How to Attract Positive Energy in Your Home and Banish Negative Energy: 13 Expert Tips

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February 17, 2022 by Julia Weaver

Everyone experiences the Monday blues or a gloomy afternoon from time to time. But, if you’ve constantly been feeling down and can’t quite put a finger on why, your home may be to blame. It’s time to banish those negative feelings and create positive energy in your home.

A positive and energized home should feel happy, light, and inviting. From utilizing salt and practicing meditation to setting the right intentions and using the power of crystals, there are several techniques to cleanse your home and instill positive energy. We turned to the top experts, from Buffalo, NY to Sacramento, CA, to share their tried and true techniques on how to attract and create positive energy at home so you can feel like your best self.

living room with fireplace and floor to ceiling windows

Pour salt along property lines and main corners of your home

Salt is an inexpensive yet effective tool for removing negative energy from your home. The negative ions released from salt create a positive space and an uplifting mood. Pour salt along the property line of your new home to release the energies of the previous owners. Sprinkle salt in the main corners of your abode and leave it for a couple of days before vacuuming. For continued energy clearing, place bowls of salt or salt lamps in active areas of your home. Sea salt, Himalayan salt, kosher salt, or even plain old table salt work for this high vibrational energy clearing. – Nicole Glosser LLC, Spiritual Medium

Carve out time for yourself

When we think about attracting positive energy into the home, we like to think about how we’ll set ourselves up for success in our self-care practices. If you have the space, creating a meditation space or quiet space where you can read, rest, and build an intentional practice around reducing stress and caring for mental health will go a long way. If you don’t have a full room to dedicate, you can always set up a small space in a corner or even a home closet. Set some boundaries with your family or roommates to let them know you need some quiet or alone time each day to focus on self-care and fortify your well-being. Burnout can lead to cynicism and negativity, so take a few moments each day to invest in yourself. – TRILUNA, Stress Management Expert

Surround yourself with what inspires you

Often the energy of our home is a reflection of our inner world – whether it is positive or negative. Feeling low? It’s important not to be lost in your negative energy and mind. Instead, try to look for outer ways to help with the overall feeling of negativity. My favorite way is to surround myself with artwork that inspires me and elevates my inner passions, raising my vibrations. This in turn gets rid of negative energy within and brings positivity to my home and my surroundings. – C Design by Chen, Artist

Be sure to clean your crystals during the new moon

Crystals are great energetic tools for maintaining and attracting positive energy within your home, but like everything in your house, they occasionally need cleaning. Traditionally, this is done during the new moon, using the smoke from bundles of cleansing herbs, such as sage or mugwort. After holding your crystals over the cleansing smoke, you can also use these same herbs to cleanse the energy in your entire home, starting at one side and waving the smoke throughout until you reach the other side, where the smoke can leave through an open window. Once you’ve cleared the bad energy from your space, you’ll want to replace it with positive vibes by speaking positive affirmations and replacing all of your crystals throughout your space. – Lula May Design, Wellness Coach

healing crystals to attract positive energy to the home

Boost the energy around you

Do you experience that feeling when you’ve entered a room after there’s been an argument, or when everyone has been laughing and smiling? Well, you’re a powerful energy sensor and receiver, and there are many ways to boost that energy and they all start with you. The most important first step is to use your beautiful smile to activate a positive ‘smiling energy’ from your heart.Then, set a positive intention for the room like, “let this room be a happy welcoming place and allow all negativity to move out.” Next, move through the room and fill the space using a tool like burning sage, playing music, singing, dancing, or opening windows. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to your smile and your intention. Have fun experimenting and tuning in to the energy around you. – Smooth Rock Meditation

Keep a clear mindset

Energy is everywhere. Keep a clear mindset if you want to keep your home clear of negative energies. Spend some time journaling or meditating on what’s ailing you and dedicate some time to activities that bring you joy while in your home. I also like to keep a piece of black tourmaline near the entrance of my home. It’s a really great stone for absorbing negative energies. Next, envision pure loving energy surrounding your home from the inside out. Think of it as a little cloak of protection at your doorstep and around the home. – Prana Fresca, School Teacher, Meditation and Yoga Instructor, and Energy Worker

Focus on gratitude

When you’re ready to clear out negative energy, start with your mind by focusing on gratitude to shift the energy in your home and create new healing intentions. Allow and accept those negative situations that have taught you many lessons, and ceremonially use smudging to align with water, air, wind, and fire to dissolve the energetic debris. When attracting positive energy to your home, you’re your greatest source of positivity. Focus on your growth mindset, surround yourself with good people, move your body, drink water, eat the rainbow, allow your creativity and expression to fill your life with things that bring you awe and inspiration. Know that you can fill yourself and your home with unlimited tranquility and love. – Pure Chakra, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Spirituality

Combat negativity with meditation

Clearing out negativity and attracting positive energy in a home starts with the people in it. How you feel affects the energy of your surroundings. If you’re having frequent negative thoughts, this creates negativity and heaviness in your space. Practicing this simple meditation can help combat negative energy and bring positivity to your mind, body, and home: Imagine your heart slowly filling up with loving, positive energy. Visualize this energy as a warm, glowing ball of light. Once your heart is full, allow the light to overflow and travel throughout the rest of your body. Then, imagine the light radiating out from your body to fill the room. Continue to let it grow until the glow fills your entire home with loving, positive energy. – Motion Melissa

Simplify your space and connect with your inner self

Some of my favorite ways to increase the positive energy at home include bringing in plants I love, opening windows, and getting free of clutter. Additionally, having a harmonious home starts with balance within ourselves, so I also love creating a quiet sanctuary space where I can meditate, practice yoga, and connect to my internal self. Being intentional about attracting positive energy in our home benefits our overall wellness. – Julie Bjelland, LMFT, Founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community

Your home should be the most sacred place

Our home should be a sacred space that feels safe, secure, and loving. Any time you feel negative energy or low vibration in your home, it’s important to clear that energy.  I have a home clearing ritual on each new moon cycle to keep my home at a high positive vibration. My favorite way to remove negative energy from the home is with sound. There are many instruments and tools such as crystal sound healing bowls, tuning forks, crystal pyramids, hand drums, elemental chimes, or wasu tubes that can create a harmonizing, pure loving energy in the home. I play kundalini mantras for peace and positive energy throughout my home, and use salts and crystals placed at the entrance of the house and bedrooms that support removing negative energy, such as selenite, black kyanite, and black tourmaline. I include loving vibration crystals such as rose quartz and malachite and will say a prayer aloud with the intention of how I want the home to feel. Bringing in beauty with fresh flowers, candles, artwork, and photos will instantly balance and lift the home’s energy, which should be your most sacred space. – Jenni Cornette, Holistic Healing

Sound healing bowls

Shift the energy and celebrate the land

To shift the energy in your home and understand where any energetic problems might be, take a bowl of water and sit in the center of the space. Imagine your heart filling with joy, and expand that joy into a shower of pink light that fills the space, pushing out anything that is not loving energy. Take note of areas that seem harder to shift and just allow yourself to shift as much of it as you are able. Take the water and bless the space by sprinkling some of it in every room. You can also celebrate and bless the essence of the land around and under your home to create an influx of restorative energy. Take corn kernels or cornmeal, sugar, and some change and leave some at the four corners of your yard or city block, thanking the land for sustaining your home, and asking for their help to fill it with protective and joyous energy. Repeat monthly. – Cathy Towle, Reiki Healer, and Spirit Medium

Clean the energy every time you move into a new home

Let’s face it. You would never move into a new home without cleaning it. Still, the air in your home, which occupies the most space, is often overlooked. Since you want the energy in your home to be your energy and not anyone else’s, you want to clean and clear the home every time you move. Do this by employing protective and clearing crystals, different types of smudge sticks, blessed water, prayer, and affirmations, along with a whole lot of love.  Afterward, you’ll want to clean the energy in your home yearly; more often, if there’s been sickness, negative dreams, stressful events, something feels “off,” or you just want a new start.  Enjoy your home.  – Calleen’s Crystals, Alternative Healer

Make this daily practice a habit to attract positive energy in your home 

  • Step 1: Start and end your day with gratitude. About five things you care about and are grateful for. This sets the energy in your home on a positive note to begin with and clears any tension at day’s end. 
  • Step 2: Set an intention of how you want to show up, who you want to be, as you move and interact throughout your day. Then, practice coming “home” to that each time you or someone in your home is triggered.
  • Step 3: Incorporate as much nature as possible (fresh air, natural light, plants, uncluttered spaces, wood flooring, natural colors, non-toxic materials and products, etc.). Nature is universally soothing and creates a beautiful, serene environment that calms worries, fears, tensions, and moods. 
  • Step 4: Diffuse essential oils (not fragrance, but pure essential oils). Citrus oils uplift. Lavender and evergreen oils calm. Lemongrass and Frankincense clear negative vibes.
  • Putting it all together: My favorite combo is to open as many doors and windows as possible, place my favorite essential oils in a diffuser, take several deep breaths, feel into my heart, give gratitude for at least five things, choose to move forward as the person I want to be in this situation, and let intention and fresh air do the rest. 

All of these, of course, can also be practiced if/when it’s time to clear the space and reset. – Ann Aubin Gibson, Adventure Wellness

How Many Past Lives Have I Had? By Sanja Balijkas

If you’re a fan of all things esoteric, get ready for this. According to the age-old practice of numerology — aka, the study of numbers — you can calculate how many past lives you’ve lived using the digits in your birthday. What’s more, the resulting number, known as your Life Path Number, can also help reveal and explain your personality, goals, relationships, and even the future.

“In numerology, your Life Path Number is the the single digit that your birth date (when added together) is consolidated into,” Tracee Dunblazier, a spiritual empath and author of Conquer Your Karmic Relationships, tells Bustle. And according to intuitive, medium, and spiritual development teacher Alison Shine, this number represents how many lives you’ve lived and your current life’s purpose.

“Numerology can help guide you by giving you a framework to discover deeper meaning in your life,” Shine says. “They are metaphysical tools that can give you a glimpse into your purpose, direction, and history of your soul. You can use numerology to help you make important decisions, understand your true potential, and reassure that you are on the right path.”

As for seeing into the future, that’s all thanks to the ~vibe~ associated with each number. “Numerology can help us to understand how to predict events and behavior by teaching us that everything in our world has a vibration, that unless it is escalated or reduced, the result is consistent to the energetic trajectory it is on,” Dunblazier says. “Stated differently: If you don’t change, your path won’t change, therefore the [same] result can be expected.”

Where Does Numerology Come From?

Numerology has roots in many cultures. According to astrologer Constance Stellas, the science of numbers was used in the Egyptian Ritual of the Dead, the Indian Vedas, and the Hebrew Kabala. It’s also mentioned in the Bible and was taught by Moses, she says. Today, we mostly attribute the idea of numerology to Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician born around 559 B.C. “Pythagoras and his followers, known as the Pythagoreans, also studied music and philosophy due to their connections with mathematics,” Shine says.

For one, they discovered a relationship between numbers and the resonance of each musical note, which is why it is believed that each number carries a unique set of properties that can be used to describe other areas of life.

They also found that, if you add up a series of odd numbers that begin with 1, the total will always be a square number. As Shine says, “This means that everything in our universe is made up of numbers and can be described with numerical values.” So let’s jump into some math, shall we?

How To Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Had

While the math here seems tricky at first, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The goal is to keep adding the individual digits in your full birth date (month, day, year) until you get a single number, which is your Life Path Number.

To start, look at the numbers in your birth month. If you were born in February, the second month of the year, that means you’ll use the number two. March is three, April is four, and so on. If your birth month contains two digits, simply add them together. For December, that means 1+ 2 = 3.

Next, move on to the year. If you were born in 1992, add the digits 1+9+9+2 together to get 21, then reduce that down even further by adding 2+1 to get the single digit of 3. From there, add all the digits in your birth date together and keep going until you get single number.

If you were born on February 17, 1992, that’ll be 2+1+7+1+9+9+2, which equals 31. Add 3+1 to get 4. Your Life Path Number is 4, which also reveals how many past lives you’ve lived. The answer will likely be 1 through 9, but if your result is 11, 22, or 33, stop adding.

Master Numbers

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered master numbers in numerology. “You will always reduce down to one digit, but the master number adds more to the message, if you will,” Dunblazier says. “Master numbers address universal dynamics at play in your life that are contributing to your life path or destiny.” Think of it is as an extra dose of the single number.

The 13 Lives Theory

Past lives, or the belief of reincarnation, refers to the process of a soul going through various incarnations on Earth, each time building on what was learned in the preceding lives. “Each lifetime gives us a new perspective to see the human experience from a new angle,” Shine says. “As our souls gain more and more life experience we ascend into higher stages of consciousness.”

As with all things under the mystical umbrella, it’s tough to land on one specific “answer” or really know for sure how many past lives you’ve lived, or if there were any at all. Dunblazier says you may have thousands of past lives, with Life Path Numbers serving as a way to reduce a vast idea down to something more digestible.

Another theory, known as the 13 Lives Theory, “states that our souls pass through 13 stages or lifetimes to complete one cycle of enlightenment,” Shine says. “Depending on where you are in your 13 lives can determine the various roles you need to learn from at this stage in your spiritual development.”

Other Ways To Use Numerology

Numerology isn’t just about past lives or lessons learned. “Have you ever looked at the clock at exactly 11:11? Noticed a similarity between birthdays or significant dates in your life? Keep seeing the same numbers show up everywhere? Numbers possess power and hold incredible meaning when it comes to uncovering the details of your lives,” Shine says.

Coincidences likes these might also be a cheeky little wink from the universe, which you can use to your advantage the next time you’re trying to make a decision. If you’re about to rent an apartment and notice that it’s unit 11 — or whichever number holds significance for you — consider it a sign that you’ve found the perfect spot. As Shine says, repeating numbers are a big “yes!” from the universe affirming and supporting the very thing you were doing, thinking, or feeling in that moment.

What Your Numerology Number Means

Now that you know your life path, check out the traits associated with each number below. You can then use this info to guide decisions and learn more about yourself, your relationships, and the direction you’d like to go.

Number 1: The Primal Force

The number one represents new beginnings, according to psychic and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport. You are independent, goal-oriented, and innovative, Shine says, but may struggle with doubt. (You are brand new, after all.)

Number 2: The Intuitive

The number two symbolizes pairs or duality, Rappaport says. You’re also intuitive, unifying, and influential, Shine says.

Number 3: The Creative

As a number three, you are optimistic, artistic, and charming. That said, don’t be surprised if a sense of naiveté follows you around. Your life’s focus should be on growth and expression.

Number 4: The Planner

As a very practical, solid number four, you are loyal and grounded, but can be dull and rigid, too, Shine says. The number four is also the number of reality — think material universe, logical reason, and structure.

Number 5: The Dynamic Force

Right in the middle of it all, fives are energetic, adaptable, and super social, but can be a bit unpredictable and unreliable. As a five you can either keep moving forward or fall back into old patterns, Rappaport says. It’ll be up to you to decide.

Number 6: The Caretaker

As someone on their sixth life, you are officially a caretaker, Shine says. You’re harmonious, supportive, and protective of everyone in your life, though sometimes to the point of self-sacrifice. Six is also the number of motherhood, marriage and harmony, Rappaport says, which may explain why you feel drawn to nurture.

Number 7: The Truth Seeker

Seven folks are spiritual and curious, Shine says. You like to analyze life. The number seven also denotes wisdom and perfection, Rappaport adds, and is considered the number of the mystic.

Number 8: The Powerhouse

As an eight, you’re just about as ambitious as they come. Keep an eye out for materialistic tendencies though, Shine says. It may help to direct your focus towards other types of success.

Number 9: The Humanitarian

Since nine represents competition and attainment, Rappaport says, consider yourself one of the more “awakened” numbers.

Master Number 11: The Illuminated One

You are insightful, intuitive, and aware as a master number 11. Let your strong code of ethics guide you.

Master Number 22: The Master Builder

As a Master Builder, you’re out there manifesting goodness into your life. It may feel like you’ve got everything figured out.

Master Number 33: The Master Teacher

As a 33, your soul is considered to be evolved, awakened, and devoted, Shine says. As a result, you may feel selfless and detached.

Tracee Dunblazier, spiritual empath and author
Alison Shine, intuitive, medium, and spiritual development teacher
Constance Stellas, astrologer
Davida Rappaport, psychic and spiritual counselor

Dorothy Eady: ‘The Woman Who Lived Two Lives’ by Dominic Smithers

Everyone loves a creepy tale, don’t they? Well, none come much weirder than that of Dorothy Eady, ‘the woman who lived two lives’.

Despite having been born in London in 1904, Dorothy claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priestess and helped experts track down previously unknown historical sites.

Dorothy’s story, which was recently shared on TikTok by reallifeghoststories, started when she was just three years old when she fell down a flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious.

According to some accounts, she was pronounced dead at the time but was somehow revived. And when she woke up, she had a different accent and kept speaking of ‘going home’.

A few months later, Dorothy’s parents took her to an Egypt exhibition at the British Museum, and it was there that she spotted a photo, shouting: “There is my home.”

The picture was of the Abydos Temple of Seti, who was the father of Ramses the Great.

According to the legend, the young Dorothy then asked: “Where are the trees? Where are the gardens?” Before running around the exhibit, kissing the feet of multiple statues.

Dorothy claimed she was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priestess. Credit: PA
Dorothy claimed she was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priestess. Credit: PA

She became so obsessed with pharaohs, priestesses, temples, ancient Egypt and the idea of ‘going home’ that her parents got a psychiatrist involved.

But nothing could discourage her.

And when she was a teenager, she claimed to have had an affair with Seti I, a pharaoh of the New Kingdom Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.

After looking back into her supposed past life, Dorothy described how she was the reincarnation of a girl named Bentreshyt and had met the pharaoh in the temple gardens she had described when she was just four years old.

After becoming pregnant with his child, it was a capital offence for a priestess of Isis to lose their virginity, Bentreshyt was forced to stand trial. However, she chose instead to take her own life.

In her late twenties, Dorothy moved to Egypt to further her study into her past, and had a child called Sety, even changing her own name to Omm Sety.

Seti I (left). Credit: PA
Seti I (left). Credit: PA

Due to her strong beliefs, locals in Cairo were said to have been frightened of Dorothy, who would allegedly spend nights alone in the Great Pyramid of Giza or leave offerings at the feet of the Sphinx.

When an opportunity arose to work on the excavations at Abydos, she jumped at the chance, and her knowledge of the area proved invaluable, helping the team to locate the ruins of the gardens she described as a child.

But that’s not all.

To test her supposed insight, the chief inspector from Egypt’s Antiquities Department once took her to Seti’s temple, where, in the pitch black, he described a series of wall paintings to her and asked her to walk towards where the images could be found.

She got every one correct despite the fact images of the murals had never previously been published publicly.

Despite her importance to the study of ancient Egypt, Dorothy remained an outsider up until her death at the age of 77, and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the middle of the desert.

Attempts to disprove her claims continue to this day.

Featured Image Credit: Dorothy Eady
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What happens when you die? NDE survivor says reincarnation possible after last breath by Nirmal Narayanan

Niels claimed that he was given a temporary glimpse of his next life during the near-death experience

Reincarnation, popularly known as rebirth is a religious concept in which a person takes birth in a different form after death. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, several people believe that reincarnation is a real thing, and people used to take birth in a different realm or within the earth itself after death. Adding up the heat to this seemingly unbelievable theory, a person named Niels has shared a near-death experience (NDE) testimonial, where he talks about reincarnation. 

Reincarnation will happen after death

Neils reached the verge of death at the age of four after complications arose during eye surgery. During these moments, Niels had several visions, and in the testimonial shared on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website, he details what he saw in that unknown realm. 

Representational ImagePIXABAY

Niels claimed that he was given a life review during the near-death experience, and was also informed about reincarnation. 

“I felt more at ease then. I was given a life review while inside the void. During this review, I told the being to pause. I wanted to better examine the parts of my life. I was then able to view these events from overhead. The life review did not last long because I asked the being something that surprised it. ‘Can I plan my next reincarnation?’ I asked. The being said, ‘Usually, people wait until their actual death to choose their reincarnation.’ I was persistent because I already knew where I wanted to go: Japan. I was then taken to Japan via an overhead view. The being and I looked at various cities until we reached Numero in Hokkaido. I told the being that I wanted to be reincarnated here. Then, I was given a temporary glimpse into my next life. All I remember about this part was that I was Male and was wearing a dark-colored coat that was accented by a stylish autumn scarf while I stood in front of the train station. Then, I returned to the void,” wrote Niels on the NDERF website

The possibilities of a non-physical part in human life

The mindblowing NDE testimonial shared by Niels has now gone viral on online spaces, and it has made several people believe that life after death or a possible reincarnation could be real. 

However, medical experts have dismissed these views, and they strongly assure that death is the end of human life, as the brain will stop functioning. According to these medical experts, the survival trick adopted by the brain to combat the shortage of oxygen supply is causing weird visual hallucinations. 

But there are some experts who believe in a non-physical part of human life. Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia strongly believes that humans have a non-physical part that might be connected to spirituality. 

“I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognize that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I’m not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that,” says Greyson. 

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Death, afterlife, and reincarnation; How NDEs are making people confident about a life in new realm By Nirmal Narayanan

Several top experts believe that a human soul will reboot in another space-time after death

People all across the world interpret death in two ways; some people use science to explain death, while others connect death with spirituality. Even though humans have been trying to decode the mysteries associated with death since the day the species achieved consciousness, this phenomenon remains a conundrum for many. Medical experts suggest that death marks the end of human life, as the body stops its operation when the brain ceases its functioning. However, spiritualists have a very different opinion about death. Citing religious textbooks, they claim that human life is not just confined to the physical world, but the real journey to eternity starts after death. 

Near-death experience mysteries continue

To substantiate the possibility of life after death, spiritualists often put forward near-death experience (NDE) testimonials shared by people. A website named Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is loaded with NDE testimonials shared by people from all across the people, and most of them claim to have witnessed magical visuals while being on the verge of death. 

life after death
Representational ImagePIXABAY

Even though medical experts classify near-death experiences as a survival trick adopted by the human brain during life-threatening events, spiritualists argue that the visuals seen by NDE victims are actually the evidence of a new realm people will reach after taking their last breath. 

Is the human body confined to the physical world? 

The concept of life after death is not just endorsed by spiritualists, as several medical experts have also hinted at the possibility of entering a new spiritual world after death. Dr. Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia once claimed that human life is not just confined to the physical world. In an interview given to the Observer, Greyson claimed that NDEs have transformed people’s beliefs, values, and attitudes. He also added that there could be a non-physical part for human beings

“I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognize that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I’m not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that,” said Greyson. 

Reincarnation or rebooting in another space-time after death?

Reincarnation is a very popular concept often put forward by spiritualists. However, there are some medical experts who believe in the possibility of this reincarnation theory. Dr. Ian Stevenson, former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology who had dedicated a major part of his career studying reincarnation possibilities until his death in 2007 believe that reincarnation is a feasible concept. 

Stevenson, before his death, claimed that he had found more than 3,000 examples of reincarnation in his life. The psychiatric expert used facial recognition to analyze similarities between the reincarnated claimant and their alleged prior incarnation. He also studied the birthmarks of the claimant and the deceased person. 

Representational ImagePIXABAY

“About 35 percent of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated. The birthmarks were usually areas of hairless, puckered skin; some were areas of little or no pigmentation (hypopigmented macules); others were areas of increased pigmentation. In cases in which a deceased person was identified the details of whose life unmistakably matched the child’s statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks and/or birth defects on the child and the wounds on the deceased person,” wrote Stevenson in his study report titled Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons. 

However, Dr Robert Lanza, head of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine believes that humans will reboot themselves in another spacetime after death. Lanza believes that time and space are just manmade concepts that cannot be measured. According to Lanza, consciousness in humans exists through energy, and it will be released once the physical entity of a human ceases. He added that this energy will continue at a quantum level once a person dies, suggesting a possibility of life after death.

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What is a star child: who are the crystal, rainbow, indigo babies? By Mercy Mbuthia

Children are complex by nature. Over the years, they have exhibited a rare combination of traits standing out from the previous generations. However, special groups of children spring from the 70s and are characterized with unique personality features. Their natural abilities supersede those of other children. They are commonly referred to as star children.

Star Child

Photo:, (modified by author) Source: UGC

What is a star child? Who are these star children? Let’s take a look at the star child meaning as well as star children characteristics.

Star child meaning

Star children are gifted human beings with unique abilities, and their mission on earth sets them apart from the rest. A star child’s role is to actively take part in transitioning the world into a new existence.

As change-makers on the forefront, the star child paves ways for humankind to thrive. They assist in raising human frequency, which is pivotal to the development of humanity.

Starseed child is another term coined to refer to the metaphysical concept of a star child.

It is estimated that the star child has been incarnating on earth for over 100 years. The first wave of star children on the planet was tracked as early as the 1970s.

From the 70s, the star children have come in three generations, namely indigo children, crystal children, and rainbow children.

Indigo children were the first of the three waves of the star children. Each generation has borne subsequent generations.

Indigo parents bore crystal children, whereas rainbow children were borne to crystal parents.

In as much as indigo children, crystal children and rainbow children possess similar special abilities and traits. Each generation of the star child dawns with its unique features in abilities and traits.

Star children characteristics

Arguably, everyone has met a child who they thought was wise beyond their years. The star child exhibits certain features that differentiate them from the rest.

Interestingly, each new wave of the starseed child displays unique characteristics and abilities. Regardless of the generation, they belong to; the star children share common features.

They understand their common purpose is to assist humankind as they rebuild the earth.

What are some of the star children characteristics to look out for?

Emphatic and aware – They see individuals who are emotionally hurting and want to help. They are focused observers and sensitive to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

Wise beyond their years – They fathom things that transcend their physical form and limits of the earth. Regardless of their age, they grasp large concepts.

Find love everywhere – They have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Their aura of unconditional love helps them spread positive emotions to those hurting.

Creative and expressive – They express themselves freely and wordlessly through brain activities such as creative arts. They draw, paint, sing, dance, and even immersed in the world of poetry.

Impatient and highly intelligent – The starseed child always seems faster than the world’s pace around them. They are still waiting for the world to catch up with them.

Generous – Material things do not particularly interest star children. They clearly understand that everything on the planet is connected and belongs to everyone.

Feels they do not belong on earth – They feel disconnected from others because of their unusual thoughts and behavior.

Knows they have past lives – The concept of reincarnation is predominant with star children. They feel as if they have lived in several previous lives.

Have a great connection to nature, animals, night sky, moon and stars – They can spend hours looking at the sky, moon, and stars.

They love nature and can take strolls to look at the forest or look beyond the horizon of large water bodies. Besides, they amazingly connect with animals.

Star children are always inclined to push boundaries that were set by their predecessor generation. Each incoming generation tends to go beyond traits and characteristics boundaries.

It is a way to distinguish them from previous and forthcoming starseed child.

Who are Indigo children?

Indigo children are intuitive, strong-willed and very sensitive. They are the first wave of the starseed child and first dawned in the 1970s.

The term Indigo refers to their auric field. Indigo star children were born from 1970 to 1992.

Just like other starseed children, they share the common purpose to make humankind better. The main task for this starseed child is to fight for justice and expose the truth.

Indigo children traits

The star child from the indigo generation shows a myriad of characteristics, including;

A higher sense of self-worth – These star children are born knowing that they are unique, making them confident.

Insightful – Indigo children see the world differently and offer better ideas and new methods, especially better ideas for existing methods. They possess innate knowledge to do things better. They are change-makers.

High expectations on self and others – They are hard on themselves, which poses a challenge in their relationships and interaction with others. They came to challenge the world.

High sensitivity and psychic capacity – Indigos have a strong sense of knowing about people and their situations.

They love nature.

Resistant to authority – They are free thinkers and have a hard time putting up with rules and authority.

Desire a more fair and just world – They stand up against compromised integrity.

Feel as old souls – Indigos feel like they have lived a handful of lifetimes, and they have wisdom unlike others of their age.

Strong-willed -They do everything to achieve set goals.

What are crystal children?

What is a crystal child? Crystal kids are gentle, loving, and forgiving.

They are the second wave of generation after indigo babies, their predecessors. They are highly sensitive as a result of their global consciousness. They are very linked to the world and are considered pure spirits.

Although the first crystal baby can be traced to the late 80s, a major wave of crystal kids was born in the 90s to early 2000s. They possess an Octarine-like aura that the human eye cannot see.

Their aura is therefore referred to as crystal.

The main purpose of crystal kids is to make the earth a better place by leading humanity to love and peace. They are tasked to teach the world unity as they live by the law.

Crystal children traits

One of a crystal baby’s unique characteristics is that they are guided with their hearts and not their minds. Here are the unique features and characteristics displayed by crystal children.

Crystal children are forgiving.

They have a calming aura with a penetrating gaze. They are caring, fun-loving and love to hug.

They live in the present and are affected by neither the past nor the future. They are connected to humankind.

They display magical abilities, and as a result, they make it possible to work on energy in new ways.

Intuitive and empathic – They relate with others very well, and from time to time, they can tell what others are feeling and thinking.

Late developers – Crystal children tend to speak later than their appropriate age. As a result, they are telepathic.

High sensitivity – Crystal children are sensitive to sound, colors, the environment, and others’ emotions. They suffer from allergies as a result of their sensitivity.

They are affected by adverse events on an individual level and other world occurrences.

Autodidacts – Crystal kids prefer to teach and equip themselves with skills; thus, they are multi-talented.

Who Are the Rainbow Babies?

The last wave of the starseed child is the rainbow babies. They are also the rarest type of star children; therefore, their abilities and characteristics are not widely known.

Their scarcity makes them different. Rainbow babies are also special because they are the highest example of true potential. They are the last star children.

This wave of rainbow children sprung in the 2000s. They are born with a bundle of positive emotions and have no karma. They have not lived on earth before.

Their purpose is to raise human vibration and frequency. They came to heal and realign humankind.

They possess a rare quality of quickly recovering from negative emotions. They are not affected much.

Rainbow children characteristics

They reveal the truth.

They are not affected by negative emotions; hence they are easily forgiving.

Clean slate – They have no earthly karma. This makes them more focused to bring more happiness, harmony and defy odds.

Deep connection – They are kind and loving. Full of empathy, they seek to help others. They are well-attached to their mission.

Strong-willed – These star children are fearless and are not easily distracted from their mission on earth.

Energy – They have constant high energy and, therefore, do not require much sleep. Best Yoruba names for your children

There are no actual times for star children to be born. They are only born when the world needs to evolve. The starseed child is on the lead to make the world a better place.

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A local priest explains the truth about exorcisms by Rick Hinton

Thus comes the opening music: the haunting piano from Michael Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, a thick curtain of fog and a darkly silhouetted priest next to a streetlight; also a sense of urgency. Modern-day exorcists … a present-day occurrence or a legend seeped in folklore? How does this translate into paranormal investigations? Is it something to be laughed away? Or, is there credence that demonic activity holds court in the present?

I believe that it does; that evil has the capacity to be the great imitator of what we feel is good, and sometimes steers us down a path we don’t want to walk down. Exorcism? Ghost hunting? Between the two it’s a whole different realm. And not one to be taken lightly.

Entertainment media, it appears, has become the illumination of the demonic, with exorcism portrayed in books, movies, online and television. In 2016, one show – The Exorcist – was the revamping of the original 1973 movie of the same name. Regan has grown up, now with a family of her own. However, it would seem the forces of darkness never fully relinquished its hold upon her. Was it a good show? Concerning the subject of demonic influence, I felt it was spot on; and somewhat disturbing (as was the movie when I saw it in the 1970s). It was moody, dark and yes – the first episode contained the music, fog and the solitary figure of the priest about to do battle as he stands outside the house. Nice touch!

Father Vincent Lampert. (Submitted photo)

Is it all real? Very much so. The Catholic Church has long recognized the reality of evil, demons and possession. However, it’s not a subject they will advertise, rather putting priests quietly into place to deal with it.  As stated in the last article, Greenwood had one of these priests. Father Vincent Lampert resided at the Saints Francis and Clare Catholic Church on the Southside. At the time, he was one of about 50 working exorcists in the United States. His official title was “designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.”

“I saw someone levitate once. I saw foaming at the mouth, bodily contortions, superhuman strength, speaking in a strange language and howling like a wild animals!”

Regardless, he held to his faith, believing that evil was no match against the power that resides in the church founded by Jesus Christ. He was an adamant teacher in dissecting evil from the grace that Christ provides. To witness a possession he equated to visual shows or parlor tricks, meant to scare or distract from the business at hand.

Fr. Amorth: Fr. Gabriele Amorth knew a thing or two about the dark side. (Photo by Rick Hinton)

“I think there are a lot of people who think that exorcism is a throwback to the Middle Ages,” he stated. “But, lots of times, it’s because they don’t want to think about it. They don’t want to think about the reality of evil, or what that means or entails. Evil IS a reality, but that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of it!”

Or hide our heads in the sand. …

The late Father Gabriele Amorth, the priest exorcist in Rome and chaser of demons, spent decades battling the devil and his minions by performing literally tens of thousands of exorcisms. He knew the enemy intimately, explaining many truths about the devil.  True evil is a real thing, still corrupting believers and unbelievers alike; it will continue. It’s one of many reasons I’ve backed off from paranormal investigations.

Keep an open eye out there!

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‘Life After Death’: Netflix Spirituality Documentary Trailer by Dwadmin

Netflix has released the trailer for the documentary series “ Surviving Death, ” which features testimonials from people who have died and come back to life.

The series is based on journalist Leslie Kean’s bestseller, and will launch on the platform on January 6.

Watch the trailer:

The investigative series explores the possibility of an afterlife. Over the course of six episodes, “Surviving Death” will explore issues that have been resolved over time, such as: What does it mean to die? And is death the end of our existence? Weave innovative new research with the reports of those who were close to death – and even who experienced it.

Enjoy watching:

“The question of what happens to us after death is something that we have pondered throughout history – confronting mortality takes us on a path to explore the possibility that consciousness can live after the death of the body”, revealed director Ricki Stern. .

Throughout the episodes, the series will feature interviews with scientists, psychics, psychologists, and child psychiatrists to explore near-death experiences, sessions and other post-mortem communications, and memories of past lives.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Calleen

I hope every one of you has a warm, loving, and special Christmas. The energies from above are nearer Earth right now than at any other time of the year.

Consequently, if you have people on the other-side, or even just want to grow, touch in, or expand your psychic abilities, now is the time to reach out and likely feel them reach back… bringing comfort, love, growth, and confirmation.

It truly is a special time. Please enjoy it and utilize it.

All the best,