How My Psychic Readings Work by Calleen Wilder

I posted an article this week, from another author, about What Psychic Readings are. I posted it because I felt it was a good article.

But after reviewing it I decided to share a little more insight into what I specifically do during a Psychic/Medium Reading.

So here goes:

Before the start of any reading I do a little opener. I reach out to anyone “in the white light” who knows you and wishes to relay something to you. I grant them permission to work through me in order to relay messages to you.

  • Being a sensitive/empath, I begin our reading by “feeling” what you’re feeling. Usually, I pick this up from the first moment you speak. Sometimes too, I feel it before we speak, often while I’m dialing your number.
  • From there I tell you whatever seems most pressing. I do this via clairvoyance (meaning I see pictures or glimpses of pictures, like snapshots).
  • I also experience clairaudience (meaning I hear, but inside my head rather than with my ears, words, messages, phrases, names, etc…) all throughout the reading.
  • Plus, I use clairsentience (meaning I feel things, in my own body, as if they were my own for that moment). This allows me to identify what your loved one passed away from. Sometimes too, it identifies what you’re currently struggling with, especially health wise.
  • If I’m in the room with someone, I definitely utilize Psychometry (meaning I hold an object of yours in order to feel memories stored within it).
  • Occasionally, Clairalience comes into play (meaning I smell things… like scents… perhaps flowers, cigars, or other things you can identify with).
  • Sometimes I taste things, like perhaps mint or fruit or really anything that might mean something to you.
  • And then other times I just “know”… no pictures, sights, sounds, tastes, or smells, just a “knowing” about something in your past, present &/or future. All of which I share.
  • In some instances I utilize channeling energy (healing and such) to my clients, should they need it. Generally I do this after the reading during my meditation later that night. Unless, of course, we’re doing an in-person meet.

In truth, I let my entire being become a “tuning fork” of sorts. I’m simply a vehicle that those in spirit (be it guides, angels, or loved ones) can manipulate in order to get a message through to you.

I’ve even dreamt about a client, or someone in their life, the night before a reading.

Honestly, I just open up and allow higher level Spirits to use whatever method they can to “connect” with you, via me.

I don’t read palms or tarot cards. Not because I think they’re bad or less accurate. Rather, this is simply the process I’ve always used. It’s what works best for me.

Am I always right? Nope, even though I try very hard to be. Human perception can cause me to misread or misinterpret on occasion. And free will allows you to change some things about your future.

Do I know everything about you? Again, nope. I know only what I intuit or “they” tell me.

An Astrology Reading is different. Charts and graphs are required for this type of reading. Some of the above tools often come into play as well. They simply aren’t the main course.

Today I do fewer readings than I used to. The energy adjustment that must take place seems to be a tad more tiring to my old-ish body. HA! Thus, I lessen my work load in order to keep the connection and accuracy high. Still, I try my best to work people in as soon as I possibly can.

For more information you can visit my Psychic/Medium Readings Page.

Best to all… Calleen

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