How Energetic Imbalance Manifest in the Body by Calleen Wilder

I found this so interesting, and so pertinent. I think the corrections are equally simple.

If you sense you have an:

Air Imbalance – Breathe deeply, in through the nose, hold a minute, release slowly through slightly parted lips. Repeat a few times. Honestly, you’ll feel yourself begin to relax and feel lighter. Also, you could simply go outside and take deep breaths there.

Also notice if you’re shallow breathing (chest breathing with no movement from the stomach) or maybe even holding your breath. We hold our breath so often. It’s a defense, nerve, worry posture. If so, deep breaths will do wonders.

Water Imbalance – Go soak in a warm tub with Epsom Salts and Lavender Oil. Or, go to the beach or pool when weather permits.

Also, “feel” your feelings. I do this by getting quiet, as I lay down, and then turn my focus towards solar plexus (where your ribs meet). I keep the focus there so the energy can begin to accumulate. It won’t be long before you’ll begin to “feel” something… could be sad, mad, frustrated, inhibited, whatever… but whatever it is, feel it all the way through. Often this is best followed up by expressing it somehow… you can cry, scream, punch a pillow, whatever… but express it in order to get the blockage out of you. In doing so you allow the emotional stream to open up in order it can begin flowing again.

Fire Imbalance – Go take charge somewhere in your life. Make a stand (provided, of course, it doesn’t cost you your job, your relationship (unnecessarily), or your life… definitely not that (lol). But say what you mean.

You could also take the lead on a project. Maybe you could simple just hold a boundary. Then, state what’s bugging you without backing down. You don’t have to yell and scream it out (unless you really want to), but definitely state it and hold to your statement until someone decides to help you, apologize, or just plain shut up. In the end, “do you” openly, unabashedly, and unashamedly. It’s probably long overdue if the Fire has gone out (so to speak).

Earth Imbalance – When I’m super stressed nothing works better for me than placing my hands in some soil. Sometimes, I even prefer the mud. I imagine that’s a water and earth imbalance. Then I picture the stress leaving out through my hands while the Earth absorbs and transforms it. I also can often “feel” the Earth recharging me with new, powerful, and potent energy. Almost like sending it into me through my hands. This is my “go to”.

BUT you could also plant a tree, a flower, or even an intention (write something down and bury it, particularly something you want to overcome or put behind you).

Even easier, you may elect to simply stomp your feet to “ground”.

OR… visualize a long chord coming out of your body (for me it’s usually near the tailbone) and I see it going down into the Earth and wrapping around a pole (in my mind) in the center of the Earth. This is super simple and brings that grounded Earth energy, along with the accompanying revitalization, we all need from time-to-time from Mother Earth.

Anyway, hope this helps. Calleen

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