The 5 Things Every Alpha Woman Needs In Their Relationship


I found this article incredibly interesting, and also, unbelieveably accurate.  Thus, I’m sharing.

Alphs Woman

Alpha women aren’t like most other women. If you’ve ever come across one, chances are good that you immediately recognized this. These are the women who most people perceive as intimidating, even though they can’t really say why at first. Then, they find out that it’s because they have ambition, drive, confidence, and aren’t afraid to tell people the way it is.

Dating an alpha woman can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In fact, alpha women make for some of the best partners. But, you have to make sure you’re doing your part, otherwise they’ll likely kick you to the curb.

Here are five things every alpha woman needs in a relationship:

She needs to be able to be independent
You probably saw this one coming, but it’s very important. Alpha women place a high value on their independence. She’s spent a great deal of her life being determined and motivated to chase after what she wants out of life, so you shouldn’t try to stop her. Of course, she loves being in a relationship, but she also needs someone who will let her make decisions for herself and who can respect the boundaries she establishes.

She needs respect
Alpha women understand that in order to get respect you have to give it first. She thinks very highly of herself as a result of developing a high self-worth over the years, so if you fail to give her the respect that she knows she deserves, she’s not going to keep you around. Alpha women need partners who respect them, and trust in their decision-making.

She likes being challenged
If you can’t compete with the alpha woman on some level, whether it be in the bedroom or some other aspect of life, she will likely get bored with you. Alpha women crave excitement in their relationships. Not only do they want a partner who can keep up with them, they want one who will test their limits every now and then.

She needs someone who can make her laugh
Alpha women tend to be diligent, hard workers, but as you know, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. She needs a partner who can lighten the mood and make her laugh; someone who brings a bit of balance to her busy lifestyle. If you can make her laugh and smile and forget about the stresses of life for a while, she will definitely want to keep you around.

She needs a person to call her out when she falls out of line
Being independent, opinionated and strong-willed is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always right. Alpha women need partners who are confident enough in their own being to be willing to call them out when they fall out of line or starts acting poorly; a partner who can bring her back to reality when she gets sidetracked by something else.

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