Couple’s Relationship Astrology Transits (Predictions) ONLY

Couple's Astrology TransitsIf you’ve already had your Couple’s Astrology Reading and now just need an update on “where next”, you’re in the right place.

A Transit Reading in Astrology is the Predictive part of Astrology.  Transits let us know where the current planets are, as they transit the sky, in relationship to where they were originally in your chart, their chart, &/or the Relationship Chart itself.

Transits show us what areas are being highlighted, challenged, blessed, and completed in your relationship.  The type of angle, along with the planets and the signs they’re in, tell us this.  AND… all of that shows up in a Couple’s Astrology Transit Reading.

I offer 4 Different Time Slots for just such things.

If you’re in need of a quick update, perhaps about something specific happening in the relationship over the next month or two, book the 20 or 30 Minute Reading.

If, however, you’re needing a complete review for the next year, or simply have a lot of questions about the relationship, book the 45 – 60 Minute Slot.

My advice is book as much time as possible, unless you really only have one or two questions.

The time will fly by and normally I don’t have the option to extend the reading once time has ran out.

Psychic Readings

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