Humans have ‘built-in survival instinct triggered by ghosts and aliens’

EXCLUSIVE: UFO researcher of 50 years, Paul Ascough has pulled together different subjects that surround extraterrestrial and paranormal thought in his new book UFOs – The Real Story

Humans can instantly detect extraterrestrial and paranormal activity thanks to a special frequency, says an ex-MoD medic.

In his new book UFOs – The Real Story, Paul Ascough attempts to make sense of all life clouded in mystery from aliens to bigfoot and ghosts, based on his own run-ins with the unexplained.

The retired British Army and NHS paramedic claims whenever we witness something other-worldly, our frequency crosses with theirs which triggers in us a “visceral terror”.

According to Paul, anyone who has spotted or experienced mysterious activity is left in no doubt it was with an extraordinary being because of an internal reaction to their presence.

Paul Ascough
Paul Ascough has penned his experiences and theories in a new book (Image: Paul Ascough)

Paul from Yorkshire, said: “I believe that it could be quite plausible that as human beings we have a built-in survival instinct, that our own frequency can pick up an ‘alien’ frequency and recognises at some deep level that we should not be where we are.

“Therefore we feel this visceral terror and absolute fear; because our ‘soul’ can recognise that we are in danger, by being in a frequency that does not resonate with our current body and where we should be!about:blank?unblock=true

“To take this another logical step, could this also be true for the eye-witnesses to the paranormal? People who may become terrified on seeing spirit?

“We are temporarily exposing ourselves to a frequency or vibration that is higher or lower than where we currently resonate.”

Paul believes aliens carry a frequency which alerts our own when near (Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF)

The proud Yorkshireman, who has investigated the phenomenon of UFOs and the paranormal for over 50 years, adds that ET can use their frequency to control reactions to their presence.

After spotting a UFO in the sky but not grabbing his camera, Paul wonders if his conscience was being warned against capturing evidence.

He added: “ET can control and project a ‘fearful’ frequency, that dissuade any witnesses from being more curious and people will naturally shy away from a fearful confrontation.

“ET make their own little universe around the craft. They are able to manipulate the frequency of the immediate surroundings to travel at will wherever they want to be!”

In his new book, Paul explores human and alien frequencies further as part of a multitude of subjects from UFO abductions to the paranormal.

I wanted to share this article simply because I think there’s likely truth in it. Obviously, I’ve lived through multitudes of things many have said weren’t possible. Therefore, when it comes to aliens, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t or couldn’t exist.

Too, I once experienced a rather strange reaction when visiting the local Children’s Museum. At the time there was a dinosaur exhibit. An exhibit that randomly broadcast the call, or sound, of a dinosaur over their speaker system. When I heard the sound for the first time I felt pure terror. Yes, I didn’t know the sound was coming, but it wasn’t loud at all. Rather, it sounded sort of “off in the distance”.

Yet the fear that resonated in me came from the deepest core of my being. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I wanted to instinctually get away from that sound. It was bizarre! My reaction, along with the sound, wasn’t “normal”. It was primitive.

As a result of this one experience I can’t imagine we don’t have a powerful gut-level reaction to many things, one almost certainly being anything not of this world. So Interesting! Calleen

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