Book – Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

But… if you don’t know what to look for in a variety of situations, you could end up spending a lot of Money & Time and Still come back with NOTHING!


You could Run into Something You’re Not Prepared For… like a Poltergeist, ElementalNegative Entity, or in very rare cases, even a Demon!


Ghost Hunting

 I cover all of this, along with a whole lot more, in this book.

In fact, these are two of the major reasons I wrote it.  




So who am I and what can I tell you about Ghosts that you haven’t already heard?

Ghost Hunting

Briefly said, I was three when I encountered my first ghost.  And it didn’t stop there. Instead it magnified.  Meaning I was pretty much terrorized by all the spooky paranormal entities you can ever even begin to imagine for the entire rest of my childhood.

Since no one wanted anything to do with ghosts back then, this meant I had to figure out what they were, what they wanted, and what to do about them, all on my own.

So basically, I’ve been dealing with all things otherworldly for over 50 years now.  I’ve even spent a large part of the last 30 helping clients and friends “deal” with their ghosts by ghost busting their homes.


Ghost Hunting



We’ll begin by talking about:

1.  Not only when and where to look for a ghost, but WHY to look for a ghost.

2.  You’ll get a list of the absolute best tools to use on any Ghost Hunt (they’re cheap).

3.  You’ll discover the 9 definitive signs that you’ve encountered a ghost.

4.  PLUS… You’ll learn one sure-fire and super easy way to get a ghost to interact with you.


Most Importantly Perhaps,

You’ll discover the exact steps you can take in order to keep yourself safe.
Some of which simply involves knowing what not to do…. ever!


Today, a lot of people want to see a ghost.  I get that.  I’d probably want to too if I hadn’t already seen so darn many.  

Our goal then is to make sure you can go Hunt Ghosts without getting harmed in the process… or worse yet, without bringing one home with you.  

That once you learn the habits & rituals of any ghost(s),
it becomes much easier to find one.  

You’ll learn that here.  

PLUS… the simple truth is, once you see a ghost, it’s way easier for you to see the next one
.  I think that’s likely because ghosts can very easily and naturally read your energy.  They know when that particular veil has been parted.  So even though ghosts don’t tend to hang-out in my home (mostly ’cause I don’t let them), they still stop by occasionally because they’re aware that I’m aware of them.  Same is true for you.  It just works that way.


Therefore, in “Ghost Hunting”:

    • You’ll get to read some of my most “memorial” moments with my own Ghost Hunting experiences.  This will help you begin to get a “feel” for the logistics of it.  
    • Then we’ll cover the basics, the “mechanics”, of a good Ghost Hunt.
    • You’ll also learn my “never-fail” recipe for finding the absolute best place to look for a ghost.


We’ll go on and talk extensively about: 

    • The Types of Ghosts & Entities you’re most likely to encounter.  Since I’ve run into everything, ranging from just your casual Ghost all the way down to a Demon, I want you to be fully prepared to not only be able to Identify the Type of Ghost you have, but also know what to do after your heart is already thumping out of your chest.  
    • You’ll even get the benefit of my “best guess” percentages of what you’re most likely to run into.  All are based on my personal experiences.  This will enable you to know what you can reasonably expect to encounter.
    • ALSO… You’ll receive my secret way of getting nearly any ghost to interact with me.  I’ve used it for over 30 years now, and it NEVER fails to work.
    • We’ll even explore precisely what you can say to entice a ghost.  Also, what you definitely don’t want to say.  All dependent upon what you’ve come across.


We’ll finish off by looking into:  

    • The exact precautions you’ll want to take before and after every Ghost Hunt.
    • I even give you the exact words I use every single time I Ghost Hunt.  It’s super simple and super quick.  But also, absolutely crucial if you like the safety and the ghost staying where you found them thing!
    • We’ll conclude by talking about what you can do if you’ve already hit a slight snag.  You’ll learn what I do to take care of those “problem” encounters.


Now obviously, I’m not stupid enough to promise you what will or won’t happen when you hunt ghosts.  Let’s face it, ghosts pretty much do whatever ghosts want to do.  However, you’ll learn about all the things that have worked for me, for like forever.  

Bottom line is, if you want to Ghost Hunt, you might seriously want to look this over first.


Let Me Assure You, GHOSTS ARE REAL? 

Meaning you can’t afford to go in expecting nothing to happen and end up surprised and caught off guard!

Because that’s when bad things happen.  

Ghosts can hurt you, drain your energy, follow you home, make you sick, and a whole host of things!

Yet, if you know what you’re doing and are prepared to gauge what you’re dealing with,
you can avoid most of the negative stuff.  


Personally, I’ve NEVER been hurt on a ghost hunt. Sure, I’ve been lightly scratched, pushed, poked, and all sorts of prodded though.  This is why I won’t even begin to pretend that I can promise you what will or won’t happen once you encounter a ghost.  Mainly because ghosts are ghosts, and they’re complicated like that!

Sometimes too, ghosts aren’t just ghosts.

BUT… what I can promise you is that I will help you to be as prepared for any and all outcomes.
You’ll get TONS of first-hand knowledge, personal experiences, examples, and outcomes in this book.


All geared to making your ghost hunts FAR SAFER, and FAR MORE PRODUCTIVE, from here on out!
You’ll get 50 Years of Knowledge in just this one book.


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