10 Haunted Castles Around The World BY LACEY WOMACK

All around the world, there are various different locations that claim to be the site of a haunting of some sort. There are often stories attached to these houses, hotels, castles, and other venues that lead lovers of the paranormal to believe that they’re definitely haunted. Are they? That’s hard to say but for people that believe in ghosts and all things spooky, staying at one of these places to find out for themselves would be a dream vacation.

There are castles all over the world, many of which were built hundreds of years ago. Considering the fact that these locations are all so old, it’s no surprise that they have quite a bit of history within their walls. Not all that history is going to be so happy, either. That leads a lot of castles to get a reputation for being totally haunted.

I LOVE CASTLES… I am SO intrigued! Calleen

Ballygally Castle is located in Ireland and although that name may be fun to say, the stories associated with this castle and the spirits that people claim live within its walls are not fun.

The most common ghost that people experience in Ballygally Castle is the ghost of a woman named Lady Isobel Shaw who once called this castle home. According to stories, Shaw’s husband locked her in a room and she fell from a window trying to get out. She now wanders the castle and knocks on doors.

Himeji Castle is a castle located in Japan and is a very famous example of Japanese architecture. It was originally built in the 14th century and has been expanded on several times over the past several hundred years. Himeji Castle has appeared in several movies and has quite a few legends and ghost stories attached to it.

According to the main ghost story associated with this castle, a servant named Okiku lived in one of the lowest dungeons of the castle. Okiku worked for a well-known samurai named Tessan who fell in love with Okiku. Unfortunately, Okiku didn’t return Tessan’s feelings and Tessan framed Okiku for losing a valuable item in the castle. Okiku drowned herself in the well on the castle’s property and, to this day, people claim that Okiku’s ghost haunts its halls.

Dracula is just a story and definitely not real, right? Technically yes but according to some beliefs, Bram Stoker was inspired by Vlad the Impaler to write his famous vampire novel. And some people believe that Bran Castle in Romania is the castle that inspired the one that Dracula himself lived in.

Although many historians argue that Bram Stoker had never even heard of Bran Castle, this castle has plenty of other spooky stories attached to it. There are many local legends that claim that the spirits of medieval people that lived in the area still haunt this castle’s halls.

Back in 1936, Raynham Hall first became famous because a photograph of an alleged ghost was published in Country Life magazine. The photograph shows a ghostly figure standing at the foot of a set of stairs in this castle and has inspired generations of ghost hunters.

According to the legends that surround this castle, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall as the ghost is called is Lady Dorothy Walpole. She was married to the first Prime Minister of Great Britain and, after being accused of having an affair, she was locked in her room and not let out for the rest of her life.

When most people think of witches and witch hunts throughout history, people typically think of the Salem Witch Trials. Although that is a famous example of people coming together to try to take out the supposed witches that live among them, it’s not the only place that’s been the home of such an event.

The Salzburg Witch Trials took place over a 15-year period in the 17th century in Salzburg, Austria. Over 100 people lost their lives during this time period and they were all taken to this castle in order to be dealt with. Considering this castle has such a brutal history, it’s no surprise that it has quite a few alleged hauntings attached to it.

Arundel Castle’s name may remind you of Frozen, but trust us when we say that this castle is far from the home of Elsa and Anna. This castle was built back in the 11th century and was expanded and renovated several times over the next few hundred years. This castle is notable because it’s home to several different ghosts that people have spotted over the years.

From the Earl of Arundel to The Blue Man and the strange spirit of a white bird-looking figure, there are several different ghosts that people have seen in the halls of this castle. Much of this castle is now open to tourists and people have reported seeing these ghosts wandering the halls during their visits for centuries.

Leap Castle is a castle located in Ireland that was built back in the 12th century. This castle has quite a history, primarily focused on the O’Bannon and the O’Carrolls. These are two families that had control over this castle in its early days who battled it out over control of the castle. The O’Carroll family is said to have used this castle as a site for eliminating their enemies, giving this castle a dark history.

Paranormal investigators that have visited this privately-owned castle have claimed to see multiple ghosts within its walls. Most notably is the Red Lady, the spirit of a woman who was allegedly held in this castle by the O’Carrolls. According to legend, she lost her baby and now wanders the halls, trying to find it.

Frankenstein Castle is a castle located in Germany that many people believe was the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Although there’s no real evidence that Mary Shelley was inspired by this castle, the fact that she visited Germany and was only miles from it before writing the novel leads people to believe she may have been.

One of the famous residents of this castle was a man named Johan Conrad Dippel, a professional alchemist. According to legends about Dippel, he would bring the bodies of people that had passed away back to this castle to perform experiments on them. Many paranormal investigators have checked out Frankenstein Castle and experienced some pretty strange events which isn’t shocking considering the stories about Dippel.

Dragsholm Castle was built in the 13th century and is home to several different spirits that people claim to see in the castle and on its grounds. One of the most famous ghosts that is said to haunt this location is known as the White Lady and she has an especially eerie story.

According to legend, the White Lad was a noble girl who lived in this castle and fell in love with a commoner that lived nearby. Her father, so upset with her for her choice, locked her away in her room. Centuries later, while expanding on the castle, her body was found inside the castle’s walls. People who stay here claim to see her roaming the castle, probably trying to find her love.

Castle Fraser was built in the 16th and 17th centuries. It has had several renovations over the years, but one of them is attached to a particularly spooky legend about this castle.

According to stories about Castle Fraser, this castle is haunted by the ghost of a young princess who was staying in the castle’s Green Room. After she was attacked, she was dragged down the stairs and through the castle by her attacker before her body was left outside. Although the castle’s staff tried to clean the blood off the stairs, the stains just wouldn’t come up. Eventually, wood paneling was installed to cover them up and that same wood paneling still covers the stairs today while the princess’ ghost roams the staircase at night.

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Exclusive clip: Travel Channel set to air Cream’s “Paranormal Emergency” By Jillian Morgan

Police and other first responders will reveal the supernatural experiences they’ve encountered on the job in Paranormal Emergency, slated to air Aug. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery-owned Travel Channel.

From Toronto-based prodco Cream Productions, each episode investigates cases involving ghostly hauntings, demonic possessions, alien encounters and other “bizarre” emergency calls through the lens of the first responders.

“We are excited about Paranormal Emergency because these are exactly the kinds of shows our fans love,” said Matthew Butler, general manager of Travel Channel, in an emailed statement to Realscreen. “Telling these spooky stories, especially from an authoritative voice, really ups the credibility of the narrative and allows the viewers to suspend all disbelief.”

Executive producers on the series include Kate Harrison Karman, president of Cream Productions, David Brady, Cream Productions CEO, and Matt Booi, senior production executive at the prodco.

Realscreen caught up with Karman (pictured, below) to chat about the show ahead of its premiere.

Kate Harrison - Headshot

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

How did Paranormal Emergency come to be?

Kate Harrison Karman: Paranormal is a space we have always worked in, but it was through working on our true crime shows that sparked the idea. We realized that looking at stories from the perspective of the individuals who answer the 911 calls was a fascinating angle. First responders are trained to look at the facts and find the answers, but how do they feel when the facts don’t make sense? How do these trusted men and women reconcile the experiences they’ve had that can only be described as paranormal? That was the question we wanted to ask.

How does this fit into the Cream brand?

The high production value and attention to detail both in the recreations and the story itself are what make this a Cream show. We pride ourselves on truthful and sincere narratives – with months of research and painstaking attention to detail our team brings to life the experiences of our contributors. The show is also a true collaboration with our network partners who worked with us every step of the way to create this compelling and truly original show.

What sets this series apart from other paranormal shows on Travel, such as Paranormal 911?

What’s great about real 911 calls are that these questions of paranormal experiences are based off actual, hard evidence, and it immerses the audience in a great story. Each story is based on the real material. We took our long history of unprecedented access, high end drama recreation experience combined with incredible stories crafted by our creative teams to produce a high end, edge of your seat ride for the audience.

How did teams work to capture and tell these stories accurately and effectively, given that it’s largely reenactments?

The words of our first responder testimonies are the spine of our show. It is these men and women who lead us through the narrative. As first responders they are not only credible storytellers but in many cases they are skeptical ones… their job is to look for the truth, and when the experience is unexplainable it raises the bar. Their human reaction to an out-of-this-world experience is what drives the success of this show.

Did you run into any production challenges while shooting?

We did run into some normal production issues, of course, but a couple we had not anticipated. Often, 911 calls that don’t end in convictions are purged from the system, and much of the backstory of those who called for help was challenging to collect.  Ultimately, we ended up focusing on three stories per episode and began each story when the first responders arrived on the scene, leading the stories to start with the emergency.

Watch an exclusive clip of Paranormal Emergency below:

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10 Haunted Airbnb In America You Can Actually Book BY MADISON LENNON

If you’re planning to travel somewhere in the United States, the first thing you’ll need to do is track down a place to stay. The obvious choice is with a friend, family member, hotel, or motel, but Airbnb has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

It is cheaper to stay in someone’s home and typically offers a more interesting and diverse experience than a regular hotel where all the rooms look the same. But if you really want to have an exciting time on your vacation, you could consider staying somewhere rumored to be haunted. Here are ten haunted rooms you can actually rent from Airbnb… if you dare.

Haunted BNB

In Port Angeles, Washington, there is an antique home built in the 1890s, refurbished by a man named Kevin. Despite its age, the home has been renovated a few times. That said, the listing still claims the house is “occupied by a mischievous ghost.”

As of yet, no-one in the review section of the Airbnb has explained their own experiences with this particular ghost, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist there. Any house more than a century old has seen its fair share of history. What mischief might this household have going on behind closed doors?

Haunted bnb

The Historic Benton Park suite, constructed in 1890, is hosted by Debbi and Tom. If you choose to stay the night here, you’ll be pleased to know the hosts have been declared Superhosts by Airbnb, meaning they are both highly-rated by previous guests.

Because of the grandeur, historical area, and how old the building is, there have been guests who’ve experienced paranormal activity. If you read through some of the guest reviews on the website, you can see people recounting their experiences with supposed ghosts in the area. One guest claims they woke up at 3 am to the strong smell of perfume, despite no-one spraying anything.

haunted bnb

Stay overnight in a private room inside the Bisbee Warren neighborhood in Arizona. Sweet Organic Pet-Friendly Getaway is, as the name suggests, a place you can bring your pets to, free of charge! And yes, despite its charming, cozy, picturesque appearance, it is indeed haunted. Supposedly there have been multiple episodes of unexplained phenomena.

However, as of yet, nothing truly dark or evil has happened. If it is indeed haunted, it is likely by a harmless entity with a playful persona rather than something more malevolent. The Sweet Organic is also an eco-friendly place to stay if that is of importance to you, and the host is high-rated.

haunted bnb

This 18th-century cottage known as Laura’s House is located in the Landmark Historic District in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in America. It is a beautiful city with well-kept dark secrets and a notable history.

The cottage is nestled away in a private, wooded area. It was constructed in 1799. Despite its age, the cabin is updated with modern technology to make your stay more comfortable. The home was used as a filming location for the Robert Redford film, The Conspirator, and it is a staple on local Savannah ghost tours.

haunted bnb

Parks-Bowman Mansion consists of one, supposedly, very haunted bedroom. That bedroom is the one you can rent for just $115 a night! 100% of guests here have given their stay five-stars, even if they haven’t encountered anything spectral; the host is a great one with a high ranking on Airbnb.

It is located in the Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana. There are three bedrooms in the manor available to rent, but the main attraction is the haunted room. The ghost they claim haunts the place is a little girl in a yellow dress. She is timid and doesn’t always make appearances, but you can still try your luck.

haunted bnb

This stylish manor is a truly unique place to stay if you’re visiting St. Paul, Minnesota. The mansion has been voted as one of the most mysterious houses in Saint Paul by the Pioneer Press. You can visit with Scorch, the family’s Doberman. Sean, the host, is an Airbnb Superhost and prior guests have nothing but kind words for his home and kindness in allowing them to stay.

It’s only $55 a night to stay in this beautiful and historical landmark. It has been the background of many paranormal investigations, spooky photoshoots, murder mystery dinners, and more. If you choose to stay here you can rent out the master bedroom, which has room enough for four guests.

haunted bnb

Farnam Manor is a unique place to stay because it doesn’t provide its guests with an indoor place to sleep. Instead, if you plan on coming to Farnam Manor you better plan on camping outdoors. Their wide-open yard is thought of as a paranormal vortex brimming with spiritual energy.

It is located near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Legend says the original owners of the home, the Everetts, had a young daughter who drowned on the property in a well. It is said her spirit continues to haunt the property, and if you sleep overnight there you may encounter her wandering around.

haunted bnb

In the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennslyvania, there is no better place to stay than the Civil War Farm House. The hosts here are very upfront about the fact they receive frequent visitors from the other side. In the description, Superhost Stephani claims, “I will be your only “living” host, but there are many others who reside with me.”

Although she does go on to reassure all potential guests that these ghosts are friendly, because she has been on the property for 36 years, she has plenty of stories to tell about her paranormal and ghostly encounters. It’s not surprising there are spectral visitors here considering the farmhouse is a former civil war hospital.

haunted bnb

In 1855, this majestic home was constructed for Free Women of Color, Louise Vitry, and her French consort at the time. It is within walking distance of the French Quarter, making staying here an excellent way to immerse yourself in one of the most haunted cities in America.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is an incredible cultural mecca everyone should visit at least once in their life. The mansion has been mostly kept intact, hence the decaying interior. It is historically resonant and ghosts from the 19th century may linger in the halls.

haunted bnb

The history of the Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion in Ellicott City, Maryland, is fascinating. It was built in 1857, when it was known as the Lilburn Mansion and hosted the successful Hazelhurst family. Sadly, a fire at the mansion burned down the old bones of the home. It had to be renovated by its new owner, John McGinnis.

Supposedly, ghosts in the manor were not happy about these changes and bad things began to happen to the Hazelhursts, including one of their children dying and the Hazelhurst patriarch, Henry, died in the home. Some guests who have stayed there claim to have seen a ghostly child hanging from a chandelier.

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Typewriter: people are too scared to sleep after watching this new Netflix horror series Posted byHannah-Rose Yee


Welcome to 2019, which is turning into the golden era of the horrorgenre.

Already this year we’ve had gross-out horror The Perfection, thrilling horror Us, real-life horror The Great Hack and, of course, break-up horror Midsommar. For whatever reason, the people of 2019 want to spend their time gasping at a television or cinema screen. Read into that whatever you will.

Netflix is one of the main sources behind the horror push, with the streaming platfo0rm releasing a new scary title every month. This month’s offering is Typewriter, an original from Netflix India starring Aarna Sharma, Mikhail Gandhi and Sarah Gesawat, which is a classic haunted-house thriller. The story follows three kids who spend their time ghost-hunting and telling scary stories in their neighbourhood in Goa. But when a new family moves into a haunted house, the kids learn that their playful antics are about to have serious real-world consequences.

Sounds fine, right? Maybe even a little Stranger Things-y? A lovely thing to watch with the family? Wrong. Very wrong. Fans who have binged the series have expressed on social media how truly terrifying the show is.

“I’m feeling so helpless!!! I tried watching Typewriter in the daytime but could barely watch the first episode,” one fan wrote. “Don’t know how I will muster the courage to finish this till the end”.

Another added: “Typewriter has been watched and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted! Couldn’t see it without looking around to check if all OK in the house.” One fan called out the director, blaming them for ruining their sleep. “[You] must be having a good sleep after destroying ours,” they wrote.

“A cross between Enid Blyton, Goosebumps and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, though gorier,” was one summation on Twitter. “Going to jump on board with Typewriter on Netflix after reading an article about it today,” one fan said. “Should I sleep with the lights on?” 

Article Source – Stylist.co.uk

10 Strange Behaviors of an Authentic Empath

Many people are beginning to realize that they might actually be an empath. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Once you learn how to protect yourself, you will find it much easier to traverse this world without being energetically destroyed on a regular basis.

1. You Take On Other People’s Energy

You can’t avoid it. This is the essential trait of being an empath. You innately feel other people’s emotions and energy, then you begin to mirror the same emotion. If someone is crying, it can cause the empath to tear up as well.

If someone around you is angry, you can feel this anger burning through your aura. If someone around you is negative or fearful, you begin to sink low with them and you can’t seem to do anything to stop it. Does this sound familiar?

The up side is that once you become aware that this isn’t the norm (non empaths do none of these things), then you are already halfway towards finding a way to deal with your special abilities.

2. High Natural Intuition

Empaths have unique skills that the average person doesn’t seem to have. You feel things psychically. You know what others are feeling just be seeing them. You can chat with someone and know their intentions without hearing it.

You understand how people feel, as if they were an extension of yourself. Your intuition never shuts down.

3. People Drain You Easily

This can be one of the biggest stressors for an empath. When you are around other people, you are so open and giving with your energy that you take on other people’s problems. This leaves you feeling tired as a result.

If you are constantly around other people on a regular basis, willingly handing out your energy, you can find yourself with nothing left for yourself.

The more and more drained you become, the more impossible it becomes to be around other people. Something eventually needs to change.

The answer is to pull back and stop handing out your energy so easily. Only give to those who deserve to have it, like your close tribe. Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself and treat yourself. Put yourself first!

4. You Attract Broken People

People who are searching for energy can sense that you are willing to hand it out for free. People might approach you in public places because you are sending out a message that your are willing to give your time to strangers and offer help.

This is great until you run out of energy. When an empath begins to ignore strangers with problems, they magically stop approaching you. They do not sense your free energy anymore.

You were not put on this planet to heal every person that crosses your path. Refer to #3.

5. Crowds Have A Negative Impact On You

This may sound strange to many people, but not to the empath. Events, cities, crowded rooms or even parties can overload your senses. Nightmare for the empath.

An aggressive person passing by you can feel like an energetic slap to the face.

Do you want to stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier… without drugs or anything crazy?

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6. Living Location Is Important

Empaths tend to feel the pain of the world, whether they want to or not. Many empaths choose to live in areas where the population is much smaller and the energy level is no longer off the charts.

Living in a high activity area can drain an empath. Empaths would much prefer to walk in a lonely place to recharge their batteries.

7. You Are VERY Sensitive

This might seem obvious, but it is one of the most typical traits of an empath. Some empaths might even feel physical symptoms that are connected to what others around them are experiencing.

If there is an unpleasant scene on TV you might leave the room if you can’t bear to see or feel it.

8. You Can Often See Through Lies

You know when someone is lying. There is no need to second guess yourself. You aren’t sure how you know, but you know it instantly.

Empaths know who to trust and who to never rely on. It’s easy for an empath.

9. Emotional Healing Is Your Gift

Due to your endless compassion and time given to the problems of others, you are actually healing them. This is why you attract everyone who is in desperate need of healing. As mentioned earlier in #4.

You should focus this ability on your loved ones, not everyone is deserving of your healing. Only use your gifts when necessary.

Don’t downplay yourself if you are an empath. People would kill to have a friend like you. Not everyone has someone with healing powers. So understand your worth, some people want to be friends and others want to steal your gift.

10. Empaths Ignore Their Own Problems

Empaths are professionals when it comes to ignoring their issues. They get so caught up in healing others, they never get a chance to talk about their own.

You carry the weight of your problems along with you everywhere you go. You know how to handle everyone’s problems but your own. At some point you eventually break drown. All your pent up emotions eventually come out.

You need to learn how to take care of your issues when they emerge. They shouldn’t be stuffed away. Take a break if needed. That way you won’t melt down or explode at someone in the future.

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MANSON MURDER HOUSE SOLD!!! To ‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Zak Bagans

One of the homes that became a gruesome murder site at the hands of the Manson Family has been sold … appropriately to Zak Bagans, the star of “Ghost Adventures” … TMZ has learned.

The house was owned by Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, the couple brutally murdered by Manson family members. Rosemary was stabbed 41 times … Leno 12 times. The August, 1969 murders came the day after Manson Family members slaughtered Sharon Tate and 4 others. The murders sent shock waves through Los Angeles like never seen before.

We’re told Zak jumped when he heard the home was up for sale for $1.98 million. He literally ran to check out the house, and made a close-to-asking offer. It’ll close in early Sept.  He was smart to jump, because the realtor tells us there were multiple backup offers.


The news comes the day before the official opening of the Quentin Tarantino film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” starring Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio. The sale will close JUST after the 50 year anniversary of the murders.

Zak tells TMZ, as a collector of dark culture, he was drawn to the home’s history. It was such a gruesome scene … after committing the murders, the Family members showered at the home before leaving.

Zak says almost everything inside is original, and that’s one of the main things that attracted him.

The house is 1,600 square feet and has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It also has explosive city views.

Zak won’t say what he plans to do with the house, but says it has a storied history beyond just the Manson murders. He says dogs have mysteriously disappeared from the property and occupants have been freaked out over what he says is paranormal activity.

Robert Giambalvo from Redfin realty has the listing.

Article Source – TMZ.com

Ghost Adventures to Investigate the Real Conjuring House and Announce New Miniseries This Halloween By PATRICK CAVANAUGH

Ghost Shows

Ed and Lorraine Warren have been well-known figures in the paranormal investigating community for decades, with their real-life encounters serving as the inspiration for The Conjuring franchise. In the original 2013 film, a family moves into a Rhode Island farmhouse and, after experience a number of horrifying encounters, enlists the Warrens, who ultimately discover the origins of the haunting and grants the family some peace. The real farmhouse still exists in Rhode Island, with the paranormal investigation series Ghost Adventures setting their sights on uncovering its mysteries for a special event this Halloween. Additionally, the series will deliver the new miniseries Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits, chronicling iconic murderers.

Per press release, “Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team – Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley – investigate iconic locations that are hotbeds of creepy and unnerving hauntings in all-new October specials that will air during Travel Channel’s ‘Ghostober’ event, which features 31 days of spine-chilling premieres.

“The four-part miniseries, Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits,tackles the question: does evil linger? Exploring haunted locations associated with infamous serial killers, the team seeks to document whether malicious energy has been left behind by these sadistic killers and their evil acts.

“A two-hour Halloween special, Ghost Adventures: Halloween 2019, takes the team to Rhode Island for an unforgettable lockdown inside the real-life home that inspired the iconic horror film, The Conjuring. The home’s hauntings were also made famous by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.”

“I’ve investigated a lot of places, but these locations are absolutely terrifying on a whole other level,” said Bagans. “To walk in the same footsteps as these serial killers, where some of the most notorious acts of evil were committed – it severely affects you. The residual energy alone is palpable. And the real-life house that inspired the Conjuring movies – I’m speechless! That has a been a dream of mine to investigate for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening. It’s beyond legendary. I can’t wait for viewers to experience this terrifying adventure with us.”

Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits premieres Saturday, October 5th at 9 p.m. ET. The Ghost Adventures Halloween special premieres Thursday, October 31st at 9 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for details on various other Travel Channel programs debuting this October.

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Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests Series Coming to Travel Channel

Paranormal investigators move in with frightened homeowners on new Travel Channel series Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests. By Tony Sokol

Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

Lifelong best friends Marcus Harvey, Dalen Spratt and Juwan Mass are holding paranamormal slumber parties on the new Travel Channel series Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests.

The ghost hunting trio travels across the country in response to pleas from families experiencing paranormal activity in their homes. In each of the eight episodes, the group embed themselves with families and homeowners to investigate paranormal claims and “bring peace to the home’s inhabitants, both the living and the departed,” according to Travel Channel’s press statement.

Spratt, Mass and Harvey initially bonded over the paranormal phenomenon they each experienced as children. Spratt is the ringleader of the team. He was very young when he first encountered the paranormal. After attending the funeral of a man lost to gun violence, he awoke to find the man standing over him. Mass was 12 when he began ghost hunting. Harvey, who is the only father among the team, provides “peace and hope to frightened families.”

The team now have a shared mission to help others who are plagued by the paranormal. In one episode the intrepid investigators help a Tennessee family move safely back into a house they couldn’t sell, and “couldn’t afford to walk away from.” In Washington state, they investigate an infamous family manor plagued by ghosts and rumors of an evil doctor and his victims. They explore a historic home and inn in New Hampshire that may be harboring the spirits of people fleeing slavery on the Underground Railroad.

“Disabled Marine Corp veteran Conrad Dowe had big dreams of renovating a historic mansion in Vassar, Michigan, dubbed ‘Wedding Cake House,’” according to the synopsis of “The Bad Man,” which premieres on Friday, August 16. “Almost immediately after carrying his new bride, Jessica, over the threshold, the spirits in the house revealed themselves and let the Dowes know they were not alone.

“For years the family, including their young son Xavier, has seen a dark shadow figure they named the ‘Bad Man,’ and a female spirit who Jessica calls the ‘Protector.’ This family needs protecting.  One violent paranormal event landed Jessica in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. This family calls on the Ghost Brothers to help them find out why their dream home is a dangerous nightmare, and if they can make it safe for their young family.”

Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests premieres Friday, August 16, 2019 at 9 p.m. on Travel Channel.

Article Source – DenofGeek.com

A Massive Paranormal Festival Is Coming To San Antonio’s Most Haunted Spot This September by Kelly Martin

How many ghosts will you encounter?

Article Featured Image

Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours

While many festivals are hosted at some random convention hall, there’s that fest every once in a while that will blow you away with its insane location. When those rare fests do pop up, it’s not something you can get away with missing out on. At least, not if you don’t want to be haunted for the rest of your life. The San Antonio Paranormal Fest is coming to the city this September, and will be hosted at the most haunted inn in all of San Antonio.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn and Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours are partnering up to bring us the greatest spooky fest of the season. On Saturday, September 14th from 5 to 11 PM, you can take part in an abundance of super fun activities they have planned for the night. Psychics and mediums, ghost hunter booths, creepy San Antonio lore and more will be making an appearance, which means every horror fanatic will too!

For only $40, you can enjoy tons of live entertainment, tasty food, a boozy bar and more. Early bird tickets are $35 and at the gate tickets are $45. VIP tickets are available as well, and unlike some other fests, these are actually super worth the purchase. VIP ticket holders will be able to explore the property… after everyone has left! Yes, staff will be there just in case something… happens. While you’re there exploring after hours, you’ll also get a ghost tour and experience a cemetery exhibition. Boo!

@curioustwinsparanormalembedded via 

This night is sure to be a blast and get you more than ready for October, aka the spookiest of all months. Staying in and watching a scary movie or telling ghost stories is fun, but why not do something more unique? Well, here’s your chance!

San Antonio Paranormal Fest 2019

Address: 1006 Holbrook Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78218

Why you need to go: This is going to be the best event of the fall season! It’s relatively cheap to attend and has so much to do the entire time you’re there. 


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Sounds Super fun if you live close.

What Is Black Moon Lilith In Astrology? This Point On Your Birth Chart Can Reveal Your Sexual Desires By NINA KAHN

If you’re into astrology, it’s a ton of fun to learn about your moon zodiac signrising zodiac sign, and explore the ins and outs of your birth chart. But one of the most fascinating and mysterious placements in our zodiac charts is a bit lesser known and more enigmatic: it’s called Black Moon Lilith. Lilith isn’t a planet in your chart, but rather a mathematical point in space (similar to the way the north and south nodes don’t represent actual celestial bodies, either). Wherever Lilith is in your chart signifies the point exactly between the moon and the Earth at the time you were born.

But symbolically, what is Black Moon Lilith in astrology? Simply put, the point’s placement on our birth chart represents the power and desire that’s hidden within us but wants (or maybe needs) to be released — our deep arousals, deep instincts, and deep truths. “In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents a person’s primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form,” wrote astrologer Valerie Mesa for VICE. “It reveals our repressed sexuality, together with what makes us feel most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of one’s personality, buried deep in the subconscious realms of our psyche.”

But, before we dive further into the astro significance of Black Moon Lilith, let’s chat about Lilith the mythical figure, who the astrological point was named for — as she’s truly an icon and can tell us a lot about what this point represents in our birth charts. As you may know, many of the planets and points in astrology are named after gods, goddesses, and other mythical figures — and Lilith is no exception. “Lilith was Adam’s first wife,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. And yep, we’re talkin’ about Garden of Eden’s Adam. According to the myth, both Adam and Lilith were created from the soil (in contrast to Adam’s future wife, Eve, who was made from one of Adam’s ribs.)

Shadow image of a woman wearing a witch’s hat and holding a glass of drink with orange and purple light in the background. Halloween.

But there was trouble in paradise, quite literally. As the story goes, when it was time to get down to business, Lilith wanted to take on a more dominant role sexually — in other words, she didn’t want to have sex in the missionary position. “Lilith refuses to lie underneath Adam during sex, but he insists that the bottom is her rightful place,” explained author Janet Howe Gaines on the Biblical Archaeology Society. “He apparently believes that Lilith should submissively perform wifely duties. Lilith, on the other hand, is attempting to rule over no one. She is simply asserting her personal freedom.”

And for that, Lilith was cast away. “She was exiled from the Garden of Eden because she wouldn’t be subservient to Adam,” explains Stardust to Bustle. “She was the OG feminist.” That she was. And while now we see Lilith’s refusal to submit to male dominance as powerful, historically Lilith has actually been viewed as a seductive-yet-demonic figure. Thankfully now, we can appreciate her feminine power and raw sexuality instead of fearing it.

So given that Lilith herself is such a badass, you can assume that the astrological point named for her has a similar dark n’ mysterious intrigue. “In astrology, [Black Moon Lilith] represents the part of ourselves that we cannot repress. The part of us that is yearning to be released. The part that doesn’t take B.S. from anyone,” Stardust tells Bustle. We have have dark sides to our personalities — this doesn’t mean bad,just dark. Lilith represents the pieces within that darkness. Just as the point itself is simply a black spot in the void of outer space, floating near the moon, our Lilith-ruled qualities are also hidden in the darkness, only occasionally lit by the light of the night, still shrouded in shadows but waiting to be seen. These qualities are deep in our subconscious selves, and likely longing to be acknowledged.

Moon in the purple sky

This point’s meaning is also sexual in nature — it can represent fetishes, kinks, and our deepest (and perhaps most repressed) desires. “Lilith is best known for her role as the sexual liberator,” wrote Amelia Quint for The Hoodwitch. For most people, Lilith may show up when you’re tapping into your wiles, your visionary creativity, and your raw power — in other words, when you’re embracing the darker sides of yourself and being unafraid to upset the status quo, speak your truths, and own your sexual power.

And, just as we love to track the movement of the moon and other planets in astrology to gauge how it might affect our lives, Lilith’s movement through the skies affects all of us, too. “Currently, Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces,” shares Stardust, “which explains the power currently associated with mysticism and understanding the unknown.” If you’ve found yourself reading this article, I’m sure you’ve noticed that astrology, crystal healing, witchcraft, and other mystical and spiritual practices have become much more mainstream and popular recently. Lilith’s current placement in ethereal, dreamy, spiritual-seeking Pisces may offer some astrological explanations.

If you want to find out where in your natal chart your Black Moon Lilith resides, grab your birth date, time, and location and pop it into an online calculator like this one — or hit up your nearest professional astrologer and have them give you the full lowdown on how your Black Moon Lilith might manifest.

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