Visualization – How to Change Your Life

Since becoming a hypnotist back in the early 90’s, I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years. As a result, the one thing I know for sure is that the power of our mind is nothing but utterly astounding.

I’ve seen how just making smallest of adjustments in someone’s ingrained thought patterns can change their lives entirely. The simple truth is, if you can help someone think differently, you can help them live differently.

The trick is to think more about what you want and less about what you don’t. Seriously, we all have the inherent power to live the life we want to live once we understand it is within our control.

In working with people from nearly every background, belief system, walk of life, and career path, I’ve always found that the one universal constant for we humans is simply that we really are who we think we are. It’s like an invisible defined boundary we set up around ourselves from a very early age, and reinforce often as we grow. That is the painful truth of it.

The great thing about this though is simply that if you don’t like your job, your spouse, your habits, or your life, you really do have the option to change it. The biggest and usually only block to that change is your mind, the boundary.

The harsh reality is that the minute we believe we can’t do something is the very minute we don’t really do it. We create a block, a belief somewhere so deep inside of ourselves that eventually even when we do try to change, we can’t. An even sadder truth is that we settle for settling. We “buy into” our fake limits.

Yet I know, because I’ve seen it hundreds of times, that if you want something to be different in your life, all you have to do is believe that you can make it so. Now I’m not saying you might not also have to put some muscle grease into the change you want to see. Rather, I’m saying that until you think you have the power to change something, you can’t, no matter how much muscle you put into it. It’s an ugly self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Sort of like what you can see is what you will see… and not one inch further.

Think about the mothers who have been documented to lift cars off of their babies when needed. The same mothers who have trouble lifting five bags of groceries normally. Why is it they can do such a thing? Well, other than the obvious extra adrenaline, it’s because they didn’t stop to think about it, they just did it. Had they stopped to think about it, rationalize it out, and weighed the pros and the cons, they’d almost assuredly have talked themselves out of it.

Confirming the truth that our minds are our best friends, as well as our worst enemies. They both empower and limit us. Again though, they are still our minds. Meaning, they’re under our power once we figure that out.

So while mothers and car lifting is one of the more notable and documented examples of what is and isn’t possible when we just do rather than think, it proves to us we have power buried inside of us we never knew existed until it’s really needed.

However, I also realize there are things we simply aren’t equipped to do… things like breathing under water or flying without mechanical help. So yes, being human means there are some physical restraints put in place long before we arrived on the planet. Yet, most of our goals, dreams, hopes and wishes are relatively practical, regardless of current appearances. As such, those things can indeed be done with a little belief, a little time, and a certain amount of compensable energy… nearly always.

So, how do we begin the process of remolding our lives? In my experience the first part is simple since it involves you just getting your mind on-board with the possibility that you’re capable of more. Hands down, the best possible way to do this is to actively begin visualizing your future, exactly how you want it to be. In fact, the more details you add to your visualizations, the more involved your brain, heart, and soul become, and thus, the better the likelihood is of you not only achieving your goal, but also drastically reducing the amount of time it takes you to do so.

Remember too that visualization is free. And, since it only takes a few minutes to do it, why not begin visualizing and thinking about what you do want, instead of what you don’t want? In fact, whether you even believe this will work or not, you know for sure it can’t hurt anything, so why not give it a whirl?

What I want you to do is ask yourself, “What would I change in my life if I could change anything?” Next, ask, “What do I love about my life?” “What do I love doing?” “What makes me happy when I’m doing it?”

Only rule is… ask yourself only positive questions. Don’t flood your mind with what you don’t want, because it’s equally true that how you think and where you put your mental energy will beget the same type of energy. Meaning, what you put out is what you’ll get back. Like draws like. Consequently, if you think about what you hate about your life or what you want to go away, you’ll nearly guarantee yourself more of the same.

This is why I say delete the words “can’t, won’t, and don’t” from your visualization process. See only the good. And, if the bad starts to creep in (and it always does), simply ignore it and go back to the good. Do that a thousand times if need be. Just override the negative thoughts that are bound to pop up and start where the good left off.

Always remember that energy grows where energy flows, and act accordingly. Plus, in all reality you’ve likely already given the “don’t wants” more than enough thought by now anyway. Apparently, that hasn’t gotten you anywhere but to the same place you already are. So lose that and stick to positive thoughts if only just for your visualizations.

Let’s use the lack of love you have for your current job as an example of how to visualize a change. To begin, you’ll want to figure out what it is you’d like to do. If you’re not quite sure, I’d suggest thinking about what it is that you like doing so much it doesn’t feel like work. For some that might be writing, others singing, and still others fishing.

Then, once you know what you’d really love to do more of, I want you to vividly see yourself doing it. I want you to see how you’re dressed, from head to toe. I want you to see what kind of mood you’re in when you’re doing it. I want you to see who you speak with throughout the day, and whether or not other people work with you, or you work alone. I want you to notice any colors around you. Visualize your office or store or boat. I also want you to see if you smell any certain scent wherever it is that you’re doing this work. Lastly, notice if it’s warm or cool, day or night, moist or dry where you’re at in your visualization. Fill in all the blanks.

Once you can put a checkmark in all of the above boxes, you’ll know that you’ve begun to involve all of your senses, along with your mind, body, and soul in the process. That, my friend, is the secret to getting where you want to go in the least amount of time. Thing is, you want all parts of you to be in agreement and picturing your ideal outcome. Once you see it, you will begin to believe it. That is just a fact.

In fact, the energy that this exercise alone generates is both potent and powerful enough to get the ball rolling. Basically, it’s you telling yourself exactly what it is you want. You’re telling all of yourself that this is what it feels like, smells like, and looks like. The more you get lost in the process, the more your mind receives clear directions.

Know too that the more you visualize, the more detailed the visualization becomes. Plus, there are hefty benefits to applying more and more positive energy to the goal. Thus, it only makes sense to visualize as often as you get a chance to. Maybe at first you can only spare a second here and a second there. If that’s all the time you can allocate, just do that. Simply know that the more you do it, and the more ingrained it becomes, the quicker you’ll replace all of your negative “I can’t tapes”, with far more powerful “of course I can” tapes.

The bottom line is, the mind doesn’t know it can’t do something until you tell it, usually repeatedly, that it can’t.

Not long after you begin detailed visualizing, new ideas will begin to manifest about how to make it happen. It’s like you planted the seed and your mind begins sprouting, offering up all sorts of ideas about how to make it happen. You’ll find yourself having unexpected flashes of insight all throughout the day, and likely, all throughout the night.

It also never hurts to start looking into the requirements of doing such a job. Meaning, do you need an office, if so what kind of office and how much does it cost. Do you need a permit, a license, or maybe even need to learn more about it? If so, can you learn it from a book, a course, or do you need someone to teach you? You don’t have to commit to anything right away, just engage your mind more by working through the logistics of it.

Thing is, once your mind believes your vision a lot of this action will be automatic. And sure, let’s say you like to fish and you’re wondering how in the world you can make someone pay you to fish, that’s a sensible question. HOWEVER, just keep seeing yourself fishing. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to teach a course or do a video on fly-fishing. Maybe you’ll decide to open up a bait and tackle store in your area during the summer months. Maybe you’ll decide to do charters. There’s likely hundreds of ways you can incorporate the topic of fishing into something that pays the bills. So don’t limit yourself. Don’t THINK about it. Just see it, feel it, smell it, touch it, and keep your mind repeating the goal, regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t make. When you do it this way, you’ll find yourself automatically doing things that take you in that direction.

A great example of this is remembering when you first learned to drive. Remember how nervous you were? How you had to pay attention to where your hands were on the steering wheel. You had to think about how to make a turn into the proper lane. It was all very calculated. It was also conscious and took a great deal of your time and energy to remember all the steps.

Today, however, there’s likely times when you drive home after a long day and have no memory of actually making any of the turns you made. Now, while I don’t promote unaware driving, it happens. Reason is, when our conscious mind is full of other details, since we’re now terribly familiar with where we’re going and how to drive a car, our unconscious (subconscious) mind steps in and takes over. It’s likely driven most us home more than a few times. It is, in fact, our autopilot.

The same is true for anything you want badly enough to take a minute to visualize it. Once you’ve seen yourself doing it repeatedly, it becomes subconscious behavior too. Thus, you’ll start making plans and arrangements on nearly the unconscious level too. Your mind really will put the directions you’re giving it into motion once it understands specifically what it is you want.

The plain truth is, you really are the only thing stopping you from doing what you’d most love to do. Again, these visualizations can be applied to jobs, relationships, financial goals, or really any area of your life in need of work.

Another helpful idea, and one many people use, is a “vision board”. You don’t have to do a board, but if it helps you visualize, or even helps collect and organize your ideas by putting them all together in one place, then by all means, do a vision board. Just be sure to place it somewhere you’ll come across it often. That way, every time you see it your mind will just jump to the visualization on its own. Again, if you can see it you can begin to believe it. It all boils down to your perception of what can and will be.

There really are very few rules in this life that would actually prevent us from having the best life we possibly can, provided we’re willing to put in the time to do so. Obviously, you can’t become a brain surgeon if you haven’t gone to school and trained to become one. Still, if healing is your thing, perhaps you can go back to school and learn a trade in the healing arts that doesn’t involve the grade point and lengthy college that becoming a surgeon does.

That’s why I suggest that you not put too many limits, even rational ones, on exactly what is and isn’t possible. Also, if you want to fish or heal, you don’t have to limit how those things come to be in your life. Instead, see what you want and leave the universe, along with the powers that be, room to maneuver you into the exact right spot for you to achieve your goals in whatever way is possible and within earthly constraints.

I promise you that if you follow this simple little outline you’ll feel freer, more successful, happier, and just downright amazed at the power you have trapped up under that beehive of yours.

Everything is possible the minute you accept that it is.

So picture your desired outcome as often as you possibly can, while still leading a productive life. Make a dream or vision board if you’d like. It for sure can’t hurt. Then, put some effort into just thinking about what it is you’d like, and then watch as the legwork nearly automatically begins to follow.

Also, if you don’t really know what specifically it is you’d like to do, but rather have a vague concept of what makes you happy, you can always ask the universal powers, or perhaps even the powers within you, to fill in some of the blanks. That’s how I found the hypnosis thing. I had always wanted to help people heal their lives, but I didn’t want to go to school long enough to become a counselor. So instead, I put it out there. Within a month of having done so, a chiropractor friend of mine mentioned she’d received a pamphlet about an upcoming certified hypnotist class.

Since I was working on understanding past lives and connecting with spirit, this sounded right up my alley. At the time I didn’t even realize how much counseling would actually come into it. Albeit in my case, it ended up being more spiritual than psychological counseling, since I had no schooling, but I did have a great deal of training in spirituality. The amazing thing was, this ended up being even more up my alley and more to my liking, despite the fact I had no conscious knowledge of the details of it going in. I ended up at the perfect place, doing the perfect job, even without my realizing that was where I was heading at the time.

As a result, within six months of my thinking heavily about what my “dream job” looked like, and the last two spent saying it out loud, I had quit my day job, was a certified hypnotist with an office, a large clientele, and a pretty awesome job that I loved. In truth, I really do only preach what I practice (ha).

So… start directing your thinking today. This living thing we do is a wonderful, mad, and miraculous process. We have so much power built into us that many never even take the time to tap into. Yes, there are rules and regulations on this planet. But it seems, there’s always a way to get to where we want to go if we do a little thinking outside the proverbial box. What’s the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. Turns out, it really is as simple as that.

Good luck and think super positive as you take the helm of your life. No more can’t, won’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, and never will happen. You can… you will… and you definitely should!

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