Spend the Night in a Haunted Prison

Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you believe in ghosts? If so, you might be interested in going on a ghost hunt in the old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Thanks to ghosthuntsusa.com, thrill seekers and those interested in paranormal activity can book an overnight ghost hunting excursion at the prison. The prison was first built in 1867, which is longer than Montana has been a state.

The overnight ghost hunt includes access to the most haunted areas in the prison. You’ll have access to the Death Tower, Administration House, Clark Theatre, Maximum Security, The Hole, and the Chapel. Led by an experienced investigator, you will be able to use EMF readers and other equipment to detect paranormal presences. Your guide will be there to lead vigils and answer your questions about the prison and its inhabitants, and they will walk you through the most active areas of the compound so you can experience everything the prison has to offer.

According to Ghost Hunts USA, visitors have reported a variety of paranormal experiences within the prison walls. Records show that the living conditions were nearly intolerable with deadly heat, unhygienic living spaces, and corrupt management. Many men suffered and died there. There were several violent riots and attempted prison breaks over the years, with one such riot leading to a hostage situation and a bloody murder-suicide at the top of the Death Tower. In other words, there are many unhappy souls who have ties to the old Montana State Prison

If you want to book an old Montana State Prison ghost hunt, more information can be found here.

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