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Personality Test

You know I always share things that I find super interesting… so if you haven’t already taken the Myers Briggs Personality Test, take it here.  I took this test for the first time yesterday and it blew me away.

Obviously, I already know my Numerology and my Astrology, and they all fit.  But this adds a whole other dimension for me understanding why I act and feel the way I do.  I tested as an INFJ, which means I think out of my right and left brain almost equally.  Meaning, my being a Virgo (practical, anal, down-to-earth planner) with a Capricorn Moon (persistent, determined, level-headed workaholic), while also being a Psychic/Medium, finally makes SENSE.  I actually can do both simultaneously.  I mean I always knew I could… but even in my mind, I couldn’t make the numbers & astrology add up to what I’ve done for a living most of my life.

Plus, it went on to talk about how I’m a SUPER private person.  And, I am… ask my ex.  He drove me INSANE sharing every single piece of information he knew about him, me, our life, and anything else he stumbled upon with anyone who cared to listen.  Some days I seriously begged him to just shut the heck up… NOW.  This was something I believe we discussed rather frequently (hahaha).

Anyway, enough about me. Just hear that this test helped me put even more of my strange pieces together.  Do yourself a favor, take it.  Be SUPER honest though.  Don’t say what you think is right, say what is true about you.  Too, always try to stay away from the middle choice… go one side or the other and you’ll find out so much about yourself.

I didn’t end up paying the additional fee for the expanded version, although I’m sure it’s worth it.  Still what I did read hit this rusty old nail of a woman right on the head.


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