Empath Problems & The Solution

I so “get” that people think I’m depressed, or a loner, or just plain weird (p.s. I am a tad unusual)… simply because I stay home almost always. Oh sure, I go out to exercise, to eat, to grocery shop, to otherwise shop when absolutely necessary (ha), and to visit people I care about… again, not as frequently as they’d like.

BUT… I have to recharge. I absorb SO much. I also seem to rather automatically give out SO much, just in order to be engaging, that my time alone is never boring, depressing, or stagnate for me.

So if you’re empathic or psychic or sensitive or otherwise in-tune with other people’s vibes, energies, and/or emotions, my story is likely your story as well. Meaning, do you… in the precise way you know works for you individually. Really, it’s all you can do and still have something left to give others.

In actuality, DOING THINGS takes energy… and we sensitives give out so much while we’re doing those things that most of us need to recoup our energy expenditure. Some might do so by working in their gardens, puttering around their homes, reading, watching TV, or working on things online and over the phone. This is even more needed as we age.

Bottom line is, many of us sensitives actually look forward to those days where we know we’re headed home with absolutely nothing we have to do. HA! I know, strange to those unlike us… the extroverts who actually get energy from associating with others. Image?!?!? But, I “get” that.

For me personally, I simply know my bliss is in my home. And if I do venture out to be with you, it means I think an awful lot of you. You are important to me.

NOW that doesn’t mean we sensitives don’t often enjoy our time out and about with a few folks. We do. No one is “taking” from us when you ask us to go do “things”. Often, we actually want to go. But much like a phone battery, we lose steam and have to return to our charger (in my case, my home) in order to be prepared for the next time.

Anyway, this is why I decided to share the above meme. It’s so very appropriate for those who “take in too much” like myself.

It’s part of the price we pay for being super sensitive. Still, there are so many benefits that come with being ulta-sensitive I won’t even whine about it too much.

So don’t worry about us when we withdraw, it’s definitely not personal. It’s just how we live our lives without overdrawing.


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