Inheriting Psychic Abilities by Calleen Wilder

Since I’ve been running into this question a fair amount lately, I thought I’d share some quick insight about inheriting psychic abilities with all of you. And yes, it’s true, if your mother or grandmother are or were psychic, you likely are too.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re psychic in the “same way” as they are. From what I’ve experienced, and also observed, the psychic/sensitive gene definitely passes down through the bloodline. Granted, whether you use or develop it is up to you. Still know, you do have an added strength, gift or genetic inheritance that says you could.

ALL of my children are psychic. All in different ways. Yet I’ve watched it seep through each one of them, even though none of them actually work with it… not intentionally anyway.

One of my children is a very accurate dreamer. Has been from a very early age. He’d dream something and the next day that exact thing would happen.

Another child could interrupt anyone’s emotions. Empathy was her gift.

And the last one, dreams, hears, sees, and usually ignores all things paranormal.

I imagine if any of them chose to work with the gift they could expand it. Especially since my first memory of a psychic event was a dream, which turned into hearing ghosts, then seeing ghosts, then knowing all sorts of things, onto telepathy, and now mediumship. BUT, I worked with it.

Yet since they haven’t, I can’t say for sure if they’d follow the same trajectory as I did. Like any other mental or physical muscle, I believe the more you use it the larger or more acute it becomes.

Therefore, if any of your relatives, especially straight up the line (like grandmother versus aunt) were psychic or had “prophetic gifts”, you absolutely do too. Much like writers, actors, singers, artists, and all those in creative fields often have children who follow in their footsteps with a “leg up” in the same field, often expressing the same gift as their parents, psychics follow the same line. It’s genetic or cellular or something that passes down automatically.

However, even if none of your relatives are psychic, it doesn’t mean you can’t be. I believe you can manifest anything you’d like. I simply believe if the gift is in your ancestry, it’s also in you, regardless of whether you want it to be or not.

What you chose to do about it is entirely up to you. BUT… you do have an added genetic leaning towards it. A “gift” or “knack” for it.

Pretty cool. Right?

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