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Think You Might Live in a

Haunted House____________________________________________

It Actually Happens FAR More Often Than Most Would Like to Think!

A Few of the Most Common Signs are:  

            1. Hearing strange sounds
            2. Feeling cold spots
            3. Finding things in places you know you didn’t leave them.
            4.  Or feeling like someone is watching you when you’re alone.

The bottom line is… if you think your house is haunted, most likely it is!


Since I saw my first ghost at the age of 3, and have seen hundreds since, I’ve dealt with ghosts for over 50 years now.  I’ve even spent the last 30 years helping other people get rid of their ghosts. This is why I know for certain ghosts are real… and they also really like to haunt homes.

Ghosts & HauntingsThis is also why in “Ghosts & Hauntings” I share with you my exact ghost removal process, along with every single thing I know about:  

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This book seriously tells you everything you ever need to know about ghosts, even though I know you hoped you’d never have to ask.

So we’ll start off by answering five super important questions:

#1 –  Are You Really Being Haunted?  You’ll learn right off the bat what the specific signs are.

#2 – What Are You Being Haunted By?  It really could be a number of things.  So it’s super important to know the type of haunting or ghost you have BEFORE you do anything else.

#3 – Are You Doing Anything to Make it Worse?  Unfortunately we often innocently do things that aggravate the situation without even realizing it.  I’ll tell you what to do, and what not to do.

#4 – What Is Your Best Option?  We’ll explore several different ghost removal options that you have available to you in order to find the one that you’re most comfortable using.

#5 – How Do I Keep My Family Safe Today?  Obviously, this is the most important of all.  You’ll find several techniques you can use right now to protect your family.


You’ll Also Get My Six Most Powerful & Effective Techniques
Aimed Solely at Getting Rid of a Ghost.


AND… should your ghost refuse to leave… unfortunately it happens!

1.  You’ll be able to figure out exactly why they won’t leave.
2.  We’ll explore what they are, along with what they want.
3.  And then, we’ll discuss all the additional options you have.


You’ll find a lot of examples in this book, along with the ultra precise details about all the different types of hauntings you may be encountering.  I cannot emphasize enough how important this one thing alone is to know before you do anything else.

For instance, you might have what I call a “casual traveling” ghost.  These are easy to deal with.  You might also have a spirit who is attached to you or your home.  These are less easy to deal with.  And on very rare occasions, you might even have something far more menacing.

This is why if you’re being haunted, you definitely “need to know first” what it is you’re dealing with. Once you know, we’ll look at the specific equipment you’ll need in order to get rid of any ghost (it’s all super cheap)!

As mentioned above, you’ll also find the specific protection techniques you’ll want to perform before you ever even consider attempting to get rid of your ghost.  Again, super simple, but absolutely critical!


You get the exact step-by-step process I’ve used for over 30 years,
on every single ghost removal I’ve done.  


Towards the end we’ll even talk about Spells & Curses.  I know, sounds odd.  But on a few occasions I’ve found that these strange manipulations of energy were a big part of the problem.  Consequently, I’ve included all that information too in case you have something similar going on.

We’ll finish up by talking about when it’s time to call in help.  I’ve even included some specifics on where you’re most likely to find that particular kind of help.

You will learn everything you need to know about ghost types, the reason for hauntings, what you can do to get them to leave, and how you can protect yourself in the process.    


Let’s face it, I know how terrifying living in a Haunted House is, because I’ve lived in two.  Plus I was tortured by ghosts and ghouls my entire childhood.  All of that is why I had to find a solution if I ever wanted it to stop. So I did.  And now, I’m going to tell you everything I know about it.


The bottom line is…. 

You don’t have to tolerate being haunted.

There is always, always, always another option.


Together, We’ll Figure Out the Right Option for You!


“I have been in contact with Calleen Wilder over the last few years. Our group was studying strange phenomenon occurring within our various lives. Calleen is the consummate Professional! She has helped us enormously all while adding a humorous spin on our current topic. Every “Blessing” and advice she has given us eliminated our concerns immediately. Calleen’s new book, Ghosts & Hauntings is the real life reflection of the kind, informed and oh so talented Medium we have come to depend upon and trust. Within her Blessings she has become a true “blessing “ in all of our lives. A Great book, great advice from the best!” Diane L., South Carolina


If you’re having a “haunting” problem,

You need to read this book.



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