Ghost Adventures meets The Conjuring in Halloween special by Susan Leighton

Ghost Adventures kicks off Halloween night with a terrifying special inside the Perron family home which was the inspiration for the movie, The Conjuring. Will Zak Bagans and his crew be confronted with pure evil?

Ghost Adventures is going to make paranormal television history on Halloween night on Travel Channel. If you are a fan of James Wan’s The Conjuring then you will definitely want to tune in. According to the network press release, in their latest special, Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley and their production crew will be the first to film inside the Perron house in 15 years.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the name, The Conjuring was about the hauntings that occurred at the family dwelling in Harrisville, Rhode Island during the 1970’s. The supernatural activity was so threatening that the Perrons called upon demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren to help them combat whatever was happening in their home.

As it turned out, the cause of all the torment to the Perrons was determined to be the spirit of a local woman who was deemed a witch. Her name was Bathsheba Sherman. The reason why everyone thought she was a worshipper of Satan is because an infant that was in her care died of a mysterious wound at the base of its skull. Supposedly, the murder weapon was a large sewing needle.

Since there was insufficient evidence to support the accusation, Bathsheba was acquitted but she still lived with the stigma of the trial. Andrea Perron who lived through the haunting and demonic activity will be participating in the Ghost Adventures event as well. She will be interviewed about her time living in the Harrisville dwelling.

Ms. Perron is the author of the book, House of Darkness House of Light which recounts her experiences growing up in the most terrifying house in America. Will Zak and his group make contact with any lingering malevolent spirits?

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Ghosts, Spirits and Spooks Take Over the Travel Channel for ‘Ghostober’ by Rosemary Rossi

“We’re comin’ for you!” medium and paranormal expert Chip Coffey warns all the ghosts hiding out there”

Ghosts, spirits, entities, phantoms, lost souls, shadow people, demons, apparitions… whatever you want to call them, Travel Channel has enough programming about them lined up in October to keep you spooked all month long. The big question is, if ghosts really do exist, why is everyone so obsessed with them?

Travel Channel has become a sort of Paranormal Headquarters, where the mission is to get viewers screaming from now until Halloween. Their “Ghostober” programming (yes, that’s what they’re calling it) has, count ‘em, 16 creepy events rolling out that’ll have you sleeping with the lights on.

“We start October with a live event where we have most of our talent from across different shows come together. I call them the Avengers of paranormal investigation,” Travel Channel’s general manager Matthew Butler tells TheWrap.

So, that said, psychic and paranormal expert Chip Coffey warns all the ghosts hiding out there, “Damn the torpedoes, we’re comin’ for you!”

The lineup includes returning hits like “The Dead Files,” “Paranormal Survivor” and “These Woods Are Haunted”; new series like “The Holzer Files,” “Ghost Nation” and “Destination Fear”; and specials like “Haunted Salem: Live” and “Ghost Adventures: Cursed Harrisville Farmhouse.” (The entire schedule is at the bottom for your perusal.)

The audience for paranormal shows has grown in size, appetite and passion. But why exactly is that? “Things go on in the world around us that are just unexplainable,” Coffey says.

Alexandra Holzer, whose father Dr. Hans Holzer is recognized as America’s first ghost hunter, concurs. “I believe because of today’s technology and because of social media, we’ve been given access to more information,” she tells us ahead of her new series “The Holzer Files.” “We have cameras everywhere and they catch things when it quiets down.”

Holzer affirms, “We’re always around spirits…But we’re not seeing them. We’re not feeling them because we’re too busy. We are very small compared to what’s around us, and the paranormal is the main hub of that.”

Jason Hawes, who has been investigating for 20+ years and is joined by fellow ghost hunters Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango in the news series “Ghost Nation,” says he thinks fascination has grown because more and more people “want to know that there’s something else after they’ve closed their eyes.” He adds, “I also believe that with shows like mine a lot of people stop feeling silly thinking about the paranormal or wanting to be interested in the paranormal and are more open to discussing paranormal topics.”

Creating 16 shows about ghosts with 16 unique angles is a feat in itself. But Butler said that credible investigators are the first step to success. “The talent is very important to us; they have to be credible,” he says. “They have to be believers and they really have to be all in. We don’t have a whole network of the same kind of person looking for a ghost. It just can’t be a team of investigators spending a night in the haunted house. It’s gotta feel different. It’s gotta be different.”

One of the new shows that indeed feels different to Butler is “The Holzer Files.” The paranormal team investigates true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of Hans Holzer, known as “the father of paranormal.” His four-decade exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts and inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.”

And it’s not just about finding the ghosts, it’s also, what do you do with them once you have them and want them out of your house pronto? “We’re back to residential investigating homes, which means everything to us because we’re helping people who are scared,” Hawes says.

“The Dead Files” is similar in that the idea is to help the homeowner through the terror of a haunting and lead the spirit to the light. While NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi researches the history and facts behind each location, physical medium Amy Allan communicates with the dead and identifies the underlying reasons why the entity resides there.

Although summoning spirits from haunted locations and then telling them to take a hike sounds like all fun and games (not!), Butler encourages viewers to watch the shows in darkness. “If people choose to watch with the lights off, we want to make sure they get so sucked into the stories and the investigations that if a phone rings or there’s a knock at the door, they jump a little,” he says. “That makes the experience fun.”

But, it’s not always fun. In fact, Coffey remembers one instance that he calls a “holy crap” moment.

“One of the things that immediately comes to mind is hearing a guttural male, demonic sounding voice come out of the body of a 3-year-old little girl,” he says.

Nope. Not fun.

Check out the entire “Ghostober” lineup below.

Oct. 1
“Most Terrifying Places” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)

Oct. 3
“The Dead Files” – 9 p.m. ET/PT  (New Episodes)
“The Holzer Files” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)

Oct. 4
“Haunted Salem: Live” – 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT  (Four-Hour Live Special)

Oct. 5
“Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits” – 9 p.m. ET/PT  (Four-Part Miniseries)

Oct. 6
“Witches of Salem” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (Four-Part Miniseries)

Oct. 7
“My Horror Story” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)

Oct. 11
“Ghost Nation” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)
“Hometown Horror” – 11 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)

Oct. 26
“Destination Fear”- 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Series)

Oct. 30
“Mountain Monsters” – 10 p.m. ET/PT  (New Episodes)

Oct. 31
“Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse” – 9 p.m. ET/PT  (Two-Hour Special)

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Pluto Retrograde Is Ending, So It’s Time To Demand The World ERIKA W. SMITH

We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April 24. And on October 2, it will finally go direct.

Pluto spends about half the year in retrograde, so the effects are far less dramatic than Mercury retrograde. Pluto rules the subconscious, so the retrograde was a time for personal growth. “During a planetary backspin, we can bring growth to areas where we are unsatisfied — relationships, sex, money, and work. Allowing oneself the chance to transform and awaken old yearnings will help soften the Plutonian energy,” astrologer Lisa Stardusttold Refinery29 back when Pluto first went retrograde.

Now that Pluto is going direct again, it’s time to reflect on how we changed the retrograde. “Pluto retrograde has made us all face the hard facts about ourselves and truth within,” Stardust tells Refinery29. “We’ve all been forced to dive inward and embrace our psychological nature and sexual desires.”

Pluto is moving direct in Capricorn, and we’ll notice the influence of the sea-goat in our lives. “As Pluto starts to move forward in Capricorn, we will be forced to embrace our deepest needs and the shadier aspects of ourselves,” Stardust says. “Also, the hardcore truths about our actions.”

Our love lives and work lives alike will show the effecs. “We may be tempted to drop triangular situations (love triangles) and power struggles with others,” Stardust says. “Sex will become more scintillating, as we will know how to express our lusty needs in the boudoir to our partners. We will want to conquer the world, get the promotion, speak up, and get paid the rate we deserve.” 

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16 True Crime Podcasts That Will Entertain You While Also Scaring The Crap Out Of You by Ali Velez

Just in time for Halloween season or, as others call it, “autumn.”

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite true crime podcasts and why they love them. Here’s a list of wonderfully creepy listening options to take you right into fall aka Halloween season!

I found this very interesting…. so am sharing! If you love mystery, the unknown, and the paranormal, you might find something you’ll enjoy too. Calleen

1. Real Crime Profile

“Lisa, Jim, and Laura are highly intellectual and shift the focus of the series on the victims. Jim is a former FBI profiler and now a writer on Criminal Minds. Laura is former New Scotland Yard and creator of a domestic violence assessment tool. I’ve learned so much on coercive control, stalking, and abuse from this podcast. Listening to their pod BLEW MY MIND.” —callscotlandyard

2. Sword and Scale

“The production quality is very high, excellent intro/outro music, and Mike has the perfect voice to pull you in. Each episode is engrossing, sometimes deeply disturbing. There are frequent guest interviews and a wide range of recordings associated with each crime being discussed. You’ll be fascinated, frustrated, angry, and shocked — and if you’re anything like me, eagerly awaiting every new episode. This podcast is top-notch!” —meaganmparker88

3. True Crime Garage

“They go into the cases in-depth and they are really good at bringing in moments of levity without disrespecting the victims or their families.” —echojuliettyankee

“Not only do the two hosts have great chemistry, making for fun listening, but their research into their cases is extremely thorough. They also use their podcast to call attention to little-known cases in hopes of providing law enforcement with much-needed tips.” —northwesterngirl

4. And That’s Why We Drink

“It is a paranormal and true crime podcast with two amazingly hilarious hosts who add humor to the dark and mysterious topics they cover!” —shelbiemaes

5. All Killa No Filla

“This will forever be my favourite. Rachel and Kiri have the perfect blend of gory factual details balanced with really long and really funny tangents. Their chemistry together is amazing and makes me want to be their friend. They recently started a three-parter on Aileen Wuornos and it’s already so good. Perfect if you love serial killers but don’t want to write to them in prison!” —eileenb4846913d3

6. My Favorite Murder

“Hands down, best true crime podcast. It’s like hanging out with my best girl friends talking about murder and crazy stuff. Karen and Georgia are honest, relatable, and hilarious. This is a true crime podcast for sure, but it’s also full of personal anecdotes that anyone can relate to. It’s a must listen!! ~Stay sexy.” —catiec49fad7767

“When you are talking about such a horrific subject like murder it’s helpful that the hosts can bring levity to the situation without being disrespectful. Karen and Georgia are amazing. They are all of us, never claiming to be experts but are fascinated on what makes these people tick and do the things they do.” —Erin

7. The Last Podcast on the Left

“These guys do crazy research on everything from serial killers to UFOs and present it all with plenty of dark humor.” —saral47918101c

“I saw them live recently and it was amazing. I love them because they talk about really creepy shit that has happened (serial killers mostly, but also aliens and ghosts sometimes) and manage to make it all hilarious at the same time. Definitely check it out!” —zgklingaman

8. Up and Vanished

“It explores the 10-year-old cold case of missing teacher Tara Grinstead. As the podcast goes on, the revelations surrounding her disappearance start to peel back, layer after horrible layer. It’s gripping — and what’s great is that the host, Payne Lindsey, takes listener questions about the case, and has figures from law enforcement and the judicial system on the show to provide expert insight into the case as it unfolds. It respectfully tackles a disappearance that has shaken a small-town community, even after all of these years, and never forgets that at the front and center of it is a young woman who had her whole life in front of her.” —18milesnh

9. Small Town Murder

“James and Jimmie give you some weird, interesting, and fucked up stories, and they’re not ones you hear about often. I’m certain you won’t know the majority of the cases they cover. They make the stories easier to swallow by being absolutely hilarious. You need to be able to handle dark humor, but they know their boundaries. It’s a perfect mix of true crime and comedy.” —mareiersalade

10. Gone at 21

“It’s done by the PI who investigated the case. He was hired on by an anonymous donor, then took on the case pro bono to see justice for Katelyn Markham, who went missing and whose body was found almost two years later in a ditch. No one has been arrested for her death.” —a4dedd0bed

11. Casefile

“Anonymous podcaster with an amazing research team. Sticks to the facts and discusses cases chronologically while providing details on victims and perpetrators.” —karinac4848de554

12. Wine & Crime

“This is the BEST true crime podcast. Three ladies cover topics from catfishing cases, to ax murders, to exorcisms gone wrong. All done in their authentic Minnesota accents. I didn’t know something could be so dark and so hilarious at the same time.” —emilyl4a782f105

13. In the Dark

“Riveting from beginning to finish, and unlike some true crime podcasts that end without a conclusion of who did it, what actually happened, etc. — this podcast has an ending. It blew my mind, informed me on our nation’s sexual deviant laws and where they derived from, broke my heart, and made me angry, all at the same time. Just listen to it.” —beanfrank

14. The Vanished Podcast

“While many true crime podcasts focus on murder, this one focuses on the missing. It gives the families a voice and the host, Marissa, is awesome. She truly cares about getting their stories out and helping the families figure out what happened to their loved one.” —jessr4282695d6

15. Crime in Sports

“You don’t have to love sports, or even like them! The stories are intricately researched and expertly narrated. Each episode is a roller-coaster ride of career peaks and personal lows. Hilarious, engaging, and even educational (who knew cricket was that complicated?!).” —ginanation

16. Crime Writers On…

“Two true crime writers, a fiction writer, and an investigator. They are all super funny, and it’s very interesting to get their take on things. They also have suggestions for other things you should listen to.” —Kellay Briggs, Facebook

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Chicago’s Spookiest Sites

Halloween is right around the corner and what better time to visit some haunted sites as it starts to get dark earlier and earlier each evening. Chicago has plenty to choose—ranging from horrifying murders to gang violence to spooky cemeteries.

Sure, some of the stories are just myths, and there are no confirmations that ghosts were actually seen at all the sites. But either way they are bound to bring a chill down your spine, especially as the fall breeze begins to whistle and the leaves rustle on the ground.

If being scared isn’t your style—check out places to go leaf-peeping or pumpkin-picking instead. But for those who like a good haunt, this list is for you.

1. Rosehill Cemetery

5800 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660(773) 561-5940

Set on over 350 acres of land, this is Chicago’s biggest cemetery — which may not be surprising that it has its haunts. Rosehill is notable for the tomb of Bobby Franks victim of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb in May 1924. Enter the case of the restless spirit, which has seemingly vanished since the death of Nathan Leopold in 1971.

2. Wrigley Field

1060 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613(773) 404-2827Visit Website

As the second oldest MLB ballpark in the country, Wrigley Field has had lots of time for the haunts to come. Wrigley’s paranormal problems are famous: there’s the ghost of Harry Caray, cold spots, lost balls in the Ivy, ghostly figures in the bleachers, and, of course, the Billy Goat curse.

3. Site of Valentine’s Day Massacre

2036 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614Visit Website

The St. Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929 was Capone’s big coming out party. Dressed as cops, his henchmen stormed a garage at Clark and Dickens, gunning down a rival gang associated with Irish gangster George “Bugs” Moran. Apparitions of men walking the now-empty lot and the barks of the dog that witnessed the slayings are the chief hauntings.

4. Chicago Water Tower

835 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

A famous Chicago ghost story revolves around the Great Chicago Fire, when supposedly city worker who was manning the water pumps in the tower hung himself. Popular myth says his ghost is still there—although there is no proof the event occurred.

5. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

5900 W Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, IL 60445(708) 429-4210Visit Website

A haunted graveyard, this historic site in suburban Midlothian was once abandoned near the turn of the century and is a place people like to go to feel spooky vibes and look for ghosts. It is worth noting that the Forest Preserves cleaned up the area in 2014 and now maintains it.

6. Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

5700 S Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60637(773) 684-1414Visit Website

When your moniker is “Attorney for the Damned,” it’s almost guaranteed some will claim to have seen your ghost. That’s the case with Clarance Darrow, defense attorney for Leopold and Loeb. Darrow’s ashes were spread around Jackson Park’s lagoon, and visitors to the nearby Museum of Science and Industry have reported seeing his ghost sitting on the back steps.

7. Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

800 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60607(312) 413-5353Visit Website

The tale of “The Devil-Baby at Hull House,” might be hard to believe—the story of a severely deformed orphan showing up at the house. Though it is little more than a folk tale, visitors today often still feel spooky vibes. It was also supposedly the inspiration for “Rosemary’s Baby”.

8. Site of the Eastland Disaster

W Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL(877) 865-6295Visit Website

More than 800 Western Electric employees and their family members died in the Eastland steamship disaster in 1915 after the overloaded, top-heavy ship rolled on its side in the Chicago River. It killed more passengers than the Titanic and the Lusitania. The disaster site at the Clark Street Bridge as well as several nearby sites that we used as makeshift morgues are believed to be haunted by ghostly cries and moans.

9. Battle of Fort Dearborn

E Lower Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60601

During the Battle of Fort Dearborn in 1812, there was a bloody conflict between Potawatomi Indians and U.S. troops fled the fort, located near what is now the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The battle itself—also known as the Fort Dearborn Massacre—took place further south in the Prairie Avenue District, and is commemorated by a historic marker. Hauntings are par for the course.

10. The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

520 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605(312) 427-3800Visit Website

Travel & Leisureonce named this downtown hotel the most haunted place in all of Illinois, citing Al Capone’s headquarters as the reason. Elevators at the Congress are said to make unexplained stops on the eighth floor and patrons have reported sightings of Capone’s ghost.

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Why You Should Date Your Opposite Sign by EMMALEA RUSSO

Sad that your crush’s sign is completely diff from yours? Here’s why that’s a GOOD thing.

Opposites attract, or so they say. But here’s the thing: It ain’t always easy. Anyone who’s dated their polar opposite knows it takes work to make it work. In the stars, as in life, opposites are a thing. The zodiac has cosmic pairs called polarities, which are two signs that sit directly opposite each other on the elliptic and are six signs away from each other (like Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, and Libra, the seventh).

As two sides of the same heart-shaped necklace, a pair of opposites glistens with a head-turning aura that can leave us wondering, What makes these two hotties tick? (Capricorn Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, a Cancer, are a cuh-lassic example of this.) Whether it’s an epic friendship, marriage, or steamy one-nighter, there’s a definite written-in-the-stars vibe to opposites.

Read on for starry insight into astrology’s six cosmic couplings:

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6 Ways To Avoid Being Haunted By Ghosts, According To Spiritual Mediums By BRANDI NEAL

While it’s always fun to have a haunted Halloween, being haunted IRL can be quite distressing. Certain people are more susceptible to hauntings and spirits than others. And, although some may choose to harness that energy in service to the greater good by acting as psychic mediums, other people would rather communicate strictly with the living. In either case, it’s important to know how to avoid being haunted or from spirit communication you didn’t sign up for. As Los Angeles-based spiritual medium Erika Gabriel tells Bustle, whether you’re a medium or not, knowing how to close the door to the spirit world is vital for self preservation.

“I really have to manage my energy. I walk in nature all the time. I use sage as a tool to clear my energy,” Gabriel says. “When I first started embracing being a medium, I didn’t know I was in charge of my own energy. I had no idea I could open and close it. I was up all night, every night freaking out and feeling every spirit in all of Los Angeles in my bedroom talking to me. While it sounds like, ‘hey, that could be kind of neat,’ it’s not. It sucks. It’s horrible. I was really scared,” she says.

Eventually Gabriel, who now works as a medium and says she had her first supernatural experience at age seven, realized that she was in charge of her energy. She tells Bustle that she learned to set boundaries that shut off the lines of communication between herself and the spirit world when she’s not working, sort of like closing your email app after you leave the office.

So now that you know it’s possible, just how do you go about establishing boundaries to protect yourself from being haunted or contacted by spirits you’re not keen on talking to? The answers, my friendlies, are surprisingly simple. With a few exceptions, just treat the spirits like any negative living person you want to get rid of.

1. Clear Your Energy

Sage oil in the glass on a slate background. Selective focus.

Gabriel tells Bustle that whether or not you’re a medium, it’s important to learn to manage your energy. I’m a big believer in clearing energy by using sage, especially after something or someone bajiggity has been in my space. If you’re new to sage, it’s pretty easy to use.

You can either light a sage stick or diffuse pure sage oil in an oil diffuser. Set your intention, then walk from room to room and let the sage energetically cleanse your home and spirit.

2. Trust Your Gut

When most people move into a new apartment, whether or not it’s haunted likely isn’t on their list of questions to ask the landlord. But, maybe it should be. If sharing your space with spirits isn’t really your jam, the website RentPrep recommends trusting your gut: If something feels off energetically, don’t rent the apartment. In addition, in some states landlords may be required to disclose information about the property, including whether or not paranormal activity has been reported.

3. Tell Spirits To Leave

The man and a woman with a flashlight looking under the bed. evening night time

What’s the best way to get people to leave you alone IRL? Tell them. It’s the same with spirits. Clairvoyant and psychic Lisa Caza said on her website Soul Psychics that it’s important to be clear and direct because if you’re not, spirits can sense your fear and use that to continue to bother you. “Attitude. It’s all about attitude! Be vocally forceful and assert your power … and insist that the spirits leave. Be strong and don’t take no crap!”

4. Practice Visualization Exercises

After you tell the spirits to get lost, Caza wrote on her site, visualization techniques are a good way to protect yourself. “Visualize firstly the most radiant golden-white light fill your entire physical being from head to toe and allow it to radiate outwards from your body like an aura. Once that is accomplished, then visualize yourself being completely encompassed by this energized and electric bubble of silver light. Affirm, ‘I surround myself with a shield of protection. I am safe within my space.'”

She added, “No negative spirit can penetrate or attach itself to this high vibration energy and might even be repulsed by it. Only the most positive, loving and gentle of spirits will be able to enter — of whom would likely be your angels and guides.”

5. Don’t Use Ouija Boards

Maybe it’s just a toy, maybe it’s not. But if you are at all energetically sensitive, it’s best to avoid using a Ouija board. If you’re not familiar with Ouija boards, these talking boards are used to communicate with the spirit world. Users ask questions and if spirits are present, they will supposedly move the board’s planchette to spell out the answers. Most people don’t believe Ouija boards work. However, there’s enough anecdotal evidence out there to suggest otherwise.

6. Get Some Crystals

Crystals are a great way to clear negative energy and keep it from coming back, and selenite is perhaps the best cleansing crystal out there. “Selenite is my go to stone for protection from ghosts and lower vibrational energy, and I personally consider it to be a crystal ghostbuster,” Energy Muse co-founder and healing crystals expert Heather Askinosie wrote in a blog post on the site. “Wearing a Selenite necklace creates a sphere of white light around your body. It’s uplifting, elevating and acts like a superhero of protection.”

Overall, the best way to protect yourself from being haunted, or from wayward spirits, is to set boundaries and stand in your power. While there are always exceptions, for the most part, spirits and ghosts won’t bother you if you refuse to engage with them.

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6 haunted houses that were once worth over $1 million by Erin McDowell

One of the most common horror movie plotlines involves innocent folks believing they’re getting an incredible deal on a new home, only to discover the place is haunted. However, what if that were to happen in real life?

Many homes are made only more valuable due to their haunted reputations. Some haunted houses become tourist attractions or even the subjects of big Hollywood horror franchises, attracting fans from across the world to their doors. However, other haunted houses have only been sold after dramatic price cuts.

We consulted Zillow records to determine the price history of some of America’s most notorious haunted houses. While they were all priced at more than $1 million at one point, they are all now worth considerably less, either due to changing housing markets, dilapidation, or perhaps even paranormal occurrences scaring away buyers.

Here are six haunted houses that were once worth millions, but are now worth much less.

Amityville Horror House, Long Island, NY

 Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Popularly known as the Amityville Horror House, 112 Ocean Avenue still stands and is remembered as the site of a mass murder in which six people were killed. On the night of November 13, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. shot and murdered his entire family while they slept. Those murdered included DeFeo’s two parents and his four siblings.

A little over a year after the murders, the Lutz family purchased the home for a reduced price of $80,000, on account of the house’s sinister reputation. They only lasted 28 days before moving out of the house, citing paranormal happenings like strange odors, green slime oozing out of the walls and keyholes, and cold spots appearing throughout the house.

Stepfather George Lutz also reported waking up at 3:15 AM every night, around the time DeFeo carried out the murders. Perhaps the strangest and most terrifying instances of all, the family claimed wife Kathy and sons Daniel and Christopher levitated off their beds.

The home, which underwent renovations and an address change in order to deter investigators or horror fans from visiting the property, was listed for $1.15 million in 2010. However, it sold for $950,000. In 2017, it sold for $605,000. It has been repeatedly cited as one of the most haunted places in America.

Source: BiographyTime

Charming Forge Mansion, Womelsdorf, PA

Built in 1784 and restored in 1994, this Georgian-style mansion has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, seven working fireplaces, and original Colonial-era details and woodwork.

Described as the perfect home for “thrill seekers,” the Charming Forge Mansion in Womelsdorf, PA has been the site of multiple paranormal occurrences. Ghost stories include reports of a woman heard crying in the hallways, sightings of a man in the house’s backyard, and various noises reportedly sounding like German prisoners of war circa the American Revolution.

The mansion was originally listed for $2,500,000 in 2009 but has been on and off the market for the past ten years. Its most recent listing was for $695,000.

Source: ZillowRealtor

Franklin Castle, Cleveland, OH

 Christopher Busta-Peck/Wikimedia Commons/CC 2.0 Attribution

Considered one of the most haunted places in Ohio, Franklin Castle in Cleveland has quite the paranormal history. The Victorian-style home was originally built in the 1880s by grocer-turned-banker Hannes Tiedemann. Many of Tiedemann’s close relatives died in the house, including his 15-year-old daughter, his mother, his wife, and three other of his infant children.

After Tiedemann died in 1908, it spent many years as a German cultural center and base for the German Socialist Party. However, throughout the 1960s, tales surfaced of paranormal activity within the castle walls. Visitors have claimed they’ve experienced electrical surges, heard crying babies, and even saw a mysterious woman emerging from black steam.

Rumors of heinous acts, like multiple murders and a mass shooting motivated by Nazi politics in the basement, have emerged. However, many of these claims are unsubstantiated. Regardless, people have claimed to see apparitions such as Tiedemann’s illegitimate daughter, who is rumored to have been hanged by her father, and his mistress, who he also allegedly killed with an axe.

In early 1984, Michael DeVinko, an actor and the last husband of Judy Garland, purchased Franklin Castle. DeVinko reportedly spent close to one million dollars renovating Franklin Castle before selling. However, fires occurred over the years that damaged the home. In 2011, it only sold for a mere $260,000, down from its $350,000 selling price in 1999. The home is now reportedly vacant.

Source: Atlas

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, LA

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, LA
The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, LA.

Located at 1140 Royal St in New Orleans, Louisiana, the LaLaurie Mansion boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and one horrifying history. Originally built for visiting French royalty, the mansion dates back to the 1800s.

In 1832, Madame Delphine LaLaurie moved into the mansion. Many lavish parties were thrown in the residence, and LaLaurie cemented herself as a member of New Orleans’ elite class. However, rumors and accusations surfaced of LaLaurie’s mistreatment of her slaves.

When a fire broke out at the residence in 1834, firefighters attempting to contain the blaze discovered “seven horribly mutilated slaves who had been imprisoned in the house for some time,” according to Atlas Obscura. An angry mob descended upon the house, destroying as much as they could get their hands on. Madame LaLaurie then fled to Paris, where she lived out the rest of her days.

The house is still featured on many New Orleans ghost tours, as people speculate the souls of the slaves mistreated within its walls still haunt the premises. However, no one is allowed inside as the home is now a private residence.

Zillow now values the property at an estimated $854,321, compared to its $2,100,000 selling price in 2010.

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Pillars Estate, Albion, NY

Pillars Estate, Albion, NY
The Pillars Estate in Albion, NY was once worth millions.

The Pillars Estate in Albion, New York was built in 1878 and boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and many antique and original details that seemingly transport you back in time to another era.

According to Realtor, members of the household staff have said they’ve heard footsteps following them as they walk up the stairs. Cora Goyette, hired by owner Tony McMurtrie to help him care for the historic home he bought in 2006, claims to have heard the piano located in the parlor being played when no one was in the room. Apparitions like a woman in a white dress have also been spotted by McMurtrie throughout the house.

In 2015, the Pillars Estate was listed for $1,000,000. However, the price of the home has lowered over the years. It’s currently on the market for $450,000.

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Sallie House, Atchison, KS

Sallie House, Atchison, KS
The Sallie House in Atchison, KS has been investigated by multiple ghost hunters.

According to a post by Visit Atchison, one residence in the small Kansas town has quite the paranormal reputation — and it may be affecting its value. Built around the 1900s, the home served as the place of business for an Atchison physician.

According to legend, a six-year-old girl was brought to the doctor’s office, believed to be experiencing appendicitis. The doctor reportedly began operating on the young girl before the anesthesia took full effect. She died on the operating table, and her spirit allegedly still haunts the house, reportedly causing strange scratches to appear on visitors’ bodies, objects to move, unexplained fires, and cold spots being felt in what used to be the operating room.

The home’s listing on Zillow actually calls attention to the home’s ghostly reputation, saying it “is the internationally known home of Sallie the Heartland ghost,” and that the home has a “record of $400 per night with word of mouth only,” inciting potential owners to actually rent out the house to investigators and fans of the paranormal.

The three-bedroom, two-bath residence is not currently on the market. In February 2016, it was listed for a whopping $1,000,000. By August of that same year, the asking price had lowered to $499,900. In November 2017, the home went off the market.

Source: ZillowVisit Atchison

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Travel Channel investigates the paranormal in “The Holzer Files” by Daniele Alcinii

Discovery-owned adventure network Travel Channel is to reopen the case files of America’s first ghost hunter as part of its resurrected ‘Ghostober’ Halloween event.

The Holzer Files (10 x 60 minutes) will set out to reveal the original documents, letters, photographs and audio and video recordings from the renowned 1950s studies of paranormal pioneer Dr. Hans Holzer and his four-decade exploration into hauntings like the Amityville Horror.

The Painless Entertainment-produced series will trace investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman as they pick up where Holzer left off in re-examining the hauntings that he dedicated his life to researching. The team will also be aided by Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra Holzer, and researcher Gabe Roth.

Using Holzer’s findings, the team track down recent developments from each haunting – including the Whaley House, the Morris-Jumel Mansion and the Peck House – and head back to the location to reinvestigate with a fresh perspective.

“The discovery of these case files is huge,” said Travel Channel GM Matthew Butler, in a statement. “We are excited to share Hans’ original findings with our viewers. His groundbreaking studies inspired generations and continue to influence pop culture to this day. With our stellar team on the ground to pursue further answers and carry the torch forward, this is history in the making.”

Executive producers for Painless include Jim CaseyRoss Kaiman and Rob Saffi. Travel Channel’s Christine Shuler is executive producer, Julie Meisner Eagle is VP of production and development, Matthew Butler is GM and Henry Schleiff is group president of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America.

The Holzer Files debuts Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel.

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