The Ultimate Feng Shui Guide For Your Home | by Lori Wilson

This is a great booklet about Feng Shui…. loads of tips. I’ve posted a portion of it below, but you can click the link below to get entire booklet, free. Calleen

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on finding balance and harmony within the home. It is a system of natural laws which, in relation to energy flow governs the arrangement of furniture and decor in your home.

Introduced in western society in the 1970s, feng shui has quickly made its way across the globe. Although now significantly adapted, is now a widely utilized philosophy in modern day home design and decorating.

You don’t need to be a feng shui professional in order to implement some of the core principles and practices of feng shui in your home. From the very basics to some more advanced practices, we will provide you all the tips and tricks you need to start on your feng shui journey.ContentsExpand

The Bagua Map Explained

bagua map feng shui

The bagua map we have created above uses the format that has been utilized over many centuries but is now adapted to modern living. Each of the 9 squares (Guas) on the map represents a life area of importance and where its place is within your home. This map can be used as a guide for your home as a whole and/or separately in different rooms within your home.

There are two ways to apply this map in your home:

  • Traditional Method – Using a compass, stand in the center of your house or room and correlate your findings to the information you see around the edge of our map. 
  • Western Method – The traditional method has had to be adapted due to factors such as apartment living and more changes that come with living in the modern world. If you prefer to use the Western Method then you can simply use the map according to where your main entrance is. For example, the wealth corner is shown as the back left corner of any room, building, or home when standing at the entryway facing in.

Now lets go over the impact and importance of each of these guas to give you a bit more information as to how you can implement feng shui in your home

Travel (N/W)

Travel feng shui

On the bagua map, the Travel & Helpful People gua represents how your actions impact your life situations. It also highlights places you may wish to travel, and how to attract good people that will guide you to be able to travel & succeed. 

How to activate this gua:

  • Display objects or gifts given to you/that remind you of the helpful people in your life
  • Be inspired by hanging posters or displaying pictures of places you wish to visit or have done so already
  • Affirmations or motivational quotes about your goals or desires
  • Use colors such as grey, black & white

Career (N)

feng shui

The Career & Life Journey gua on the feng shui bagua map represents business ventures, finances and career changes as well as hobbies and skills. 

How to activate this gua:

  • Display items that support or are related to your career goals
  • Make prominent signs of previous business achievements such as awards
  • Water Elements such as fountains and artworks of water as well as mirrors
  • Use dark colors such as Black


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