A Psychic & Medium Reading

Psychic Medium Readings

Do You have questions about your:
Career • Finances • Relationships • Health • Kids • or Life in General?

Or… would you like to connect with a relative, a spirit guide, or a lost pet.


If so, I can help you.

It’s something I’ve spent over 35 years doing.

I’ve been working as a Psychic/Medium for over 35 years now, but have heard and seen those in spirit for all of my life; which almost doubles that.

So I’m a “medium“.  Meaning, I can “connect” with those on the “other side”.  This is my preferred way of receiving messages since they tend to have far more accurate answers.  

PLUS… I’m Clairvoyant (I see), Clairaudient (I hear), and Clairsentient (I feel).  So I’m Psychic too.

I offer several different time slots in order to accommodate not only the length of time you need, but also to work within the framework of most any budget.

✬ The most detailed reading is a 60 Minute Reading. During this reading I have time to make Medium (other-side) connections more strongly, which results in far more information and details being given. An hour may occasionally run a few minutes longer.

✬ I also offer a 45 Minute Reading. Obviously the biggest difference is that you’ll lose 15+ minutes of consult time. Yet, this reading does allow us enough time to make “connections” with the other side and answer your questions and concerns.

✬ You may opt for the 30 Minute Reading. Since there’s less time available good Mediumship connections aren’t always guaranteed, but sometimes are made. This is a great reading for those wanting several questions answered from a psychic standpoint. Or if you’ve already made connections and now just need to follow-up on them.

Thank you for the reading. You were completely accurate. You blew me away right off the bat mentioning Tom. You blew me away again mentioning Thomara, which is a name NO one would know. NO one. I wrote everything down as you spoke. I’m glad I did, because I was so freaked out when you said Thomara, I forgot everything else. You were so nice to speak with also. I can’t express how much everything you said meant to me. It was amazing. YOU are amazing, and blessed with such gifts. I will DEFINITELY be talking to you again. Thank you so very much! Becky, Illinois


You can schedule your Psychic-Medium Reading immediately online.

Psychic Readings

“Just finished talking with you about my father, Larry, among other things. I had to tell you what happened right after… I was talking to my sister Kris (Larry’s other daughter) about my reading, and about Larry’s “sign” to me being a chime or bell…. DING. I said to her, “What the hell IS that? I swear I just heard a bell.” DING. I said, “Oh my God.” I have no idea where it came from–it’s not like there’s a bike bell sitting in my bathroom or something… DING. My younger daughter even heard it from down the hall, so I know I didn’t imagine it. Three times–TOO COOL! Thanks again— I feel so energized and positive now that I know I’m on the right track! Jenny K.


What Will Your Psychic Reading Involve?

    • I begin by establishing a connection with someone on the other side.  Often this is done as I’m dialing your number. This connection might involve a deceased loved one, an Angel, or a Spirit Guide/Helper of yours or mine.  It doesn’t matter to me who it is, as long as they have your answers and your best interest at heart.
    • Next, I share whatever information, name, or insight I received from them with you, and we work outwards from there.
    • Pretty regularly I also tap into your energy (your aura) and may begin talking about something you’ve just done or someone you’ve just spoken with.
    • Readings vary with every individual, but you should expect to receive a lot of information. Depending upon the length of the reading you book, the information often comes from several different individuals/sources.
    • Naturally, you’re always free and encouraged to interject and ask questions.  In fact, I’ll pause often during our session and ask if things are making sense to you &/or if you have questions.


    What Can You Expect to Hear During Your Reading?

    Nearly anything to be honest.  Often I’m led to discuss your current life issues, along with Past Lives on occasion (provided, of course, you’re open to that).

    For sure we’ll talk about your worries and concerns.  Consequently, Relationships, Finances, Career Changes, Promotions, Children, Dreams, and just overall Life Issues are often topics for discussion.

    Most of the time though, whatever we start talking about is precisely the issue you called about.  Still, it’s your reading and I want you to get the answers you’re looking for, so I ask for confirmation along the way.

    Also, the reading is definitely interactive.  I want your reading to be focused on your largest concerns.

    Therefore, if I haven’t covered something you want to cover, interrupt me and interject or ask questions.

    It’s your reading.  I don’t want to overlook any topic you want discussed.
    And since the time flies by… feel free to speak up.


    Calleen has helped me accept myself as I am, accept my lessons without guilt, and know it is okay to love myself as I am. She listens with an open mind and heart and never doubts your thoughts, ideas, and whatever you need to work on. I say, “Thank you for being there for me on my spiritual journey.” And thank God for sending her to me as my spiritual helper and friend. PJO


    Do You Get Names?


    Yes.  They come to me in a brief whisper.  Therefore, some of the names will be “spot on”, while others may sound like whatever name I give you.  Tom could be Don, or Rob could be Bob.

    I may also get descriptions of the people who are gathered around you (in life and in spirit), and I don’t hear their names.  In such cases I give you whatever I’m getting.  Truthfully, I assume they’ve likely said their name I just didn’t hear it.

    As for foreign names, I’ll usually get the American version of the name.  So Jose might come through as Joe or Joseph.

    Being the perfectionist I am, I’ve put in a request to my guides to get even more precise on the names.  Fingers Crossed!


    How Much Time Should You Book?


    As many of my client’s will attest, there’s really no such thing as too much time.  Consequently, the longer you book the better.

    Just know that time sort of warps during a reading, and before you know it, it’s all gone. Unfortunately I usually can’t add time on at the end due to previously booked appointments. 


    For new clients

    Book the hour if time and money allow it.  It gives me more time to tap into your energy (for the Psychic part), as well as establish a new connection with “your folks” (the Medium part).

    Yet I understand if you want to casually dip your toe in the water.  You can always start off with 30 Minutes in order to see if you’re happy with the type of reading I do (after all, they are unique… it’s kind of what I’m known for). Then next time, book accordingly. 

    For clients who have worked with me before

    You know the drill (ha).  If you really have ONLY one or two questions, book 30 Minutes.  If you have a “few” questions, book 45 or 60. Also, if you want to make a serious connection with the other side or do an entire General Life Reading Update, you need to book the 60 Minutes.

    Everyone always wishes they’d booked more time.  And since I’m opening up my schedule again, things are getting tighter.  So as mentioned above… I usually won’t be able to add more time on at the end (sorry).  I will likely have appointments scheduled not long after yours.  


    Thank you so very much for a most wonderful reading today. You have made a believer out of me. I have searched and spent a lot of money in search of someone like you. You made me feel better even if I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear. I wish I had found you earlier. Maybe I would still have the person I love so much still in my life if I had. Once again, thank you! Rose.


    How Accurate are You?


    Obviously very (lol).  In truth, there’s no way to know.  What I can say is that I’ve read for some of my clients for over 30 years now.  Also, around 90% of my clientele come from client referrals or are repeat clients.  I’m hoping that means I’m doing something right.

    However, no psychic or medium is ever 100% accurate.  You still have free will, as does everyone else around you.  In fact, if I share something challenging during our reading I hope it empowers you to change enough things in order to achieve a different or better outcome than I predicted.  It’s kind of why I share everything.

    I’ll do my best… my very best.  That I can guarantee.


    My difficulties run so deep, and there are so many layers to my being. Calleen is the only living person who has been able to understand me completely. Her ability has helped immensely with my healing process. All the years and money I’ve spent on various things and yet in four phone calls she has brought me to a tolerable, peaceful place in my life. Thanks Calleen, Sandy, Indiana


    Do You Ever Have Trouble Reading For Someone?


    Occasionally.  Especially true when someone wants to hear from only one person.  Often their desire keeps them from recognizing anyone else.  And while I completely understand that, in order to get the best reading possible, try your best to remain open to whoever might come through.  Thing is, if Neighbor George comes through he might be making the connection for Your Mom to follow.

    Too, some people are super skeptical, which is normal to some degree.  However, when someone closes off their energy and wants me to “prove” too much, I end up having to overcome their energy (remember I’m only working with energy to begin with) and that makes me work twice as hard to get half as much.  Typically we can overcome this together.  Yet being flexible is the key.


    Thank you for a fantastic reading yesterday. Accuracy is #1 and yesterday’s was spot on in all areas. My mother, who passed in August, came through right away. I can’t thank you and my mother enough for the keen and accurate insight you both gave into my life and the new direction I should move in. I now have a renewed hope of meeting Ms. Right in the near future. If you haven’t had a reading with Calleen you’re missing out on something very special. Douglas, Indiana


    Do You Offer Refunds?


    Nope.  If I get into a reading and find I can’t “connect” with or for you, I might stop the reading within the first few minutes and refund your money.  In 30 years I’ve done this two times.  Even then, I was “connecting”.  Yet the client didn’t like what I was sharing.  So instead of arguing I stopped the reading entirely.  It was just easier for both of us.

    Other than that though, what I charge for is my time.

    Will You Tell me Things I Don’t Want to Hear?


    Maybe.  I am honest.  I also figure if I hear something meant for you I should share it with you.

    HOWEVER… I really am working to help you live a better life so I try very hard not to share a lot of negative stuff.

    STILL… I don’t sugar-coat or tell you only what you want to hear.  If I did it wouldn’t be accurate or even helpful in the long-run.

    BUT… if something comes up that is negative, I try my best to help you figure out how to utilize the information for your good.  Making lemonade and all!


    Do You Know Everything About Me During a Reading?


    No.  I may know more than I share though.  Reason being, they give me so much “surrounding” information during a reading that I couldn’t possibly give it all to you… nor would you want me to.  Usually it’d just take up your time and not be of much importance to you.  Still, it helps me to make a main point more effectively, or at the very least, understand it.  Yet, I do try to share the majority of it.

    Just know that I’m only aware of what you want me to talk about or what “they” want me to talk about.  In other words, if they don’t tell me I don’t know.


    Are Your Readings Confidential?


    Yes.  100%.  Even the Testimonials I publish are permission based.  I always ask the person who wrote me the note BEFORE I publish them if it’s okay to do so.  I also ask how they want to be identified in them.

    But I would love to get a testimonial from you afterwards.  I almost always forget to ask.  So share if you’re open to it.

    Outside of that, no one will know that we spoke or what we spoke about, but us.  Too, since I’m in an altered, almost dream-like state during the reading, I usually forget what we talked about within a few minutes after hanging up.  Weird how that works!



    Can I Record Our Reading?


    Yes.  I encourage you to record.  Clients often tell me that when they go back over their recordings, even a few years later, they’re amazed at the accuracy and how it all fell into place.  Plus… they usually hear things they missed entirely during the reading, simply because they were focusing on something else.

    I have not found a reliable way to record online.  So please, record.


    How Do the Readings Take Place?


    If you live in the US I’m happy to either call you on the telephone or Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, you must have a Skype account.  If so, you can opt for Video Chat or Audio Chat (for those who like readings in their PJ’s).

    If you live outside the US you can either call me on the day of the appointment, or I’m happy to Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, again, you must have a Skype account, and you too have the option for Video or Audio Chat.

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    Psychic Readings

    *Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice

    You may also call, text, or email me if you prefer…
    Especially if the times or dates listed don’t work for you, I’ll try to make special arrangements.


    Phone Number: 317-781-1159

    Email:  Calleen@CalleenWilder.com


    I really enjoyed my reading with Calleen. I found her to be incredibly gifted, and by that I mean that throughout the reading she was able to utilize several of her skills in order to transmit me information that I recognized to be truthful and accurate right away. If she wasn’t sure about a detail, she would try to work at it to deliver the most accurate information she received from my guides. I absolutely feel that my spirit guides have directed me to Calleen for some guidance with my life journey. She was genuine about helping, confirming my path, and finding something positive in every challenge. Calleen was also very friendly, passionate about her work, open-minded and even funny! We had a wonderful time together over the phone and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest intuitive worker with remarkable skills. Thank you, Calleen! Vanessa, Canada

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