Loving an Empath by Calleen Wilder

I saw this and it spoke to me, so I’m sharing. I wanted to add to this by saying; if you’re an empath you know this is true. You also know it’s both a curse and a blessing for those who love us… and yes, for we ourselves.

Firstly, we are intense on a level many haven’t encountered before. And while many potential suitors are pleased-as-punch about this, they actually aren’t sure what to do with us once they have us.

It seems we’re almost too deep, too serious, too mysterious, or just plain too complicated for most. In truth, we’re simple beings. So very simple. It takes so little to please us, but it does take a few things. Things like giving us space and allowing us to “process”. We feel things on a level that cause us pain sometimes, even if it’s not really our pain, or sadness, or grief to experience.

Nevertheless, it becomes embedded in us until we work it through. In turn, that makes us moody, sensitive, withdrawn, and really unsure of how you can be of any help to us. So we pull into ourselves.

Conversely, once processed we may become “into you entirely, with our whole beings”… laughing, joking, kidding, and dancing around. All of this drastic change-in-attitude confuses most mortals.

Therefore, we have many, many, many relationship turnovers. We really do seem to be more suited for fantasies than for real-life, day-to-day interactions for many.

STILL… I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

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