Free Will Choice & Fated Happenings

By Calleen Wilder

Free Will
This is SO true.  This is also why I always tell people that they have the power to alter nearly any outcome I might see in a reading.  I also tell them they have the power to really screw some stuff up too, as well as fix it.

It’s my firmest of beliefs that we come here to exercise our Free Will.  We come here to make decisions and choices, good or bad.  AND… for every choice we make we learn something.  Sometimes something great like how easy life can be if we allow it to be.  Sometimes something hard like wishing we’d have just left well enough alone.

Too though I also think there are things and situations that are just fated to happen to us.  I also believe there are many people who are fated to come into our lives.

And on occasion, I believe we can’t change our fate.  Yet other times I believe our choices alter how these fated things affect us.  Mostly how hard or easy it turns out to be.

As for the future people, I am certain that our choices decide if they become lovers, friends, enemies, or something far more neutral.  Plus, our free will choices can speed up or slow down the timing of these future meetings.

Not always though.  And that’s the tricky part.
We don’t know what is assured and what is assured with altered possibilities.  

In my mind the reasoning behind not getting to know all of these things is simply that if we did know it would almost certainly influence our free will.

I mean why chose one thing when you know another is a certainty?  Yes, it’d be SO much easier if we could know.  But, I guess, that isn’t the point.  You know, life lessons, hard knocks, and all.

This is why I ALWAYS tell my clients that I can see what is most likely to happen if they continue forward as is.  BUT… if they change something, maybe even one small little thing, everything might work out in a very different fashion.

Again though, it might not too.

Here’s the thing, I read energy.  I also talk to those in the Spirit World.  As a result, sprinkled throughout every single reading I do there are “fated” things.  The things that will happen no matter what we do.

Trick is, I have zero way of knowing which of the things we speak of are those fated things.  It’s my truest belief that no one does.  Well… no one living anyway.

So does that mean we’re all basically screwed (sorry… best way to say it)?  No.  It just means we have some power, some control, and are nearly always given a choice.  It also means life isn’t for the faint of heart.

Still…. I do so love that Quantum Physics is really digging into some of the more intricate layers of our beings.  It helps verify what I’ve been telling people for years, even if only in my mind.

In the end, some stuff is going to happen during the course of your life whether you stay put or move to the North Pole.

Other things will also happen, but there’s a variable in the event.  Meaning that the outcome is entirely dependent upon what you’ve done until now, as well as what you’ve decided to do going forward.

And still there are other things that will never happen to you in this lifetime… precisely because they weren’t meant to.

People like me can help you sort out a whole bunch of this, but never all of it.  We just don’t have that kind of power.  Truth be known, we probably don’t want it as it could seriously alter your life to the point that you just quit participating in it… and that’ no fun.

Still… I find this very interesting.  Hope you do too.

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