Candle Wishes – What Color You use Depends on What You Hope to Accomplish!

Since so many of us already burn candles in our homes, I thought why not share this so you can choose your candle with more intention. You could even say a little mantra/prayer into it while lighting it. Then try to think/visualize your goals every time you look at it.

I am a FIRM believe that the more intention we set, the more energy we collect, and that’s what turns wishes into concrete results.

Too though, I don’t believe in setting a goal or intention that harms anyone… or really, even one that overrides someone else’s freewill.

As an example, perhaps instead of visualizing that a specific someone fall in love with you, perhaps you very powerfully visualize being in love with the perfect person for you.

After all, the Universe really does know far better than we do what is in our best interest, as well as the other person’s best interest.

Anyway, I find this to be very helpful for all future candle lighting ceremonies I do (ha). Good Luck. Calleen

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