Feng Shui Bagua Cures

Feng Shui Bagua

Since most of us are aware by now that everything is energy, why not try out a little Feng Shui and see if it helps?  It for sure can’t hurt.

I’ve been “into” Feng Shui for about 20-30 years now.  And while I can’t say I always remember to follow its principles, when I do, I notice things changing.  Sometimes the things change in subtle ways, and sometimes they change in sudden and sharp ways.  Thing is, they do change.

SO…. if there’s an area in your life that could use some sprucing up, pay heed.  Address the problem areas with the colors and solutions mentioned above.

In Feng Shui your front door is the entrance to this diagram.  So, if your front door is in the center of the front wall of your home, it represents your Career area.  If over to the left of center, it is your Skills & Knowledge sector.  Obviously too, if it’s over to the right it falls in your Helpful People & Travel area.

What you do is stand looking at your home’s front door.  Then you look at everything as you’re “looking into” the space.  NOT from standing in the room and looking out… rather, looking in.  The correct alignment is your view as you enter the doorway for the different rooms or areas of your home.

Meaning, if you walk in your front door the far left back of your house, again, as you’re looking in, is the Wealth & Prosperity area.

Have fun with it.  Seriously though, it does help.

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