The Difference Between a Psychic and a Psychic/Medium Reading by Calleen Wilder

I received some great feedback from a new client the other day. She said something to the effect of, “Getting a reading from you is like receiving Psychic Predictions from our deceased loved ones, as well as a bit of Life Coaching. And I thought, “Really”?

So while I can’t speak for all psychics and mediums out there, I thought I’d quickly share with you not only my response to her, but also the reasoning behind it. I replied, “Well, it was really their advice to you, not normally mine”.

As a medium I have learned how to raise my vibration/energy/consciousness during any reading in order to make it easier for me to make contact with those on the other side. There is an opening ceremony I do before every reading which starts this process. I guess I can compare it to an artist or musician who get so lost during their work that when they later look at it they don’t recall creating it in that fashion. That’s me. It’s almost dream-like.

MEANING, if you asked me to recall a name, a movie, do math, or really anything that involves my conscious reasoning mind, I can’t do it. Like seriously, it’s beyond my capacity. I know, makes me sound a little ridiculous to some, but I actually don’t think you care what Calleen thinks about anything… rather, you’re paying me to share information I’m receiving &/or perceiving from those who vibrate higher than me. Those who actually know (ha)!

Granted, there are times I may recommend something I use or do to correct a situation. But almost always it’s something they have brought to my mind not something I have brought to my mind.

Let’s say you’re having a problem with a spouse, I may remember (really, sort of seemingly out of nowhere) a similar situation in my own life. If so, it could be something from two minutes ago to 30 years ago. Time is irrelevant. Rather, it’s the solution, the situation, and/or the similarity they want me to share with you… along with, hopefully what I did to correct it.

Difference is, I’m not sitting there “analyzing” anything you say to me. Instead, I’m “listening” to what they have to share about it, whether it involves my sharing my solution or not, it really is “their” idea. Not mine.

Which is why the next time I speak with you, and you bring up whatever the solution was I suggested, I likely will recall very little if anything about it. I may not go that deep into explaining to you that I don’t remember, but normally, I just don’t. Reason being, it wasn’t a conscious suggestion. It was a passing thought, a super-conscious thought, they gave me.

As a result of working like this I know my lack of memory about something (unless we have repeatedly spoken about the same issue, then my consciousness will remember “traces” of it or they will remind me of the specifics), isn’t my being rude or uncaring. Rather, I truly was almost not physically or mentally present during that conversation.

Now I know during a reading I sound very rational, reasonable, sometimes opinionated, and even involved… but again, I’m not exactly. I’m more in that dream-state, or even a hypnotized state. A state where I can speak, transfer information, have compassion, and pass along messages… sometimes while laughing &/or crying with you… but it isn’t my personality interjecting anything. And usually, once the reading is over, much like a dream, the memories fade fast. I know, weird right?

Anyway, just thought I’d share the specifics, as I know them to be, between receiving a very strictly Psychic Reading… one where the reader is often very much present and rational… and my Psychic/Medium Readings. I’m there. Just in an extremely altered form.

Now in astrology readings I’m consciously there interpreting graphs and transits and charts and all sorts of stuff. So yes, that’s me front and center. This is why it’s very hard for me to switch between the two types of readings in an on-going fashion during any reading. I do so sometimes.

Usually it’s best to stick with one or the other. Now I may ask someone’s sign during a reading, but that information is stored in my synapses I believe, so it doesn’t pull me down. But to actually look at a chart and analyze it makes it super hard to go back up.

Anyway, hope that makes some sense. I felt compelled to share how it works for me during our readings so I don’t sound too dismissive and uncaring. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Positive Vibes & Blessings Always,

P.S. Oh, and this is why when someone texts, emails, or calls me after a reading to clarify something, I probably can’t. Or if I gave them a name they couldn’t place, and now they can, and want to know what that loved one has to say, I have no idea. They’re gone. Plus, I’m no longer in the same head space I was… not only higher vibration wise, but also since I meditate on you a few minutes before we speak, as well as call in whoever wants to speak with you, I’m sort of in your space, with your people, the entire reading. Afterwards that door closes. Again, like waking up from a fleeting dream. I hope that makes sense and helps you understand how my mediumship works.

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