What Do You Really Want? Answer the 7 Questions Below and You Might be Surprised.

I stumbled upon this article, and these questions, and was a bit surprised myself. They make you really think. I believe there’s a course or something you can order that goes along with these questions, I’ve included the link below. Still, I wanted to share the questions with all of you now. Really Cool! Calleen

But how to know what you want in order to manifest your dream life? With these  seven questions you can find out what you desire most in life:

  1. What Would I Wish for Someone I Love?
  2. What Would You Do With Your Life if Money Wasn’t an Issue
  3. What Things Would You Like to Experience if You Have Absolutely No Fear?
  4. A Genie Gives You Three Free Wishes. What Would They Be
  5. What Would Your Ideal Day Look Like?
  6. You Are 100 Years Old and Look Back, What Would You Be Most Happy About?
  7. What Do I Not Like to Do?

Read full article here: SelfMadeLadies.com

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