Slaying Your Demons by Overcoming Your Fears

Article by Calleen Wilder

Overcoming Fear

I saw this today and it struck a hard nerve for me.  Particularly since earlier today I found myself working with someone whose fear prevented them from doing something that’s reasonably easy for most of us.

Having worked as a hypnotist for many years in the past, I thought I’d go ahead and share what I know about such things.  Who knows, it may even help you slay a few of your own demons.

So here goes… When it comes to phobias, the one thing I’ve observed time and time again is that the longer we let them hang around, the more vastly they spread.  A fear of driving interstates can rather quickly turn into a fear of driving large stretches of highways.  Then, almost before you know it, you find that you can barely leave your own neighborhood.  It happens a lot.

I believe the key to overcoming these types of seemingly irrational phobias is simply to refuse to let the fear have hold of you.  Granted, I hate flying.  And I do mean I hate it.  I’m a true “white-knuckle, don’t touch or talk to me during take-off” kind of girl.

I’ve been told I died in a plane crash in a past life.  I was also told I was in a small plane that didn’t gain enough altitude during take-off and left us crashing into the side of a mountain as a result.

Now while I can’t prove this to be true, I can say I utterly despise take-offs.  I can also say that some fears, irrational as they may seem, may actually be quite reasonable if we had access to all of our memories.

Still, I continue to fly.  Perhaps I continue because I’m as stubborn as the day is long.  Or perhaps I fly because I refuse to let anything dictate how I live my life, especially fear.

I also believe that I can’t die one minute before the God I believe in allows it.  So there’s that.

Yet, I’m still horrified each and every time I board a plane despite knowing and believing as I do.  But I also realize that the “fight or flight” reaction is hard-wired into all of us.  That is a fact.

So don’t be fearful of being afraid, that’ll only compound it.  Instead, why not accept the fact that you’re simply wired to be afraid of certain things, all while refusing to let your fear prevent you from doing them. Provided, of course, doing them is wise.  In other words, if you’re afraid of snakes, standing at the edge of cliffs, or flame-engulfed houses, perhaps there’s wisdom in that.

It’s the fear of things that aren’t known to be harmful that get in the way of our living our lives.  So, refuse to feed the fear.  Refuse to let it win.  But accept you’ll be fearful while you’re doing it.  If you do you might even eventually convince the deepest recesses of your mind that you won’t actually die when climbing a ladder.  Js

Bottom line is, even if you can’t overcome the fear, don’t let the fear overcome you.  We really can limit our lives if we don’t face it, feel the fear, then rinse and repeat.

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