Is Your Innate Intuition Actually Your Sixth Sense Shining Through? By Sporteluxe Editors

You might be displaying psychic ability without even knowing it.

Do you ever “know” something before it happens? Are you constantly having visions of the future? Feeling and knowing in your heart the outcome of an event? Or maybe knowing what decision is better based on your gut feeling? You might be intuitive. Intuition is the human race’s sixth sense. It’s an instinctive awareness where our hunches turn out to be true. The way our society raises us, our modern living, socialization, and the world that makes us think otherwise. Is it logic or is it your heart? We explore below.

Psychic Ability

According to YogaDigest“People such as psychics and clairvoyants have developed their intuition so that their natural sixth sense is heightened, stronger, and perhaps more dependable than someone who is not as psychic. When a psychic carries out a tarot reading, they are not only conveying the meaning of the cards, they are also communicating what they are sensing or picking up in relation to the person.”

We are all born with this innate sense of knowing, but many things can distract us from connecting with our higher selves. It’s your duty to connect with this power in order to truly understand those around you and the world. Your inner voice is very accurate. For example, do you ever feel like you should’ve gone with your gut, regretting the decision you made before? Our intuition bridges the gap between logical thinking, instinct, and reason.

Your intuition is your superpower. It may make you feel vulnerable and nervous, but it is the universe guiding you, so it’s definitely scary. YogaDigest gives the following example to try and build your sense of intuition. Next time the phone rings, who is the first person who comes to your mind? Try and guess. When something unexpected comes into your mind about someone or something, write it down so you can refer back to see if you were right. When you meet someone new and you get a hunch that they may be helpful, useful, interesting, a positive or negative influence, remember this.

How To Know If Your Sixth Sense Is Strong

1) You can sense things without any of physical clues:

You are the type of person that instantly knows where something is. You can sense the past without any recollection of knowledge of it. If you lose something, you have a sense of where it is. You might even be able to see ghosts or spirits! You can figure out what is going to happen in the future.

2) You are an empath:

Empaths have an innate knowledge of your feelings and your emotion, but also others. It’s very easy for you to understand what people are going through. You can pick up energy very quickly. You also know if someone is lying or not.

3) You can read vibes instantly:

You know how someone feels about a decision, pretty instantly. It’s very easy for you to connect and read the room. You will be moved by other people’s frustration, anger, happiness, or sadness. It’s taking on another’s emotion, even if you have no prior knowledge of their circumstances.

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