Are You Psychic? Here’s How to Find Out by Calleen Wilder

First let me share that I took this title from another article I found. AND… I felt I had a thing or two to add to the topic.

The other article suggested all types of different readings you could have in order to find out. BUT, I don’t think you need a reading to find out. Sure, a reading by a legitimate Psychic might confirm what you’ve already suspected. Yet, one is definitely not required.

ALL YOU REALLY NEED is to trust your intuition, your gut-level response to a person, place, or thing, and/or teach yourself to listen intently to that little voice in your head. You know, the one that tells you things you don’t have a valid reason for knowing otherwise. Even though, the “inside your head voice” is likely not a voice at all, but rather simply “a knowing”.

YOU are YOUR BEST ADVISOR on this topic. And once you start listening, then either sharing with whomever the information was for or following it if the advice was for you, all of a sudden you’ll find out just how accurate you are.

All that’s required is that you trust “them” (those who are giving you the information &/or the process, whichever makes you the most comfortable), and next, you must just “put it out there”.

Here’s the thing, even if you’re wrong, or even only partially right, “they” hear what you say. That means they now know how you hear, interpret, perceive, and misperceive. THEN… they will try new pictures, new messages, new feelings, etc… the next time around.

If you don’t speak it they don’t know how you received it. That’s the bottom line. So speak up. I’m slightly off on things occasionally. Still, I put it out there and I let whoever I’m sharing with tell me what they feel or understand about what I’ve said. THEN… I ask for more insight (internally, of course, lest everyone thinks I’m completely bonkers) and I relay what I see, feel, hear, sense, or otherwise just know.

You don’t have to be perfect to be psychic. No one is. You just have to follow your hunches and jump in the game. Likely if you’ve taken the time to read this article you’re psychic. So go play with it. You’ll perfect it soon enough to one degree or another. Muscles grow when used, including this psychic muscle of yours.

OK… enough of the lecture. I just didn’t want you to think you had to have someone else predict this for you. Too often they may not pick up on it or they’re wrong. So do it. Have fun with it. Then watch that psychic muscle of yours grow.

Too cool, right?

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