10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kids & Psychic Abilities BY KIRSTIE LANDRY

Psychic Kids

The sixth sense, foresight, telepathy… whatever you want to call it, the concept of psychic abilities is a fascinating one – although controversial. While some see psychic powers as a bunch of nonsense, there are other people who truly believe in it.

No matter where a person stands on this, no one can deny that it definitely makes for a very interesting discussion. And interestingly, more and more studies are backing up the idea that there may be something going on that we just don’t yet understand, so that the people who believe in it have pretty strong arguments in support of their beliefs.

Of course, it’s not just adults that may have psychic abilities – plenty of believers suggest that kids can be psychic too… even more so than adults, as they haven’t yet learned to disbelieve or ignore their abilities. If you think your child might be a bit of a crystal-ball gazer, here are some things you should know.


Psychic Kids

Some people are naturally pretty good at figuring out what a person is like, but kids who are gifted with psychic abilities can basically read a person like an open book. Parents of kids who have this kind of ability will probably notice that their child loves being around someone they just met, or they really dislike them for no apparent reason.

Psychic kids are particularly great at figuring out what other people are like, even if they’ve only just met them. This is a great ability to have, since it can keep them from hanging out with the wrong crowd.


Psychic Kids

If a little one is psychic, their parents might hear them discussing a past life. This is truly fascinating, because children who do this have recalled some very interesting things.

Since nearly all children have great imaginations, it is easy for those around a child like this to blame it on some vivid dreams they have had or something like that. But it really should be taken seriously, since it can indicate that the child in question has incredible psychic abilities.

If parents dismiss this as nothing more than a child’s imagination, they might keep their child from talking about this again. It’s important to listen when they are saying things like this.


Psychic Kids

If a child has psychic abilities, they are probably a bit more sensitive to certain things than others are, and little boys and girls like this are called empathetic children. Basically, empathetic children feel too much.

Sometimes the things that are going on around them are a bit too much for them to handle. Empathetic kids can be triggered by various things, some of which include certain smells or sounds. Parents who find that they have kids like this need to pay a lot of attention to them and see if they can figure out what their triggers are, so that they can be avoided.


Psychic Kids

Animals generally make people feel good, but a psychic child may have a truly special connection with them. Pets are very gentle creatures who usually do not wish to do harm to anyone, so they tend to give off a very loving and nurturing vibe, and since psychic children are sensitive to the feelings of others, they really like pets, even more than most people do.

Parents of a child who is gifted should certainly consider giving them a pet because of this reason. Pets can bring anyone joy, but they are especially loved by young people with psychic gifts.


Psychic Kids

One of the main characteristics of spiritually gifted people is being able to predict something that has not happened yet. When non-psychic people picture a person with these gifts, they typically imagine someone who is looking into a crystal ball, predicting the future.

While psychics don’t always use crystal balls, sometimes they know about things before they actually happen. This can actually happen to psychics of all ages.

Sometimes psychics see these things in visions, and sometimes they see them in their dreams. Moms and dads of gifted children should definitely pay attention to what their children say they are dreaming about.


Psychic Kids

It’s not unusual for little ones to have an imaginary friend, but when a child has one, it could be that they are communicating with something called a spirit guide. According to certain spiritual schools of thought, everyone has a spirit guide, but the only people who are capable of communicating with them are ones who are spiritually gifted.

The reason why this is true is because it’s hard for a person to speak with his or her spirit guide when they have not yet accepted that they have one. The first step one should take in order to communicate with a spirit guide is to believe in them.


Psychic Kids

Not everyone likes crowded places, and sometimes that is because they pick up on the moods of those around them. This is another thing that empathetic children are able to do.

It sounds awesome, but this can actually be negative at times. Little ones who have this kind of gift sometimes find that it can be a bit too much at times, since they feel the emotions of everyone around them.

If a child does not enjoy being in crowded places, that could be the reason why. Children like this generally feel as though the pain of others is their pain as well.


Psychic Kids

Sometimes kids have trouble sleeping because of a medical problem, and sometimes it is because they possess spiritual gifts. Psychic children are known to have problems when bedtime rolls around.

They usually do not sleep very easily, and some of them do not have very fond feelings about being in the dark. When they do eventually go to sleep, spiritually gifted children often have very vivid dreams and nightmares. This likely makes them want to fall asleep even less.

There are some things parents can do to encourage their child to have pleasant dreams, which might help the situation. Parents who want to help their child have a pleasant night of sleep should read to them before bed, or talk with them about what their favorite parts of the day were.


Psychic Kids

Lots of children have a very creative side, but psychic children are usually a bit more creative than others. The right side of the brain is usually the side that is responsible for a person’s ability to come up with creative things, and the left side usually helps a person think about things in a more analytical way. Sometimes psychic children use the right side of their brain more than they use the left side, which could have something to do with the fact that many of them make decisions based off of their intuition instead of facts that have been presented to them.


Psychic Kids

Auras are biomagnetic energy fields that surround each of us, and children who are gifted with psychic powers are sometimes able to see them. One fun little tidbit about auras is that they all look different.

In that way, auras are like fingertips. But a person’s aura changes when their mood changes. If an adult is sensitive enough, they are probably able to see the auras of those around them. But children are more likely to be able to see auras than adults are. If babies or toddlers are constantly looking above a person’s head, they might be checking out their aura.

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