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Life Lessons
And that Can Be Hard.  It Can Break a Person.

Our only hope is that when those who have suffered great challenges recover, they share their insights with us… allowing us to gather tools and understanding should we face a similar challenge.


Today I’m here to share my journey through my biggest life lesson with you.
A lesson I never wanted to learn.

Granted, I fell… but I survived.
I’m here to help you do the same.


I’ve always known that my one and only daughter was my greatest teacher.  She was a devastatingly beautiful soul with nothing but fire in her spirit.  She taught me so many things, some I haven’t even yet figured out how to convey.  But I learned, and I grew, because of her.


Having lived most of my life working as a Psychic-Medium, I thought I knew a lot.  After all, I spent my days counseling people who were going through chaos, tragedy, and confusion.  I helped them cope and find hope.

Combined with the fact that my own past was nothing if not challenging, after having risen above it I guess I mistakenly believed I “had been there and worn nearly every shoe out there”.

Still, from the moment this precious, and always precocious, female soul entered my world, she challenged me.

She forced me to think in a new way, as well as live outside of any reasonable semblance of a routine, all while loving her passionately… even in spite of the fact my love for her came with no guarantee of safety.


And that’s what this book is about…

A parent’s undying love for their children.  The fight we fight daily just to keep them alive and moving forward.  Along with the supreme risk that’s involved in just that one simple truth.


People have told me that our story impacts them on a very personal and profound level.  All I can say is that I hope so.  I know I’m forever changed as a result of one soul, on her own mission, who happened to come into my life.  


What I didn't SeeIn “What I Didn’t See” you’ll experience what Master Level Life Lessons an Old Soul, even that of possibly your child, can teach you.  

Some of what I share involves:

* Parenting a Difficult Child.. from Enabling to Tough Love.
* Addiction & its often Inevitable Outcome.
* Why Head Trauma is often a Parent’s Worst Nightmare.
* Teenage Pregnancies & Adoption.
* The True Effect Your Marriage Has On Your Child.
* Coping with all of the Outsiders who Coach & Criticize.
* Dealing with Loss, Grief, & Depression
* & Just SO much more!


“Calleen somehow manages to make you feel what those in the book feel. It is intense and powerful.  It has your emotions on a roller-coaster, both high and low.  ANYONE who has a child needs to read this book”! Curtis G.


There really is no getting around the fact that your child’s actions will be the source of your greatest joy,
as well as your deepest sorrow.  It just is!


Because even if your child is going through something awful, you’ll continue to love them more than life itself.  And their life is going to bleed over into your life.  It happens everyday to every parent alive. 

This is why I wrote this book at the absolutely most vulnerable time in my life. Something I’m not prone to doing being the private soul that I am.  Yet, there was a voice inside of my head that kept compelling me to write it down NOW.  


My hope is that in reading this it’ll change you and your child’s life.

It’s raw, edgy, and likely more-than-slightly controversial.  Yet if you or your child is struggling with a difficult situation, this book might help you change outcomes.  


It’s not all heavy though.  My girl was funny.  She was sarcastic, witty, and charming, even in spite of the fact that she nearly always said exactly what was on her mind.  I do believe she got that from her mama (ha).

So expect to laugh, as well as to cheer us both on.  God knows we needed it.

I guess in the end you’ll realize even more profoundly just how much of what really matters in this life is our love for and from our children.  Yet… they are human.  They’re going to make human mistakes.   

Who knows, you might even end up discovering that the role you have in your child’s life is something entirely different than you ever dared to think.  Mine was.  Still is.  


This truly is a “definitely must read” for every parent.  And a “should read” for every teenager.


“Awesome read!!! This book out of the hundreds of thousands I’ve read has touched me in places that have been buried for over 2 decades. Definitely a must read!!!” Veronica B.

“I could not put this book down! As Calleen tells Alicias’ story, and how it affected her life, she makes you feel every emotion, good and bad so emphatically, that you get completely absorbed in it. I guarantee No One will be disappointed. Such a phenomenal book!” J.Stoner

“I honestly love the book! The authors soul touching writing style is unique. Once I began reading the book, I did not put it down until it was complete. Did not sleep, read on commute to work, on breaks and lunch.” Mary


Why Not Learn From My Successes and Failures?

Listen in on How a Very Spiritual Medium Views Such Enormous Life Lessons…
Hear How I Was Guided.  It’ll Help You Get Through Too!


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