I’m Adding New Readings – by Calleen

Just a brief note since I’m still working out the website kinks (UGH)!

But… I wanted you guys to be the first to know, so I’m sharing a tad early. Hopefully you can bear with me while I adjust the website copy.

SO… I’m adding some new readings. They all are currently available to book or get Gift Certificates for. I’m simply still shuffling around a lot of backend computer icky stuff to make this process smoother and the pages prettier (ha).


#1 – A Life Path Reading – This was a reading I offered years ago that somehow got lost in the shuffle. People really enjoyed it though. And recently a few people have asked for it. So, it’s back. It’s offered in a few different time frames, from 20 to 60 minutes. You can check out the details at: Life Path Reading

#2 – A 20 Minute Reading – Also highly requested. I understand that I’m a little more expensive than some. That’s because not only am I reasonably good (hahaha), but I also have to spend energy and time before the reading to get into a Medium state.

Many readers don’t require upfront preparation, and time is life. Additionally, my readings require energy adjustments so I’m only able to do so many a day before I burn-out. Not complaining, just stating the unfortunate truth about getting older (sigh).

STILL… I want everyone to be able to experience what I do, so I’m offering a more affordable option. I do less mediumship and almost all psychic and/or astrology for this reading. Medium is still there, just not nearly as detailed or specific. The cost is $50.

The 20 Minutes are good for Astrology Charts, Astrology Transits, Psychic/Medium, and the other new reading listed below, the Combination Reading.

3. Along that same line, many have asked if I still offer 45 Minute Readings. They fall in the popular $95 category, so we don’t bust $100. Thus, since you’ve asked, I’m now adding those back to the line-up too.

The 45 Minutes are good for Astrology Charts, Astrology Transits, Psychic/Medium, and the other new reading listed below, the Combination Reading.

4. Lastly, since the Life Path has everything to do with your Destiny, Fate, Past Lives and such, and an Astrology Reading has to do almost entirely with Astrology, and a Psychic/Medium Reading has to do with just what it says (ha)…. I’m adding another reading…. a Combo Reading.

AND, I’m adding it at 20, 30, 45, and 60 Minute Intervals. Obviously, the 20 Minutes is quick and to the point… whereas the 60 Minute has more wiggle room for questions, this reading is packed with information.

It includes a bit of Astrology and a bit of Psychic/Medium. I LOVE this reading. I hadn’t even thought about it until someone requested it the other day and I made it work… and she got a GREAT reading. Reason being, I could see by Astrology what the problem was, and I could pull in my Psychic in order to understand all levels of it, and I allowed the Medium to kick in some in order to dig more deeply.

She definitely got more than her money’s worth… which is PRECISELY WHAT I WANT FOR ALL OF MY CLIENTS.

You can read about this one at COMBO READINGS. Know though that I’m still working on this page so it’s very raw… but it is available as a bookable reading and as a gift certificate now.

I HOPE you enjoy the new offerings.

I do have a few other things up my sleeve, not as far as readings go, but as far as additional products go. But since that’s nowhere near ready, I’ll save it for another newsletter. Rest assured though that the minute I get a few more things put together on it, you’ll be the first to know.

Give me your feedback… I’d love to hear it.

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