The legend of Julia Brown, the death-predicting voodoo queen of Manchac Swamp

By Dana Newkirk

Voodoo Queen

Louisiana is no stranger to spooky stories, and Manchac Swamp is one with its roots anchored in the past. Not only is Manchac allegedly haunted, it’s also rumored to be home to the Rougarou, the Cajun werewolf. However, according to the legend, if you’re visiting the swamp, the werewolf is the least of your worries…

The Big Bad is resident ghost, and once practicing voodoo priestess, Julia Brown. In life Julie wasn’t the nicest of neighbors, and it wasn’t uncommon to see her rocking back and forth on her porch, giving anyone that passed the evil eye.

One of Julia Brown’s favorite pastimes was to predict the destruction of the neighboring towns. They called her the oracle, because if something bad was going to happen, Julia Brown already knew about it.

One of her most terrifying (and infamous) predictions came true in 1915, on the day of her funeral. Just before she died, Julia was heard singing over and over agian…

“One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me.”

Voodoo Queen

Turned out the prophecy (or curse) was true, and as the town was putting her body in the ground, a devastating hurricane ripped through the area, completely destroying three villages and killing hundreds of people. Even today, it’s not uncommon for a body to surface and drift down the murky water.

Many people interested in seeing if they can experience the ghost of Julia Brown have made the trip to Manchac Swamp, and more often than not they leave believers. It’s not uncommon for the swamp to suddenly be filled with the loud screams of a woman’s voice, or even the sound of Julia singing her terrible song.

Voodoo Queen

If you’re interested in visiting the Manchac there’s only one way to get there. Cajun Pride Tours takes guests on tours of the swamp, the island where Trapper’s cabin is located, and a neighboring island cemetery where the infamous songstress is supposedly buried.

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