CD – Rapid Psychic Development CD


I Created this CD Specifically to Enable you to:

Meet Your Spirit Guide(s) —- Sharpen Your Psychic Abilities

& Reach a Very Deep Meditative State


Meet Your Spirit Guides & Rapid Psychic Development CD/MP3Having been a hypnotist who specialized in such things for the last 25 years, I’ve helped a lot of people do these precise things.

This CD will help you nearly effortlessly enter into the higher vibrations of Spirit Guides, Helpers, deceased loved ones, and even your own higher-self awareness.  All in the comfort of your own home.

PLUS… it’s cumulative. The more you use it, the more you’ll see, hear, smell, feel, &/or sense. 

Although most have profound experiences the very first time they use it!


You can use this CD either in conjunction with the Psychic Development Book, or as a stand-alone product.
It helps anyone wanting to deepen their meditative state quickly, easily and safely too.

“My family loves this cd set so much that we purchased two so we didn’t have to share. Calleen’s voice is hypnotic and easy walks you through this amazing meditation. Our family highly recommends it.” Js803

What you will receive includes:

Track #1 – “Meet Your Spirit Guides” – This is An Intense Guided Imagery Meditation

Rapid Psychic Development CDOn this track you’ll be gently led into a deeply relaxed Theta state.  This state of consciousness allows you to easily make contact with loved ones, spirit guides, or any soul you wish to connect with from the other-side.

In order to do this, I use the same voice I use with all of my hypnosis clients in order to guide you into the softer Theta brainwave state.  Then, once you’re centered, I proceed to lead you through a very thorough and detailed Guided Meditation.

Many of my clients have reported that this audio recording is one of the most relaxing and event-filled meditations they have ever experienced.  The entire process takes only 21 minutes.  You really don’t have to meditate for hours to get results.

One client reported, “It led me to beautiful places.  After a few uses, I experienced things I never thought possible”.


Track #2 – “Centering Self” – A Powerful Breathing Meditation

 Rapid Psychic Development CDThis Meditation consists of 15 powerful minutes of very focused breath-work.  In it, I again use my hypnotic words and voice tones, set to softly playing flutes, in order to guide you into an incredibly intense breath-induced meditative state. The goal of this audio is to help you see how something as simple as breathing can greatly assist you when trying to open up to spirit and your natural psychic abilities.  All it really takes is clearing the clutter of the noise around you.

This meditation usually has you in the Alpha State, but can go deeper.  Many of my clients report having extremely powerful spiritual and emotional responses to this recording.  As when we breathe deeply, we often open ourselves to experiencing whatever we have been unaware of feeling for too long.  It’s very freeing and empowering.


Track #3 – “Your First Psychic Reading” – A Voice Guided Psychic Exercise

Rapid Psychic Development CDIn this recording you will again relax easily into an Alpha State.  Through breath-work you are enabled to focus, center and relax completely enough to open up your psychic centers.  Once calmed, I walk you through the exact process of performing a Psychic Reading, either for yourself or someone else.

You will hear me provoking your mind to go deeper by asking questions spattered all throughout this recording.  

In so doing, you’ll know precisely what questions to ask when you’re looking for answers on your own.  You’ll also experience what it feels like to make a “connection”.

The very targeted questions I ask are what help us get spirit involved in any session between you and them.

Many of my clients have reported that information came to them without their really expecting anything to happen. They have also said they were completely astonished in the way they received the information. In most cases, it wasn’t at all what they expected.

The key is to remain open to feelings, thoughts, words that pop into your mind, sensations experienced in your body, and simply knowing the answer without even understanding the questions.  That’s how spirit works, through us… softly.


Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.04.52 PM
You get nearly an hour of direct psychic meditation instruction.

I will show you exactly what I do, even to this day, in order to contact spirit.


“I love it! Calleen has such a great voice for helping you drift off and connect to your inner self and the other side. I have learned a great deal about myself with this mini course. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of connecting to your true-self or wanting to tap into the energy force we all have within us!”  Nessie, Canada

“Your CD is powerful stuff. I received a whole lot of things when listening to it for the first time.”  Diane, South Carolina


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