6 Steps to Clear Old Love Karma

by Dr. Carmen Harra via Huffington Post

Your karma is yours like your eye color, voice, and blood type are yours. It belongs to your being, although you can’t see it the way you see your physical features when you look in a mirror. But karma makes sure that you feel its presence in your life, manifesting as the repetition of events, situations, and people. It will knock at your door time and time again until you open and say, “I get it!” In terms of love, unsettled karma will cause you to experience similar scenarios over and over again, such as meeting the same type of partners and enduring the same heartache, until you become aware and take appropriate action. If you want to clear your love karma once and for all, you must welcome it as you would an old (and annoying) friend. A clean karmic slate sets your soul free to fulfill your many purposes on earth, and to give and receive the love you deserve.

Carry out these six steps to attract a new relationship with unlimited potential or help your current relationship overcome karmic hurdles:

1. Understand your karma. If you want to change a story’s ending, you have to revisit its beginning. Understanding your karma requires that you return to the origin: when, where, how, and why did this pattern start? What exactly keeps repeating? Is it that you keep bringing in partners with the same disappointing qualities, that the same problems pop up in your relationships, or that your romances all end in the same awful way? Identify the issue then its source: Did your parents suffer similar circumstances, or was it something that happened to you as a child? Recognizing the reality of your karma entails a bit of introspection, but it’s the first step towards karmic resolution.

Destination America Scares Up 12 Nights of a Haunting for the Holidays

By Tony Sokol

Haunted Places

The three ghosts of Christmas join their Kindred Spirits on Destination America’s 12 Nights of a Haunting.

In Charles Dickens’ perennial chestnut A Christmas Carol, a greedy miser is haunted by three ghosts in the days leading to his reformation. Ebenezer Scrooge got off easy compared to the team at Destination America, which is gifting us with at least a dozen ghosts in their upcoming 12 Nights of a Haunting.  Jacob Marley and his nocturnal friends will drop the chains they linked day by day near a couch for a weekly visit from Kindred Spirits. Destination America will serve up the “nightmare before Christmas” every night, starting Wednesday, December 20, through Sunday, December 31, for a primetime marathon of A Haunting.

But in the best spirit of things to come, the cable network will also present an all-day New Year’s Day marathon of Kindred Spirits culminating in “Don’t Go in the Attic,” a never-before-seen episode from season 2, which premieres Monday, January 1 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

“A family living in fear considers selling their house because of violent paranormal activity,” reads the official synopsis of “Don’t Go in the Attic.”

“They’ve seen a box cutter hurdled through the air, a paper towel dispenser unroll before their eyes and even experienced hair pulling. This is enough to make anyone consider selling their home, but Adam and Amy kick off an investigation into the family and their home’s history. They soon discover that one of the spirits haunting the home has a vital message to deliver; a message that could determine the fate of an entire family.”

Hosted by paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, Kindred Spirits showcases “some of the scariest stories of supernatural activity,” according to the show’s synopsis. “Through spellbinding first-person accounts, each episode profiles one family’s ghostly encounters. As the mystery and origin of each case is unraveled, audiences are left with a lingering sense that life after death is much more powerful than anyone could have possibly imagined.”

Following the charitable tradition of the holidays, Amy and Adam spend their time helping “real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. With the added stress that the spirits may be their own late family members, each episode introduces a new family that seeks help from Amy and Adam.” But where were they on Black Friday?

Essential Oils for Empaths

Essential Oils for Empaths

I stumbled across this on Pinterest and wanted to share with all of you.  I have no idea yet if this works.  But having used Essential Oils for over 30 years now, for pretty much of everything, I know how powerfully healing they can be.  Therefore, I’ll definitely be giving this a try.  Enjoy!

Empaths and Emotions – Why We’re Often Drained

Article by Calleen Wilder

Empaths and Emotions

It took me the longest time to figure this out.  I almost always felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster that I couldn’t get off of nor find a way to control.  But now that I know, if my mood shifts I pause and ask myself, “Is this me or them?”  In all honestly, usually you’ll discover it’s “them”.

Them is whoever you’ve just encountered.  Sometimes that involves people you know.  But sometimes, it can be as simple as someone you passed by in the supermarket (sigh)!  Seriously, it can get exhausting until you get a handle on it.

Personally, I always try to keep up my emotional defenses when I’m out in public.  I imagine myself surrounded by big, fluffy, light, and cool white light/clouds.  Yet sometimes you still ABSORB someone’s feeling no matter what you do.  So you have to stop and ask yourself the same question I ask myself.  It really will help.

Too though, if you’re constantly hanging out with someone who is mad, sad, depressed, or really consumed by anyone of the numerous other negative emotions, you might have to quit hanging out.  At the very least, you may have to limit your exposure.  We are the very thing that emotional vampires feed off of, even if unintentional.  Remember that!

To counter some of it, you simply must protect your space, your emotions, and your energy.  You do this by discharging (mentally) any emotional clutter around you via the above question.  Also, don’t allow yourself to become too emotionally involved or “open” when you’re around someone you already know isn’t in a good place.

And as mentioned above, you may need to cut out the emotional thorns in your life.  Know though, it’ll never be entirely gone.  An empath is an empath is an empath.  We not only have understand someone’s emotions, we literally take them on.  It’s just what we do.  So protect, inquire, and limit exposure.

At least that’s what I do.


Gates Interior Design.com

De-Stress Using Feng Shui

Here are 9 Feng Shui Secrets To DeStress Your Home

1) Water features

Water features at the front of your home invite new opportunities. Their sound tunes out noise pollution and helps cleanse the air

2) Flowers and Plants

Add beautiful flower beds around your home to invite meandering energy and place fresh cut flowers in your home to boost and uplift your mood.

3) Rocks and Shells

Add rocks, crystals and shells through out your home. They add to the five element cure and depending on where you place them can ground the space, add the water element and heal the energy.

4) Animal elements

Placing leather, or wool in the home adds the fire element. Another addition to the five element cure, if placed in the back of your home can help you gain recognition in your community

5) Candles

Candles are a great way to cleanse a homes spirit and invite in soothing energy. If the energy feels really heavy, use a white candle with the intention of purifying the space to uplift your fire.

6) Window Coverings

Windows are seen as the eyes of the soul to a home, but to many windows can create overwhelm, an extreme workload and lack of support. And while that view may be amazing, the high stress to enjoy it isn’t. So add plenty of soft window coverings to ease your home and slow the energy down.

7) Wind chimes

Sound therapy is not only a great way to uplift a homes spirit, but adds vitality to it’s attitude. A home with sound instantly puts people at ease and comforts your home to health.

8) Landscaping

Depending on how your home is positioned on the street or it’s location, landscaping can invite or provoke energy to your home. If your home is on a busy street, this high river of energy can put an enormous amount of stress on your home. If there is no activity at all, it can slow things down to a halt. Use beautiful landscaping to your advantage to control how energy approaches your home to create an atmosphere of peace. Have a condo? Bring the plants inside and decorate that balcony!

9) Mirrors

Mirrors are feng shui master healers if used correctly. Place mirrors throughout your home to boost energy upwards and create a meandering climate of serenity.

Utilizing these 9 elements will help keep your home healthy everyday. I would also suggest a space clearing on a regular basis to remove any unwanted energy that may have entered your home. Our homes should be filled with passion and excitement. They should recharge and energize us like a delicious hug. If your home is feeling sluggish or anxious, create an atmosphere with these 9 secrets to get you back on the fast track to ease and grace.

Article Via GatesInteriorDesign.com

End of the Year Advice From Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers

Here’s another great Astrology post I stumbled upon. Obviously then, I’m sharing it with all of you:

Astrology 2017

The end of 2017, with all its disorder and darkness, is upon us. The full cold moon (also a supermoon) on December 3 will be in Gemini and tap directly into chaos as an energy force. We should all remember that chaos isn’t always a bad thing—it can rearrange the old into something important and different. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 18 will lead us into a spirit of invention for invention’s sake. It will remind us that nothing is static, even those most dependable aspects of our lives. However this year has been for you, lean into your passion and make room for that passion to change, which is (do we have to say it?) inevitable.
Yours in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets,


This last month of the year is a time when many career opportunities you’ve already put into play will formulate into your next big breakthrough. You have a lot of momentum right now, Aries, even if you still feel like you’re waiting for that one big prize. Try to see as many of your lucky people this December, the people who make you feel good without trying to entertain you. And stay away from the friend drama you’re very good at curating and controlling (which gives you a sense of order) because while theatrics are always something that actually fuels you, you need to keep calm and lay low this month in preparation for a big 2018, which will be all about you and the work you’re interested in doing in the world. Apply the same kind of “chill” filter to your family, which may be a bit demanding on you right now. You aren’t letting anyone down if you cut a few appointments, miss some meetings, or return a few emails with delay. We urge you to meditate on the big picture this month and take care of yourself. You’ve already impressed everyone, shouldn’t you be a little more impressed with you, too? Your most loyal friend will come to your rescue right as the year is about to end.

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Calleen’s Slightly Snarky Astrology Transits for December 20167

December Astrology

Due to a recent death in my family, and also an impending move this month, I have not had the time to write my normal Snarky Astrology Post.  However, since I don’t want to leave any of you hanging, I searched out and found a great posting for not only all of us for the month of December, but also for each sign individually.  Enjoy!  Here’s the link: