What is the meaning of each finger for rings?

When choosing jewelry and accessories, we can reveal a lot of information about our personality. However, what is most important and essential in this sense is how you wear these pieces. The fingers on which the rings are held can reveal much about what kind of person you are and what character you have.

1. Thumb – In ancient Greece, the thumb was associated with masculine dignity and male power. That was the main reason why the ring was on his king’s thumb. Nowadays, it is said that those who wear the ring on the thumb are people who try to be self-assured in any situation. This characterization applies to men.

As for women, wearing the ring on the thumb could indicate that they have some male characteristics, such as persistence and stubbornness. On the other hand, it could signal insecurity or dissatisfaction with the intimate aspects of life.

2. Index finger – Worn especially in the right hand, demonstrate the desire for power. They are also a symbol of character traits such as discretion. As for the significance of rings worn in the left hand, we can talk about symbols such as the desire to try to be what you are not, megalomania and inclination towards hysteria.

3. Middle finger – The middle finger is the perfect place to wear a ring you want to praise. Many psychologists believe that in those cases the ring-earner wants to show both his jewelery and herself as a person.

4. Ring finger – As you already know, the meaning of rings on the ring finger affirms your status. According to the belief of the ancient Egyptians, there is a nerve that starts from the ring finger, to the heart, this is why is the tradition to wear the ring on this finger. Those ladies who are not married and wear rings on their ring finger show that they are in the subconscious to change their status as soon as possible while trying to convince those around them that I am well.

5. Little finger – This is the hallmark of extraordinary people. It is the symbol of an artistic and creative character, having qualities such as eloquence and conviction power. The rings worn on the little finger also give signs of inventiveness. It is also believed that those who wear the ring on the little finger know how to handle difficult people.

Article Source – LoveandWisdom.net

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