True Forgiveness – How to Really Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

By Calleen Wilder


Having worked extensively with spirit for most of my life, while addressing the mind and emotions through the use of hypnosis for many years, I know that if one area of your life is out-of-balance, all areas of your life eventually get out-of-balance.

This is why when I stumbled upon this little poster I knew I had to share. Thing is, you can ignore any “issue”, be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical, for only so long before the domino effect begins.

In real life, all disease begins with disturbance in the mental &/or emotional realm. Meaning, if you think wrong you feel wrong, and vice versa.

An example I’ve come across numerous times involves people who have cancer.  It’s been my experience in working with them that they nearly always have some long un-dealt with emotion, thought &/or situation that they’ve been tolerating for years.  Something that’s been “eating away at them”. Something they’ve put-up-with that they really didn’t want to.

In turn, their thoughts and feelings about the situation grows until it eventually develops into a physical manifestation of a disease… cancer.  One that is literally eating away at them.

It’s a viscous cycle, one that spirals downward, or outward, depending upon your view.

Thing is, we’re all going to die sometime. Our bodies will eventually wear out, as our souls grow tired. BUT… if we can make the body work best as possible while we’re here, why wouldn’t we?

Why wouldn’t we choose to be healthy and able to do what we want for as long as we can?  What many don’t realize entirely yet is that we really do have influence over our health in ways that don’t involve what we eat or how much we exercise… although, those things matter too.

Still, the first line of defense is the mind and the emotions.  If you don’t tend to those at least as much as you attend to the more physical aspects, it’s easy to make yourself really good and sick.

How it works is: First, you get mad or hurt. Then you hold onto it. You begin to rehash the event over and over in your mind. In essence, you nurse and nurture it. You stoke the fire of that long-past event.  In doing so, the emotions you have about it grow… they simmer, they begin to fester somewhere deep down inside of you.  Once they do, they begin to consume you by nearly automatically entering into your thoughts more frequently.  In doing so, they reignite that pain… that injury… that anger.

Then before you know it you end up with migraines (tension), high blood pressure (you’re boiling mad), or something else worse.  All of which grows in severity until you finally let the steam off and heal that event by releasing the anger or negative feeling you have about it.

That’s what people mean when they say forgiving someone is really all about you. It is… you win when you release.

HOWEVER, I also know that sometimes forgiveness feels impossible. I’ve worn that hat. If so, maybe instead of forgiving entirely you can find a way to at least release the anger. Maybe even by releasing it in layers at first. Meaning, think about it less and less, which quits fueling that fire. When you do, you’re doing it in order to save yourself. Forgiveness really doesn’t have anything to do with them. It has everything to do with you.  That’s a fact.

So the bottom line is, if someone were unloving, mean, harmful, cruel, or basically a jerk or worse, the last thing you’d want to do is keep giving them your power by harming yourself.  People are always amazed at how quickly I forgive, but I do it for me.  I’m selfish like that (ha).

Yet even I have one very major thing I’m nursing at the moment, but it’s big… as big as it gets.  Still I’m working on it.  I’m trying my best to think about it less and less.  I even look for reasons why things happened as they did.  I’m not entirely sure though that I’ll ever completely forgive, as the act and the actions later aren’t really something forgivable.  BUT… I will release the rage, then the anger, simply by not focusing so much of my attention on it.  Again, I refuse to give more of myself to this person…. I refuse to let them hurt me in any way other than what they already have.

Know too that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to invite them over for lunch.  Nor does it mean you even have to like them.  In my mind if the offense wasn’t fatal, I’ll let the memory of it go because I won’t give them power over me.  I won’t give the memory of anything they’ve done the ability to harm me again.

BUT… on the rare occasion someone really wounds you, or in my case someone you love, in a fatal sort of way, perhaps releasing the fury is all you can do for a while.  Still, I’m fighting for me, not against them.  Karma will tend to that I imagine.

Yet the bottom line is, you can only ignore something for so long before it begins to funnel down into something else entirely, eventually ending up by manifesting as a dis-ease inside your body.

Consequently, the best advice I can give is to look at all areas of your life, everyday if possible, if not, every week.  Then realistically evaluate what you’re still holding onto that is literally poisoning your physical vehicle, your body. Next, whenever possible, and as soon as possible, find a way to release it, or at least lessen it until you can release it.  Remember, you’re doing it for you and no one else.

Letting go allows your body, mind, and spirit to find its center, its peace, and its healing. Just does… one begets the other!

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