By Greg David

You know I’ll be watching… not just to be scared, but also to be educated about what is and isn’t possible. I love Paranormal TV.

Scariest Night of My Life

Our House Media first jumped onto my radar via Backroad Bounty, but they’ve stayed there thanks to three seasons of Paranormal Survivor and one of Haunted Case Files. Now the Canadian documentary series producers return with a third equally creepy series with Scariest Night of My Life.

Debuting Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on T+E, Scariest Night of My Life is exactly what it sounds like: ordinary people recount an awful night they’ve experienced. It all begins Friday with Gloria, who recalls the 2007 night she’ll never forget inside her first home. A happy moving day with her two children and husband went sour that evening when an odd vibe and cold temperature hinted something was amiss. It wasn’t until her daughter woke up to a figure knocking at her window that life for Gloria grew totally terrifying. With her husband gone to his night shift, Gloria and her kids bore the brunt of whatever was in their home, experiencing slamming kitchen cupboards, disembodied footsteps, odd reflections in a bathroom mirror and voiding black goo. Things get worse from there.

Presented with the witnesses narrating their tales, dramatic recreations packed with shadowy figures, giggling children, jagged fonts and otherworldly screams drive home the spookiness. Like Paranormal Survivor and Haunted Case Files before it, Scariest Night of My Life is terrifying. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the people interviewed on Scariest Night believe something happened to them.

If you’re looking for a double-dose of scares, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on T+E marks the Season 2 return of Cream Productions’ Evil Encounters with more tales of personal accounts of paranormal experiences in the woods.

Happy Halloween!

Scariest Night of My Life airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on T+E.

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Spiritual Communication Happens ALL the Time!

Calleen Wilder

Spirit Communication

Or through you or them.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve said something to someone without even realizing what I was saying… only to watch as their mouths hit the floor.

In fact, when most of them ask me to repeat what I said I normally fumble to even recall what that was.  Yet in those exact moments I’ve learned that some of the most profound and life altering information is exchanged.  Consequently I’ve learned that being a medium for spirit is often ongoing and doesn’t really require much involvement from me.

Too though, I’ve also learned this can happen to and through anyone, which is why I make it a point to really listen when people speak.  You just never know when the exact thing you need to hear the most will spill out of someone’s mouth… all without their even realizing it.  Pretty cool, right?

The luckiest day of the year is coming up quick, says celebrity astrologer


Lucky Astrology

Not feeling like the gods are with you lately?

Relax. Good tidings could be coming your way.

Many astrologers consider the annual meeting of Jupiter and the sun to be the luckiest day of the year. And it’s coming up soon — Oct. 26. Mark your calendars.

Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, will be in Miami Beach to host an intimate evening in The Spa at EDITION from 4-7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 22, sharing her insight on all the zodiac signs. No word if Walter Mercado is going to show.

Eye Gazing — An Exercise for Soul Vision

By Nick Polizzi

Eye Gazing

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” — William Shakespeare

I have a little challenge for you today that involves a simple but often cathartic ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years — eye gazing.

Our eyes are highly complex organs, capable of distinguishing the most finite details of our surroundings and interpreting the slightest discrepancy in another’s countenance. And yet, we rarely make direct eye contact with one another for more than a flashing moment.

It can feel awkward to lock eyes for too long during a normal conversation, but what is the source of that discomfort?

Beyond the various cultural connotations and social dos and don’ts that surround eye contact, there is an opportunity to create true connection with the people who matter to us.

Truly “seeing” another is one more checkpoint on the medicine path—a place to step outside of your ego and into your higher self.

Eye gazing—much different from eye contact—is a way to do just that. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see and the emotions you’ll feel through the experience. It rarely disappoints.

The beauty of the exercise below is that it’s alarmingly easy, yet so rarely done, even with our most intimate relationships. There’s incredible power to gazing with someone you’re already in close relationship with (friends, lovers, and family), but it’s equally wondrous to do it with complete strangers.

The Eye Gazing Exercise:

This works best when both parties are already relaxed and fully present, so do whatever you need to get in this state. A 15-minute meditation, a yoga asana, a breathing exercise, a walk in nature, aromatherapy, or your favorite hot/cold therapy could work well here.

1) Set a timer for 10 minutes.

2) Sit across from your partner, preferably cross-legged on a soft rug or cushion, arms-length apart.

3) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

4) Open your lids and look into the eyes of the person in front of you. Let the muscles in your face and body respond naturally to whatever is occurring in the gaze. This isn’t a staring contest; blinking is allowed.

5) No talking.

After the ten minutes are complete, it’s up to you whether you want to share your experience with your partner. Sometimes a conversation seems like a natural extension of what you just witnessed, and other times it feels more appropriate to simply thank one another and allow the experience to be what it is.

Buddhist teachings tell us that we are mirrors for one another, living reflections of both the light and the darkness that exist in our inner worlds. With our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to honor that sacred connection. We must open up if we are to help one another in this life.

Stay Curious,

Nick Polizzi

(Article Source WakeUp-World.com)

What Is a Spirit Guide?

by Patti Wigington


Many people believe they have spirit guides. Some refer to theirs as angels or guardians. Regardless, if you believe you have one, a spirit guide is there simply to guide, not as an entity that you need to give yourself over to. If a spirit guide has a negative influence on your behavior, then chances are good that it’s not a spirit guide at all, but something else entirely.

These are some of the more commonly found types of spirit guides:


These are guides often found by people who do energy work, such as Reiki. An ascended master who appears as a spirit guide is often a being that led a physical life and has moved on to a higher spiritual plane — for example, Buddha, Krishna, even Jesus. Ascended masters usually work with collective groups of souls — in other words, if you’ve got an ascended master hanging around you, you’re not the only one he or she is helping. Their primary focus is that of helping all of humanity. It’s not uncommon for an ascended master to have access to Akashic records. Also referred to as Master Teacher guides.


An ancestral guide is one who can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your dear Aunt Tillie who died when you were ten. It may also appear in the form of a long-dead ancestor. In some schools of thought, these entities are seen as reincarnatedguides, because they are the spirits of someone who loved us during their physical lifetime, or who had some sort of blood connection to our family.

Some people, depending on their religious upbringing, may see these types of guides as guardian angels.


A typical spirit guide is archetypical, symbolic or representative of something else. For example, you may find your guide appears in the form of a warrior, a storyteller, or a wise woman, and they have appeared to you for a purpose.

Typically, that purpose is to teach you and guide you along a particular path. They may also introduce you to other archetypes along your journey, and help out with problem solving, based upon your needs. They are known to provide insight by way of dreams or meditation, and may only hang around as long as you need them, then move on.


Although many people claim to have animals as spirit guides, often these entities are more companions than anything else. It’s not uncommon for a deceased pet to linger around, keeping you company through the grieving process. In some spiritual traditions, such as various Native American or shamanic paths, a person may have an animal totem, which provides teaching and/or protection.

Some people in the metaphysical community break down spirit guides by purpose, rather than their type. For instance, Amanda Meder, who works as a psychic medium, explains that in her practice, guides typically fall into one of these six categories: protectors, gate keepers, message bearers, healers, teachers, and guides that bring us joy.

In addition, many people believe that their spirit guides are angelic beings. This may or may not resonate with you, depending on whether you accept the existence of angels or not.

Some members of the Pagan community do, but angels aren’t typically found in every Pagan belief system.


Now that you know what a spirit guide is, how do you find yours? There are a few different methods you can use to find your spirit guide. If you think you’ve made contact with one, but you’re sensing some read flags, you’ll want to be aware of some basic spirit guide warning signs. If the entity you’re working with turns out not to be a spirit guide at all, but something unpleasant and unwanted, it’s time to get rid of it! Follow these simple pointers for eliminating unwanted entities.

 (Article Source ThoughtCo.Com)

10 Things You Never Realized Were A Side Effect of Being An Empath!

Via AwarenessAct.com

Empath Side Effects

1. Being Hyper Sensitive

An empath’s hypersensitivity might cause an issue or two for them along the road, it’s nonetheless a difficult thing to get used to. We are extremely sensitive to energy in general, including emotions. We feel regular emotions on a much greater intensity than most people do. This can be emotionally stressful because you are so vulnerable to emotions.

2. Absorbing Others Emotions

When I say that empaths absorb other people’s emotions i am not lying or exaggerating in the slightest. We tend to absorb other people’s energy on intense levels and it makes it very important to be careful who you surround yourself with. People tend to mimic those around them, but empaths do this on an entirely different level. One strong negative influence can throw everything off for them.

3. You Know You Don’t Belong Here

An empath has an extremely powerful sense of intuition. Their intuitive abilities allow them to have access to a conscious most people are disconnected from these days. Empaths have an overwhelming sense of knowing and they know they don’t belong here with everything in their soul. They know they are capable of extremely great things but they just don’t know where to start.

4. Your Overwhelming Need To Change The World

Empaths are keen on one thing, and that is healing. They are natural healers and are always looking for ways to change the world. They might become discouraged from time to time because they feel so small compared to 7 billion other people, but it doesn’t ever stop them from trying to change the world. They are capable of amazing things, and perhaps the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

5. You Have A Sense of Knowing

Empaths are born with a sense of knowing that they tend to be unable to explain or describe. It is much like the gut feeling you feel in your stomach when you know the right decision to make. This is referred to as intuition and it is much stronger than the regular gut feeling. They might be completely unable to explain it to another person but it doesn’t make them know any less.

6. Relationships Overwhelm You

An empath is an extremely amazing friend to have in your life and they make some of the absolute best intimate lovers. They are truly loving and caring souls, but relationships might easily scare them or make them feel overwhelmed. They are afraid of vulnerability and being hurt which makes it harder for them to let other people in and trust them.

7. You Attract Negative People

One of an empaths most hated traits of their gift is that they tend to be true magnets for negative people. Empaths are easily taken advantage of because of their elaborate ability to understand where other people are coming from. This causes negative people to essentially gravitate to them.

8. You Love Nature

Empaths are most at home when they are in nature, with trees, plants, and animals. It’s almost as if being with nature recharges their abilities and gives them a revitalized fresh start. Nature is the cure for anything you struggle with in life. At any time you might consider escaping to nature.

9. You Have A Big Heart

Of course empaths have very large hearts. They are extremely loving people and are always looking for a new way to help out society as a whole. They’re always wanting to improve the lives of other people in anyway they can. Their big heart might get them taken advantage of from time to time, but they’d never trade it away. These people are able to feel love like nobody else.

10. You Have Trouble Separating Your Feelings From Others

The natural born gift of an empath is being able to feel the energy of other people and synchronize with them amidst human emotions. This happens completely unwillingly and it can cause an empath to have trouble differing from their feelings and other people. They are very prone to being convinced because they are so open minded about every situation. However, they struggle with being in contact with their own emotions and feelings. They tend to be blinded by the energy of other people around them, making them confused on how they truly feel.

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Spiritual Messages – What Are They & How to Know They’re Real

By Calleen Wilder

Spiritual Messages

I’ve been seeing this particular grouping of numbers a whole bunch lately.  And yes, there are all sorts of new beginnings just brewing in my life.

Thing is, I realize this is a signal from spirit.  I also realize that this particular signal is being given to me right now in order to remind me to do what is best for me.  And although it’s not meant to make decisions for me, it is reminding me to guard against falling into any old patterns unless I’m pretty darn sure they’re good patterns.

Here’s the thing, spirit talks to all of us many times during any given day.  Yet, since they no longer have vocal chords and the human apparatus needed to construct voice (without expending an exorbitant amount of energy), we have to be willing to receive the signs.

This requires only that we open our minds, along with our eyes, enough to recognize that these signs aren’t coincidental or accidental.  NOPE!  These are purposeful events… events that usually contain some pretty powerful messages within them.  Our job is simply to stay open, recognize, and trust the guidance.

Rest assured that those who loved you in life didn’t desert you in death.  They’re still around you.  They’re involved in your life.  AND… they want to help.  They don’t want to manipulate or persuade.  They simply want to keep you cognizant of the ramifications of any choice you make.  That’s all.  They want to be there to support you in death just like they would have supported you in life.

So stay alert.  Pay attention.  Accept their gentle reminders.  Trust that they are reminders and not just random incidences.  Like I always say, there is no randomness in this Universe unless you resist and persist by ignoring all the ways “they”, and the Universe, try to speak you daily.

You see I’ve learned over the years that they know far more about my circumstance than I do.  They see all sides, as well as the beginning and the end.  So I’d be awful stubborn and naive to pretend I always know what’s best for me… because I don’t.  Look at my life, I don’t (ha).

Instead, I know what I want, but I most certainly don’t fully know what I need.  Thus, I listen.  I also receive and appreciate. I even toss out an occasional “Thank You” to the ethers.  Thing is when you’re open and appreciative they’ll do it more.

Again, this is my two cents about living in a world full of miracles and love, should you chose to accept the challenge of living in a similar world. It’s magic I tell you.

Predicting Time With The Tarot


One of the most difficult things when reading tarot can be determining the timing of an event. This is the question that I get asked a lot about by querents as well as tarot readers. There’s a few ways that this can be done, some involving knowledge of astrology, and some that don’t need any knowledge at all regarding timing. In this article when discussing imagery of a card, I am referencing the artwork of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Image Credit: James Sutton | CC0 License
Image Credit: James Sutton | CC0 License

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What Does Being an Introvert Really Mean

Article by Calleen Wilder


So I found this while browsing the Internet and decided it was worth sharing.  Reason being, I’m nothing if not a total, confirmed, and unabashedly brazen Introvert myself.

Considering I’m made up of the typical Virgo stand-offish-ness, and am an INFJ personality type according to the Myers Briggs Personality test (go take this test, it’ll explain so much about you to you), what else could I be?

As such, I’m going to share some truths about being an Introvert with all of you who might also happen to be a Virgo, an INFJ, or an Introvert.  Or married to one… I know… sigh!

First, know that being an Introvert isn’t a choice. Rather, it’s simply how some of us are wired.  For most of my life I hated it.  I often found myself admiring, perhaps even envying, all of you extraverts out there.  I wanted to grow up and be just like you…. unfortunately that state didn’t pass until around the age of 50 (ha)!

Because as far back as I can remember, I ran into all sorts of trouble because of it.  In high school what most perceived as conceit was actually a crippling shyness.  I can even remember times where when thrown into a room full of people I’d literally hear my teeth chattering.  And I hated it!  Every single solitary minute of it.

Cleansing Your Energy with the Power of Stones

Article by Calleen Wilder

Energy Cleansing

I know some of you might think I’ve lost my mind entirely. Now while that may be far truer than I’d like to admit (sigh), in regards to this subject, I haven’t. Here’s the thing, since by now we all know that everything on this planet is constructed of energy, why not stones?

In fact, why not particularly stones? After all, they’re infused with all the goodness of Mother Earth. They’re also porous. Meaning they’re somewhat open to always receiving more energy.

Back in the beginning of my offering Psychic/Medium Readings, I always held an object from the person.  Their object was a short-cut that allowed me to sense, via my reading their energy through it, what someone was wanting from the reading.

It also told me a great deal about the person who originally owned the object, whether that involved my client or one of their ancestors or loved ones.

As such, I know for absolute certain that objects store energy.  I also know that objects give off energy, simply because I was able to read what the object had stored.  It gave me the energy of that information.

And if you think about it, even places give off energy. Think of it this way, if you visit New York you can “feel” the energy of New York.  If you visit Chicago, although similarly busy, it has a totally different energy.  So does every town, in every state, in every country all over the world.

What you’ll also notice is that some of those cities feed you. They make you feel energized and positive. Others take from you. Often leaving you to feel tired, depleted, and/or overwhelmed. Some cities pull you to them while others push you away. It just is.

Therefore, if you can attune your energy to something as receptive as a porous stone, why wouldn’t it also give you the energy it has stored in return? Bottom line is, it will if you allow it to.

See, I’ve not totally gone mad. Rather, I’ve simply learned to listen to the energy of nearly everything so I can respond accordingly. I let the energy guide me as much as humanly possible.

Why not give it a try? Also, please feel free and encouraged to come back to this page and share your results with us after.

It’s truly a magnificent world we live in.  If we begin to listen to the clues, we heal.  Cool stuff!