Numerology to calculate your compatibility in love by Leonard Manson

Numerology has found a connection between letters and numbers that could tell you how compatible you are with your partner or suitor if you know what the love number corresponds to both of you. Finding that number is not that difficult, you just have to add the values ​​that the letters of your name have until it is reduced to a single figure.

It is very similar to the procedure that is carried out to find out your personal number, with the difference that numerology offers us a table to identify the one that corresponds to each letter of our name.

1 – A, J, S
2 – B, K, T
3 – C, L, U
4 – D, M, V
5 – E, N, W
6 – F, O, X
7 – G, P, Y
8 – H, Q, Z
9 – I, R

For example, for the name José Pérez the number in love is made as follows: 1 + 6 + 1 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 9 + 5 + 8 = 47, then 4 + 7 = 11 and finally 1+ 1 = 2. José Pérez’s number is 2. Now that we know how to calculate the numerological number, we only need to see which numbers are most compatible with yours.

Number 1
They are people who overflow with confidence and charisma. Likewise, they are characterized by having many friends, but they do not like to have their privacy violated. They are compatible with other 1, 2, 6 and 9.

Number 2
They are fully committed to their partners and are quite detailed. They need someone who has similar personalities like the numbers 4, 6 and 8.

Number 3
If it is necessary to define in a single word those who have this figure, it is: fickle. They do not like to feel tied, on the contrary, they adore freedom. They are compatible with 1, 5, 7 and 8.

Number 4
When they are not in balance they are usually very dramatic, being able to detest themselves. They need orderly people to help them find harmony like the 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Number 5
This number is a free soul that is governed by its own rules. They are smart and very creative, but quite distracted. They get along well with the 1, 8 and 9.

Number 6
They are a person who needs to feel safe so as not to lose their balance. They have a natural gift for resolving conflicts between friends. They are compatible with the 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Number 7
They usually live in their reality, they are romantic, sweet, loving and believe in true love. They will get along well with the 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Number 8
They need to be in complete control of the relationship and trust their partner 100 percent. They panic when they see things getting out of hand. They are compatible with 3, 4 and 6.

Number 9
They are adventurous and with a degree of madness that others love. However, not all of them keep up with their rhythm so they will get along well with 1, 2, 5 and 7.

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The 10 most haunted hotels in the US by Jamie Ditaranto

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa 3
  • Across the US, some of the country’s oldest hotels are more than ready to inspire their guests with a little spooky superstition.
  • From passed-along tales of ghost sightings to unexplained noises, many historic hotels take a lot of pride in their paranormal pasts.
  • With Halloween approaching, we selected the most haunted hotels in the US with incredible stories to tell, which range between $105 and $298 per night to start.
  • And while creaky floorboards and ghostly characters are spooky scary, the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic is scary scary. As such, we included each hotel’s protocol for keeping guests safe.
  • Read more: 7 of the most haunted places around the world.

Even for the least superstitious travelers among us, spending the night in a purported haunted hotel can be exhilarating.

Hotel employees are often more than eager to pass on their local legends and share personal paranormal experiences, or what they’ve been told by past guests.

While there’s hardly concrete proof, for the open-minded, these stories often spur a state of hyperawareness that greatly impact their stay, where the possibility of the unknown may lurk in any corner.

I experienced this for myself one late September at The Allegiance in Rochester, New York as part of a trip through the Finger Lakes on the Haunted History Trail of New York State.

Upon checking in, the owners welcomed me to their regal 19th century home and regaled me with stories. Their ghosts were friendly, I was told, and some not even human — the owners maintained multiple guests have woken up to the sensation of the resident ghost cat sleeping on top of their feet. Although I didn’t experience anything paranormal, the possibility of such an encounter in the middle of the night made it feel as if I had suddenly become the main character in a Tim Burton movie. 

Indeed, the US is filled with historic and iconic hotels that claim to have haunted roots. These hotels pride themselves on their more permanent guests and are quite happy to share haunted histories during your stay.

Of course, most lore is conjecture and depends on your level of openness to the idea of otherworldly activity. And since I’m not an official ghost hunter, you’ll have to call a paranormal investigator if you really want to find out which hotels are considered the most haunted.

However, we compiled hotels that are sufficiently spooky, with great stories to tell at any time of year, though, there’s nothing quite like visiting around Halloween.

And while creaky floorboards and ghostly characters are spooky scary, the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic is scary scary. As such, we included each hotel’s protocol for keeping guests safe in an era of social distancing.

Across the country, restrictions are lifting, but according to experts, traveling at this time is still somewhat risky, particularly in hotels where you are more likely to cross paths with many people. Of course, without a vaccine, there is no firm guarantee with regard to safety. It’s crucial to follow guidelines and advice from organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and practice safety measures including wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing. Additionally, consider your own level of risk, and whether you’re traveling from or to a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection.

The most haunted hotels in America were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Hotels must be historic, dating back to the 1920s or earlier.
  • With respect to the hotel’s age, we were more lenient in considering reviews from guests unhappy with the wear and tear that comes along with a centuries-old hotel.
  • The hotel must show that they embrace their ghost stories by:
    • Offering tours
    • Dedicating a section of their website for guests to learn more
    • Stories about the hotel are commonly known and shared in the ghost-hunting community.
  • Every hotel has a rating of 7 or higher and is priced between $105 and $298 per night to start.
  • In regards to COVID-19, every hotel must have social distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols in place.

Here are the most haunted hotels in the US sorted by price from low to high:

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Book 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa starting at $105 per night

In the Arkansas Ozarks, the grand 1186 Crescent Hotel and Spa has long been a symbol of hospitality with 72 rooms and four luxury cottages. But it also touts itself as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” for the sheer number of paranormal experiences guests here have claimed over the years.

According to the hotel website, mediums hired by the hotel believe there is actually a portal to another world in the hotel, which explains the high frequency of encounters. Guests on the hotel’s nightly tours have said they’ve experienced sudden lightheadedness when passing a particular spot outside the hotel’s annex and this old building has had many tragic chapters. It was once a women’s college and also used as “hospital” by a mad doctor who was later discovered to be a fraud conducting ghastly experiments. A nightly tour is available for guests who want the full story.

Whether or not you believe the lore, you’ll stay in rooms that channel southern hospitality with bold color combinations, fanciful wallpapers, and opulently-upholstered furniture in the Governor and Parlour Suites. There are also modernly-designed penthouses, which boast incredible panoramic views of the treetops below.

Try to book Room 218, the most frequently requested (and allegedly haunted) room, which is decorated in homage to the hotel’s most famous ghost, a builder who died while the building was under construction.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 12 out of 35 hotels in Eureka Springs Rating: 8.1 out of 10

Pros: Guests frequently praise the beautiful valley views from the balcony rooms.

Cons: It’s an old hotel, so rooms will show their age and some guests did not find the rooms as clean as expected.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: In addition to checking the temperatures of their staff and enforcing social distancing and mask usage, the hotel is also installing hand sanitizer dispensers, disinfecting high-touch surfaces like buttons and handrails, and removing couches from the lobby.

Omni Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts

Book Omni Parker House starting at $111 per night

Boston’s Omni Parker House is famous for two things: Boston Cream Pie and the ghost of Harvey Parker.

According to the Omni Hotels blog, the 19th-century hotelier still haunts the 10th floor of the hotel and past guests have reported eerie whispers and elevators that are repeatedly called to the third floor, despite no button being pushed. The hotel does not offer ghost tours, but you can learn all about it on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour that will also expand on the haunted history of one of America’s oldest cities.

Rooms at the Omni Parker House are classy and contemporary and some come with great views overlooking the Park Street Church Tower and the Boston Common. Room sizes range from the 90-square foot Economy Petite rooms, which are cost-effective, to the 210-square foot Deluxe rooms, which are decorated with cherry wood furnishings and include a sitting area. 

Trip Advisor Ranking: 60 out of 96 hotels in Boston Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Pros: Steps away from the Boston Common, this hotel is a centrally-located and elegant choice for anyone visiting Boston.

Cons: Being in the heart of the city, rooms tend to be small and it can be noisy outside, especially on weekends.

COVID-19 cleaning protocol: Omni hotels have enhanced their cleaning routines to disinfect frequently touched items in guest rooms and public spaces. Hand sanitizer is provided at the front desk and staff is equipped with disposable wipes to clean commonly-used surfaces throughout the day.

Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina

Book Francis Marion Hotel starting at $120 per night

In the historic city of Charleston, the Francis Marion Hotel originally opened in the 1920s and is believed to be haunted by Ned Cohen, a heartbroken New Yorker who jumped to his death after getting dumped by his Southern belle.

According to the hotel’s blog, many guests have purported to feel his presence at night, reporting a bizarre rustling of the drapes, or even feeling a caress on their cheek. Some guests and hotel staff have even claimed to see a man crying in the hallway.

With 234 rooms, this historic hotel was one of the grandest in the city when it was built and today is still one of the top-rated hotels, revered for its historical significance and elegantly furnished rooms. They’re bright and modern, decorated in a calming color scheme of light blue and muted shades of gold. Traditional rooms are spacious and feature marble and granite bathrooms and the best views overlook the Charleston Harbor. If you need extra room, the Deluxe rooms have an extra seating area and more desk space.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 21 out of 68 hotels in Charleston Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Pros: Guests laud this hotel’s great service and how well it balances modernity with old-world charm.

Cons: Some guests find the room layouts awkward and outdated.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: The Francis Marion is frequently disinfecting high-touch areas like door handles and handrails, limiting elevator usage to one group at a time, and enforcing masks in public areas.

The Wolf Creek Inn in Wolf Creek, Oregon

Book the Wolf Creek Inn starting at $125 per night

In Southern Oregon, the Wolf Creek Inn is housed in a 135-year old building with nine rooms and a long list of strange occurrences.

According to Travel Oregon, the inn originally welcomed pioneers traveling the Applegate Trail and the parlor still has the original flooring and bricks, with real bullet holes from this era.

The owner describes the haunting sounds of doors slamming or piano playing when no one else around as acts of friendly mischief, and paranormal investigators that have visited the hotel have called out Room 8 for being particularly “heavy.” The hotel appeared on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures,” among other television specials, and offers guided tours with a focus on the paranormal. 

Aside from such legacy, the rooms maintain old-world charm with whitewashed paneled walls and pioneer era-inspired artwork, but still feel modern and clean with plush linens and elegant bed dressings. The hotel is small, so room choices are limited to two Twins, a Full, or Queen-sized bed.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 1 out of 2 hotels in Wolf Creek Rating: 9.2 out of 10

Pros: The hotel is fully-renovated and feels like new without losing the historic touch.

Cons: It’s a small inn, so staff shortages will affect service and cars outside can be noisy.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: The Wolf Creek Inn is following the protocol set by the Oregon Health Authority to sanitize and promote social distancing, requiring all guests to wear masks when they are in any common area of the Inn.

La Fonda on the Plaza in Sante Fe, New Mexico

Book La Fonda on the Plaza starting at $169 per night

One of the most iconic hotels in Santa Fe, La Fonda on the Plaza is said to be haunted by a man in a long black coat believed to be the ghost of a local judge from the 19th century. Previous guests claim to have seen him roaming the halls, and according to a post by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, he is among a cast of other commonly-seen spirits. Legend says a cowboy often looms at the bar, as does a young bride who met a tragic end on her wedding night.

Sitting on the same plot of land as Santa Fe’s first-ever inn from 400 years ago, this hotel is a historic and luxurious place to stay with an on-site spa and rooms that exude Southwestern elegance with colorful and elaborately designed headboards. Deluxe rooms are worth the splurge for their adorable elevated seating area or fireplace and balcony combination.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 7 out of 64 hotels in Santa Fe Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Pros: Located in the middle of the Santa Fe, the location is hard to beat and exciting amenities include an outdoor pool and rooftop hot tub. 

Cons: Fees for parking can be costly and rooms are on the smaller side without bathtubs.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: This hotel has committed to New Mexico’s safety commitment in addition to closing the pool and gym in addition, thoroughly sanitizing rooms thoroughly, allowing a few days to pass between guest stays, and washing linens at high temperatures.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Book the Stanley Hotel starting at $199 per night

The Stanley Hotel is a grand hotel that first opened in 1909 and is perhaps best known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s epic horror novel “The Shining.” However, it was Stanley Kubrick’s film interpretation that showed audiences just how unnerving a large hotel can be.

With over 400 rooms offered in this sprawling complex, claims of ghost stories run rampant and the hotel offers an hour-long night tour, which is open to non-guests as well. According to guests who have been on the tour, each section of the hotel has its own story from an alleged energy vortex underneath the main staircase, to Paul, who yells at guests to “get out” if they stay in the concert hall past 11 p.m. 

This is a huge resort, so accommodations depend on whether you stay in the historic section, or the lodge, which is a newer boutique-style hotel. The latter includes updated rooms that feature spacious, contemporary layouts, while rooms in the older hotel are similarly decorated, but lack that modern touch.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 22 out of 28 hotels in Estes Park Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Pros: Besides the bragging rights of staying in this historic hotel, the Stanley is also in a great location with many things to do nearby, and places to eat in Estes Park.

Cons: This older hotel shows its age through in-room features like ceiling fans and tubs, which may not be a fit for travelers who prefer modern design.

COVID-19 cleaning protocol: Face coverings are required at all times in the hotel’s public areas and the hotel has added hand sanitizing stations in key locations and introduced additional sanitation to high-touch areas to their cleaning procedures. Tours will be limited to groups of 10.

The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, California

Book The Hollywood Roosevelt starting at $242 per night

The longest-running hotel in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Roosevelt has welcomed many stars through its doors from Shirley Temple to Brad Pitt.

However, according to rumors, the hotel’s most famous ghost haunts Room #1200, where pasts guests have claimed to glimpsed a starlet’s reflection in the mirror — and she’s not alone. Other claims include spirits that lock guests out of their rooms and mysterious noises like somebody stomping with boots.

Guests can choose to stay in the classic tower, where the supposed haunted rooms are, or in one of the modern Hollywood-style cabana suites if they’d rather keep their distance. Rooms feel fresh and young with trendy furnishings and colorful decoration, while suites and Superior rooms boast sleekly-tiled bathrooms and four-post beds.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 29 out of 390 in Los Angeles Rating: 8.4 out of 10

Pros: This historic building has kept up with the times, meaning the rooms are modern and fashionable.

Cons: Rooms are on the small side, and because of the hotel’s age, the layout of some may feel outdated with large closets and tiny bathrooms.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: The Hollywood Roosevelt has added to their cleaning protocol by disinfecting high-touch items in guest rooms, public spaces, and in the back of the house. All guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask and only one guest, or group of guests, will be allowed on the elevator at one time.

Read our full hotel review for The Hollywood Roosevelt

Belhurst Castle in Geneva, New York

Book Bellhurst Castle starting at $245 per night

Sitting on Seneca Lake in Upstate New York, Belhurst Castle is comprised of three hotels in one, however, the castle’s resident woman in white appears most often to those staying in the Chambers.

Isabella, for whom the spa is named, was an opera singer and according to legend, she was tragically killed in a collapse when trying to escape the authorities through a secret tunnel built under their home. According to the Haunted History Trail of New York State, guests have reported seeing her standing on the front lawn at night, and hotel staff have noticed unusual activities like the sound of furniture being moved about in a room that once housed illegal gambling activities during the castle’s speakeasy days. 

From the outside, this castle hotel is so picturesque that it’s one the Finger Lakes’ most popular wedding venues. In the chambers, guest rooms include regal details such as high-end furnishings or stained glass windows. However, the prize room is the Tower Suite, which has a curved staircase and a balcony overlooking the castle’s distinguished grounds.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 7 out of 12 hotels in Geneva Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Pros: This castle is thoroughly unique in design and feels classic in every way. It’s a castle!

Cons: Because rooms are fitted inside an old building, each layout is one-of-a-kind and not immune to design flaws like faulty fuses and awkwardly-placed A/C units.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: All guests will be required to wear a face-covering and room keys, which are physical, will all be sanitized and non-essential objects that are purely decorative have been removed from every room.

The Cavalier Resort in Virginia Beach

Book The Cavalier Resort starting at $279 per night

Originally opened in 1927, The Cavalier Resort has welcomed presidents and celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s still just as grand as it was in its heyday, however, this historic hotel also comes with a few ghostly tales according to Visit Virginia Beach. Over the years, guests have reported hearing strange sounds like cats scratching at doors, pianos playing on their own, and some guests even claimed to have seen a soldier roaming the halls at night.

The sixth floor is believed to be particularly haunted as that was the floor where the body of the Coors Brewing Company founder was found. Guests who have stayed in the same room have reported cold spots and waking up to open windows. 

The rooms come with gold-trimmed headboards, colorful pillows, and marble-adorned bathrooms. Heritage Suites were each designed by one of the hotel’s partners and make bold statements with color.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 2 out of 110 hotels in Virginia Beach Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Pros: This highly-rated hotel impresses guests with elegant touches, marble countertops, and clawfoot tubs, and great service.

Cons: Some recent guests report that social distancing isn’t being enforced in the restaurants as it should be.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: Rooms will be cleaned with attention to touchpoints and the hotel has increased how often their public spaces are cleaned.

Jekyll Island Club Resort in Jekyll Island, Georgia

Book Jekyll Island Club Resort starting at $298 per night

Dating back to 1887, this hotel was once a Victorian-era club and playground for elite 19th-century figures like J.P. Morgan, whose spirit is said to visit from time to time according to Guests staying in the same condos he once occupied sometimes report the smell of cigar smoke early in the morning.

Other ghosts spotted at the hotel allegedly include the Union General John Lloyd Aspinwall, and a bellhop, who sometimes appears in his uniform to honeymooning couples. Historical tours are offered but focus on the prestigious founding of the island, rather than ghostly claims.

Today, Jekyll Island is a state park and the resort offers a wide variety of accommodations from cottages to a boutique hotel. Rooms in the Island Club are large and updated, while the Island Club Cottages, are charming with large porches outfitted with classic southern-style rocking chairs.

Trip Advisor Ranking: 2 out of 10 hotels in Jekyll Island Rating: 8.9 out of 10

Pros: The sprawling grounds are very peaceful and the food and service are highly praised.

Cons: The buildings are old and some guests have reported leaky pipes and malfunctioning A/C units.

COVID-19 cleaning procedures: The resort is keeping the pools open, but lounge chairs will be set up for social distancing and the hotel has committed to disinfecting high-touch surfaces in the rooms and also behind the scenes. 

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Are Psychics Real? The Real World Proof of Psychic Mediums’ Abilities and Powers

When skeptics hear the word “psychic,” they see a pre-set image of a woman wearing a spiritual head crown full of colorful jewelry sitting in a dark room gazing into a crystal ball, and giving a “cold reading” with empty meanings.

Fraudulent wannabees like fake Jamaican psychic scammer “Ms Cleo” promote stereotypes that give all gifted mystics a bad name. However, people who got a genuine spiritual reading that foretold their future or gave them specific advice that worked out for the best know and appreciate the real power of a psychic.

However, despite the high number of scammers in the world, most people generally believe in psychics. Late-night TV show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver broadcasted a segment in 2019 about psychics. The research revealed 4 out of 10 people believed in them.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the burning question: are psychics real or not? And finally, put to rest and expose the real truth behind these spiritual guides. 

How Do Psychics Get Their Power?

The psychic phenomenon has left many skeptics wondering how spiritual guides arrive at a prediction or foretell the future. These people’s jaws drop when they have a personal experience with a real psychic because the guide has recalled accurate information that no one else could have known.

Interest sparks in those who need answers to their life’s burning questions and those who have had spiritual crossings and awakenings know the real deal behind psychics and respect their gifts. You don’t have to convince these people that psychic phenomena are real because they have had a genuine experience they wouldn’t mind sharing with people. 

I read an article about 19th-century philosopher William James who quoted the “white crow” theory. This theory states that people believe that all crows are black, but if you can find a white one then it’s possible there are more in the world. Therefore, when you apply the same principle to psychics, if you can find one person who exhibits real psychic power, then you can only assume there are many more in the world. And science has proven this is a reality. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Psychic Mediums

A medium is one of the most popular types of psychics. You might be surprised that they actually use scientific odds to arrive at their predictions. There are several experiments that go into greater detail about their capabilities. Take the “Afterlife Experiments” book, for example, written by an academic professor that asked two prominent mediums to be featured and show off their abilities. They would contact the afterlife under laboratory conditions to prove or disprove if psychic ability and medium communication are possible. The results were astonishing. Even the University of Arizona has a research program called VERITAS dedicated to studying human energy to this day based on these findings. 

If this all sounds like mumbo jumbo, then think for a moment about psychic experiments conducted by the US government. If a psychic phenomenon is real, then we can agree that the US government will have its hand in it and ultimately find a way to make it a weapon. The Pentagon allegedly spent millions studying the use of ESP and clairvoyance during wartime.

If that information is too deep for you, then ask yourself how many paranormal experiences you had in your lifetime. I guarantee you have thought of one. Most people had at least one. Spirits are deceased people lingering on earth who haven’t passed on to the next life. It’s not far-fetched to believe mortals can communicate with these other-worldly beings.

Remote viewers

Have you ever dreamed of an event that some years later happened, and you literally lived through it again? Similar to having Deja Vu? Some people believe these foreseen events are connected to psychic ability. Probably so.

The Department of Defense invested millions of dollars into a program called Operation Stargate. You probably heard Stargate references to the fictional movie franchise in which the military used alien technology to facilitate time travel. Maybe that was the ultimate goal of the program. However, the aim of the study was to use “remote viewing” and foreseeing future events for military purposes. Predictions were so accurate that top generals seriously deliberated making combat moves that would have changed the course of history. ‘Mind readers’ were also recruited to fight in the Cold War around this time. A 1995 declassified CIA report concluded that the results from this research were inconclusive due to the erroneous nature of the data, but many skeptical believers believe otherwise. 

Fortune tellers

Skeptics who don’t believe in a psychic phenomenon often make the statement that psychics don’t win the lottery. They would often say, ‘if psychics had supernatural power, then why don’t they use it to predict the correct lottery numbers?’ If you do your research, you will learn many lottery winners actually claimed to have chosen their winning numbers based on a psychic phenomenon, and some even are psychics themselves. 

Let me give you a few examples as references. A psychic claimed she had a premonition that she would win the lottery, and she did! She was part of a group of psychics who helped families in their village with ‘random acts of kindness’, which usually involved giving them money or food. Psychics aren’t supposed to use their power for personal monetary gains unless it will help people for a genuine cause. She believed that her win was a result of good karma.

People who have used the Law of Attraction have won the lottery. One of them is Cynthia Stafford who literally did visualization exercises to win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Many stories on Lottery Changed My Life cite some type of paranormal experience to the winner getting their lucky numbers. It could be a premonition in a dream or even as simple as a cat giving a lady the correct lottery numbers, as the source of their winnings

Moreover, there are countless people who said a psychic told them they would win the lottery, and they won! 

In all these examples, there is obviously some type of higher power at play.

Detectives have used the power of psychics to help them close unsolved murders. Declassified documents discuss in detail how law enforcement used psychics.

Still on the fence about the legitimacy of psychics? Check out a book called Mental Radio written by Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair that detailed how he conducted experiments for his psychic wife who claimed that ‘mind readings’ and telepathy were taking place in the home all the time.

What I find interesting about these psychic studies is a lot of stuff that took place in the early and late 1900s, but you don’t hear about it much today. It would make sense these methods have advanced and still in use by some very powerful people.

Who is a Real Psychic?

Anyone can be a real psychic. Kids can be real psychics because they are less judgemental and are more spiritually sensitive to the world around them since they are not yet heavily indoctrinated by societal limitations. It’s often said that dogs have psychic abilities and can see spirits walking around that we cannot see. What else are they barking at night when no one else is there?

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Is It October Already? Travel Channel Embraces the Unknown in Its Third Annual “Ghostober” Event

Filled with a creepy mix of buzzy new specials, boldfaced names and returning favorites, “Ghostober” has all the thrills and chills on lockdown.

This might just be the year to buy lots of extra candy and settle in for “Ghostober,” Travel Channel’s third annual paranormal programming event. No need to leave the house when Halloween reigns all month long, taking viewers on spine-chilling adventures to the other side – where tales of poltergeists, ghostly creatures, demons and even a few legends will keep you company. Filled with a creepy mix of buzzy new specials, boldfaced names and returning favorites, “Ghostober” has all the thrills and chills on lockdown.

While we are all living with many unknowns, Travel Channel conjures up over-the-top specials exploring the very topic of the real unknown.

While paranormal programming is scheduled throughout October, Ghostober culminates with “7 Nights of Fright.” The top 20 of the world’s spookiest unexplained videos kickstarts the week on Sunday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with the two-hour countdown “Paranormal Caught on Camera: Top 100.”

Included in this week’s lineup of supersized specials are new Shock Docs focusing on two of our nation’s most terrifying tales of horror – “Amityville Horror House,” premiering on Monday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and “The Exorcism of Roland Doe,” premiering on Tuesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Then, fans will celebrate the season with many of Travel Channel’s talent featured in the new “Shock Docs” tell-all holiday special, “This is Halloween,” premiering Wednesday, October 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

As the calendar creeps closer to All Hallows’ Eve, we crank up the terror with over-the-top tricks and treats. In the two-hour special, “Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo,” premiering Thursday, October 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Zak Bagans and the “Ghost Adventures” crew go inside the infamous Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to investigate sinister accounts of ghostly activity.

The special is then followed by the Season Two return of “The Holzer Files,” reopening famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer’s original case files, at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

The goosebumps continue with a sneak peek of the new season of “Portals to Hell,” starring Katrina Weidman and Jack Osbourne, on Friday, October 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The duo investigates what might just be the most haunted place in all of Connecticut.

And then, in a special two-hour holiday treat, the whole Osbourne family joins in on the fun. Adamant on truly living up to their position as America’s first family of darkness, Jack Osbourne takes Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly on their first-ever paranormal investigation in “The Osbournes: Night of Terror,” premiering at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Not only are they going to hunt ghosts together … but they’re going to love it.

Travel Channel wraps up “Ghostober” on Halloween night with the ultimate series crossover featuring superstar paranormal investigators from two of the network’s hit shows, “Ghost Nation” and “Kindred Spirits.” The ghost-hunting teams reunite for the first time in nearly a decade to explore frightening activity inside an illustrious Newport, Rhode Island, mansion in “Ghost Nation: Reunion in Hell,” premiering Saturday, October 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

And the programming event bows with a chilling new episode of “Destination Fear” on Saturday, October 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, where the team will spend a terrifying night inside the abandoned Old Crow Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.”

Halloween is Travel Channel’s Superbowl, and with more people at home than ever before, we plan to deliver an over-the-top slate of original programming. We are the only network super-serving this mega popular genre to its superfans, featuring the superstars of the paranormal field and beyond,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel.

The “Ghostober” 2020 celebration is back on and Travel Channel’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Fans can check out exclusive content from their favorite shows, a new exclusive web series, “Up Close & Paranormal,” with the cast of “Ghost Nation” and “Kindred Spirits,” behind-the-scene videos, cast interviews, photos and more. Viewers can also stream a variety of Travel Channel’s series, including past seasons of “Ghost Adventures,” on the Travel Channel Go app.

Included in this year’s Halloween lineup are some of the wildest, zaniest and scariest specials and series:

NEW SPECIALS”AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special) Premieres Monday, October 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PTIn 1977, the book, “The Amityville Horror,” was published and caused a sensation. The subsequent 1979 film adaptation was a surprise box office hit.

Today, it is the quintessential American horror story based on true events – family moves into their dream house in an all-American town and experiences the most terrifying demonic haunting imaginable. Demon possession, demon attacks, a portal to hell – it was a situation so dire, even the church couldn’t help them. Through archival footage and re-creations, our film presents the harrowing true story of Ronald DeFeo, who murdering his entire family in the Amityville house, and the 28 days the Lutz family lived there. A rare, archival interview with George Lutz, describing the final, terrifying night in the Amityville house, is revealed for the first time. #AmityvilleHorrorHouseTrvl

“THE EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special) Premieres Tuesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PTIn 1973, “The Exorcist” shocked moviegoers. Overnight, the sinister presence of satanic evil seemed frighteningly real for millions of Americans. Archival footage shows audience members frightened out of their wits – and literally out of their seats. Some in the audience ran out of the theatre; others got physically ill or couldn’t sleep for weeks. Through rare archival footage, this shock doc will feature the cultural impact of the horror movie and explore the story of Roland Doe, the chilling true story behind “The Exorcist.”

And for the first time on television, an investigator will expose a shocking secret and possible cover-up in the real-life exorcist case of Roland Doe. #ExorcismofRolandDoeTrvl“THIS IS HALLOWEEN” (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)Premieres Wednesday, October 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Halloween is a time to indulge our darkest fears and live out our wildest fantasies. For those who like the spooky side of life, it’s become a yearly event. In the two-hour Shock Docs installment, “This is Halloween,” Travel Channel’s paranormal experts share their best Halloween stories in a nostalgic look back at everyone’s favorite haunted holiday. From creepy costumes to the scariest pranks they’ve ever pulled, it’s a sweet and spooky trip down memory lane.

Travel Channel is owned by Discovery, Inc., a global leader in real life entertainment spanning 220 countries and territories, whose portfolio also includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Article Source – Travel Channel News Release

A 9 Personal Year by Calleen

I’ve decided to start posting more about things that I’m currently experiencing. This way I can share with you what I’m learning, as I go through it. My hope is that this will allow you to prepare and avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered.

In the first post of this type of post, I’ll be talking about what a Numerology Personal 9 Year involves. MEANING… if you’re currently in a 9 Personal Year, or are getting ready to go into one, you might want to read this article in order to learn as much as you can from my blunders.

To begin, you figure out what Personal Year you’re in by adding your birth month (single digit, so 11 becomes 2 and 12 becomes 3), to your birthday (again single digit, so 15 becomes 6, 23 becomes 5, and so forth), to the current year, which is (2+0+2+0 = 4). Thus a March 20 birthday becomes 3+2+4 = 9.

If your end result is a double digit, go ahead and reduce it down to one digit again, but retain the other digits for further detail. Hence, September 23 becomes 9+5+4 = 18…. adding 1+8 = 9. OR… an 18/9.

9 is your personal year. The 1 and 8 are supporting cast members, flavoring if you will.

Personally, I’m in an 18/9 Year. First off let me openly share that 9 Personal Years are my least favorite years… by a freakin’ mile.

Still, what I’m learning about this very personal 9 year is that it’s a year for endings, not beginnings. Or perhaps better said, it’s a year of completion. A year of putting a period at the end of all the previous 9 years you’ve just been through.

As such, you must think back 9 years ago when you entered into your 1 personal year. Then, understand that your mission this year is to review, evaluate, and discard or say goodbye to what has gone on before that isn’t worth carrying forward into your next 9 year cycle. All because next year, January 1, 2021, you enter an entirely new cycle. And that my friends, is the truly GREAT news.

In the meantime, please understand just how fully I understand this reviewing process isn’t great. In fact, it’s ugly, painful, and downright warty!

As a result, I’ve shed many tears and allowed temper tantrums to spiral completely out-of-control for most of the year.

Understand though that my last 9 years have been as bad as any cycle can get. I lost my daughter in my 2 year. Ended a 30 year marriage in my 5 year. Had to move out of a home I had lived in for 19 years in my 5 as well. My dad passed away in my 6 year. I elected to move again, late in my 6 year, back to try to make my marriage work. My now ex-husband had an aortic aneurysm in my 7 year, but luckily survived… only by the grace of God since it was in the process of actually rupturing when caught. THEN… he passed away unexpectedly, of a major heart attack, in my 8 year. Which forced me to quickly regroup and go onto repair, dismantle, and go through 21 years of stuff in that house… all in order to need to move again.

So a divorce, 3 moves, the loss of a child, loss of a father, and loss of a partner and friend of 32 years all happened in my last 9 year cycle. Consequently, reviewing it all was torturous on my best day. Particularly since during the review you’re forced to look at what you wished you had done differently. All as you come to the realization that it’s really all gone… forever. I think that’s the point unfortunately.

HOWEVER, the good news is, I’ve rather automatically been cleaning out closets, as I release fountains of emotions, and try very hard to forgive myself for what I perceive as my shortfalls. AND… I get to FINALLY put an end to what was definitely a tragic cycle.

Naturally, I’ll carry the memories and emotions with me forever. BUT my job this year is to release the regrets, understand why I did and didn’t do what I did, and lay it all down. Leave it there. Let time and God’s mercy cleanse as much of it as possible for me. It really is all I can do. So that’s what I, and you, are meant to do in a 9 year. Review and release.

THIS ENABLES us to prepare for the next 9 Year Cycle. As well as work hard to get our money, our homes, our kids and families, and our moods in a better place… because there’s nothing left to be done with whatever’s already gone. It took me awhile, but I’m finally realizing that.

TOO, we get to prepare for the good that, in my mind, simply has to follow. I, for one, am definitely ready for a reset. I’m ready for whatever is next, as long as it’s not more of the same. Hence, the reason we must clean out, release, let go, and grow our faith that the next 9 will be fabulous… we’re due, right?

We must also TRUST that the powers that be have only our best interest at heart, and they do. Also understand that they know what we’ve been through and now are fully prepared to lead us to where we’re meant to spend the next 9 years. Provided, of course, we don’t drag some of our toxicity with us… that free will thing can trip up their plans. Remember that.

In summary, if you’re in a 9 and haven’t begun your “clearing the slate” process, do it now. Let go of any job, relationship, financial burden, house, or any other little old thing you’ve been dragging around longer than you should have. You know what those things are. I know you know.

It allows you to prepare proactively for the new, the better, and the fabulous.

9 years suck though. No doubt about it. No one likes endings. And for most of us there will be endings, particularly if we’re afraid to change and release the familiar “bad” in our lives. Although I should also add that many times during a 9 if you don’t voluntarily release something that’s past the due-date, the Universe will just swipe it away. So prepare for the swiping if you can’t do the deed.

The 1 and the 8 that support my 9 are relevant in that the 1 means I need to focus on my needs, wants, and desires this year more than I focus on what someone else wants, needs, and desires for or from me. And the 8 is a “right use of power and money” year. So, I have to pay more attention to how, when, and where I earn and spend money (definitely true since I now sole support). Also, if I do retain any power I’m required to use it with grace and mercy.

Know too that if you’re in a 9 year, it’s not a year to start new things… it’s about finishing up and letting go. In truth, you’re probably far too tired to do very much initiating right now anyway… as when you try to do something spectacular your old problems crop up and steal the show. You’ll definitely be busy. Leave all things NEW to next year.

Hope this helps. 9’s are tough. But they’re needed and necessary in order to get onto something else… anything else really (ha)!

Good Luck!



I believe everyone of us possess it. Call it “gut instinct”, “intuition”, “bad feelings”, “good vibes”, whatever… it is still Claircognizance. AND… if you work with it, trust it, and try to purposefully use it more, this muscle grows. Then before you know it, you’re developing your Psychic/Spiritual Gifts and can reliably foresee many things for both yourself and others. It’s a valuable and extremely cool thing that the Universe gave us coming in. Likely because the powers that be knew we were gonna need it. Calleen

Astrology Is About to Reveal All Your Secrets by LISA STARDUST

Expect Real Housewives–level drama.

Welllll, 2020 wouldn’t be complete without another catastrophic astrological aspect. Fun! This time, we’re experiencing a lil something called the Hammer of Thor, which brings us, um, massive chaos until September 21. Over the next few weeks, we can expect major revelations on a personal and global level.

You may be asking yourself, What exactly is the Hammer of Thor? Is Chris Hemsworth involved? (Sry, no.) Cosmically speaking, it’s a very intense astrological aspect (aka a connection between planets). The Hammer of Thor occurs when two planets form a square (aka make a 90 degree-angle) and a sesquisquare (aka make a 135 degree-angle). All of this commotion forms a fraught triangle in the cosmos.

In this case, the planetary squares are arising from the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and the Nodes of Destiny (two super-important points in the sky, which are currently transiting the Gemini and Sagittarius axis). The sesquisquare is occurring between the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. When Mercury enters Libra on September 5 and Venus enters Leo on September 6, we’ll feel this powerful energy on a deep level. Emotions will be high, especially with Mars’ retrograde in Aries beginning on September 9. TL;DR: Prepare to fight for the truth and defend your honor.

Thor’s Hammer can and will expose juicy secrets, scandals, and clandestine behavior. The North Node in Gemini is being activated by this transit, which means we can expect to hear two versions of the story (because Gemini is known to tell two different tales) and do things twice (because Gemini is a dualistic sign). We’re also seeking justice due to the South Node’s position in Sagittarius.

With the November elections heating up, this aspect could indicate major national and global change. Old systems will crumble, only to be rebuilt in a better way. Politicians and celebrities will have their truths aired out for all to see—and so will the rest of us.


A coworker may be talking behind your back, making you extra paranoid. Within a few days of the rumors starting, you’ll find yourself in a confrontation with your colleague. Hopefully, you can shut the gossip down.


Your friends do not approve of your new crush, which is making you pause and reflect on whether or not you want to move forward in your budding relationship. Don’t let anyone manipulate you—not even your besties. Listen to your heart.


You need to create boundaries for yourself and your relationships. Focus on getting all your work done without distractions. Create a space for yourself that allows you to put your needs first, then deal with everyone else in your life.


Everyone needs time away from their family to emotionally regroup. After all, you’re not one to willfully insert your opinions in dramz. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and just chill.


After a long summer of emotional compromises, you’re finally taking your power back. If this makes you seem like a diva to your friends, colleagues, and family, so be it. You’re the fiercest sign of the zodiac—start acting like it. No more bending over backward for anyone.


Finding your place in life is always hard, and your current existential crisis isn’t helping. Look inward to find your calling, not within another person. Only you can get yourself out of this rut. Focus on healing yourself.


It’s never too late to do the right thing, even if the drama happened forevs ago. Embrace your beliefs and reach out to make amends. This will mend your heart and aid in opening you up to new possibilities.


You may feel unsupported by your crew…because they’re talking behind your back. Real talk: Friends are supposed to support you, not make fun of you. If they continue to be unkind, then it’s time to cut the cord.


More often than not, you feel as though you have to let your squad know about your frustrations with them. Instead of bluntly blurting out your feels, take a step back. Find a way to calmly discuss your sentiments to avoid arguments.


You won’t stop until justice is served, so use your platform to share your beliefs and raise money for charities and causes you believe in. Use your voice to make changes—they’re needed.


Your intuition is making you jump to conclusions that aren’t necessarily factual. You may not ever know how your boo is really feeling—but that’s okay! Don’t let paranoia, confusion, and anxiety control your actions.


Major shifts are happening at work, and they’re affecting your emotional well-being. Talk with your supervisor to make sure you understand your new duties, and schedule time to learn how to implement them. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or support!

Article Source –

5 Most Haunted Places in the World by Cormick Evans

While I found this article interesting and fun, I think there’s one place they left out… the HOIA BACIU Forest in Transylvania. That’s one place I don’t care to ever visit. I love watching others, via video or tv, go there… but there is something “so off” about that place. It’s a place I feel as if you could go and never reappear… or at the very least, hope to come out the same as you went in. Otherwise, completely agree with this article. Calleen

Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash

Aradale Asylum

Victoria, Australia

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

This psychiatric hospital operated for 126 years until 1993, housing Victoria’s mentally ill. During the height of its operation, the building was home to over 1000 patients. Aradale is just one of 65 buildings in this “city within a city.” The entire property spans well over 600 acres. During one of the two-hour tours offered to the public, you explore the Ararat Hospital’s wards and treatment halls. You can also visit J Ward, which housed the criminally insane. Ghost tours visit the gallows and gravesites for a real spooky experience. 

The Portland Underground

Oregon, United States

Photo by Umit Aslan on Unsplash

For almost a century, Portland, Oregon, was the site of human trafficking. Saloon-owners outfitted their Portland operations with trapdoors, making it easy for them to seize drunk men in the bars and drop them into the Portland Underground. They then drugged the men and sold them as unpaid labor to ships. Ghost tours participants get a flashlight before descending into the underground network where ghosts of dead victims haunt the passages. Men who survived often worked for years as captives on ships, sometimes making their way back home.

Poveglia Island

Venice, Italy

Photo by Joshua Stannard on Unsplash

This island is even more spooky thanks to the events of this year. It’s the place where the term “quarantine” originated. Venice forced incoming ships to dock on Poveglia Island for 40 days to prove they didn’t carry the plague. Consequentially, the island was the last resting place for over 160,000 people. Rumor says human remains make up over half the island. Although the island’s closed to the public, five ghost-hunting Americans attempted to spend the night in 2016. They called for a midnight rescue, claiming harassment by malicious spirits.

The Ancient Ram Inn

Gloucestershire, England

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Built on top of a pagan ritual ground in the 12th century, guests now stay in Wotton-under-Edge’s haunted inn to experience the paranormal phenomenon. Legend states devil-worshipping pagans once sacrificed children on the site. Now, visitors claim to hear screams and babies crying, feel invisible hands pushing them, and even see mist ascending the staircase.

Burg Wolfsegg 

Wolfsegg, Germany

Photo by Eric Marty on Unsplash

Ulrich Von Laaber built this castle in the 13th century to act as a stronghold in the area. War took him from home, leaving his young, beautiful wife a little bored. When her distractions included an affair, Laaber had her killed. It’s now her spirit, the White Woman, who haunts the castle’s hall. Rumor has it there’s a mysterious hole in the woods filled with the bones of Von Laaber and his sons. Still, the hole remains hidden in the forest while the castle’s open for public tours. 

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