What happens after death? Woman claims to have seen deceased son during NDE By Nirmal Narayanan

life after death

Spiritualists believe that near-death experience is authentic proof of life after death, and they claim that humans will start their journey after taking the last breath.

The concept of life after death has been perplexing medical experts and spiritualists for years. Spiritualists believe that humans continue their life after death, while medical experts consider death as the end of everything. It is a phenomenon called near-death experience that compels spiritualists to believe that life after death is a reality. Websites like NDERF (Near Death Experience Foundation) are loaded with near-death experience testimonials and one such testimonial from a woman named Sarah has now gone viral on the internet.

In her testimonial, Sarah reveals that she had an NDE following complications of anesthesia during surgery. During the initial moments of dying, Sarah apparently saw a navy-colored tunnel and a light above her head. The NDE victim claimed that she felt an intense rain of love during these moments.

“I felt an intense feeling of love washed over me. There were no thoughts. There was nothing but love that I felt, saw, and that permeated everywhere. The best way to describe it is to say that love encompassed everything and every bit of me,” wrote Sarah on the NDERF website.

Sarah also added that she saw Jesus, her deceased son and grandfather during the near-death experience. As per Sarah, she was sent back to the earth by Jesus Christ, as her time was not up.

“I saw my baby boy who died 14 years ago when he was 48 days old. He had the small feet and was maybe 6 years old, had blonde hair in a bowl -ut, bright and shining blue eyes, and had the biggest smile on his face. Holding his hand, was my grandpa, who passed 3 days after my 9th birthday. My grandpa was 66 when he passed, but he looked like he was maybe 30 years old in this experience,” added Sarah.

However, medical experts believe that these testimonials are not proof of life after death. As per these medical experts, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen during life-threatening events, and at this time, the brain adopts a survival trick which is actually resulting in the visual hallucination.

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