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Psychic Development


Rapid Psychic Development

Being Psychic isn’t something bad or scary.  It also isn’t strange or unnatural. Actually, most people are born psychic.  It’s a completely natural ability.

It’s that ESP gut-level feeling you get when something’s wrong.  It’s also how we sense danger long before danger arrives. Basically, it’s how we automatically navigate the rough waters in life.  But when trained, it can be used for any situation… good or bad.

So, we’re all psychic to one degree or another.  But just like everything else, until you use this particular muscle you’ll never know just how psychic you are.

It’s like riding a bike or playing baseball, until you pedal or swing you can’t really know what your true abilities are.  



How EXACTLY Can You Figure Out How Psychic You Are?

It’s simple really…. you just have to work these specific muscles.  In “Rapid Psychic Development” you’ll learn precisely how to work them through several short, easy and super simple Psychic Tests.  

These tests help you identify:

a) What Gifts You Have, and
b) What Your Strongest Gifts are.

BECAUSE THING IS… You’ve likely already been using your strongest psychic gift for so long, rather automatically by now, that you don’t even recognize that what you’re doing is something other people can’t do. Seriously!  It’s that automatic and natural to you.

So the first thing you’ll want to figure out is whether you’re a strong:

Clairvoyant – Clairaudient – Clairsentient – Empath – Intuitive – Medium – Healer
Trance Channel – Lucid Dreamer – Are Very Telepathic – or Something Else Entirely! 


Most people have more than one ability!

We’ll figure out what you’re capable of, and then we’ll expand on that.  The whole process doesn’t take very long either.  As I said, it’s easy, quick, and will likely end up with you amazing yourself at what you’re really capable of doing.  So it’s fun too!

“”I love the book, very informative. Calleen Wilder has done a great job with putting her words in a simple yet interesting way. Laurie

ADDITIONALLY…. if you’ve ever wanted to know more about:  

  • Spirit Guides
  • Gatekeepers
  • Angels & Demons
  • Akashic Records
  • Auras
  • Dreams
  • Spirit Communication
  • Energy Work
  • Spirituality

You’ll learn all of that, and much more, here.

ALSO… if you’ve ever felt conflicted about how to use your Intuitive &/or Psychic Abilities without offending your religious/spiritual beliefs, we begin the book by addressing this topic specifically, primarily because I once had the same problem.  In fact, I believe this held me back for years from completely exploring my psychic abilities.  

But, about 30 years ago I was lucky enough to find a great teacher.  One who was not only a Psychic/Medium, but also a Spiritualist Minister.  And while I’m not technically a Spiritualist, I learned a lot from him.   

One of the first fundamental things you should know is that when you’re both strong in faith and also very psychic or intuitive, as you combine both aspects of yourself THEY BOTH GET STRONGER. It’s a fact. I’ve lived it.

MAKE NO MISTAKE… You’ll get to explore the exact methods, philosophy, and exercises I’ve used for the last 30 years to become one of the most helpful, accurate, and renowned psychics in the world.

“Very thoroughly written for anyone who wants to take the plunge into the paranormal/psychic realm. I would definitely recommend to read.”Jen.

“I bought another course a while back and it was far more expensive. It wasn’t written well and had nothing important or new to say. The course talked down to you mostly. This course, however, was incredibly thorough, well-written, and packed full of great information. I have read through the book once already, and am going back with my yellow highlighter to highlight the parts I don’t ever want to forget right now. Excellent work. Excellent course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is the best course on the market… especially considering the price. Calleen gave it all.” Tanya, Oregon

In Summary, this course will help you:

  • Identify your super personal psychic gifts;
  • Learn how to Become a Medium in order to make contact with loved ones on the other side;
  • Discover the easiest ways to identify Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, and Guardians.
  • Experience what it feels like to use all of your gifts immediately;
  • Find comfort in incorporating your psychic gifts with your beliefs to strengthen both;
  • Understand how you can turn your gifts off or on at command;
  • Uncover several super easy ways to raise your own energy levels to work with the highest spiritual beings possible.
  • Explore various ways & methods to prevent psychic overload (it happens).
  • And lastly, show you how to protect yourself from all the less-well-meaning spirits out there.  I know… bummer. But they’re out there.  I’ve met them.  There’s no need to fear it though.  If you do the exact quick opening exercise I give you, you’ll avoid it altogether.  Knowing this one thing alone will save you a lot of time and trouble.


Truly, there’s nothing that keeps you from being highly psychic except you.

And… if you’re highly advanced, even you can’t stop you for long.

So why not just go ahead and learn how to use it correctly?  

I am reading your Psychic Development book right now. I ordered the CD as well. The book is amazing! It is giving me true insight into this gift/curse (ha) that I have had since childhood. It all makes sense now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and writing so eloquently as you always do. I feel as you are on the sofa with me telling your story. Diane L.

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