5 Ways to Develop Your Clairvoyance

Develop Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance literally means ‘clear vision.’ It is the ability to foresee the future with your innereye. For some, it comes in the form of seeing glimpses of the future that eventually happens in reality. On the other hand, for some, it is a strong, instinctive hunch that keeps niggling in the back of their heads. In fact, some gifted persons can even read people, their thoughts, and body language.

Clearly, it is an invaluable trait that can help you succeed and do well in life.

Am I Clairvoyant?

Before proceeding, naturally, the first doubt that you may have is whether you are indeed gifted or have you made certain predictions by fluke. Hence, if you are confused about whether or not you are clairvoyant, here are a few signs that may strengthen your belief:

Visual Indicators

Visual flashes that you may experience does not necessarily have to be dramatic like the kind you see in movies or TV shows. In fact, they can be very subtle. Some may witness visual clues in the form of light and colour, which may point towards a deeper spiritual meaning. According to BestPsychics.club, it could mean that you are interacting with the Universal Energy Field or Human Energy Field of your loved ones.

Visual flashes do not have to indicate actual visual scenes playing out before they happen. They can be in the form of coloured dots, floating orbs or shadows, visible aura, or maybe just a twinkle or a glitter perceived by the corners of your eyes.

Effortless Daydreaming

Do you find yourself losing focus and drifting into daydreams effortlessly? Even though you are genuinely trying hard to pay attention to everything around you? Do you feel your consciousness slipping while subconsciousness takes over? It may be because of your clairvoyant abilities. It is a very common trait amongst those who are gifted.

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Since clairvoyance primarily revolves around perception through sight, you are capable of dissociating from reality and entering a different plane. And that is highly possible even if you are visiting an imaginary world. Due to your special ability, you will require much more visual stimulation than others, making it easier for you to daydream easily.

Expert Problem Solver

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A clairvoyant can see things from his or her mind’s eye. Therefore, they are exceptionally goodat solving visual puzzles and problems. They have an inherent understanding of space and how objects can fit. For them, the whole world is much like a puzzle that needs sorting and solving. This quality comes extremely naturally to them. They can step inside a room and tell you what furniture can go where. Or they can easily put together pieces of an expert level puzzle even if another person has been struggling with it for hours.

Appreciation of Beauty

Do you often find yourself staring and marveling at Mother Nature’s bounty? Do you spendhours going through home decor ideas or fine art paintings? You could even be a natural at taking stunning photographs! This could mean that you are probably clairvoyant.

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Clairvoyance adds a layer of mindfulness towards their perception of the world around them. This, of course, primarily depends on how strong your visual senses are tied to your abilities. Either way, if you have an eye for beauty, most likely, it is your inner eye appreciating it.

Mental GPS is Terrific

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Have you ever been lost and just have a siren go off in your head saying that you should head in a specific direction? Do you manage to get to new and unexplored places even without maps? If yes, then it simply means that you have access to a greater knowledge that others are deprived of having. It means that your instincts are strong to have a solid sense of direction. You may be capable of visualising pathways and directions with the help of your inner compass.

Envisioning Plans is Easy

Once again, the focus for clairvoyant individuals primarily lies with the visual stimulation received from the external world. They are blessed with a knack of visually knowing how things will pan out. Whether it is the interior decoration of a house or a surprise birthday party – they can easily envision the final outcome. If you find yourself accurately predicting such outcomes, it is strongly possible that you may be clairvoyant.

You Experience Vivid Dreams Frequently

Much like daydreaming and imagining, clairvoyants are capable of experiencing vivid dreams. Just like you see the real world differently, you also see dreams differently. This is because your gift of sight is highly active even when you are asleep.

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You will have strong imagination coupled with attention to details and intricacies in your dreams. In fact, there may be times that you will find it hard to dissociate dreams from reality. While most times, such dreams are mere dreams, other times, it is strongly possible to have a vision that is about to come true.

5 Ways to Heighten Clairvoyance

Now that you know of the most common traits that may indicate that you are clairvoyant, you need to understand how to develop your skills even more. However, first of all, you need to know that if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned qualities does not necessarily mean that you are not clairvoyant. Similarly, just because you show one or more signs, does not fully indicate that you are clairvoyant.

Regardless, to be able to make good use of clairvoyance, you need to establish a strong relationship between your actual sight and inner sight. A well-developed clairvoyant ability will make it easier to perceive the things around you. Here are a few exercises that will help you heighten your gift of clairvoyance:

Memory Practice

Any kind of memory practice is a great way to visualize things strongly. There are a number of memory games that you can make up to help you see clearer.

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Some clairvoyants prefer to practice with flowers as they are earthy elements that help in grounding their powers. For this, you need to keep various flowers on a table. Pick one flower at a time. Then spend all your energy on knowing everything about the flower. Right from the colours to texture, and every minute detail. After you are done, visualise the flowers in your mind and write everything done in the most detailed way possible.

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Another great way to jog your memory is through memorising Tarot Cards. It is already known for a fact that Tarot Cards can heighten your psychic abilities. Go through each card and memorise each symbol, colour, lines or waves. Then write about it or try and project it in apartner’s mind. If you can get your hands on two packs of Tarot Cards and play a game ofMemory, as you did when you were a child. Place the cards in a grid, memorize their positions and then turn them face-down. Now try to establish matches in pairs until all cards are over. Don’t have Tarot Cards? Even online Tarot Tools can do the trick!

Visualisation Exercise

Clairvoyance comes from your ability to visualise. Thus, you need to work on visualisation with your inner eye. You can practice visualising multitudes of scenarios.

Source: https://www.thrivemeditation.com/images/psychic-eye.jpg

It could be a vision of your trek through lush forests in a foreign land. Imagine the flora and fauna that you will see on the way. Or you could explore any historical monument and even go back in time while walking the corridors. You could think of something relaxing as sunbathing on a beach, or something highly stimulating like watching your favourite band perform live. If you are not looking for anything intricate or detailed, you can simply visualise numbers or flowers. Simply close your eyes and get visualising every little detail and every experience. In the event that you have problems focusing, you could also print out flashcards that you can stare at for 30 seconds to give you inspiration and to get you started.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is the best way to reset, restart, and fine-tune all your psychic abilities. Through meditation, you release vibrations that can make you more sensitive to all kinds of visual stimulation. The third chakra, present between the eyebrows is responsible for clairvoyance. And meditation can elevate and open the third eye chakra too.

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]To begin meditating, be seated in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and start by takingdeep breaths. Think of a loved one and start imaging them in your mind’s eye. Recall every detail about them and every emotion associated with them. If that’s not your cup of tea, you cansimply visualise your third eye chakra as a vivid, purple galaxy that is spinning. Imagine it expanding, signifying the opening of the chakra, thereby heightening your clairvoyant abilities. Experiencing a tingling sensation between your eyebrows generally indicates that you are correctly practicing meditation.

Give Blind Reading a Try

Blind reading is an excellent way to unpack your clairvoyant abilities. It also helps you focus your intuitive energies on finding solutions to problems.

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Start by sitting at a table with three blank cards. Think of a question for which you seek answers. Write down 3 different possibilities regarding the question. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. Gently place your hands above the cards. Feel them and their energy. Stay relaxed as you figure out which card you gravitate towards. Keep it aside. Flip the cards and read the response of the one you had the greatest attraction towards. That would be the answer to your question or a solution to your problem.


Hence, a good practice while practicing clairvoyance includes dream journaling. Clairvoyants experience vivid dreams with psychic and spiritual guides leading the way into the spiritual world. Keep a diary or notepad and pen at your bedstand every night before you go to sleep. Ifyou don’t have a dedicated diary, you can keep some loose sheets instead. Focus on the question or problem for which you need a response. Keep thinking about it until you go off to sleep.

Upon waking up, enter all the details of your dreams in the journal. If you cannot remember the dream, try and recollect the thoughts or memories flooding your mind on waking up. It does notnecessarily have to be psychic in nature. If you haven’t found an answer, repeat the sameexercise for following nights until you receive the answer that you seek. Sometimes, the answer is not direct and you have to see the patterns to find out the answer.

If you are clairvoyant, then you have received a wonderful gift that will enrich your life in many ways. It may help you find love, success, and happiness at every step. In the beginning, it may be slightly difficult to trust your instincts or the messages that you receive from the spiritual world – and that’s completely normal. We are raised to believe more in the logical world than the spiritual kind. However, once you start opening your mind to the possibilities that open up on being clairvoyant, you will be capable of honing your psychic gift of sight. You need to trust your visions completely because your belief will fortify the guidance that you receive.

You can develop your own sets of exercises or connect with other clairvoyants to find out what really works for them. Try to keep the activities as relaxing as possible to alleviate all kinds of stresses.

Remember, the more time and effort you dedicate towards clairvoyance, the greater would be the rewards that you will reap.

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