The World’s Most Haunted Hotel Asks You To Sign A Waiver Before Staying In It

By Soham Nag

While there are many people in the world who refuse to accept the existence of ghosts, there are many who firmly believe and are ever-so-curious about the topic. And if you belong to the second lot, the Haunted Shanley Hotel in New York, is the place where you need to be at least once in your lifetime.

To start with, the Haunted Shanley Hotel, located in the city of Napanoch, does not carry the tag ‘Haunted’ for attracting tourists but because it has been the topic of interest among paranormal investigators for quite some time. The structure which was originally constructed by a man named ‘Thomas Rich’ has had a whopping 20 owners in time.

Most Haunted Hotel

However, the most significant tragedy that took place in the hotel was that of James Louis Shanley and Beatrice Shanley who purchased the hotel in 1906. All of their three children, who were born there, named Kathleen, James, and William died within 9 months of coming to life.

Most Haunted Hotel

James Shanley took the deaths extremely hard and lost his life in a heart attack a few years later.

The deaths did not stay restricted to the members of the family itself but also the people related to it. In 1911, the daughter of the barber of the hotel fell into a nearby well losing her life. In 1918, Beatrice’s sister, who lived in one of the apartments attached to the hotel, lost her life after giving to her third child.

Most Haunted Hotel

There are many paranormal activities that are prevalent in the Shanley Hotel. From rocking chairs seen rocking on their own to piano music, from creepy clock bells to the laughter of children, visitors have experienced them all.

Most Haunted Hotel

Most Haunted Hotel

People have also claimed to have seen a misty apparition, resembling the look of James Shanley, roaming around the establishment. They have also heard a woman mourning and it is likely that this is Beatrice crying over the loss of her three children and sister. A woman donning a Victorian dress has also been spotted on occasions. You can also smell various scents which do not have an explanation. These scents include those of burning pipe tobacco, perfume, and food.

Expectedly, the hotel is not for everyone but only for the brave hearted who agree to abide by the rules. You must be of at least 16 years of age to book a stay. You will also have to sign a waiver, makes you responsible for what the ‘ghosts’ might do to you.

Most Haunted Hotel

Man says there’s a ghost trapped inside his creepy-looking doll

By Harley Tamplin

Haunted Doll

With her blank stare and ever so slightly tilted head, it’s safe to say this doll is pretty freaky. But her unsettling facial expression isn’t the only reason why you should be terrified – because she’s actually haunted.  Ben Canham, who unwittingly became the owner of the ghost trapped inside the child’s toy, says he has experienced some mysterious activity since it fell into his possession. The 21-year-old said: ‘It’s very spooky. ‘The weird thing is, some days you walk into the room and the box lid is opened and some days it is closed. It’s very strange.

Haunted Doll

‘According to the note, previous owners have experienced the box opening and closing by itself just like I have.’ Ben, from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, volunteers at a paranormal museum and regularly buys old boxes of junk.   And his interest was piqued by a doll wearing Victorian era clothing alongside a wooden box containing a note that said ‘read me’. The note warned that the doll and box were found in an abandoned car in 1990 and were possessed by two spirits, lovers Sarah and Richard, who were bound to them. Ben said: ‘I’ve experienced tapping, knocking and other strange sounds. Once my bathroom light began flicking on and off, on and off, but the switch wasn’t even moving.

Haunted Doll

‘It is scary but at the same time it is interesting. Interestingly scary.’ Ben has been interested in the paranormal world for years, but began investigating it after the tragic deaths of both his parents when he was in his teens.

He says his encounters with the paranormal have been a source of comfort for him, knowing that there is a spirit world where his parents will be. Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, where he volunteers, has given him a cabinet of unusual items to look after.


Haunted Doll

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7 Paranormal Experiments That You Didn’t Know Were Actually Led By Governments In The Past

By KC Archana

Everybody loves to believe in the paranormal and even those who are in absolute denial about its existence might just freak the hell out if they happen to come across something even remotely ‘ghostly’.

When it comes to the paranormal, you would assume the government would be the last organisation to endorse such beliefs. On the contrary,  the government actually sanctioned some projects driven by the paranormal, and if you think it’s hogwash, here’s proof:

1. Nazis obsession with witchcraft

Paranormal Governments

Apart from being infamous for committing unspeakable crimes against humanity, the Nazis are also known to have had a deep-seated interest with occult and paranormal practices

It is said that Heinrich Himmler, one of Hitler’s right-hand men was an ardent believer in black magic. He followed many evil ritualistic traditions, which included necromancy and ancient Germanic paganism. According to reports, Himmler’s ordered the SS officers to ransack museums in Poland, Ukraine, and the Crimea for mystical texts.

2. Project Stargate


Project Stargate involved a number of investigations into the paranormal by the CIA and partner organisations such as the DIA and INSCOM. Commonly found in the Stargate documents are handwritten records of remote viewing sessions with simple sketches and graphics. Also known as clairvoyance, remote viewing is the ability to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to “see” or “sense” a far-distant object, person, or place.

3. Soviet Biological Communication


During the Second World War, both the US of A and USSR were sharpening their claws in the field of paranormal, but there was a fundamental difference in the way they approached the paranormal. While the US focused more on the physical aspects, the USSR invested in telepathy, so much so they tried to communicate with submarines deep in the ocean using telepathy. This was their way of preparing for the worst case scenario wherein radio communication could be obliterated after a war.

4. Russian woman’s psychic powers ignited a paranormal arms race


Nina Kulgina was the subject of Soviet psychic experimentation. Her psychic abilities were allegedly so powerful that she once made a frog’s beating heart stop using only her mind. She could also move objects with the power of her mind. The USSR tapped on to Nina’s unique ability and employed scientists to see if she could kill enemies using only her mind. And to this day no one knows anything about the success of those experiments nor the whereabouts of Nina.

5. Uri Geller Experiments


The CIA ran a number of experiments with Uri Geller, a well known psychic from Israel. The experiments with Geller took place for 8 days back in 1970 and it was done to test Geller’s clairvoyant abilities. In one of the experiments, scientist picked a random word from a dictionary while Geller was locked up in a different room. The words they chose was fuse and Geller allegedly came out with the drawing of a firecracker! Geller is also said have had the power to detonate a nuclear bomb with the power of his mind.

6. Project Blue Book


This is one of the most controversial study on UFOs. The US government led an elaborate study into UFOs between 1952 and 1970, and some say the study is allegedly still ongoing. But the data they collected during that period, was very controversial. Their main motive was to determine if these objects could threaten national security, the answer to which is still a moot point.

7. The Philadelphia Experiment


The Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment that was supposed to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia. The Experiment is an event during 1943 in which the United States Navy allegedly teleported a Navy destroyer escort.

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Do we have a life after death? Woman claims seeing an angel after near death experience

By Nirmal Narayanan

Life After Death ExperienceA new testimonial published on the website of NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) is now the hottest point of debate between hardcore believers and atheists. The story details the experience of an old woman who apparently saw an angel after a near-death experience during her childhood.

The woman who reveals herself as Evelyn claims that the incident associated with the near-death experience happened in 1958 when she was a small girl. Evelyn recollected that an aftermath of flu started causing seizures on her body, and one of them literally took her life away. Now, after 60 years, Evelyn has finally spoken out about her experience after her alleged soul detached from the body.

“My body was no longer seizing, it was just limp. The doctor was doing something to me and my mother was sitting at the foot of the bed looking really worried. I think at that point, I don’t remember because I began to rise above the ceiling and then I went into another realm. There was a lot of light. A young woman with long hair dressed in a beautiful, flowing whitish-blue gown was there close to me,” revealed Evelyn.

As Evelyn went close to the angel, the divine entity informed her that her time is not up, and she should return back to earth.

“She emanated complete, loving kindness and I thought she must be an angel. She communicated with me through our thoughts, not by speaking. There was light behind her and I was so drawn to that light that I began floating toward it. She stopped me, put her arms around me which filled me with light and love, and said, ‘It is not your time yet. You’re going to have to go back.’ I knew she meant go back to earth, to my bedroom and my body,” added Evelyn.

Evelyn recollected that during her time with the angel, she felt no pain, and was filled with love, joy and light. When Evelyn insisted that she does not want to go back, the angel informed her that she had to do many things back in the physical world.

However, skeptics argue that near-death experience is some kind of trick played by our brain. When our brain fails to obtain enough amount of Oxygen, it tries to adapt itself, and during these times, the victim may see flashes of light, and this may be what they mistake as heaven or hell.

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Do You See Repeating Numbers? Here’s The Meaning Behind Them…


Someone asked me a question about seeing repeating numbers today. In looking for their specific numbers I stumbled upon this article. I found it interesting and informative, so I’m sharing.

Repeating Numbers

Different sequences of numbers have different meanings – for example, seeing 11:11 means that you have become in tune with your soul, and are following the right path. You are in a wonderful space to manifest your wildest dreams, and have a great connection between yourself and the universe. If you’d like to read more about the meaning behind 11:11, you can do so here. 

Seeing 1’s essentially means you have gotten in touch with your soul purpose, and know exactly what you want out of this life.

Seeing 2’s means that you should continue on your path, regardless of what others may think. Don’t fear being ridiculed for allowing your true self to shine through. Whatever you feel has been holding you back, just let go and let flow. Believe in yourself, and stand up for what you feel even if you must walk the path alone.

Seeing 3’s means that your spirit guides have been summoned to help you along your path, and that you are always protected. Don’t live in fear, but rather, embrace the fact that you have been blessed by the divine light and energy of your angels. They will not let you fall into a bad situation or allow anything negative to happen to you.

If you see 4’s repeating, you will begin to attract abundance in all aspects of life. If you have been struggling financially, spiritually, emotionally, or in any other manner, you will start to see your life transform dramatically. You have tapped into the energy of the universe, and will begin to see positive changes in many parts of your life.

Seeing 5’s means that your life will begin to move forward in a positive direction. So, if you’ve been feeling stagnant, lost, or afraid lately, don’t let these worries take over. Keep following your heart, and everything will fall into place perfectly. It might seem like things have taken a while to manifest for you, but never fear – big changes are just around the corner for you.

Seeing 6’s means that you need to spend more time going within and slowing down. Though repeating 6’s have a negative connotation, looking deeper into the message reveals that you just need to take more time out for you. You might have recurring negative thoughts or notice that your life seems to keep spiraling downwards, so this points clearly to a need for relaxation and rebalancing. If you look after your own energy, you will start to see that better energy will come back to you.

Repeating 7’s means that the doors are wide open for you to continue learning and growing. You will keep evolving into a more conscious being, and learn even better ways of living that will encourage and motivate others to replicate.

Seeing 8’s is very rare, but it means you have tapped into a very deep, hidden realm of the universe that many people never venture to. Repeating 8’s have a very healing, shamanic energy, so if you see them, don’t take it lightly. You might be on your way to discovering profound truths about how the universe works.

9’s signify a closing of one chapter and the opening of another. Maybe you have a relationship or job that you feel no longer serves you, so now would be the time to let it go and continue walking your unique path. Repeating 9’s have been called a “master number,” because you will learn important lessons on your soul journey that will accelerate your growth as a spiritual being.

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Spend the Night at One of the Most Haunted Places in Wichita Falls

By Stryker

Ghost Hunt

Get your proton pack ready, because you may run into a ghost over the summer in Wichita Falls.

If you’re someone who would love to experience some paranormal activity, now is your chance. Sign up for the one night only event at the Kell House on June 30th. You will be the first ever group to do an overnight ghost investigation at the house. The Kell House is a landmark in Wichita Falls that has stood for over 100 years. We have actually featured a part of this haunted legend in our Most Haunted of Wichita Falls series.

Specifically, a statue of Flora Kemp, who was the daughter of Joseph Kemp, the brother-in-law of Frank Kell. People have claimed to see this statue crying at Riverside cemetery. Flora’s monument is known as ‘The Crying Bride’ because, according to legend, Flora broke her neck on her wedding day when she tripped as she walked down the curving stairs of the Kell House. Although, some reports say Flora died of typhoid in 1910, one year after the Kell House was built.

Ghost Hunt

People have also claimed to see people or shadows within The Kell House even when the house is locked up.

Other creepy things that have allegedly happened are doors opening or closing on their own, people hearing strange voices, items moving on tables, or lights flickering on. Hopefully, you get to see something like this on this ghost hunting adventure.

Ghost Hunt

Signups for this ghost hunt are going on right now So if you’re interested, I would hop on board as soon as possible. The cost is $89 which includes a paranormal investigation class and use of actual ghost hunting equipment. After some time with the group, you can go investigate on your own. Also, free snacks and drinks will be provided. I will be really disappointed if Ecto-Cooler is not the drink provided.

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Why We Can’t Breakup With a Soulmate

By Falcon via

Soul Mates“A bond between souls is ancient – older than the planet.” 
― Dianna Hardy, The Witching Pen

Older than the planets!

 When planets and Universe are involved, it has to be something serious, and something beyond our control, our choice. Just like a soul mate. We don’t choose them. They happen to us.

A soul mate is someone with whom you can have a cosmic connection when you meet for the first time. The connection is so strong that you feel drawn to these people from the start. This soul mate understands you and helps connect with you in every possible way. This in itself changes our lives and makes us calmer and peaceful human beings.

No matter how hard we try, a soul mate is someone who brings a smile to our lipsand changes the course of our lives eternally. Breaking up with such a soul mate is truly not a possibility. A soul mate observes us and makes us resolute. A soul mate often becomes our source of strength. The rush of love and peace is very tempting. We suddenly open our eyes to viewing someone that can be observed in new light as well.

Romance rekindles and it becomes a hard fact that we cannot get past the person without involving him or her in everything we do. The depth of emotions or even the heights of spirituality faced in life are often momentous. We all crave for stability and love in our relationships; our soul mates help us reach that pinnacle of personal glory.

Breaking up with a soul mate often is a prospect we hate. However, it makes sense to actually think of the times that we are wrong and live a life where the other person simply hurts you. This may be very painful but it makes sense to actually sever ties with the one that causes the maximum pain. These individuals may not be your soul mate but are instrumental in shaping your lives nonetheless.

A soul mate does everything in his or her power to make your life complete. He or she is the force that drives your life in a direction that would help channel the positive energy. No matter what the cause of your fights, your soul mate does everything to get the situation back into shape. He or she tries to be at the background and help you take the toughest decisions in life. A soul mate helps us get happiness in everyday moments. These moments are very special to us and getting distracted because of our tough schedules often puts our romantic life in the back burner.

You know as they say it’s rare when you find someone who parallels your mental wave-length. That someone, with whom you never brawl over a movie genre for a movie night. And that someone you can pour your heart out to whenever you want to.

Soul mates are inseparable!

It’s such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and realize there’s this one person who loves you the way you are, let alone the cosmic connection.

No doubt it. All those silly fights and misunderstanding can never be strong enough to shake this bond.

“What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

One is a choice, and one is not.” 
― Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein


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Psychic Empaths

These are the types of psychic empaths: find out which you are…

About empathy

Empathy is when you understand what someone is going through as if you were walking in their shoes. You are very sensitive to energy kind of person.

Those people who are empathic have a capacity that’s called clairsentience. This is the ability to get the emotions that are showed in the world when you’re interacting with people and animals. You are affected by what’s going on around you.

Which are the types of psychic empaths?

It’s good to keep in mind that not all empaths have the same abilities. Some can really feel what other people are going through, while any other empath can, just as easily, to show changes in the levels of the energy of what surrounds them. But one thing is the same for all empaths: their capacity to feel the levels’ energy. They can even do some subtle changes and some ‘normal’ people might not see at first. Find out what are the best phone psychic readings here.

The emotional empath

Those of you who take part of this type can pick up the emotional feelings of other people and actually experience those after. It’s actually quite good because you can help others – you are very good listeners, because you understand what people feel and where they’re coming from, and it usually doesn’t matter if you’ve been through that or not. However, if you’re also the type of person that gets sad quickly, you might have a problem, as this can really drain your batteries. You have to take care of yourself, too.

The geomantic empath

Or ‘environmental empathy’. You are certainly one of them if you find yourself happy or uncomfortable for no reason at all. Also, ask yourself if you feel some connections to some certain locations, such as churches or groves.

The physical or medical empath

Think about this: you know what a person feels if you’re seeing their energy. You definitely possess the physical or a medical empath. You heal people, either through a medical career or through other ways. Again, don’t forget to take care of yourself, as sometimes you can experience those problems yourself. Sometimes you may even encounter some problems in dealing with some preexisting ones.

The plant empath

With this one, you’ll know the kind of plant you need from instinct. This instinct will show you exactly where to put plants in your home and even garden. To make yourself feel better, you may try to bond with nature by meditating of a special tree to understand the energy better.

The animal empath

You have a strong connection with animals if you’re an animal empath. You care deeply for animals and you understand them and their needs. It’s known that some people even communicate with animals by telepathy.

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