‘Jesus offered me the chance to LIVE’ Man in vivid experience of life after death by Sean Martin

A MAN who had a near death experience believes he saw Jesus in the afterlife who gave him the option of eternal peace.

After being involved in a car accident a man, who only gives his name as Gary, temporarily died. Before he was resuscitated by paramedics, Gary believes he crossed over to the afterlife where he gained proof that Jesus is real. Writing for the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Gary described his vivid experience of life after death.

He said: “I was in blackness but with hundreds of sparkly lights. I was a little scared because I could see my hunched-up body and knew that I’d passed over.

“To my left and in a field, there were many people. I saw my grandma and her sister who had passed in the previous year. The colours were so vivid! In front of me was a medium-sized stream with a white bridge over it.

“Jesus was standing on the other side of the bridge. There was a huge, sunlight object shining down on his left side. But it didn’t hurt me to look at it.

“Meanwhile, a man stopped and ran over to my body. He cradled my head in his lap, telling me to wake up.

jesus afterlife

‘Jesus offered me the chance to LIVE’ Man in vivid experience of life after death (Image: GETTY)

“I heard in my head, Jesus asking me, ‘Gary, would you like to stay for eternal peace and happiness or go back?’ I thought, ‘I’d like to go back’.”

Suddenly, Gary was back in his body, but he said the experience has changed him forever.

He wrote: “If an experience like this doesn’t change you, then there’s something wrong with you.”


Article Source – Express.co.uk

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