Psychic Detectives – Real or Not?

You know, I watched this and thought I’d share it here, along with sharing my opinion about such things.

Being a psychic I know that I too can be wrong. Sometimes, I’m a great deal wrong. BUT… if I get something about something as important as a missing person or a missing child I usually try to deliver that message even if not asked to. I figure if I’m not charging anyone one cent for my two cents worth, I can’t see where it’s labeled “predatory”.

In the past I’ve helped a few clients and friends find missing persons, some alive and some not. Yet I’ve also been wrong, or perhaps slightly off, who’s to say? If you don’t find them how can we possibly know if I was absolutely wrong or just missed the spot by a few feet or a few miles?

Thing is, I’ve never charged one cent for doing any of it, in spite of the fact that I absolutely hate doing it. Reason I hate doing it is two-fold:

1) I abhor when the outcome is bleak. I’d rather not know, see, or feel any of what the victim, the families, the perpetrator, or even me as a person feels about such things;

2) It consumes me, especially when I’m looking for a recently missing person/child. I know all-too-well how critical it is to find them if we’re to have any chance of their being unharmed. So… I obsess over it. I obsess so thoroughly that even my dreams are filled with clues until such time there’s a resolution. There really is no rest for me personally when the situation is so dire.

Not to mention we’re actually putting ourselves in harm’s way when we do step up and out of the shadows. I mean if someone killed, kidnapped, or otherwise harmed another human, and they find out we might be able to finger-point, what keeps us safe?

So no, psychics aren’t perfect. We don’t know everything about any one thing. But sometimes we do know some things. Sometimes we sense things. We see things. We feel things. So what are we to do? Remain silent so we aren’t accused of being predators? Yes, I realize there are people out there who aren’t psychic who claim to be under such circumstances. Shame on them. Still, if the average Joe Blow citizen is encouraged to report “any little thing they may have seen, even if they don’t feel it matters”, why aren’t we given the same right? I don’t know. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I no longer work on such cases because of all of the above reasons. But please get it straight, many of us are only trying to help. In my opinion that deserves appreciation not consternation.

Any way, those are my two cents worth about a topic that, quite frankly, insulted me.

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