Dr. Oz Show: Do You Have A Life Number? By Linda Pena

People love analyzing the details of who they are. Daily horoscopes and Enneagrams are a fun way to learn more about yourself, but now there’s a new test that will answer the questions, “What’s my personality?” and more importantly, “What’s my life path?” The answer may lie in the numbers of your birth date, which leads to your life path number. So what is a life path number and what can it teach you about yourself? Well, just like we have a numerical date of birth that connects us to a specific zodiac sign, we also have a life path number that’s based on our birthday.

The life path number you receive based on your birthday tells you about the gifts you were blessed with and the challenges you will need to overcome. According to psychic medium Kim Russo, author of Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access the Light Within, “In numerology, your life path number is typically reflective of who you are and describes your traits and personality,” she says. “It is akin to your sun sign in astrology.”

Russo believes that numbers create harmony, balance, and pattern to help make sense of your life. Figuring out your life path number can provide you with a way to make sense of the chaos. Find out how to figure out your number and what it means by following Russo’s instructions below.

How to calculate your life path number

All you need is your full birthday — month, day, and year — in order to figure out your life path number.  Here is how to do calculate:

1. Condense each number to a single digit.

Let’s take the date May 11, 1960.

Since May is the fifth month of the year, your first number is 5. Note: If your birthday is double digits you should reduce with the calculations below.

Since the day of the month is 11. Reduce the numbers into a single digit by adding them (1+1). Your second number is 2.

Your final number is based on your birth year, 1960. You will reduce them again by adding. 1+9+6+0 = 16

You will again need to reduce them 1+6. Your third number is 7.

2. Add up all of your reduced numbers.

Next, add up the three final numbers after reducing them.  in Step 1. In this example, the final numbers are 5, 2, and 7, equaling 14. Reduced, the life path number is 5 (1 + 4).

3. Keep Master Numbers in Mind

In numerology, Russo notes that there are three “magical” numerology numbers: 11, 22, and 33. These numbers — the “Triangle of Enlightenment” — ultimately makes it more difficult to fit one spiritual mold. If your three final numbers result in a master number, it means that you steer the ship and may even be able to master a myriad of spiritual truths. “It can be both a blessing and a curse,” Russo adds. “It requires great time and effort to understand how to incorporate the power of a master number into one’s life and personality. But it definitely worth the effort!”

I got my number. Now, what does it mean?

This is the fun part. Here is what your number actually means according to Russo.

Number 1

Just like being number one suggests, you lead the pack. You are independent and tend to love new beginnings and projects. In fact, according to Russo, if you repeatedly see the number 1 in your life, the universe is telling you to start something new.Despite your self-assured, I’ve-got-this personality, you also value alone time. If you are a number one, you are an innovative leader who teaches others great lessons.

Number 2

Have you ever seen a great duo, like a loving couple or inseparable friends? Situations like these are where you thrive! You are comfortable with your identity and love sharing ideas and thoughts to make the world a better place.Since you are a people-person,you work best in environments where you can humbly serve others.

Number 3

According to Russo, “The number three represents this very dimension in which we live (the third dimension).” A lot of natural things come in threes, for example, Russo says, the stars, sun, and moon or gas, liquid, and solid. Number threes are strong, optimistic, and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo by being “movers and shakers,” according to Russo. It is because of their contagious energy and passionate nature that they excel best at teaching. They are happy-go-lucky and sometimes unfocused, causing them to be insecure and quite emotional if things don’t go their way. If you are a three, you are an inspiration for those who lack a full appreciation of the beautiful third dimension that we are a part of.

Number 4

Simply put, fours do not like change nor compromise. This doesn’t mean that they are complacent — these people are ambitious and when they are passionate, it shows tenfold. Due to their goal-chasing nature, they tend to choose logic over creativity, simply because they are their biggest critics. Russo says fours are “grounded, reliable, and trustworthy.” She also adds that with fours, “what you see is what you get.”

Number 5

In her book, Russo summed up “Fives need to be careful not to be the jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.” Fives are risk-takers, change-seekers, and growth-lovers. There is always a constant battle between their heads and their hearts. Because they like to have options, they do not like being pigeonholed into any commitment that will jeopardize their freedom. Fives are always doing something, so they may find it difficult to regroup and find one thing to focus on. So, they must train themselves to be balanced. Despite this struggle, they are intelligent and extremely analytical.

Number 6

“S” does not just stand for “six” — it also stands for “selfless”, which is what number six is! These are the mediators of the group and always give more than they take. Their true purpose in life is to serve others and to share their divine gifts with the world. This explains why they are great nurses, therapists, and community volunteers. Be careful if you are a six, though — a failure to achieve a balance of helping yourself and helping others can feel like a jumbled mess. This aside, sixes are gracious lovers that fill others’ hearts with joy.

Number 7

Lucky number sevens are pretty consistent with the laws of the universe. Superstitious analysts, they are confident seekers of faith and have psychic abilities, according to Russo. Because of this they often find it difficult to achieve a middle-ground of both the spiritual and physical worlds. They are essentially introverted extroverts — they are great thinkers but they love to express their joy for all things (this is why sevens make excellent researchers and philosophers!).

Number 8

When flipped to its side, eight is the infinity symbol, representing infinite strength when number eights seek improvement (which is often!). They are hardly satisfied with what they have and rarely live in the moment. However, that does not mean they are complacent with their work ethic. Eights are some of the best workers and love being promoted up the ladder of success, or, as Russo puts it — people who “oversee the construction of skyscrapers or running high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.”

Number 9

Russo considers nines to be the “Mother Teresa’s of the world.” In other words, they are relentless servers who want to share their light with everyone and everything. They are silently wise and they may make a large sum of money, but that does not fill their hearts with joy. They are very content and often donate and help charity efforts. If your number is nine, you are wholeheartedly compassionate!

Information submitted by Victoria Giardina for doctoroz.com and is not necessarily the opinion of Dr. Oz.

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Mercury isn’t the only planet in retrograde during summer 2019, and for those who follow astrology closely, the number of retrogrades happening in the coming weeks may be intimidating. Six planets are, or will be, in retrograde before the summer ends, and each can have a unique impact on individuals, depending on their astrological chart. Here’s what you can expect from each of the planets in terms of your personal life, according to astrologers.

In this handout digital illustration released on September 15, 2011, by NASA, the newly-discovered gaseous planet Kepler-16b orbits it’s two stars.NASA/JPL-CALTECH/T. PYLE/GETTY


In Retrograde: July 7 to August 1

What It Means: Mercury is the most common planet to go into retrograde, and it does so a few times each year as its orbit passes earth. During Mercury retrograde, some people may find themselves unable to effectively communicate. Astrologers also generally recommend putting off big purchases or legal matters until after the planet’s orbit returns to normal.

Mercury’s retrogrades are considered particularly volatile because of how quickly the planet moves and its proximity to the Earth. This seems to mean that the planet’s manic energy can widely affect day to day life and amp up stress levels. The other planets on this list are not typically as strong in retrograde, though they do have their own effects.


In Retrograde: April 10 to August 11

What It Means: Jupiter retrograde doesn’t tend to cause too much harm. Instead, it ushers in a period of quiet reflection on events that have transpired throughout Jupiter’s normal orbit, according to astrologer Annabel Gat in conversation with Refinery29. This may be difficult while Mercury generates chaotic energy, but after the smallest planet leaves retrograde, people may experience a greater sense of peace and reflection through the start of August, according to Gat.


In Retrograde: April 30 to Sept 18

What It Means: Saturn retrograde tends to compliment Jupiter retrograde, according to Astrology.com. During Saturn’s reverse orbit, people may experience a sense of moving forward and evaluating the best next moves.


In Retrograde: August 21 to Jan 1

What It Means: Uranus isn’t in retrograde just yet, but can offer an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection, specifically in regard to relationships and life choices. If you are not able to face the music, however, Uranus retrograde has the potential to set you back in all areas and kill your creative drive, according to Astrology.com.


In Retrograde: June 21 to November 27

What It Means: Like the other retrogrades, Neptune retrograde offers the chance to reflect, this time on one’s spirituality. It’s a big trigger for psychic intuition, dreams and confusion, according to Hello Giggles. It can be difficult to break out of the Neptune retrograde fog, which some describe as muddling true feelings with confusing illusions. For some astrology-minded folks, Neptune retrograde may demand spending time to sort out your true feelings.RELATED STORIES


In Retrograde: April 24 to October 3

What It Means: Pluto may be one of the eeriest retrogrades, as it shines a light on the “shadow self,” or the side of ourselves we try to hide, according to Bustle. This means the things may reveal themselves against our will during the five months Pluto is in retrograde. Naturally, this also inspires a lot of reality checks and self-realization, astrologers say.

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10 Haunted Highways That Will Make You Want To Drive Faster BY MELISSA BINNS

When most people think of the paranormal, their first thought is of a haunted house or a haunted cemetery. But many people forget that there are just as many haunted highways out there! And not just in obscure, middle-of-nowhere locations in the United States — all over the world! If you live near any of these locations, you probably know the legends…but outsiders often don’t. Next time you travel, see if you come across any of the roads listed below. It might explain any creepy feelings or mysterious experiences you encounter on your trip! That is, if you believe in such things. Either way, keep your eyes peeled when traveling on these haunted highways!


Haunted Highways

It should come as no surprise that a road called Shades of Death is suspected to be haunted. Located in Warren County, New Jersey, some say the ghosts of various people robbed and killed by highwaymen back in the day haunt the area. There were also three different unsolved murders that took place on the road in the 1920s and 1930s, and the victims are said to haunt the road as well.

Most fascinating of the lore surrounding Shades of the Death Road is the legend that there is a Native American spirit who can turn into a deer and jump in front of your car at night, causing you to crash.


Haunted Highways

The Bei Yi Highway is winding and moves through mountainous regions. There was a time where conditions weren’t the best, resulting in many auto accidents and fatalities on this highway. Despite improvements in infrastructure, there are still said to be frequent accidents. Rumors began to swirl that it was due to the angry spirits that still roam there.

People have since begun to burn joss paper (aka ghost money) on the highway in hopes of appeasing the spirits and warding the evil off. Joss papers are a traditional burnt offering that originated from Chinese culture. Some say you will constantly see the remnants of ghost money as you drive along the highway.


Haunted Highways

This road is home to the “Belchen Tunnel White Lady,” an apparition of an elderly woman dressed in all white. The first murmurings of a White Lady spotting came in a newspaper article in 1981. Since then, more and more people claim to have seen this ghostly woman. Two women even claim to have picked her up in 1986. They said they asked the woman if she was feeling well, and she responded that she wasn’t. The white lady then warned that “something really awful” was going to happen before vanishing from the car. The tunnel was renovated in 2003, but it’s been said that the White Lady still lurks.


Haunted Highways

Known as the most haunted road in Britain, the bypass is rumored to have been built on cursed land. As legend tells it, a monk who was kicked out of his church and lost his faith was buried in an unholy grave. It’s also said that a mine shaft used to be located there, and many children fell down it and died. Now, both the monk and various children are spotted frequently. Some have spotted a group of children in old-fashioned clothing dancing and singing in a circle before fading into nothingness. In addition, some of the deadliest car accidents in the area have occurred on this road. Coincidence?


Haunted Highways

This dangerous highway is known for many deadly accidents, including accidents that killed people of prominence like Macedonian singer Toše Proeski in 2007 and Croatian actress Dolores Lambaša in 2013. Legend has it that workers used cement from tombstones and material from monuments and graves to make the highway and that many of the youths at the time also mocked the graves.

Now, drivers report losing concentration, losing radio signal, and losing control of their vehicle. Some even say they felt their car was being pulled by a mysterious force in the opposite direction of where they were trying to go. And of course, there are multiple sightings of a little ghost girl who will disappear when you try to help her.


Haunted Highways

Also known as the Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway, the E8 Expressway is the location of many urban legends. The arguably most popular one tells the story of a mother, father, and baby whose car broke down. After failed attempts to fix it, the father decided to walk down the road and look for the nearest phone booth. He instructed his wife to not leave the car for any reason, so she obeyed him even when there was a loud, repetitive banging on the top of the car.

Police officers finally arrived, helped the mother and baby escape the vehicle, and instructed them not to look back. The mother did anyway and saw a ghoul-like creature hitting her husband’s decapitated head on the roof. Gross.

A tamer legend is of the yellow Volkswagen, which is said to appear often on the highway….with no driver.


Haunted Highways

This road is only thought to be haunted by locals in recent years. The is due to a video that went viral in 2016 showing a ghostly girl sitting on a moving car. She appears rigid and expressionless despite the speed of the car. While this is the only mysterious occurrence caught on camera, many other locals have since started reporting creepy, disappearing hitchhikers. One taxi driver claims he picked up two women dressed in all black that seemed to disappear from his car. Later, his car stalled on a set of train tracks, and the girls from before appeared in front of him with blood running down their faces. He was eventually able to escape the tracks in time.


Haunted Highways

This busy roadway is said to have had hundreds of fatal accidents occur on it, and the spirits of those accidents are causing more accidents and thus, the creation of more spirits. Many locals insist that ghostly apparitions will suddenly appear in front of you, causing drivers to swerve in order to avoid them — often resulting in an accident. And if that accident is fatal, then there is now another ghost added to the mix, ready to cause more chaos. In 2003, a bus crash on the road resulted in the deaths of 21 people. The specific people who lost their lives are recognized walking along the road often.


Haunted Highways

This road is home to what is called the “Uniondale Phantom Hitchhiker” who has come to be known as “Maria.” Maria died in a car accident on N9 Road in 1968. On Good Friday in 1976, a man picked up a hitchhiker who looked exactly like Maria and was wearing the same clothes she died in. As many of these hitchhiker stories go, Maria eventually vanished from his car with no explanation. It wasn’t until a journalist showed the man a picture of Maria that he realized he had picked up a ghost. A motorcyclist had a similar encounter on Good Friday in 1978. And On Good Friday in 1980, another motorcyclist claims he was riding past the area where Maria had died when he felt something. He looked down and there were hands wrapped tightly around his waist. He also felt a few knocks on his helmet before the hands disappeared.


Haunted Highways

Approximately 245 people have died on National Highway 33 since 2010, so it only makes sense that there have been tons of ghost sightings. Just like Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong, the spirits of past accidents are said to be the causes of future accidents.

Locals have become so terrified of traveling on these roads, two temples were erected near both the entrance and the exit of the highway so that people can pray as they pass. Unfortunately, many locals claim their prayers aren’t helping and are spreading the word that it’s a haunted highway where “prayers don’t work.”

Article Source – TheTravel.com

Area 51: hunting aliens in the American southwest with Airbnb

The online accommodation giant has started offering bespoke adventures — including a trip along the Extraterrestrial Highway byJonathan Thompson

JT phone home: Jonathan Thompson at the Alien Research Center
JT phone home: Jonathan Thompson at the Alien Research Center

Nate starts whistling the theme tune of The X-Files as he swerves off the freeway and onto a dirt road. “This is it,” he shouts, over the roar and rattle of his old jeep. “The entrance to Area 51.”

One of America’s leading UFO authorities, Nate could easily be an X-Files character himself, but today he’s working his day job — for Airbnb. Last month, the online platform launched its Airbnb Adventures programme: more than 200 hosted journeys on six continents, lasting between two and 10 days, with a maximum of 12 people per trip. A three-day paranormal tour of the American southwest is one of the flagship offerings, and I’m the first UK journalist to sign up.

Is there anybody out there? Rush hour in the Nevada desert
Is there anybody out there? Rush hour in the Nevada desertGETTY

Our adventure begins in unobtrusive Cedar City,…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kids & Psychic Abilities BY KIRSTIE LANDRY

Psychic Kids

The sixth sense, foresight, telepathy… whatever you want to call it, the concept of psychic abilities is a fascinating one – although controversial. While some see psychic powers as a bunch of nonsense, there are other people who truly believe in it.

No matter where a person stands on this, no one can deny that it definitely makes for a very interesting discussion. And interestingly, more and more studies are backing up the idea that there may be something going on that we just don’t yet understand, so that the people who believe in it have pretty strong arguments in support of their beliefs.

Of course, it’s not just adults that may have psychic abilities – plenty of believers suggest that kids can be psychic too… even more so than adults, as they haven’t yet learned to disbelieve or ignore their abilities. If you think your child might be a bit of a crystal-ball gazer, here are some things you should know.


Psychic Kids

Some people are naturally pretty good at figuring out what a person is like, but kids who are gifted with psychic abilities can basically read a person like an open book. Parents of kids who have this kind of ability will probably notice that their child loves being around someone they just met, or they really dislike them for no apparent reason.

Psychic kids are particularly great at figuring out what other people are like, even if they’ve only just met them. This is a great ability to have, since it can keep them from hanging out with the wrong crowd.


Psychic Kids

If a little one is psychic, their parents might hear them discussing a past life. This is truly fascinating, because children who do this have recalled some very interesting things.

Since nearly all children have great imaginations, it is easy for those around a child like this to blame it on some vivid dreams they have had or something like that. But it really should be taken seriously, since it can indicate that the child in question has incredible psychic abilities.

If parents dismiss this as nothing more than a child’s imagination, they might keep their child from talking about this again. It’s important to listen when they are saying things like this.


Psychic Kids

If a child has psychic abilities, they are probably a bit more sensitive to certain things than others are, and little boys and girls like this are called empathetic children. Basically, empathetic children feel too much.

Sometimes the things that are going on around them are a bit too much for them to handle. Empathetic kids can be triggered by various things, some of which include certain smells or sounds. Parents who find that they have kids like this need to pay a lot of attention to them and see if they can figure out what their triggers are, so that they can be avoided.


Psychic Kids

Animals generally make people feel good, but a psychic child may have a truly special connection with them. Pets are very gentle creatures who usually do not wish to do harm to anyone, so they tend to give off a very loving and nurturing vibe, and since psychic children are sensitive to the feelings of others, they really like pets, even more than most people do.

Parents of a child who is gifted should certainly consider giving them a pet because of this reason. Pets can bring anyone joy, but they are especially loved by young people with psychic gifts.


Psychic Kids

One of the main characteristics of spiritually gifted people is being able to predict something that has not happened yet. When non-psychic people picture a person with these gifts, they typically imagine someone who is looking into a crystal ball, predicting the future.

While psychics don’t always use crystal balls, sometimes they know about things before they actually happen. This can actually happen to psychics of all ages.

Sometimes psychics see these things in visions, and sometimes they see them in their dreams. Moms and dads of gifted children should definitely pay attention to what their children say they are dreaming about.


Psychic Kids

It’s not unusual for little ones to have an imaginary friend, but when a child has one, it could be that they are communicating with something called a spirit guide. According to certain spiritual schools of thought, everyone has a spirit guide, but the only people who are capable of communicating with them are ones who are spiritually gifted.

The reason why this is true is because it’s hard for a person to speak with his or her spirit guide when they have not yet accepted that they have one. The first step one should take in order to communicate with a spirit guide is to believe in them.


Psychic Kids

Not everyone likes crowded places, and sometimes that is because they pick up on the moods of those around them. This is another thing that empathetic children are able to do.

It sounds awesome, but this can actually be negative at times. Little ones who have this kind of gift sometimes find that it can be a bit too much at times, since they feel the emotions of everyone around them.

If a child does not enjoy being in crowded places, that could be the reason why. Children like this generally feel as though the pain of others is their pain as well.


Psychic Kids

Sometimes kids have trouble sleeping because of a medical problem, and sometimes it is because they possess spiritual gifts. Psychic children are known to have problems when bedtime rolls around.

They usually do not sleep very easily, and some of them do not have very fond feelings about being in the dark. When they do eventually go to sleep, spiritually gifted children often have very vivid dreams and nightmares. This likely makes them want to fall asleep even less.

There are some things parents can do to encourage their child to have pleasant dreams, which might help the situation. Parents who want to help their child have a pleasant night of sleep should read to them before bed, or talk with them about what their favorite parts of the day were.


Psychic Kids

Lots of children have a very creative side, but psychic children are usually a bit more creative than others. The right side of the brain is usually the side that is responsible for a person’s ability to come up with creative things, and the left side usually helps a person think about things in a more analytical way. Sometimes psychic children use the right side of their brain more than they use the left side, which could have something to do with the fact that many of them make decisions based off of their intuition instead of facts that have been presented to them.


Psychic Kids

Auras are biomagnetic energy fields that surround each of us, and children who are gifted with psychic powers are sometimes able to see them. One fun little tidbit about auras is that they all look different.

In that way, auras are like fingertips. But a person’s aura changes when their mood changes. If an adult is sensitive enough, they are probably able to see the auras of those around them. But children are more likely to be able to see auras than adults are. If babies or toddlers are constantly looking above a person’s head, they might be checking out their aura.

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You Know Mercury Retrograde. Now, Meet Chiron Retrograde ERIKA W. SMITH

Chiron Retrograde

If you follow astrology at all, you probably know that Mercury is retrograde right now. But another retrograde has just arrived. As of July 8, the comet Chiron is retrograde in Aries, and stays there until in goes direct on December 12. Known in astrology as “the Wounded Healer,” Chiron affects all aspects of wellness — our physical health, mental health, emotions, and spirituality.

Chiron was first discovered in November 1977, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Scientists originally classified it as an asteroid. “Named after centaur Chiron of Greek mythology, Chiron was a healer and a teacher who, ironically, could never heal himself after being hurt over and over for no reason,” explains Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer for Astrology.com and Horoscope.com.

The comt’s name is appropriate. “After all these years of studying and documenting the effects of Chiron in the natal chart, astrologers have come to the realization that Chiron represents the internal wounds we will have to heal during this lifetime,” Montúfar says. “Chiron shows us where our soul has been deeply hurt before, and ironically, its placement by sign, house, and aspect points out to the healing powers we hold as a result of these deep spiritual wounds.”

If you’re thinking that the “Wounded Healer” going retrograde sounds like it could be bad news, well, you’re right. “When Chiron goes retrograde, the wounds that have been buried deep in our subconscious come to light. It’s like a window of opportunity that allows us to fully glance at our soul’s past journey,” Montúfar says. “Sounds like fun? Of course not. Some of these wounds relate to karma, abandonment, and physical trauma. But in what can be a very dark place, there’s gold to be mined.”

There are some actions we can take to make the most out of this difficult time. “During Chiron’s retrograde transit, pay attention to the signs and synchronicities you encounter, as they are your tools for self-empowerment,” Montúfar says. “Pay even closer attention to people who bring out these uncomfortable truths, as they have come to show you the path to healing and transformation. And in true Aries fashion (Chiron is currently in Aries), face them head-on! Because when the Wounded Healer retrogrades, the fuller the embracement, and the deeper the enlightenment we will all experience.”

Astrologer Lisa Stardust adds that Chiron retrograde can be a time for healing. “During Chiron retrograde, we will be accessing our subconscious needs and wounds,” she says. “We will be cosmically tasked to re-evaluate old relationships and decisions. Through understanding the past, we can be more diligent and understanding of the future.”

During these months, focus on self-care and self-love. “It’s a great time to head to therapy, or reconnect with inner childhood wounds,” Stardust says. “Being that Chiron is retrograde in the sign of Aries, we can reconcile our sentiments only if we take back our power. While we may not forgive others, we can forgive ourselves. We can mend our minds and hearts through self-love.”

Article Source – Refinery29.com

From shadow people to inverted cross: Five signs that your house is possessed by ghosts by Nirmal Narayanan


Even though the scientific community dismisses the existence of demons and ghosts, paranormal investigators strongly assure that these otherworldly entities are real.

Stories regarding demons and ghosts have always grabbed the eyeballs of people all across the globe. Even though there are no scientific bases regarding these stories, due to their eerie nature, many people love to believe in these imaginary entities, often backed by mythological concepts. However, several paranormal hunters including Ed and Lorraine Warren, the legendary ghost hunting couples strongly believe that these otherworldly entities are real. Hindu mythology also suggests that ghosts are real, and these are actually wandering human souls who fail to cross the Vaitarani river, a water body mentioned in Garuda Purana.

Even though not scientifically proven, International Business Times, India, presents you five signs that indicate the presence of ghosts in your house, as per the inputs from paranormal investigators.

Bizarre behaviour of pets

Paranormal experts believe that pets have the capability to see ghostly entities due to their impeccable eye power. As per these paranormal hunters, human eyes do not have the capacity to see ghosts due to its limitations, but animals including dogs and cats can see these entities.

When pets see these entities, they will start behaving strangely, and this is one of the main indications that a ghost is roaming in your household. If you see your pet dog barking at empty air, it is a clear sign that he or she may have witnessed a demon.

In a book named ‘True Tales of the Ouija Board‘, author Stephen Wagner has revealed one such incident that illustrates the connection between pets and ghosts. In the book, Wagner narrates an incident where a group of girls played with an Ouija board. Later, a spirit was contacted, and it unexpectedly mentioned their dogs. The girls asked the spirit why dogs were mentioned, and the spirit replied, ”You will see”.

Soon after they lost the contact with the spirit, dogs outside their house started behaving strangely, and these pets started screaming without any particular reason. Shockingly, the girls also found burn marks on one of the dogs.

The sighting of shadow people

Creepy stories regarding shadow people has perplexed people for years. The fear of the dark is common among people, and experts believe that this is one of the main reasons behind these mysterious visual hallucinations. For example, a jacket hanging on the door could be easily misinterpreted as a standing human figure in mild darkness. However, paranormal investigators believe that these dark human figures are real, and they are actually ‘shadow people’.

One such case of witnessing a shadow person was recently shared to International Business Times by a content writer in Kerala. The content writer who goes by the pseudo name Jyothi revealed that she saw a dark humanoid figure multiple times in the recent past.

“Yesterday night I had the experience. My husband was sleeping downstairs, as he had pain in his hand. I was not at all sleepy. Then I read some magazines and laid down to sleep. I had just dozed off then suddenly opened my eyes. Shockingly, I saw a black apparition near my cot. The dark entity was standing near my baby. I was horrified. I saw a head, just a head, but it had no face, only black mass. I have seen this body twice before,” said Jyothi.

However, upon expert consultation, Jyothi came to know that the dark mass she saw was nothing but her own fear that appeared in front of her face due to mental pressure.

Damaged religious symbols

This is one of the classic evidence that your house is haunted by demons or ghosts. Several paranormal investigators had previously revealed that damaged religious symbols can be seen in houses where demons exist. Paranormal hunters from western countries have several times accounted that they saw an inverted cross (satanic cross) during their visits to haunted houses.

A few years back, one such incident occurred in a Hindu Family in Kerala. A woman who goes by the pseudo name Shikha started behaving violently after her husband returned from Sabarimala, a Hindu temple. It all happened when Shikha’s husband gave her the holy prasadam (blessed food from temple). Soon, Shikha’s husband took her to a psychiatrist, and the expert revealed that she is suffering from psychosis.

Even after the doctor prescribed her Aripiprazole tablets, the condition of Shikha worsened day by day. Soon, she started witnessing a soul named ‘Savithri’, a woman who lived in the 18th century. Surprisingly, Shikha started behaving like Savithri, and she even started speaking Sanskrit fluently. Upon investigation conducted by her husband along with his police officer dad using the inputs provided by Shikha, it has been discovered that a lady by name Savithri lived in Ottappalam, Kerala.

The descendants of Savithri revealed that she had committed suicide, and hearing this, Shikha’s husband decided to give a shot by conducting ‘Moksha Pooja’ to Savithri’s soul. Surprisingly, after the pooja, Shikha became perfectly alright, and she has not shown any signs of possession in the past six years.

However, experts have a different story to tell. As per experts, Shikha’s husband was so self-obsessed, and he failed to give sufficient care to his wife since the day of marriage. In order to make her husband care for her, Shikha’s sub-conscious mind has created a figure named ‘Savithri’. But the mystery still continues, as a person named Savithri had lived in Ottappalam in the exact timeline mentioned by Shikha during the time of possession.

Psychological disturbances

This is another common issue often faced by people in a house possessed by demons. Many people have described the sensation of the presence of someone around them when they are alone in the home.

Even though psychologists consider this as the trick played by the human mind, paranormal investigators assure that these are hidden souls who try to play hide and seek game with humans.

Cold spots

Ghosts and demons love to stay in dark cold rooms. If you find any particular area in your home with extremely low temperature, then it is an indication that ghosts are living there.

Paranormal investigators suggest that people may feel sudden nightmarish sightings in their inner mind when they enter these cold rooms.

Article Source – ibtimes.co.in

The 10 Scariest Ghost Tours In America by Tiffani Daniel

Ghost Tours

On any ordinary day, the idea for a haunted ghost tour might seem silly. But when October rolls around, the daunting atmosphere takes a universal hold, and people can’t help but get into the spooky spirit. Thankfully, there are plenty of ghost tours in America for horror fans and paranormal lovers.

Ghost tours pop up all around during the festive time of year, but the best ones are the ones with an evergreen ghost story behind it. Cities like Chicago and Boston are known for their haunting encounters, and you can find this kind of history throughout the States. These specific locations capitalize on their haunting reputation, making for some of the most frightening ghost tours. Check out the 10 scariest ghost tours in America.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading

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Ghost Tours

New Orleans decimating paranormal history should have travelers running for cover, but instead, they are asking the town for more. And they get what they ask for in the form of the New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour.

There are over ten different terrifying options to choose from, but thankfully, you’re with a group. Each tour highlights New Orlean’s spooky history, including the tales of chilling cries from criminal Delphine LaLaurie’s tortured victims.


Ghost Tours

Ybor City near Tampa, Florida might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of haunted ghost tours, but theirs is definitely one of the most terrifying.

These historic streets are reputed with apparitional sightings, and visitors get to feel it for themselves during these tours. For anyone feeling particularly courageous, you can take your electromagnetic energy detector and venture off to find some ghosts of your own.


Ghost Tours

Gatlinburg has treacherous tales of murder and loss from the past 100 years. Their ghost tours dig into the old folklore, with the guides even dressing the part of the historic tales. It takes hikers over an hour to get through this venture, so there is sure to be a sighting or two within your group.

Attendees get their own EMF detector as well, which you can use if you think you can handle walking around Gatlinburg’s decrepit graveyards by yourself… at night.


Ghost Tours

Charleston, South Carolina’s ghost tour is teeming with five-star reviews. Whether this means that guests were able to feel the essence of horror or they actually saw a spirit remains to be discovered. What is sure, however, is that the Ghosts of Charleston Tour is sure to raise up your goosebumps.

The guides take their group on careful walks throughout the city, making sure to stop by those places most known for their ghostly sightings. The Unitarian Church Graveyard will be your final stop, where you can edge your way through the mass of 18th-century gravestones. Ths resting place is normally closed to the public, but this ghost tour gives you one-night-only exclusive access.


Ghost Tours

The Salem Witch Walk offers a unique experience as you are taken on a ghost tour with actual paranormal investigators. This small town by the sea is famous for its tragic 17th-century witch trials that ended in the murder of innocent people.

It is said that many of these poor women still haunt the town of Salem to this day. See for yourself as you explore the original witch dungeon. There are even still tombstones of those fallen and of a trial judge at the Old Burying Point Cemetery.


Ghost Tours

The Gettysburg Ghost Tours in Pennsylvania are so popular that the city decided to keep the attraction year-round. Named one of America’s top haunted tours, this exploration takes attendees to the site of the United States Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Lost soldiers have been sighted on these grounds for decades and this ghost tour helps to draw them out.

You can take part in the less torturous wine walk where you will just learn the history of the Battle of Gettysburg. For the braver souls in your group, however, there is an interactive ghost hunt led by a paranormal professional who will help you communicate with the undead.


Ghost Tours

San Francisco’s Haunted Haight Ghost Tours are known to one of the top rates and scariest excursions in California. Guests must be prepared to listen to the city’s most morbid stories for the entirety of the two-hour journey.

Not only will you hear about mass murderers and paranormal sightings, but you will be taken to the bay’s most excruciatingly terrifying locations.


Ghost Tours

St. Augustine’s historical significance has graced it with popularity when it comes to haunted beings. This seaside town in Florida hosts the famously spooky Sheriff’s Ghost Walk Tours.

The tour explores the streets and cemeteries of Old Saint Augustine while trying to dissolve the mystery of whatever happened to Sheriff Guy White. This trail has paranormal sightings on almost every tour, with pictures on their website to prove it!


Ghost Tours

Savannah, Georgia has earned its name as America’s most haunted city. The Haunted Savanah Tours explores haunted mansions and lost cemeteries, but they won’t start until after dark.

Hell Hounds are said to guard the cemetery and professional ghost hunters have been able to obtain unexplained voices with their equipment. There are statues throughout the cemetery are said to move around or completely disappear altogether, too!


ghost tours

Owned and operated by paranormal researcher Sherri Brake, the Haunted Heartland Tours provide an experience that you might not want to return for. There’s a reason why people find this to be one of the scariest ghost tours in America. The West Virginia ghost hunt is probably the most popular, as it takes place inside the West Virginia Penitentiary. As if staying inside an old jail cell weren’t enough, attendees will actually stay the night here.

The 1886-built prison used to be called “Bloody Alley” after over 90 executions were held here by hanging or the electric chair. This ghost tour allows fifty people to join Sherri on the massive paranormal research and hunt to get in touch with the edifice’s former prisoners.

Article Source – TheTravel.com

Exhibit Forced To Close Due To Paranormal Activity, Would You Sit In The Chair? July 2, 2019 Sandra Dedeyne

The Devil's Chair

There are many paranormal exhibits around the world, but none has felt as real as “The Devil’s Rocking Chair”. The exhibit had to close down unfortunately; this only a month after purchasing the creepy rocking chair. There is no word if the exhibit will ever open again, this was due to the intense paranormal activity that occurred after buying it.

What Paranormal Activity Happened During The Exhibit?

Plenty of paranormal activity went on during the exhibit. A power cord pulling itself out of the wall, a light focussing on the rocking chair, five tour guides crying uncontrollably, a woman in the first group fainting. The chair is also believed to be the focus point of “The Conjuring 3″. Needless to say, this is a chair with tons of history and ties to none other than Lorraine Warren, the famous paranormal investigator.

What Is The History Of The Chair?

The Devil’s Rocking Chair was recently purchased by Zak Bagans, the man from the paranormal series “Ghost Adventures”. The chair was supposed to be the main attraction at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, but the paranormal activity surrounding the chair threw a spanner in the works.

There is a lot of history surrounding this chair, dating back to the 1980s. The case was referred to as “The Devil Made Me Do It”, and was investigated by none other than Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose cases have been featured in movies such as “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle“. The case involved an 11-year-old boy who was allegedly possessed. Catholic priests attempted to rid the boy from the possession, but during the exorcism, the chair would levitate and start to rock by itself. Ed and Lorraine Warren claimed to have seen the devil sitting inside the chair.

After several days of exorcism, the demon was expelled from the boy. However, it is believed the demon jumped into Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the little boy’s sister. Some months later, Arne would kill her landlord during an argument, stating that a demon made her do it. Even though both Ed and Lorraine Warren testified at her trail, the judge convicted her for first degree murder.

A book was also written about the case in 1983, called “The Devil In Connecticut”. There is also a movie in the making that will be released in 2020, “The Conjuring 3“. It is believed the Devil’s Rocking Chair and its history will be the focus of that movie.

As mentioned earlier, the Devil’s Rocking Chair was eventually sold for 67,000 dollars. The chair was sold by David’s brother Carl Glazel. While the chair remained in their family after the weird events, Carl was set to move and did not want to take the creepy chair with him.

According to Carl, nobody should ever sit in the chair. It is said that people who dare sit in it face some medical problems shortly afterwards. Some who did even required surgery. Interestingly, the chair was only sold a couple of hours before the death of Lorraine Warren, another creepy coincidence that surrounds this chair.

Visit At Your Own Peril

While I certainly understand people’s fascination with the paranormal, I would not be visiting the chair myself. If such items are not protected properly, it could certainly lead to problems. Lorraine Warren is no longer here, so one does have to ask why Zac thought it would be a good idea to display this creepy chair without any help from someone who has a bit more experience with this kind of thing. He may be a paranormal investigator, but I doubt he foresaw the trouble this rocking chair would bring to his exhibit.

Ref: ParanormalDailyNews.com

Here’s what ‘scared the crap out of’ ‘Annabelle’ actor Madison Iseman By ANI

22-year-old actor playing the role of Mary Ellen – the babysitter to young Judy whose parents are renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – talked about an on set scary incident.

Annabelle Comes Home

WASHINGTON: Madison Iseman, who is all set to feature in ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, revealed that there were moments during the shoot that left the cast and crew of the horror film terrified.

On being asked, “Were you ever genuinely scared from the creepy moment that your director, Gary Dauberman had on set?”

Madison told The Hollywood Reporter, “I really wasn’t even scared until one of the nights where we were shooting on location. One of our publicists on set started telling us all the stories about Patrick [Wilson] and Vera [Farmiga] of the first Conjuring. It was something like everyone’s clocks kept stopping at 3:15 in the morning or something weird. That’s when they started doing the initial set blessing.”

The 22-year-old actor who is playing the role of Mary Ellen – the babysitter to a young girl named Judy whose parents happen to be renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – talked about another incident that was scary.

“There were a couple of times in our dressing rooms where the lights wouldn’t turn on and we wouldn’t get cell service. During this one sequence, Mckenna (who played Judy) and I would run up the stairs and every time we ran up the stairs, we would hear this knock in threes. It could’ve just been the set cracking, but it was definitely enough to scare the crap out of us,” she said.

Other than Madison the film also stars, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Mckenna Grace and Katie Sarife and is slated to hit the theatres on June 28, this year in four languages — English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Stay up to date on all the latest Entertainment English news with The New Indian Express App. Download now(Get the news that matters from New Indian Express on WhatsApp. Click this link and hit ‘Click to Subscribe’. Follow the instructions after that.)

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