Feng Shui Your Desk for Success

Feng Shui your Desk for Success

  1. Make sure your desk is placed in the power position. You should have a solid (windowless) wall behind you and a clear view of the entrance of your office or home office. Hang a picture of a mountain behind you, symbolizing strong support. Your desk chair should also have a strong and high back. Black and metal are great colours and elements to strengthen your career sector.
  2. The shape of your desk is ideally a simple rectangle. Wood is a great material as it symbolizes wealth and growth. Black works well also, it represents water which symbolizes money. Avoid sitting at an L-shaped desk, it is shaped like a “hatchet” and will symbolically cut off your success and luck.
  3. Overlay the feng shui bagua on your desktop to motivate you and energize your career. Orient it from where you sit, as if that were the front door. In this way, the career center is located in the front middle of the desk.

WEALTH + PROSPERITY – Back left corner

To increase your income, grow your investments or simply attract money from unexpected sources, place any of the following items:

  • a healthy plant
  • a table top water fountain
  • an amethyst crystal
  • some coins in a wooden container
  • a laughing buddha

FAME + REPUTATION – Back middle

To increase your popularity and reputation, place any of these items:

  • a lamp
  • a red candle
  • your business cards
  • your name on a title plate


To bring wonderful personal and business relationships into your life, place any of the following items:

  • flowers (fresh or silk)
  • a picture of you and a loved one
  • an uplifting quote in a frame
  • crystals, especially rose quartz
  • beautiful rocks
  • a candle

FAMILY – Middle left

Place a picture of your family or a gift from a famly member to strengthen the love and bond with your family.

CREATIVITY – Middle right

To enhance your creativity, place a colourful mug or bright notes with inspirational sayings or affirmations. Fill a cup with colourful pens and pencils.


Place books and reference materials to enhance your success with your studies at school or in your professional life.

HELPFUL PEOPLE – Front right

Place your phone, projects or clients files to attract helpful people, business associates, mentors or teachers into your life.

CAREER – Front center

Place the computer with a decorative mouse pad or notebook to get a promotion, better job or find the career of your dreams.

HEALTH – Middle center

This area represents your health. Energize it with green and yellow or symbols of earth such as stones, flowers or shells.

When you use the Feng Shui bagua on your desk, it’s important not to clutter your desk with a variety of useless objects, trying to empower every section of the bagua. Choose one or two objects with real purpose and meaning.

Most importantly, keep your desk tidy – every object should have a purpose and, when you end your work for the day, you should clear everything off, leaving no unfinished business, which could affect your sleep and leisure time.

You can use the exact same principles for your entire office space. The entrance door always represents north. Then overlay the bagua onto the room and activate the centers according to the bagua chart.

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