Couple’s Astrology Relationship/Composite Chart PLUS One Year’s Transit Predictions

Couple's Astrology Composite & Transit ChartsIf you started out with the Level 1 Astrology Couple’s Chart Comparisons and now want to add the Relationship/Composite Chart PLUS a Full Year’s Worth of Transits/Predictions (Level 3), you’re in the right place.

The Composite/Relationship Chart is an individual chart that represents ONLY the relationship.  It’s established by taking the planets in your chart, adding the planets in your sweetie’s chart, and then finding the Middle Ground… the Midpoint.  It’s as if the Relationship itself now has its own chart.

This chart is Mind-Blowing.  It allows you to explore:

1)  The Relationship’s Purpose.

2)  What the Relationship Needs, Wants & Desires to operate at its Highest Level.

3) It Details the Areas in the Relationship that are very active, as well as describing areas that are lacking.

4) It even allows us to see the Potential for Past Life Involvements.

5)  Also sharing if the Relationship Feels Fated… Hinting at true Soul Mate Potential.

6)  Plus You’ll Learn What Compels You to Stay in the Relationship… as well as them.


The Transit Reading is the Predictive part of Astrology.  Transits let us know where the current planets are, as they transit the sky, in relationship to where they were originally in your chart, their chart, &/or the Relationship Chart itself.

Transits show us what areas are being highlighted, challenged, blessed, and completed in your relationship.  The type of angle, along with the planets and the signs they’re in, tell us this.


You have your pick between 2 Different Time Slots for this Combination Composite/Relationship Chart PLUS a Full Years Worth of Predictions/Transit Chart.

  • If you simply want a Review of the Relationship/Composite Chart along with the Predictions for the Coming Year for the Relationship, you’ll likely only need to book the 60 Minute Reading.  This is standard.


  • However, if you either want more time or have several additional questions about the original Couple’s Astrology Comparison Reading you received, be sure to book the 75 Minute Reading.

My advice is book as much time as possible, unless you really only want the charts without additional questions.  In which case the 60 Minutes is plenty.  Otherwise, the time will fly by and normally I don’t have the option to extend the reading once time has ran out. So book the 75 Minutes.


The Composite Chart reveals all of the Hidden Dynamics of the Relationship.

It allows us to measure the health and well-being of the relationship.


The Transit Chart tells You Exactly What Will Be Happening in the Relationship Over the Coming Year.


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