear with God.

Article Source – beliefnet.com

Weekly Proof of the Afterlife by Calleen Wilder

I have lived what many would label “a very paranormal life” for all of my life. As a result, I often overlook, or fail to share, the miracles I encounter nearly daily. Miracles in the fact that they are often either far too coincidental or far too impossible for mere science to explain. AND… I get to experience this nearly daily.

As a result, I’ve decided to begin sharing here, on this blog, at least one such story about some of these crazy cool events per week. Reason being, if I don’t document them somewhere I completely forget. People are always saying to me, “Don’t you remember you said… or you experienced… or you predicted, etc…?” And my answer is almost always unequivocally “no”. It has escaped me even though at the time I knew it was so great. Yet great things happen so often that I’ve found one often replaces the other.

SO…. THIS IS MY FIRST WEEK of doing a bit of an on-going paranormal/miracles diary here.

My first story involves a woman I’ve read for only a couple of times. Her scenario, from what she reminded me when she called to update me on her progress, went like this:

During our reading I had been told (by Spirit) she needed to go back for more schooling in order to advance her career. I shared with her I felt she was currently in the medical field, but there was a specific focus or niche they wanted her to pursue that required more training/schooling.

I also helped her connect with her brother during that reading. A brother who she was terribly close with, but who had passed unexpectedly not long ago. She was in another state at the time of his illness/passing and wasn’t present when he passed. She had great remorse and a tinge of guilt about that.

He, obviously, assured her he knew she loved him and he wanted her to heal that. He also assured her he would help her throughout the rest of her life.

OUTCOME: She called me the other day to update me…. something I LOVE when my clients do. It helps me verify I heard spirit correctly during the reading.

Anyway, as it turns out she does work in the medical field and had been considering going into a specialty. She went on, prompted by the reading, to apply to two different colleges in order to pursue this suggestion.

The first school/college she applied to wasn’t going to be able to correctly apply credits she had already earned and get her enrolled until the fall of 2021.

The second school/college accepted her immediately. She relayed to me that she was going to be able to start her schooling at the end of this month, on November 30, to be exact.

WHICH…. just so happens to be her brother’s birthday.


Miracles. They’re everywhere. Spirit is always trying to let us know they are still in contact with us… and still able to help us if needed.

I SO LOVE this story. Hope you do too.

What is Karma Really? By Calleen Wilder

As far as Karma goes, based on the frequent karma rash I’ve experienced, is self-inflicted… in my opinion anyway.

Karma is NOT something the Universe, God, Spirit Guides, or anyone else in a higher authority target us with. Instead, karma is what we know we deserve… but on a soul level.

In other words, if you lied, cheated, stole, or really did anything you know better than to do, something similar, or worse, comes back around to you pretty swiftly.

TRICK IS… it doesn’t come back as punishment. It comes back to equalize our books. To balance-out your good and yes, your bad. I believe it does this in order that we don’t die, looking forward to some peace finally, only to be faced with a set of ongoing consequences.

I mean really… that would make heaven anything but heavenly. Thus, we handle most of it here, while we’re still in this dense earth plane. A place where there’s copious amounts of mud, thieves, cheaters, liars, and all things harsh. Let’s face it, karma is far easier, and likely far more effective, to experience here than when we find ourselves amongst the clouds, music, peace, and love. So yeah, usually it’s here.

KNOW TOO… I believe the further along you are in your spiritual growth and understanding of integrity, the quicker your books will get balanced.

In other words, let’s say I absent-mindedly walk out of a store and forget to pay for something in my cart, or hand, or yes, pocket if you’re that kind of absent-minded, I’ll either lose what it was I absconded with, or I’ll come into an unexpected “amount due” somewhere that more than makes up for my neglect. Particularly true if any of what I did was intentional. Intention is everything where karma is concerned.

THE GOOD THING is, if we elect to balance our books here (and yes, there are some situations where we get to choose how quickly we get smacked back. Unless, of course, we opted for the “blanket” karma package before we entered this lifetime), we get the music, love, and grooviness of the “perfect there” when we pass.

However, since none of us can keep track of every single wrong we’ve ever done, there’s always a tad of carry-over and explaining to do once we reach the proverbial pearly gates. Explaining to our soul though. Not spinning some yarn or stupidly trying to run any game on some entity, being, or God. Nope… we’ll be talking to ourselves… or maybe thinking to ourselves… or maybe apologizing to ourselves. Not sure.

I ONLY KNOW we’ll feel horrible, particularly if we caused anyone any ramifications. Those we’ll have to watch, feel, and experience as if we had intentionally hurt puppies or killed the planet, all on our own. Too sad.

WE MAY EVEN decide we need to come back and enter into a new life here, with the debt still owed. If so, sometime during our next life the balance must be restored… one way or another.

PERSONALLY, I’d like to take maybe a hundred or so lifetimes worth of years off. Maybe find myself sitting by some aqua colored water while sipping something frothy once I reach over there. Meaning, I guess I’d rather pay my dues here anyway, rather than carry them over there.

In Summary: It’s my understanding that karma is self-inflicted on us by our soul. The soul, which by the way, is always with us, watching, recording, and totally in-tune with how aware we were of the offense we committed. Consequently, there really is no escaping karma.

You may ask why some who do horrible things don’t seem to have karma. Trust me, they do. They may have far less guilt over their offenses, and thus are given far more chances than most to rectify/make-up for their straight badness. This makes it appear as if they’re skating. They’re not. It’s being counted, compiled, and dunked in harsh karma sludge. They simply often get more chances over a very spread-out timeframe. STILL, it’s frustrating to watch. I so get that.

Based on this information, I guess my advice is to do the least wrong possible. Maybe too, be open to the swift rebounds you get when you neglect to do the things your soul knows is right. In the end, it’s all about balance, yin and yang, an eye for an eye (not literally… usually), and holding ourselves accountable.

So that’s my take on Karma. You most certainly don’t have to agree with me. BUT, this makes sense to me. And judging on my own “pay back” rate and level of intensity, I think I’m, at the very least, onto something pretty big here.

Enjoy! Be good. Or if you have to be bad, make sure you have enough fun it’s worth your own revenge. Scary thought, right?