House of Horrors: 4 Seriously Haunted Houses in New England By Eryn Dion

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Just about everyone has, at some point, been convinced their house is absolutely, definitely haunted. Whether it’s hearing footsteps, water faucets turning on by themselves, the feeling of being watched — it’s enough to have the Ghost Hunters on speed dial.

We hate to break it to you, but your house probably isn’t haunted and many of the things that go bump in the night have perfectly mundane explanations. Those footsteps? Uneven floors. Water turning on? Bad plumbing. The feeling of being watched? Bad electrical. So maybe replace Ghost Hunters (based in Warwick!) in your phone with a good contractor.

Unless, that is, you live in one of the following houses, where paranormal and supernatural happenings have gained notoriety and there’s usually a bloody history to back them up. So whether your house is home to a family of humans or a family of demons (or both, we don’t discriminate) enjoy these 4 seriously haunted houses in New England.

Burrillville Conjuring House in Burrillville, Rhode Island

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. This unassuming 18th century farmhouse in the equally unassuming Rhode Island village of Burrillville was a downright nightmare for the Perron family, who purchased the home in 1971, only to discover it was already occupied — by a whole bunch of terrifying ghosts. And no, insurance doesn’t cover that.

While each of the seven members of the Perron family were tormented, the apparitions focused on the family’s matriarch, Carolyn Perron, in particular.

“Mrs. Perron said she awoke before dawn one morning to find an apparition by her bed: the head of an old woman hanging off to one side over an old gray dress,” reads an August 1977 story in The Providence Journal. “There was a voice reverberating, ‘Get out. Get out. I’ll drive you out with death and gloom.’ ”

It got so bad that a local paranormal group brought in famed demonologists Ed and Lorriane Warren — two names you’ll recognize if you’ve been following the Haunted New England newsletter — who determined that the house was being haunted by a woman named Bathsheba Sherman, who lived there in the early 19th century and was a practicing Satanist, sacrificing her two daughters to Lucifer and hanging herself in a ritual, according to news reports in The Journal from the time. The story later inspired the Hollywood movie “The Conjuring” along with its roughly 18 sequels and spinoffs (that’s an exaggeration, there’s only 7 movies right now, not counting The Conjuring 3 coming in 2020.)

While the Perrons are regulars on the paranormal circuit and have been open about sharing their story, the current owners of the home had preferred to keep things quiet. That is, until it was bought earlier this year by Maine couple Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, who seem to be embracing the attention that comes with owning a house that inspired an entire movie franchise. And if you ever wanted to visit the house, good news, they plan to open it to the public!

S.K. Pierce Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts

The word “mansion” doesn’t generally come to mind when one thinks of Gardner, Massachusetts, but there was a time when the Chair City was a bustling hub for furniture manufacturers, some of whom reaped the rewards and got very, very rich.

One of those men was Sylvester Knowlton Pierce, who built his chair manufacturing empire in the mid-1800′s. It was also where, in 1875, he built his three-storey mansion in the Second Empire Victorian-style. While today the mansion feels out of place among the triple-deckers and smaller single-family homes on Union Street and Broadway, the mansion was where S.K. Pierce held court for a decade, its 21 rooms providing ample space to entertain the likes of P.T. Barnum, President Calvin Coolidge and Norman Rockwell.

But all the rooms, fancy windows and immaculate craftsmanship couldn’t save the Pierce family from tragedy, which struck almost immediately after the family moved in. Within two months, Pierce’s first wife died of an illness, and Pierce himself died in 1888, with his second wife dying in 1902. The mansion was then converted into an inn, then a boarding house and collecting several more deaths, including an older man who is said to have burned to death and now haunts the basement area.

Eventually the home entered into private ownership and was opened to paranormal investigators, who have scoured the property on television shows like “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters” and probably some other ghost-themed shows. In addition to just generally looking very creepy, the mansion apparently plays host to at least 3 ghosts, including a young woman and little girl. Psychic mediums have also said the building sits on top of a ley line — invisible lines that cross the globe and supposedly carry supernatural energy — which runs through the mansion’s grand staircase. The mansion was purchased several years ago by The Dark Carnival, who have been renovating it with the intention of turning it into a haunted attraction. And yes, you’ll be able to stay the night.

Snedeker Demon House, Southington, Connecticut

As the name might suggest, this rather inconspicuous duplex in Southington, Connecticut was allegedly so haunted it inspired both the novel “In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting” and the film “The Haunting in Connecticut,” both created at the direction of our old friends, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Snedeker family moved into their new rental in Southington in 1986, where they occupied the first floor. Turns out, the house used to be a home – a funeral home, that is – and the previous owners didn’t do a great job of cleaning up, leaving behind gurneys, toe tags and, well, demons. Almost immediately the family claimed they were under attack from vicious and terrifying supernatural forces. Hot off the publicity around their testifying that Connecticut murder suspect Arne Johnson stabbed his landlord while possessed by a demon, the Warrens and their media train showed up at the Snedeker house. Many of the initial hauntings focused around the Snedeker’s younger son, who was being treated for cancer, but the incidents, including apparitions and water faucets running with blood, were experienced by the whole family.

Of course, it came out later that much of the story around the Snedekers had been exaggerated or outright fabricated and that the evil around the house had a very real cause, namely alcoholism, drug abuse and mental illness. That didn’t stop the Warrens and Hollywood from turning the event into its own movie series. And at the end of the day, it’s a house that used to be a funeral home and I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

The home is a private residence, so don’t try and go pay it a visit, but if you find yourself in Connecticut, the Warrens have a whole Occult Museum with various artifacts taken from investigations, including the notorious Annabelle doll (which has its own movie trilogy, of course). The museum is closed currently due to zoning issues, but it’s attached to the former couple’s house, which is pretty creepy in its own right.

Joshua Ward House Salem, Massachusetts

When it comes to quintessential New England, it doesn’t get more New England-y than a good supernatural-based panic. While the Haunted New England newsletter has covered the vampire panic, this house owes its haunting to the OG original New England panic — the Salem Witch Trials.

See the Joshua Ward House – notable in its own right as being one of the first brick homes in Salem and the site where George Washington stayed when he visited the city in 1789 – was built on the site of a different home, belonging to George Corwin who, in 1692 at the ripe age of 25, was the High Sheriff during the Salem Witchcraft Trials. That sounds like exactly the kind of event you want a 25-year-old in charge of.

Corwin was a central figure in the cases that would end in the execution of 19 innocent men and women. One death, the execution of 81-year-old Giles Corey, was equal parts creative and vile, as Corwin oversaw Corey’s “peine forte et dure” meaning “hard and forceful punishment” by pressing — literally what it sounds like as Corey was laid on his back and heavier and heavier weights were placed on him until he died. You’ve probably seen the demonstration of it if you’ve gone to King Richard’s Faire and let’s just say, it was disgusting.

But in addition to Corwin being a guy who seemed to carry around some pretty dark energy, Salem legend says he was known locally as “The Strangler,” for taking the accused into his personal home and down into the basement. No, he wasn’t taking them to see his man cave, he was taking them to a torture chamber where he would, you guessed it, strangle them until they confessed to whatever he wanted. Paranormal investigators have reported feeling a tight pressure on their necks in the basement of the Joshua Ward House, which is also the only original part of Corwin’s home left. The actual Salem Witch Museum, though, says this all probably never happened, but it certainly makes for a scary story.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Rising Signs and BY EMILY SIMONE

What They Mean Think your sun sign is the only important astrological term you need to know? Actually, ascendant signs are also integral to understanding our personalities. Here’s how to find your rising sign — and why it matters.

As astrology has entered mainstream conversations, more people are going beyond their sun signs for knowledge about their birth charts. That means folks are taking an interest in their moon signs, rising signs, and more natal chart information beyond those, what many call “the big three.”

But even some who are aware of their rising signs may not know exactly what it means for them, so that’s what we’re here to explain: what exactly a rising sign is, how to find it, and a basic breakdown of how your rising sign may be expressed in your life.

What to Know About Rising Signs

The sun spends about 30 days in each sign and the moon spends roughly two and a half days in each sign. The elusive rising sign is so-called because it denotes which sign is on the horizon at the time of birth. This is why astrology requires a precise birth time rather than an estimate to create a proper natal chart. (For the longest time, we had the wrong birth time for my sister and thought she was a Sagittarius rising, when she’s actually a Pisces rising. Now it makes so much more sense.)

The sun is your deepest self, the moon is your inner emotional landscape, the rising sign (or ascendant) is both your outlook on the world and the first impression you give to others. At a first meeting, job interview, or party, people will perceive you as your rising sign. As they get to know you better, they come to see the rest of your chart. This can happen at different paces depending on the relationship.

The rising sign is often called “the public mask” or “front door.”

This type of sign is also often called “the public mask” or “front door.” The rising also denotes your ruling planet, which carries the energy of that sign. This planet carries extra meaning in your chart. When we’re looking at signs, houses, and planets, we are also always looking for the ruler of that sign, house, or planet. So there’s a lot more to a birth chart than your sun, moon, and rising signs. If you find you don’t identify with those, just remember there are other factors at play.

How to Find Your Rising Sign

To find your rising sign, it’s crucial to know your exact time of birth. Don’t just rely on your parents’ memories. Every state in the U.S. formats birth certificates differently but requesting your “long-form birth certificate” will ensure that you get your birth time.

Once you have your birth time, most astrologers swear by to create a proper chart. Not only will its tried-and-true system calculate your sun, moon, and rising signs, it will provide snippets of a free personal portrait with some horoscopes too. There are also apps available, including Costar and TimePassages, that calculate birth charts using the same information, but you can’t go wrong with

A Deep Dive Into Every Rising Sign

Astrology is a nuanced topic. If you find that descriptions of your rising sign don’t resonate with you, please keep in mind that it’s just a tiny piece of the puzzle. A full rundown of your rising sign includes not just the sign but also the house your ruling planet is in, and other nuances in your personal chart, such as where the planets are in relation to one another. There are infinite possibilities and combinations, but the following breaks down rising signs in their basic forms, without any of this additional information.


If you’re an Aries rising, chances are you come off as brave, opinionated, and independent. You have a very strong and commanding presence, and may even be seen as intimidating. You are the fierce warrior of the zodiac. Being the first sign, you lead the cavalry. As the first fire sign of the zodiac, you are intensely competitive and view the world as a series of competitions. Aries, you are a trailblazer who leaps before you look and asks for forgiveness, not permission. You also act on your instincts, which are usually spot-on.


If you’re Taurus rising, it’s likely you give off fierce, dependable, and strong-willed vibes. But you also have a softer side. You enjoy the good things in life, including beautiful clothes, fine food, and massages. Taurus sometimes gets pigeonholed as materialistic, and while you do like to surround yourself with gorgeous finery, you’re also hardworking enough that you’ve earned a bit of luxury. You’re the first earth sign and you represent earthiness in its purest form. This means you like being active and creative with your hands — for you, this could mean gardening, cooking, knitting, or even the challenge of finding a creative new makeup look.


If you’re Gemini rising, people likely perceive you as talkative, bright, and curious. You are probably the social media expert of your group, with your fellow air sign, Aquarius. You are always doing 18 things at once and working on multiple projects. Being one of the double signs, like Libra and Pisces, you can sometimes come off as two different people, but that’s not a bad thing. We need your boundless energy and inexhaustible resources. Your highly creative mind can spit out ideas a mile a minute. Sometimes you might get overwhelmed by the desire to do everything, but unfortunately doing everything at once is impossible — try sticking to one or two things you really care about and focus on the rest of your list later.


If you’re Cancer rising, then warm, nurturing, and sensitive may be at the top of the list for those who describe you. You are likely seen as the mother among your close friends. You are a homebody and deeply value your family connections, whether blood or chosen. You like your routine — after all, you’ve taken time and care to establish yourself and make things exactly the way you want them to be. You might also be the person people come to with problems because you know how to hold space for people.


If you’re Leo rising, people probably think of you as confident, vibrant, and fun. You have a flair for the dramatic, and people immediately notice when you walk in the room. You are also extremely creative, whether you express yourself with a vlog, a gorgeous social media feed, or through creative outfits and makeup. Seeing you live your best life inspires others to do the same. Leo season is the summer and you carry that carefree, sunny spirit with you. Leo is also known as the child of the zodiac. Like children, you live in the moment, but can also be a little demanding. Not everyone can keep up with your fiery energy.


If you’re Virgo rising, people who meet you may describe you as organized, put together, and reliable. Friends often go to you in a crisis. You know how to deal with things in order of importance and are a natural caregiver. Being an earth sign, you are also connected to nature and probably love animals. You know this planet is precious and that we have to be cognizant of how we use its resources.


If you’re Libra rising, those who come into contact with you likely think of you as pleasant, sweet, and charming — whether or not that’s what’s going on below the surface. Since Libra is an air sign, you are social, enjoy being around others, and collaborating on projects. You may have heard that Libras are indecisive, and while this may be true it comes with good intentions because you generally want everyone to be happy. Though you want the best possible outcome for the most people, it’s important to recognize that’s not always possible. Note that Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac. Makes sense, doesn’t it?Most Popular


If you’re Scorpio rising, you may come off as mysterious, quiet, and alluring. It’s not always a sexually charged charm, although it can be. Most of the time there’s so much going on behind that cool, pristine face, and people want to know more. Rising Scorpios are intense, and you have your reasons. You’ve likely had some experiences that have caused you to put up your guard, especially if you have other Scorpio influence in your chart, and it may take time to get to know you.


If you’re Sagittarius rising, people may describe you as fun, vivacious, and bright. You have a zest for life that’s contagious and are known as the optimist of the zodiac. The glass is always half full for you. This may be a bit difficult right now, and your serious side may be coming out as a result. You are also known as a wise teacher and seeker of truth. You are outspoken, opinionated, and say what other people aren’t saying. You can often be quite blunt and sometimes it backfires.


If you’re Capricorn rising, you come off as mature, organized, and driven. You are always put together and prepared. You strive for greatness, and you expect a lot of yourself and of others. You scale unscalable heights and often do things others wouldn’t dream of. However, given that Capricorn is an earth sign, you are also grounded in your quest for greatness. You work within the system and then defy expectations.


If you’re an Aquarius rising, you may be perceived as intellectual, innovative, and a humanitarian. Some think the “aqua” in Aquarius means you’re a water sign, but Aquarius is actually the third air sign (along with Gemini and Libra) and a symbol of the water bearer. This sign has much more to do with community and being part of the collective; it’s about sharing the water, not being the water. You’re also known for being very individualistic, and it’s possible to see a rising Aquarius coming a mile away given your turquoise pixie cut, your razor scooter, or maybe you’re just singing at the top of your lungs as you walk down the street. In any case, you stand out and you march to the beat of your own drum.


If you’re Pisces rising, people likely describe you as dreamy, compassionate, with your head a bit in the clouds. That’s because sometimes you have a deep connection to other worlds whether you know it or not. Pisces is known as the psychic of the zodiac and since it’s the last sign, it carries all the other signs in it. Therefore, you are intrinsically linked to all of humanity. When someone meets you for the first time, you may seem like you’re not paying attention and your mind is elsewhere. That may be partially true, but you are also taking in everything, including the person’s words, their body language, and underlying emotions.

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Top Haunted Places In The World That Have The Spookiest Story by Shruti Mukherjee

Here is a list of five of the top haunted places in the world that have inspired some of the spookiest stories. Read on to know more about these spooky places.

Paranormal activity, ghosts and demons have always been a fascinating subject for people. There are tons of places all over the world where such activities have been reported by the locals and many of them have been warded off from human visitation for their deathly characteristics. Here is a list of the top five haunted places from around the world:

Poveglia Island near Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island is situated some hours from Venice. It used to be a quarantine zone for people suffering from the plague. In the early 20th century, the island was also used as an insane asylum where horrifying medical experiments are said to have been conducted. It has remained uninhabited since 1968 but home to tortured souls of those who died here. Ghosts hunters have claimed that this spot has a massive amount of paranormal activity and so it is one of the top haunted places in the world. Although it is illegal to visit the island, one can see it and the hospital from the beaches of Lido.

Bhangarh Fort near Delhi, India

Situated at a distance of two hundred miles from the country’s capital, Delhi, Bhangarh Fort is an abandoned fortress in the middle of the desert. According to legends, a sorcerer cursed the place after being rudely rejected by the princess. Since then the place has remained uninhabited. Tourists are discouraged from going there, especially in the late hours, due to tons of paranormal activities surrounding the fort, making it one of the top haunted places in the world.  

Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The forest is situated in Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania and the locals call it the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Romania. They say that the forest has possessed an evil presence for centuries haunted by the souls of the peasants who were murdered here. People have gone missing from here and there have also been UFO sightings. Lights and unexplained electrical phenomenon have frequently occurred here making it one of the top haunted places. The paranormal activity is centred in a barren circle on a plateau deep inside the forest where no plant ever grows.

On a side note – I am SO fascinated by the Hoia Baciu Forest. However, even if given the chance I don’t think I’d visit. I think there’s FAR more going on there than just ghosts. Scary place. Calleen

The Queen Mary in Long Beach California, USA

The RMS Queen Mary had spent 30 years at the sea before being permanently docked in Long Beach, California. During her tenure, there have been as much as 50 recorded deaths on board making her one of the top haunted places in the world. It has now been turned into a hotel but the engine room is still a hotbed for most of the paranormal activity on the ship.

Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls) in Xochimilco, Mexico

The Island of the Dolls, as the name suggests, has hundreds of dolls hanging from the trees or scattered on the grass and is one of the top haunted places in the world. As the legend goes, a girl drowned in the canal near the island and sometime later, dolls began to wash ashore. The island’s only inhabitant and caretaker for 50 years, Julian, hung the dolls from the trees to appease the spirit but later he was found drowned in the same spot as the girl. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, tourists now go there to hang dolls and keep the spirit appeased.

Article Source – Republic

Sweet Springs Sanitarium screams leave paranormal investigators terrified on Destination Fear by Jerry Brown

This was a GREAT episode. Calleen

Sweet Springs Sanitarium on Destination Fear
The moment the Destination Fear team hear terrifying screams in Sweet Springs Sanitarium. Pic credit: Travel Channel

The Sweet Springs Sanitarium in West Virginia is no stranger to visits from paranormal enthusiasts. Destination Fear, which heads there for this week’s episode, is not the first and likely will not be the last production to visit the old building searching for paranormal activity.

Previous investigations of the Sanitarium have been carried out by Supernatural Lost Adventures and Paranormal Encounters, with eerie results. Tonight, the Destination Fear team experience everything from unexplained harrowing screams to voices and terrifying chanting.

Before ghosts and paranormal investigators arrived, this pre-Civil War building had previously played host to ex-presidents, famous generals, tuberculosis patients, mental health patients, the elderly, and finally, as reported by some, the ghostly souls of those previous guests.

The Sweet Springs area was first settled in 1760, with a hotel first being constructed at the site of the sanitarium in 1792. The main building currently occupying the site is often referred to as The Jefferson Building, it was built in 1839, during the most prosperous period of the resort, which lasted from the 1820s until The Civil War.Join these TV discussions on our forum!

The resort, known affectionately as Old Sweet, was host to many famous historical guests, including but not exclusive to, George and Martha Washington, James Madison, Franklin Pierce, and Generals Lafayette and Robert E. Lee.

After The Civil War the place began to become less popular, mostly due to its remote location away from the burgeoning railroad network. However, it remained open for business until the 1930s, at which point it finally succumbed to the economic crisis of the era and shut its doors to guests.

The State of West Virginia then came to the property’s rescue, and the building was reopened as a ward for patients suffering from lung diseases, especially TB. In the 1940s and 1950s the property catered for patients suffering mental health issues.

Finally, it was a home for the elderly until 1993, and since then it has been uninhabited by any one large group of people.

The current owners of the property state, on their Facebook page, that they are open to paranormal investigators and that any donations received will go to the preservation of the old resort. Tune in tonight to find out what the Destination Fear team uncovered!Sign up now for your TV newsletter!

Destination Fear airs Saturday at 10/9c on Travel Channel.

15 True Events That Inspired Horror Movies by Martha Sorren

Halloween might be over, but the spooky season can continue as long as anyone pleases. For a really good scare, there are tons of scary movies that are based on true stories. As if ghosts, demons, and serial killers weren’t scary enough in their fictional form, these ones are all reportedly real. 

With any movie, these films can still take creative license with the story lines, but they’re still inspired by supposed true events. Everything from haunted eBay listings, ghost stories, and unsolved murder cases have been fodder for films over the years. Some of these movies even came out soon after the supposed events.


One director who took a lot of his scary movie ideas from true life was Wes Craven. The master of horror himself is responsible for franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes, and more. Many of his story lines are taken from news stories or old legends.

(So much for reassuring oneself that Ghostface or Freddy Krueger were just fictional!)

Some of these movies came from true stories that were so scary on their own, they didn’t need much embellishing. Others had more mild (but still scary) real events that were dialed up in the movies to really freak audiences out. And, of course, none of the ghost stories and hauntings can be proven, but they’re scary enough to make us think twice about questioning those who say they experienced them. We’re not ones to scoff at the spirit world like that. Just in case.

Here are 15 scary films that come from true stories (or events) that send chills down our spines. No one will be able watch these the same way knowing what inspired these spooky plots.

This creepy movie about a haunted house is based on the story of newlyweds George and Kathleen Lutz who abruptly moved out of their dream home in the ’70s after they became convinced it was haunted. They wouldn’t elaborate on the supposed events, but Topic magazine reports that George said a “very strong force” had driven them to leave “because of our concern for our own personal safety as a family.” Spooky.

Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter plays the lead role in this movie about a young woman who dies after having an exorcism performed on her. According to The Telegraph, it’s based on the real case of 23-year-old Anneliese Michel who starved to death in 1976 after being ordered to fast to get rid of the supposed demons within her.

Open Water follows a married couple who accidentally get left behind by a boat during a scuba diving excursion. Without any way of getting home, they’re left to the sharks. According to The Guardian, the terrifying tale is based on the true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan who were left behind by their dive boat. They were never seen again, but their wetsuits and other diving materials were later found. None of their clothing suggests they were killed by sharks, though, which is where the movie differs.

The Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho is reportedly based on the serial killer Ed Gein who skinned his victims after death. The movie’s version of Gein is Norman Bates who keeps his mother’s mummified corpse in his house long after her death.
So creepy.

The 1996 slasher film Scream was actually based on a real series of murders in Florida in 1990, according to Complex magazine. Five people lost their lives to a knife-wielding killer, and a story on the murders was shown on TV one night when future Scream director Wes Craven was watching. And so, the creepy Ghostface was born.

Wes Craven was inspired by another true story for the plot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. The director told Vulture that he read an article about a young boy who was having nightmares that he was being chased. Reportedly, the child died mid-nightmare one night, and no one could explain why. Craven was taken by the scary story and turned it into one of the most famous horror franchises ever.

The Strangers is a horror movie about three masked criminals who break into a house. Director Bryan Bertino once said the story is based in part on the Sharon Tate murders which were carried out by the Manson Family. The perpetrators were total strangers to Tate, and the house’s other occupants, which likely would have made the attacks even more terrifying.

The Spanish Netflix horror film Veronica is reportedly based on a true story of a girl in Madrid who died after she used a Ouija board and experienced a set of strange and horrific events. In the movie, the Ouija board became a seance, with its main character Veronica followed around by an angry spirit after she attempts to commune with the deceased. Rookie mistake.

Poltergeist, a movie about a family dealing with evil spirits in their home, is loosely inspired by the rumored haunting of a family in Long Island in the ’50s. Out of the blue, objects supposedly started flying around the home on their own and no one could figure out what was going on. Eventually they stopped, and the family understandably moved away. But imagine living through a haunting and then seeing that haunting portrayed in a popular film a couple of decades later.
Doubly terrifying.

Chucky, the terrifying evil doll in Child’s Play, is based on a doll named Robert who is also said to be haunted by a demonic spirit. According to Talk Radio UK, since 1906, stories of this haunted doll have plagued the Key West, Florida, area where the doll is housed. After its original hauntings in the early 20th century, the doll was stashed in an attic. But it was found in 1974 by a child of the new homeowners who later claimed the doll had tried to murder the girl. Despite that terrifying tale, the doll is now on display at Florida’s Fort East Mortello Museum.Sure, seems safe.

The Conjuring is about a haunting at a farm in 18th century Rhode Island, and it’s based on supposedly true events that real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren encountered throughout their career. Now that’s a job only a select few people would want.

If a cannibalistic cult movie sounds like it couldn’t possibly be a true story, think again. The Hills Have Eyes was reportedly inspired by a Scottish legend of a man named Sawney Bean who supposedly led a cannibalistic clan in 16th-century Scotland. It’s not clear if such a person ever existed, but the legend was definitely scary enough to make for a terrifying film.

In The Possession, a woman buys an antique box at a yard sale and soon discovers that it’s haunted by an evil spirit. The story is reportedly based on an odd eBay listing for a “haunted Jewish wine cabinet box” — a possession that couldn’t possibly end well for the purchaser. The Los Angeles Times article about the listing calls it “a jinx in a box,” which is certainly what the characters of The Possession would say about their own box.

The Haunting in Connecticut movie gets even creepier when learning the backstory of the film. Reportedly the haunted house is based on a real family’s home. Allen and Carmen Snedeker lived in the Connecticut house with their children and one day discovered that it had been a funeral parlor before they bought it. They claim that after that discovery they encountered terrifying supernatural events like water turning to blood. Their supposed experiences eventually became the plot for the movie.

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My Horror Story

I don’t know if you are watching this, but this has quickly become one of my most favorite Paranormal TV Shows. Below is the last episode…. so very eye-opening.

It’s on the Travel Channel… usually on Mondays, but sometimes Tuesdays. You’ll have to check your cable guide. SUCH A GREAT SHOW it’s worth the effort.

Mum who had miscarriages stunned as daughter mentions ‘dead brother and sister’ by Courtney Pochin

Parents from across the country have been opening up about some of the creepiest things their little ones have ever said to them, and their stories will give you nightmares

The mum never expected her child to say that (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

As children don’t know any better, they often speak before they think.

This can lead to some pretty entertaining conversations, but also a few that are downright creepy.

CBeebies has asked parents on social media to have a think about some of the most chilling things their little ones have ever said to them.

More than 1,000 people replied to the post, sharing their scary stories – which include everything from ghosts to murderous comments and bizarre antics with Barbie dolls.

Here’s a look at some of the terrifying tales the mums shared – and you might want to keep the lights on while you read through them.

My child mentioned her dead siblings – but she didn’t know about my miscarriages

That’s terrifying! (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A mum said she’s used to her daughter coming out with strange things, but there was one comment in particular that shocked her.

The memorable moment occurred when the child asked her mum when she would die so she could go and play with her brothers and sisters.

The mum had tragically suffered several miscarriages in the past – but had never told her daughter about them, so had no idea how she could possibly know about her lost siblings.

She says her daughter asked her one day: “Mammy when will I die?”

She told the little girl: “Oh not for a long time babe, not until you are very old! Why?”

Her daughter responded: “Because my brothers and sisters are waiting for me to come play.”

My child thinks a strange man lives in our kitchen

The stories get spookier, as one parent admitted that her two-year-old daughter is convinced there’s a man living in their kitchen.

She said: “My daughter, while watching a programme on TV  goes ‘He looks like the Night Night Man’.

“I asked her, ‘who’s the Night Night Man?’

“She told me he’s the man who lives in our kitchen.”

My daughter knew I was pregnant before I’d even taken a test

Her daughter was adamant she was pregnant, so she took a test (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

A different mum explained how she’d been struggling to conceive and didn’t think another pregnancy was in the cards for her.

However, her four-year-old daughter was adamant that she was “a bit pregnant” with a baby boy.

Two days later, something strange happened.

She explained: “My daughter, four at the time, randomly told my friends ‘my mummy is having a baby’.

“Having had IVF  for her and 18 months of trying for her sister I knew I wasn’t – she insisted ‘You are a bit pregnant with my brother’.

“Two days later I took a positive pregnancy test! And she now has a brother.”

Daughter claims to remember her other families who ‘got sick and died’

Another little girl kept telling her mum all about her parents from past lives – and the grim ways they died.

The parent commented: “My five-year-old talks about her other families and siblings. She’s had lots of other families.

“One mummy died then her daddy got sick too so he left her in a doorway to get found. Another mummy fell off a roof and died.

“We had just crossed a busy road one day and she stopped, looked around and said that her daddy had been killed on this road. “

She added: “She also had conversations while we were walking through a graveyard when she was tiny-she kept flicking at her hair and saying ‘it’s my hair, leave it alone’.

“Sometimes she wakes up during the night, sits bolt upright and laughs and has conversations. I’m terrified of her!”

I caught my toddler doing something disturbing with her doll

So creepy! (Stock photo) (Image: Moment RF)

A parent got a bit of a fright while bathing her toddler, Rylee.

The little girl had been playing with a Barbie in the tub, when she started doing something very unexpected and creepy.

The mum recalls: “My daughter Rylee, 22-months-old, had a Barbie in the bath with her. She held it under the water whispering ‘quiet’ over and over again. I was terrified.”

My son wrote a very creepy note for a waitress

Someone else said they were eating with their young son in a diner in America, when he decided to slip the waitress a note.

The mum assumed it was a sweet message about the food – but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“My 7 year old passed a note to a waitress in a diner in America,” explained the mum. “On it he’d scrawled in creepy crayon ‘my mummy murdered someone’.

“She visibly reeled back and gasped… in his defense, his spelling was excellent and his grammar was spot on…”

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Poltergeist terrorized east Hull family before real-life exorcism drove it away by James Campbell

Their lives were blighted by the spirits of a murdered mother and baby

Reverend Tom Willis exorcising a home off Holderness Road in east Hull.
Reverend Tom Willis exorcising a home off Holderness Road in east Hull

Think of exorcisms and immediately thoughts turn to possessed youngsters with rotating heads projectile vomiting.

But for one young family it all became too real if rather less dramatic in an east Hull terrace house.

The couple had a young baby and should have been looking forward to starting their family life together.

Instead, their lives were blighted by what were believed to be the spirits of a murdered young mother and baby.

Having being tormented by a poltergeist for three years the family finally fled with their then four-month-old daughter after waking to find the word “move” written on the condensation in their bedroom.

At that point, they sought help from paranormal investigators who were shocked by the level of activity and produced a startling report of their findings.

It led to the couple calling in the Reverend Tom Willis to carry out an exorcism in April 2011, which the Mail was there to witness.

Reverend Tom Willis exorcising a home off Holderness Road in east Hull.
Reverend Tom Willis exorcising a home off Holderness Road in east Hull.

But there was no Hollywood-style projectile vomiting or heads turning 360 degrees.

Instead, Rev Willis calmly went through the disturbed house, off Holderness Road, quietly blessing it as he went, dabbing the walls with holy water.

While the event may not have been dramatic, the effect on the young mum certainly was.

“I felt like sighing at the end of it,” she told the Mail at the time

“I’m not at all religious but I got a real sense of happiness and calm after the house was blessed. It was very emotional for me.”

It was a different story a week before when the paranormal investigators visited the house.

One investigator was slapped in the face while another had a television remote thrown at him.

But it was a much calmer affair during Rev Willis’s visit on Tuesday night.

The word move was reportedly written by a poltergeist in the condensation of a window in an east Hull home
The word move was reportedly written by a poltergeist in the condensation of a window in an east Hull home

“I can breathe again now,” Emma said. “It is like the house has filled with fresh air. It feels strange, like I have my house back.”

Her partner also felt the benefits: “While everyone was upstairs, I started to feel a lot better. The cold feelings I’ve been having have gone.”

Incidents previously tormented the couple in the past include the stereo switching itself off and pictures spinning on the wall.

The mum even woke up one night and heard something whisper “coochy coo” to her daughter.

A friend who came round to visit also saw the reflection of an unknown baby in a mirror.

Little is known about the history of the home.

The landlord at the time lived in Spain and only bought the property a few years before.

Such knowledge would have helped Rev Willis, who has been exorcising ghosts for 50 years, focus the blessing more.

“Knowing what happened in the house would allow me to provide specific prayers to particular areas where something might have happened,” he explained.

“It would have been nice to know the history and whether it was suicide, murder or a fire.

“The blessing was quite routine but I rarely feel anything and I have never seen a ghost.

“Hauntings are usually lonely spirits that have refused to move on.

“What I do brings relief to both the spirit and those bothered by it.”

“I sometimes get a feeling but, for the most part, I just let God deal with it.”

A week later life had returned to normal for the couple after the exorcism appeared to have banished the poltergeist.

“The house seems fine now and the exorcism seems to have worked,” the mum said.

“It has been a week since the house was blessed and we haven’t had any problems.

“We just feel much better about things. I am so glad.”

Reverend Tom Willis performed many exorcisms across the country.
Reverend Tom Willis has performed many exorcisms across the country

The real test as to whether the spirits have been banished came when the woman’s mum came to visit.

“Every time my mum came to the house she choked,” she said

“But when she came round after the exorcism she was okay so that is a real test.

“I am much happier about everything now.”

Unfortunately, the Rev Tom Willis passed away in January 2014 having carried out several hundred exorcisms during his career.

He previously spoke to the Hull Daily Mail about his career.

“When I was ordained people came to me about ghosts,” he said. “Once, someone said their house was haunted and asked me to investigate. That was my first case. It turned out a woman had committed suicide in the house and when I blessed and forgave her, she went away.

“I was called once by three huge Hull dockers who had played an ouija board and they just sat there shaking. Strange things had happened to them.

“It became such a problem, the Diocese of York created a team of 12 ministers to carry out exorcisms.

“There was a huge issue with the occult in Hull 30 years ago, so much so, the police had my phone number ready to hand.”

Among his most notorious cases was the haunting of a policeman’s house.

“At one of the homes, ornaments were flying about and objects were going through walls,” he recalls.

“At one point, I felt something go right through me. It felt like an electrical shock and it left me rigid. On another occasion, with the same family, I left my Holy water at the house.

“The husband found it and put it on a shelf. It disappeared and was found moments later four miles away at his wife’s workplace. I think a previous family in the home had dabbled in the occult.”

Rev Willis says exorcisms are as much about detective work as a spiritual quest.

“First, we have to establish whether what is happening is spiritual,” he said. “We have to rule out the obvious explanations first. You have to keep your feet on the floor. People get embarrassed when there is a rational explanation, but at least it gives them peace of mind.

“Once, I came into my church late and I saw a flame floating across the room. I thought I had seen my first ghost, but when I switched the light on there was a drunk man holding a lighter.”

Possessions, as seen in the film The Exorcist, can be particularly disturbing.

“I have heard people possessed speaking in a foreign tongue or a frail old woman speak with a deep masculine voice,” Rev Willis said.

“When I was quite new to the job, I was praying with someone in church when he suddenly started blaspheming and foaming at the mouth. He fell to the floor convulsing.

“I continued to pray for him and he stopped. At first, I thought he had died, but he came round. It turned out he used to practice Satanism and he had never dealt with that.”

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