Life after death: Man opens up about going to hell – ‘They were screaming and bleeding’ by Sebastian Kettley

A MAN who claims to have died and gone to hell has shared his terrifying memories of his brief experience of life after death.

Life after death: Man's soul in hell

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The man who said his name is Michael believes his soul went to hell after suffering from pancreatitis and sepsis nine years ago. During the incident, Michael said he was clinically dead as his heart stopped beating and his organs were failing. As drifted away from life, he told the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) he believes he was transported to hell.

Michael said: “I had pancreatitis that went sepsis and shut down my kidneys and liver, and my heart stopped.

“I went into deep fib. My body swelled and my son said that my eye was almost poking out of my head.

“I went, I believe to hell. There were giant red dragons. The landscape was dark and eerie.

“There were people trapped in what looked like circus carts where they transport lions. They were screaming and bleeding.”

Life after death: Body in a morgue

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Michael was then chased by the red dragons he saw when he first entered hell.

A gold dragon and rider then swooped down towards him and took him away.

Michael said: “Then I was in a room, sitting, talking to my dad who had died in August the same year.

“He told me to let go of the past and move on with my life.

“Then I was at an airport in the winter with snow blowing.

“There was a tram with my children inside but it was covered in ice and I could not get in to talk to them.

“A grape drink was flowing in a fountain inside the tram for them to drink.”

The bizarre visions then ended and Michael remembers waking up in an intensive care unit.

Michael believes he pulled through his near-fatal illness with prayers from his friends and relatives.

Life after death: Doorway to hell

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Life after death: Funeral pallbearers

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In the aftermath of the incident, Michael said God definitely exists and so does the afterlife.

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