Calleen is a Seer – What I Know Reasonably For Certain About Me – Quirky Duck That I Am

I’ve been called a Mystic, a Metaphysician, an Astrologer, and a Psychic-Medium, along with a few other things not nearly so nice (sigh).  Yet in truth, I think of myself as a “Seer“.  Mainly because I see things most people simply overlook.  

I don’t think being a Seer makes me anything super special though.  Rather, I think we’re all Seers.  It’s just most people talk themselves out of believing anything that doesn’t seem rational.

Truth be known I likely would have too had I been given even half an opportunity.  But I wasn’t.  Nope.  In fact, my first vivid recollection of childhood was of a prophetic dream.  AND, it hasn’t stopped over 60 years later.  Leaving me little alternative but to study, test, and try to understand it.  

Thus, I’ve studied, experimented, dug into, and tested all sorts of para-normal possibilities.  Today I try to share my findings with everyone via my books, readings, and even a few articles on my blog.

Below is more of a breakdown of who I am and why I’m so very strange (ha).  


My First Experience with a Ghost

I encountered my first ghost at the age of three.  This visit soon turned into near-nightly ones.  As a result I’ve devoted the majority of my life to understanding the living and dying process. Thing was, back in the 1950’s when all of this began, most people didn’t like hearing about the ghosts, my strange dreams, or the voices I heard coming from somewhere deep inside my closet.  So it didn’t take me long to understood that if I didn’t look into the subject myself, I was never going to figure out how to make it stop… or at least, how to make it stop scaring the stuffing out of me.


My Prophetic Dreams

Around that same time I had my first very prophetic dream.  I say dream, but in actuality it was a horrifying nightmare, which explains why I remember it so vividly to this day.  It was also incredibly true even though I didn’t realize it at the time.  Yet, that dream is precisely why I’ve studied dream interpretation and lucid dreaming for the last 45+ years.  Too though, I’ve never stopped having prophetic dreams, which is kind of cool.



It’s true, I experienced my first poltergeist around the age of 8 or 9.  It too became a rather normal occurrence, if you can call a Poltergeist normal (sigh).   Still, this type of experience happened nearly nightly until I was in my mid-teens… so for about six years.  And yes, it was truly terrifying.  But… I learned a great deal about the good and the bad energies that surround us.  Once more, this has worked to my advantage.


Ghost Hunting

It wasn’t long before I began recruiting friends to Ghost Hunt with me… I was probably 10.  Now while this wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, it felt necessary to me.  You see by that time I’d become obsessed with understanding ghosts. Consequently, if there was a beat-up vacant house standing anywhere near where either a friend or I lived, we were definitely going in it.  No doubt!



When I was eleven I conducted my first Séance.  Obviously, another thing I’d not likely advise anyone else to do.  Still I lived.  I also managed to terrify most of my friends in the process.  So yes, “some weird stuff” happened.  What are you gonna’ do?



I took up studying astrology at 14 during a time when Astrology was sort of semi coming into the mainstream.  Yet, it definitely was still frowned upon by most.  But again, I had the “bug”.  Meaning I devoured every single book I could get my hands on. I guess I’ve continued to do so for the last 45 years.  Over the years I’ve began to develop several “specialty” areas with Astrology.  Recently adding Couples (Synastry) Astrology, Solar Return Charts, and Composite (Relationship) Charts.  Soon, I’ll be offering Child/New Baby Charts, Special Events Charts, and Relocation Charts.  I hope to never quite fill my thirst for this amazingly accurate subject.


Tarot Cards

I also began playing with Tarot cards at around 19.  Back then Tarot equaled the devil.  Still despite all the very stern warnings I received, I was once again undeterred.  Here’s the thing, I needed to understand what was going on in my life in order to control it.  PLUS… even though it was horrifying, it was kind of interesting.  I loved mysteries.  Alas, I kept searching, digging, and stirring up some dust in the process.


Hypnosis & Past Life Regressions

In the 80’s I became a Certified Hypnotist.  I did so in part because the thought of Past Lives enthralled me by then.  Naturally (at least to me), my specialties quickly evolved into Past Life Regressions, Higher Self Teachings, and Healing with the Power of the Mind.  Along the way I also sort of quickly discovered I could pretty easily raise the energy of a room in order to help others connect with those on “the other side” too.  Pretty mind-blowing stuff 25+ years ago.


Spirituality – Channeling & Meditation

I also began attending a class taught by a Spiritualist Minister, who was also a locally renowned Psychic & Medium, along with his wife, an Astrologer, in the early 80’s. This is where I got to sort of “put it all together”.  Also where I studied Spirituality and Metaphysics extensively, in a “hands-on” sort of way.  Thus, at the great relief to my family and friends, I finally learned how to “control” my psychic abilities (whew).

Plus, I got quite an education in Hands On Healing, Spirit Channeling, and several Advanced Meditation Techniques.


Alternative Healing

Next I became a co-owner of a business called “Healthy Alternatives”.  There I was able to work along side of several traditional and alternative healers.  The goal was to help people heal their Mind, Body & Spirit.  This is where I developed my passion for alternative healing methods.


Psychic Medium & Astrologer

Quite naturally, I suppose, I’ve worked professionally as a Psychic/Medium & Astrologer for the last 35 years.  In doing so I’ve learned a whole bunch more about what the “other side” actually looks like.  Since this work enables me to speak with those on the other side almost daily.


Radio, Missing Persons, Instructor & Teacher of Psychic Children

  • Over the years I’ve also taught several Psychic/Spiritual Development Classes.
  • I once hosted a hypnosis-geared radio call-in talk show.
  • I’ve worked a few Missing Persons cases.  BUT… this is hard emotional work.  And since the police don’t really like me (go figure), I don’t focus much on it unless asked.
  • I’ve been a guest speaker in several college classrooms over the years on the subjects of hypnosis, the paranormal, and mind over matter.
  • I’ve also ghost-busted a lot of homes during the last 30 years.  Most remain clean to this day.
  • And last, but definitely not least, I’ve been able to work with several very frightened and very psychic children.  Helping them learn how to work with their abilities, while also protecting themselves.  Best job ever!



As of late I’ve authored 6 books and one Meditation/Psychic Advancement CD.

Five of my books deal with the paranormal.  The latest, however, is deeper and perhaps more raw.  It pertains to Grief and the Life Lessons I gained after the death of my own child a few years ago.  

Since her passing I’ve also been working even more diligently on bridging the dimension between Heaven and Earth, here and there, in a more physical and repeatable way.  Again, out of my need to do so.


Near Death Experience

Oh, and should you like all the specifics about my extremely paranormal life, be sure to check out my book, Life After Death.   It’s revealing, insightful, and terribly up-lifting.  It even shares the precise things I experienced during my own Near Death Experience.

I guess the bottom line is, when it comes to most things in the paranormal, supernatural, and/or alternative healing fields, I’ve likely been there and bought myself a fancy little coffee cozy.  

So this is me… in a tiny little nutshell.

If you have any stories you’d like to share, or really anything you’d like to ask or comment on, please feel free to do so on any page.  Or, feel free to drop me a note.  I just love notes.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my site!