Unsolved Mysteries: 10 Most Terrifying Cases With Paranormal Encounters by Scoot Allan

While Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries hasn’t dived too far into the paranormal yet, there are still plenty of terrifying cases from the classic series.

Fans of the classic true-crime/mystery show Unsolved Mysteries were excited to see the series return to Netflix, though the first season of the revamped series focused more on mysterious deaths and disappearances than the paranormal.

The classic Unsolved Mysteries shared a number of terrifying stories over its long run, though some of the most memorable and terrifying unsolved stories seemed to focus on the paranormal encounters with ghosts and UFO’s that still haunt fans today.

The Netflix reboot of the series did dip its toes into the paranormal with the fifth episode’s exploration of the Berkshire UFO sightings, which was witnessed by a number of townsfolk, though a few them experienced frightening encounters.

While two people who had never met each other before were witnessed being abducted by a craft with a powerful beam of light, a family driving in a vehicle also witnessed the craft and experienced lost time, with the driver and front passenger unexplainably switched in their seats when they awoke at their destination.

Before it became an ongoing series, Unsolved Mysteries aired a series of specials, with one Halloween special focusing on a number of interesting paranormal encounters, including the terrifying events that occurred at the Tallman House.

After purchasing used bunk beds, the Tallman family began experiencing horrifying activity that included random sicknesses, sudden fires that vanished, and witnesses saw a red-eyed ghostly woman. The family destroyed the bed bunks after attempting to exorcise the house, and the paranormal activity ended.

While the actual paranormal encounters explored during the seventh season look at the La Posada Hotel aren’t quite as extreme as some of the other cases, though it did warrant a team of paranormal researchers for the episode.

Like any good haunted hotel, La Posada has a number of ghost stories that include voices in empty rooms and a ghostly woman watching guests while they sleep, but the most memorable story featured a ghostly woman’s face caught in a mirror by a security guard, an image that still has fans avoiding mirrors at night.

Famously and perhaps infamously to someUnsolved Mysteries featured a number of UFO encounters throughout its multiple seasons, though one whole episode was devoted to “Mysteries of Alien Beings,” which included a look at well-known UFO sightings like the Roswell crash.

It also retold the events of the Allagash Abductions, which featured four friends on a fishing trip who witnessed lights in the sky that resulted in hours of lost time. The four involved would experience nightmares that led them to hypnosis, where they each recalled a chilling abduction event during their period of missed time.

Michael Jones was just a boy when he appeared in the “Ghost Boy” segment, which explored the multiple sightings he had experienced, as well as the paranormal activity witnessed by other family members in the Jones household.

Michael had previously seen a ghost of his great-grandfather, though he began to see evil spirits and a dark Shadow Man that would leave physical wounds on his body. Paranormal investigators believed spirits were trying to possess Michael due to previous near-death experiences, which continued despite multiple exorcisms and relocations.

The Kelsay family lived in a house near a cemetery in Reno when they began experiencing paranormal encounters that began with footsteps and what sounded like cloth dragging along the floor, as well as sightings of a specific ghostly presence.

A mustachioed man was seen frequently, and a psychic revealed the ghost was known as Samuel and he wanted to protect the family’s young daughter. When the Kelsay’s moved, Samuel was seen on a film negative in their new house, while tenants in their old house experienced paranormal activity from different spirits.

Unsolved Mysteries

Alan Mann and his family began seeing ghostly visions in their home that inspired them to try and contact spirits with a Quija board, which spelled out the name Kramer, who they believed to be the woman seen in the house.

The paranormal activity increased in the house and was witnessed by all members, with Alan’s wife even becoming possessed by a spirit one evening, with the father alter hearing a name that led them to believe their spirit was a woman named Isabella Kramer. Headaches, bad smells, and voices began to plague the family, and they moved away from the house.

Unsolved Mysteries

The “Black Hope Curse” explored the story of a husband and wife who had purchased a house in a new development, though they soon discovered a dark secret that will be familiar to fans of classic horror movies.

The house had been built over a former slave cemetery known as Black Hope, and after they unknowingly uncovered a pair of graves while digging for a pool, the couple began to experience threatening paranormal events. Poltergeist activity, menacing ghostly presences, multiple cancer diagnoses and deaths in the family led them to move, ending the “Black Hope Curse.”

Unsolved Mysteries

Many Unsolved Mysteries fans were terrified by the live exorcisms featuring a group known as Project HOPE, or the Hartford Office of Paranormal Exploration, which was brought in to help a woman named “Kathie,” who was possessed by demons.

Dr. Joseph Klimek founded and organized the group, which included psychics, social workers, and other medical professionals who were involved in a number of exorcisms, including the one performed in the episode that was allegedly successful.

Unsolve Mysteries

The seventh season aired its look at the Wyrick family, whose young daughter Heidi had encounters with two peaceful spirits that the family initially wrote off as imaginary friends until names and details given by Heidi revealed real, deceased people.

While Heidi’s previous encounters were positive, a new entity appeared that didn’t speak to Heidi like the others, and it soon began to leave scratches on first Heidi and then her father. Heidi Wyrick and her family’s story was so scary and impactful that after airing on Unsolved Mysteries, it went on to inspire The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia.

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