Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Payments Processed When I Set Up Appointments?

You will taken off of my site when you book your appointment.  You’ll have 2 Options for Payment.  You can either use PayPal or pay through my Scheduling Service, which offers this:

Encryption: Your transaction is encrypted and secured. All information, including your credit card, is transferred only over HTTPS with up to 256-bit encryption.

Compliance: Servers are verified PCI (SAQ C 3.1) compliant. Additionally, your credit card information is not stored on our servers.

So you are protected, as is your card and information, with companies much larger and far more educated on the subject than myself.

If I Schedule an Appointment and Need to Cancel How Do I Cancel & is the Money Refunded.

Yes, there are several ways to cancel.  I make it super easy.

Provided you cancel prior to our actual appointment, all monies collected are refunded.  Full Information On Cancellations Listed Here.

During a Reading Can I Ask About Things You Haven’t Covered?

Yes.  There’s SO much information that comes through during any type of Reading I offer that I want you to participate.

After all, some people want to know a lot about Past Lives.  Other people could care less.  The same is true for Money, Relationships, Family, Marriage, Divorce, Children and just your overall Life Path and Life Issues.

Therefore, feel free to tell me what you want to talk most about… or to interject and change the subject whenever you’d like.  It’s your reading. I want to spend our time together discussing what matters most to you.

Yet, if you simply want an over-all look at your life, in any type of Reading, I’m happy to do that too.

How Much Time Should I Book?

All Readings are different, as is the amount of questions or concerns you may have.  I offer different Reading Lengths for each type of reading I offer.  Be sure to check those out.  As always though, I recommend you over-estimate the time you’ll need versus underestimating.  Time goes fast during every reading and I’m rarely able to add more time to the end of a reading due to previously scheduled appointments.

How Accurate Are You?

It’s hard to say since I don’t receive feedback from every person I’ve ever read for.

A large portion of my Readings come from prior clients and referrals though.  I take that as a positive indicator that I’m reasonably accurate.

Do You Offer Refunds?

I do not.  I charge for the time I put into the reading.

Will You Tell me Things I Don’t Want to Hear?

Maybe.  I’m very honest.  I feel if I’m given information about you or your life, regardless of whether I think you’ll like that information or not, I share it.  I feel I wouldn’t be given the information if I weren’t meant to give it to you.

Still… there’s no way to guarantee you’ll like what you hear.  What I can guarantee is that I’m here to help you find your answers.  

Also know I try very hard to stay away from very negative stuff.  Particularly true if I don’t have a solution to offer as well.

I DO NOT predict death though.  It’s not my thing.

Are Your Readings Confidential?

Yes.  100%.  Even the Testimonials I publish are permission based.  I always ask the person who wrote me the note BEFORE I publish them if it’s okay to do so.  I also ask how they want to be identified in them.

Know also that I would love to get a testimonial from you afterwards.   It seems I always forget to ask.

Outside of that though, no one will know what we spoke about but us.

Can I Record Our Reading?

Yes.  I encourage you to record.  People often go back over their recordings and tell me how amazed they are.  Remember, we’re often talking about future events, things you know little of at the time of the reading.  Therefore, having it recorded is invaluable.

Plus, I’m frequently told by clients how they hear things in their recording that they missed entirely during the reading.  Likely because they were focusing on something else.

I haven’t found a way to record on my end that’s both simple and incredibly reliable.

Therefore, record.  You’ll be very happy you did.

How Do the Readings Take Place?

If you live in the US I’m happy to either call you on the telephone or Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, you must have a Skype account.  If so, you can opt for Video Chat or Audio Chat (for those who like readings in their PJ’s).

If you live outside the US you can either call me on the day of the appointment, or I’m happy to Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, again, you must have a Skype account, and you too have the option for Video or Audio Chat.

If You Have Any Additional Questions

Simply email me at or use my Contact Form.  I promise we’ll get back with you ASAP.