Dreams of Scrying

Dreams of ScryingI had just the most interesting dream last night… one I’m not quite sure I’ve put completely together just yet.  Still, since this is the place I discuss all things dreamy, prophetic, alternative, and predictive, I thought I’d share it with you in order that you might also learn how to interrupt your own dreams.

To begin with, in my dream I dreamt I was in a very run down building underneath a very run down desk, apparently trying to repair it.  The desk from below, while made of metal that consisted of several compartments and slots, was bent, crooked, and looked extremely beat up and ready for the dump.

As I worked on the desk I recall there were a few other people around, men I believe.  The only way I know this is that as I was saying that I thought the desk was useless and should be carted away, I heard at least one of them reply that I needed to come out from under the desk and view it from the top.

When I did, I was astounded to find that from above (keywords) the desk was made of the most beautiful, glistening, and highly polished deep brown wood I’d ever seen.  I remember running my hands over the top of it in amazement at how something that looked so haggard and worn underneath still produced this rock-solid and magnificent outcome.

It was around this time, as I was delicately running my hands along the top and sides of this magnificent L-shaped desk, that I saw myself discover, and then relay aloud, that I felt this desk was capable of scrying…  all on its own.  Obviously, this isn’t the way scrying works.  Scrying is usually more about the Scryer than the object being scryed.  But in my case, the roles were reversed and this wasn’t lost on me.

However not being a scryer myself, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually used the word scry before.  Still doing what I do, I knew full well what it means.  But here was that exact term being used in my own dream.  I had to wonder why.

For some pertinent background information, let me briefly share that lately I’ve been bouncing back and forth about what to do with my life, for the rest of it.  It seems that even though I’ve done personal readings for over 30 years now, they’re beginning to consume too much of my energy to do them, at least on any sort of steady basis.  Thing is, when you develop medium skills, you learn how to adjust yourself energetically to the higher realms in order to make contact.  And while this is a great feeling, if you do that several times a day, going up and then coming back down between readings, it takes a toll on you energetically, and eventually, physically.  As such, I’ve been pondering many things.  (You can read more about mediumship and the “clairs” below in my Rapid Psychic Development Course if you’re interested).

Also, even though I’ve always been clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and a few other clairs (ha), all of which fall into the predictive arts field, I’ve never once tried or even had much interest in scrying.  Makes me think then that it might be precisely because the word is so foreign to me that it was given.  Meaning, it definitely would stand out and catch my attention.

Oh, for those not familiar with scrying, scrying is the art of peering into a reflective object, usually crystal balls, pools of water, mirrors, etc, and seeing objects, scenes, or people appear in them.  The person viewing such things, the scryer, then translates what they’re seeing and what they believe the meaning of such things to be.  Consequently, even though I’ve never used scrying, I do end up at the same destination via my sensing abilities.  But, had the word sensing, clairvoyant, psychic, or intuitive been used, it wouldn’t have spoke to me like the word scrying did.  What this meant to me was simply that whoever it was that was relaying information to me, via my dream, wanted to make a very specific point, and now… they definitely had my attention.

Know too that where dreaming is concerned, if I have something on my mind I always ask for a dream about it.  So since my career has been front and center lately, I’ve been asking for direction for the last week or so.  As a result I’ve been having tons of dreams about me losing my car or losing my way.  All letting me know I was confused and had lost direction.  But last night, after a very disappointing day, I was very stringent in my request.  This then is the result of that request.

Thing is, I love writing.  I also realize I have a ton of information I’ve gathered over my lifetime that many people don’t have.  Yes, because I’m not only esoteric, but likely also more than slightly eccentric as well (sigh).  So writing makes sense.  It doesn’t take a lot of energy from me to write since I can do so whenever, wherever, and for however long I want.  It also allows me to disseminate all this largely unknown information in one place.

BUT… when you’re competing with millions of authors on Amazon, AND you’re an Indie author (meaning self published) it’s really, really, really tough to get noticed, despite what many who sell courses on how to do so might say.  Consequently, this topic has been consuming me a bit for the last little while.  Thus, this is the question I was asking to have answered for me via a dream.

Hence, back to the desk.  Now most of us know that a desk is where people work.  It also represents responsibility, labor, and a place to produce your products.  Wood represents solid, reliable, and stable, particularly if in good condition.  The fact that underneath the desk appeared so beat up represents, to me anyway, that either what I build on that desk (a.k.a. my work) has been tested, tried, is old, reliable, and yes, slightly worn out (yep, that would be me… ha).  Too though, since the desk consisted of just the most beautiful shades of deep, rich browns, it let me know that the dream is specifically addressing my material or earthly concerns (brown is earth).

Too, the many compartments represent the many levels and areas of expertise I have stored underneath the solid exterior.  As not only do I have all the “clairs”, but I also have vast amounts of information about alternative healing, mind over matter, altered states, aliens, ghosts, NDE’s, other dimensions, reincarnation, auras, life after death, dreams, and as I said, most things esoterically eclectic.  Yet even with all of that going on underneath, what is in view and obviously the outcome of the duress and stressed metal framework is something grounded (also brown) and valuable.

Additionally, me being the anal little Virgo I am, need grounded.  I don’t care how obscure, other worldly, or strangely unique any information I stumble upon is, I have to make it make sense to me.  It has to become usable and easy to understand.  This is why I write the way I do, in a very conversational tone.  My goal is simple, I want anyone who reads the information I’m sharing to understand it completely… otherwise, why even share it?  Alas, I now knew what the brown tones meant.

But, even while the desk was glistening and well-polished, scrying isn’t normally done on or via wooden objects, but rather reflective, often moving objects.  Remember too that I felt the desk could scry for me, rather than me scrying via it.  Hence, all these rather beat up underpinnings had much to share with me apparently.  Also recall that they wanted me to “get up and view it from above”… I imagine like they do.  In the end, I didn’t have to search for the answer, they were giving it to me… scrying it perhaps.

Now to me, the “they” I speak of consist of my guides and helpers.  You might think of them as the Universe or higher power.  You might even think of it as your higher self.  In truth, it could be any or all of the above.  So no clear cut rules, again in my mind, about that.

The bottom line is, the only thing that really mattered was that they were sharing with me; that in the end however I share what I know, it will be substantial and will matter to someone, even if underneath things appear tired and worn out.  Who knows, perhaps they were worn out to relay to me that they were time-tested and still working correctly and producing phenomenal results.

The other thing I can say for sure is that I’ll be trying scrying pretty soon since I have no idea how literal the dream was.  After all, my desk is L-shaped and consists mostly of glass, one of the perfect scrying tools.  I’ll keep you posted as to my results.

As for you, always work with your dreams.  Like me, it might take you a few days to figure out exactly what the dream meant, but if you do as I did and break it down in small parts, evaluating each part individually before trying to draw any conclusions, you too will be amazed at just how much is revealed to you in your dreams.

Just remember, dreams can be literal or symbolic.  So get yourself a great dream book, one that resonates with you.  Then ask about whatever it is you have questions about right before you fall to sleep.

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Enjoy!  And please feel free to share your thoughts on Scrying, Dreaming, or even insights into your own dreams below.  This would be the PERFECT place to start getting some feedback.  Hopefully someday, this will be “the” place you know you can come to share your dreams and hear what many others have to say about them.  That’d be really cool, wouldn’t it?

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