“I Used to Change Your Diapers” 2-year-old Baby Tells His Dad. Claims to Be Reincarnation of His Grandfather

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There are many beliefs in Hinduism that science does not believe in. One such belief is rebirth or reincarnation; and for western audience, it is an incomprehensible thought and a superstition. Today, we tell you 5 incredible stories of rebirth in common man that are every bit true.
According to Hinduism, after death of a person, only his body perishes not his soul. The soul leaves the body and enters another body, which is decided based on the actions or karmas of the previous birth. This is called reincarnation.
Gita Press Gorakhpur (a leading religious books publisher for Hindu religion) has mentioned true incidents of rebirth on which research has been done. In the US, reincarnation research was advanced by Dr. Ian Stevenson in the 1960’s. He interviewed thousands of people who had recollections of past lives).

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1) Gus Taylor, US
Gus Taylor, was a toddler in US, who started recalling his previous life when he was 18-months-old. He claimed that in the past birth, he was his own grandfather, ie father’s father. During a diaper change, Gus told his father that he used to change his diapers. When Gus was 4 years old, his parents showed him the old photos of his grandfather, which they brought to their house following Gus’ grandmother’s funeral. Although Gus had never seen his grandfather’s photos before, he was able to identify the adulthood pictures of his grandfather, the college went to and the car he drove. Additionally, recalled how his sister was murdered and thrown in San Fransisco Bay!
Shanti Devi, India
Back in 1930s, a 4-year-old girl in Delhi shook the nation about rebirth for the first time when she said that she wanted to be reunited with her family from the past. The story of Shanti Devi’s reincarnation is one of the most amazing and best documented cases of past life recall in modern times.
Shanti insisted that she was Lugdi Devi from Mathura.
One day, her teacher at school sent a letter to an address in Mathura, which Shanti claimed to be her home from past life. Surprisingly, a reply came from a person named Kedar Nath, who was her husband in past life. He met her in Delhi, and Shanti instantly recognized him. When this news reached Mahatma Gandhi, he requested a commission be setup to investigate this case further.
She reminded Kedar Nath of all the promises he made to her at deathbed, but had not fulfilled; the reason why she had to come back.
Shanti Devi remained unmarried in her current life, citing she was already married once before.
Gopal, Delhi
This incident is of 1956. A child was born in Gupta family in Delhi, named Gopal. When Gopal grew up, he would say that his name is Shaktipal, from Mathura. He talked about having three brothers, one of whom shot him to death. He claimed that he also owned a medical shop in Mathura called ‘Sukh Sancharak’ in his past life.
Hearing all this, his father decided to investigate, seeking help of his friends. It was later found that a person name Shaktipal actually owned a shop ‘Sukh Sancharak’ in Mathura and one of his three brothers had shot him.
When Shaktipal’s family came to know about Gopal, they went to meet him in Delhi. Gopal recognized his aunt, wife and kids instantly. He was then brought to Mathura, where he recalled everything from his past life!
Rubi Kusuma, Sri Lanka
In 1963, Rubi Kusuma was born in Batapola Village in Srilanka. Her father’s name was S. Silva. When Ruby started to speak, she narrated stories from previous birth. She said that in her previous birth she was a boy, who died after drowning in a well.
Later investigations were done, all her claims turned out to be true. She also met the family members of her previous life.
Rachel Grand, US
26 -year-old Cuban native living in New York had a supernatural sensation about her previous life where she was a dancer and lived in Europe. She knew her name from previous birth as well.
Her story is really shocking as even in her present birth she is a dancer and gives great performances without even taking any dancing lesson at all.
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