What is Karma Really? By Calleen Wilder

As far as Karma goes, based on the frequent karma rash I’ve experienced, is self-inflicted… in my opinion anyway.

Karma is NOT something the Universe, God, Spirit Guides, or anyone else in a higher authority target us with. Instead, karma is what we know we deserve… but on a soul level.

In other words, if you lied, cheated, stole, or really did anything you know better than to do, something similar, or worse, comes back around to you pretty swiftly.

TRICK IS… it doesn’t come back as punishment. It comes back to equalize our books. To balance-out your good and yes, your bad. I believe it does this in order that we don’t die, looking forward to some peace finally, only to be faced with a set of ongoing consequences.

I mean really… that would make heaven anything but heavenly. Thus, we handle most of it here, while we’re still in this dense earth plane. A place where there’s copious amounts of mud, thieves, cheaters, liars, and all things harsh. Let’s face it, karma is far easier, and likely far more effective, to experience here than when we find ourselves amongst the clouds, music, peace, and love. So yeah, usually it’s here.

KNOW TOO… I believe the further along you are in your spiritual growth and understanding of integrity, the quicker your books will get balanced.

In other words, let’s say I absent-mindedly walk out of a store and forget to pay for something in my cart, or hand, or yes, pocket if you’re that kind of absent-minded, I’ll either lose what it was I absconded with, or I’ll come into an unexpected “amount due” somewhere that more than makes up for my neglect. Particularly true if any of what I did was intentional. Intention is everything where karma is concerned.

THE GOOD THING is, if we elect to balance our books here (and yes, there are some situations where we get to choose how quickly we get smacked back. Unless, of course, we opted for the “blanket” karma package before we entered this lifetime), we get the music, love, and grooviness of the “perfect there” when we pass.

However, since none of us can keep track of every single wrong we’ve ever done, there’s always a tad of carry-over and explaining to do once we reach the proverbial pearly gates. Explaining to our soul though. Not spinning some yarn or stupidly trying to run any game on some entity, being, or God. Nope… we’ll be talking to ourselves… or maybe thinking to ourselves… or maybe apologizing to ourselves. Not sure.

I ONLY KNOW we’ll feel horrible, particularly if we caused anyone any ramifications. Those we’ll have to watch, feel, and experience as if we had intentionally hurt puppies or killed the planet, all on our own. Too sad.

WE MAY EVEN decide we need to come back and enter into a new life here, with the debt still owed. If so, sometime during our next life the balance must be restored… one way or another.

PERSONALLY, I’d like to take maybe a hundred or so lifetimes worth of years off. Maybe find myself sitting by some aqua colored water while sipping something frothy once I reach over there. Meaning, I guess I’d rather pay my dues here anyway, rather than carry them over there.

In Summary: It’s my understanding that karma is self-inflicted on us by our soul. The soul, which by the way, is always with us, watching, recording, and totally in-tune with how aware we were of the offense we committed. Consequently, there really is no escaping karma.

You may ask why some who do horrible things don’t seem to have karma. Trust me, they do. They may have far less guilt over their offenses, and thus are given far more chances than most to rectify/make-up for their straight badness. This makes it appear as if they’re skating. They’re not. It’s being counted, compiled, and dunked in harsh karma sludge. They simply often get more chances over a very spread-out timeframe. STILL, it’s frustrating to watch. I so get that.

Based on this information, I guess my advice is to do the least wrong possible. Maybe too, be open to the swift rebounds you get when you neglect to do the things your soul knows is right. In the end, it’s all about balance, yin and yang, an eye for an eye (not literally… usually), and holding ourselves accountable.

So that’s my take on Karma. You most certainly don’t have to agree with me. BUT, this makes sense to me. And judging on my own “pay back” rate and level of intensity, I think I’m, at the very least, onto something pretty big here.

Enjoy! Be good. Or if you have to be bad, make sure you have enough fun it’s worth your own revenge. Scary thought, right?

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