What happens when you die according to six people who did – and came back to life

By Zahra Mulroy & Hannah Robinson

These Reddit users have all been pronounced medically dead at some point during their lives.

The afterlife is a much contested issue, with the idea of bodies containing souls and life after death a strong belief for many people.

For others, death is death, with no belief in heaven or hell, or any paranormal activity. But a chilling new study has revealed some people may actually be able to hear their own death being announced.

Of course, the only way to truly know what happens after death is to die, but some people are able to tell the world of their experiences after being resuscitated.

These six spooky tales, as reported in The Mirror, are from people who took to Reddit to tell others what it’s really like to die – and then come back from the dead.

1. Like reading a book

The only way to truly know what happens after death is to die
The only way to truly know what happens after death is to die (Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images))

Five years ago, monitormonkey underwent major surgery during which he bled out, causing him die for several minutes.

“I woke up in what looked like space but there weren’t any stars or light. I wasn’t floating so to speak, I was just there.

“I wasn’t hot or cold, hungry or tired – just a peaceful neutral kind of thing. I knew there was light and love somewhere nearby but I had no urge or need to go to it right away.

“I remember thinking over my life, but it wasn’t like a montage. More like I was idly flipping through a book and snippets stood out here and there.

“Whatever it was, it changed my thoughts on a few things. I am still afraid to die, but I’m not worried about what happens after that.”

2. A visit from someone dear

Palliative care research in Hull aims to help patients and their families

Schneidah7 was thrown from his motorbike while cruising at 50 mph and was medically dead when he was taken to hospital. As he lay in the road before the ambulance came, he recalled someone he knew encouraging him.

“I just remember being on the pavement and things slowly going black and quiet.

“The only reason I didn’t fall asleep was because of a bizarre moment where I heard someone yelling, ‘Ranger up you candy f***! Come on man, get up. Get up. GET UP!’

“Then someone was slapping my helmet (which was basically smushed really hard onto my head).

“When I opened my eyes I saw my brother squatting on the pavement next me to. This was odd because my brother died from an overdose several years ago.

“The only other thing I remember is him glancing at his watch and saying something like ‘They’ll be here soon’ and then walking away.

“I wish I could give more detail but I honestly don’t remember much of the incident and still have trouble with my memory as a result of the accident.”

3. A garden

Some people are able to tell the world of their experiences after being resuscitated
Some people are able to tell the world of their experiences after being resuscitated (Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

While many users described their death as being like a void, IDiedForABit had a very different experience after an allergic reaction caused their heart to stop.

“I remember a feeling of being sucked backwards, extremely slowly, like being pulled through water and this blackness fading in and out.

“At one point it faded back in and I was staring out at a garden.

“It wasn’t filled with flowers, just dust and patchy grass. There was a playground with a merry-go-round in the middle and two children running around it. A boy and a girl.

“It’s difficult to describe but I got the feeling I could choose if I wanted to stay or leave, but every time I tried to go back I was held in place.

“I went through all the reasons I wanted to go back, and when I told the presence I didn’t want to abandon my mother whatever held me finally let go.

“I snapped back into my body. My heart had stopped for six minutes.”

4. Hitting snooze

As a teenager, TheDeadManWalks had been going through months of chemotherapy when his nose started bleeding uncontrollably. Due to a sepsis and Clostridium difficile infection, his condition worsened, and he slipped in and out of death.

“The worst part of it all, looking back, is how peaceful it can seem.

“It’s like wanting to hit the snooze button on your alarm at 7am.

“And maybe you do hit it once or twice but then you remember that you have work or school and that sleep can wait because you’ve still got s*** to do.”

5. Or is it a laugh?

No one claimed to have seen God
No one claimed to have seen God

altburger69’s brush with death didn’t stop them from cracking jokes.

“I had a heart attack last year and my heart stopped three times in the emergency room.

“Apparently, each time they shocked me back I ‘woke up’ (how it felt) and told the staff a different knock-knock joke each time.

“No lights or whatever, just felt like sleep.”

6. There is nothing after

In the aftermath of a motorbike accident, Rullknuf’s breathing and pulse stopped and he went “cramp and stiff”. After two minutes, his friend managed to resuscitate him.

“For me it was just a blackout. No dreams, no visions, just nothing.

“Apparently I asked over 10 times what happened and said I shall be happy to be alive today.”

A new study suggests a person’s consciousness keeps working after their heart stops beating and their body movements fail.

Cardiac arrest survivors were aware of what was going on around them while they were ‘dead’ – including seeing doctors trying to save them or hearing conversations – before being ‘brought back to life’, the study revealed.

It means that a person may even hear their time of death being announced by medics as they are essentially ‘trapped’ inside their body with brain function.

(Article Source – HullDailyMail.co.uk)


by Katalina Aster


The divine spirit world is full of those whose mission is to help humanity. Besides our personal spirit guides and guardian angels, there are hundreds of archangels (angels who stepped into even higher vibration and rank), and they are here to help humans grow and prosper. Unlike guardian angels, they do not often come forward to help individuals unless there is a unique need for them—or if they are called to help. Working with the archangels will help you feel the divine connection, provide signs and messages, and guide you through life.


All you have to do to call upon them is ask for their guidance out loud by calling their name, in your mind by thinking of the intention behind your request, or meditate to receive the messages.

To easily remember the ways to connect, well-known spiritual motivational speaker Doreen Virtue summarizes it in five easy action choices:

Speak: ask archangels a question.
Think: form thoughts around your request in your mind.
Write: write your question on a note, in your journal, or write archangels a letter.
Visualize: explain your request in visual thought form.
Affirm: when you received the guidance, thank the archangels. That way they hear that their help has been received and appreciated, and they will eagerly assist again.

There are hundreds of archangels that you can work with and each has a different purpose. You may choose who to call for assistance based on their purpose. Here are a few of the key archangels you can start working with today.


ArchangelArchangel Michael is the most commonly known archangel. He is the closest on to the Creator and is most often depicted carrying a giant sword. It is this sword that gave him the title of the protector. Whether you are looking for protection from physical forces or you need to clear your karmic attachment to others, Michael can effectively and quickly liberate you from any harm.

Archangel Michael can also help protect you from things inside of you such as negative thoughts, fears, and doubts. This is why his second purpose is to help you make any necessary life changes needed in order to find and go forward with your mission in life.


Archangel Gabriel is the messenger or the communicator. He is the main archangel to ask for inspiration and courage to communicate honestly and authentically. Writers, journalists, poets, teachers, and artists will all benefit from his guidance. He will help get rid of procrastination and find the motivation to create. Besides communication in work, ask Archangel Gabriel to help communicate with your loved ones, especially if there is a conflict or miscommunication. He will work to make sure that both parties understand each other.


Archangel Raphael is the healer. He can assist in two ways—help your own healing process or support you as a healer yourself. When it comes to healing you, Raphael can get rid of addictions, help find cure or treatment for illnesses, and bring peace to your mind. Whenever you need any type of healing done, mind, body, or spirit, ask Archangel Raphael for his assistance.


Archangel Uriel spreads the light in the darkness and brings truth to light. He is wise and grounded. Whenever you need to learn something new, make a tough decision, or resolve a conflict, Uriel provides the wisdom and the peace to achieve that. His peaceful energy also helps get rid of any negative emotions. In moments that you feel anger or anxiety, ask Archangel Uriel to bring your mind peace and the wisdom to not act upon these emotions.


Archangel Metatron keeps records of everything that happens in the universe in the Akashic records. Because of this vast knowledge, he is the one to go to for spiritual guidance, power, and growth. Studying the records, Metatron knows which choices lead to better life paths, and if asked, he will help you make better choices. He will also help you stay positive as he has seen it over and over—positive thought brings a positive life.

He will help you replace any negative thoughts with thoughts of love, for yourself, humanity, and creation. If you are following a spiritual path or would like to dive deeper into it, Metatron is the archangel to call.

(Article source – SpiritScienceCentral.com)

Man claims to have seen God and his father during near-death experience

By Nirmal Narayanan

Near Death Experience

The narrow line between life and death is very mysterious and a man named Charlie has probably crossed that line of death door but, miraculously came back to life after some moment. The near-death experience (NDE) of Charlie was released by NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation), and interestingly, the man claimed to have seen a figure very similar to his father during this experience.

The mysterious NDE of Charlie

Charlie’s near-death experience happened on November 10, 2013, when he suffered a life-threatening heart attack.

“I was in a room, everything including the furniture was a flat white colour. To the right, there was a closed door. There were three of us in the room. I vaguely recall being rolled into the room from the left side. I was seated in an old wooden wheelchair with a high back. I had several white pillows around me. I was positioned on the left side of the room but not directly facing the right side of the room, but rather I was looking to the right-hand side of the room where the third person was seated,” wrote Charlie in his testimonial published in the website of NDERF.

Later, Charlie apparently saw a very powerful person whom he thinks might be a God-like entity. He also revealed that he saw another man whose voice and physique was very similar to his father, who is even alive today, but he was not present in the hospital when Charlie faced the near-death experience.

“Behind this large desk was a man who was intimidating and very powerful. On his right hand, there was a very large ring. The ring had inscriptions which I do not remember, but for some reason, the ring stood out as something very important. This man and the desk were in the centre of the room. I do not recall anything on the desk. The third individual was seated in a chair on the right side of the room. This person looked similar to my father. When he spoke, it sounded like my father’s voice. I do not recall what he said, but I do know that he and the man behind the desk were conversing,” added Charlie.

However, Charlie is unclear about the duration of his near-death experience. He also added that his NDE was neither pleasant nor distressing.

Similar NDE Experiences

A month back, another man named Richard shared a similar near-death experience on the NDERF website. Richard claimed to have seen God as he was about to die and added that the eternal world was pleasant and peaceful than the physical world. As per Richard, he talked to his deceased relatives during the near-death experience. The victim now claims that he is being haunted by the souls of people whom he met during the time of NDE.

Article Source – ibtimes.sg

Birthmarks are past-life wounds

By Jaime T. Licauco

Birthmarks & Reincarnation

A birthmark may be defined as “a benign irregularity on the skin which can be caused by overgrowth of blood vessels, melanocytes, smooth muscles, fat fibroblasts or keratinocytes.”

Every culture has its own beliefs about birthmarks. Some regard them as good luck, others consider them to be bad luck.

In the Philippines, a birthmark (or balat) indicates bad luck or misfortune. It is blamed when an anticipated journey or task does not push through.

Most birthmarks are benign or harmless. But a few birthmarks could have something to do with what happened to a person in a previous life, whether one believes in reincarnation or not.


Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007) head of the Psychiatry Department at the University of Virginia and a pioneer in the scientific study of reincarnation, studied the relationship between birthmarks and past life trauma or violent experience.

He discovered that 35 percent of children who remembered their past lives had birthmarks that could be linked to wounds they got in the past. His research followed strict protocols to eliminate bias or chance. In some cases, he even studied autopsy reports to verify the correlation.

For example, there was a 12-year-old boy who had a deformity on his chin and a scar on top of his head. The boy said he remembered his previous life as a notorious Turkish bandit who killed himself rather than be jailed and hanged. This bandit shot himself on the chin and the bullet exited through his skull.

Dr. Stevenson met the boy who had a distinct mark on the chin. He asked the boy if he had any other mark on his head, and he said that on top of his head he had another scar. When the doctor compared the X-ray pictures of the boy and the man, the trajectory of the bullet matched perfectly.


About 15 years ago, we had a participant in our Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation seminar who was a graduate student of genetic engineering at the University of the Philippines. She told the class before the session that she had a big mole on the right side of her stomach and a strange hematoma (as big as a man’s hand) on her lower back.

During the past-life regression, she saw herself as a male rebel leader in 17th- or 18th-century Italy. When caught by the authorities, one soldier shot her on the right side of her stomach and another soldier struck her with a hard wood on her lower back, where the birthmark appeared in this lifetime.

When asked what the purpose was of such birthmarks, Dr. Stevenson said, maybe to remind the person of a past life trauma or injury. In some cases, the birthmark disappeared once the person realized how he or she got it.

Dr. Stevenson is more known for his pioneering studies of spontaneous recall of past lives by over 2,000 children ages 3 to 12. Of the thousands of cases he had investigated, he chose 20, which to him were indicative of real past life memory.

He wrote a book, titled “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” which has become a classic in the field.

Article Source – LifestyleInquirer.net

Do we have a life after death? Woman claims seeing an angel after near death experience

By Nirmal Narayanan

Life After Death ExperienceA new testimonial published on the website of NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) is now the hottest point of debate between hardcore believers and atheists. The story details the experience of an old woman who apparently saw an angel after a near-death experience during her childhood.

The woman who reveals herself as Evelyn claims that the incident associated with the near-death experience happened in 1958 when she was a small girl. Evelyn recollected that an aftermath of flu started causing seizures on her body, and one of them literally took her life away. Now, after 60 years, Evelyn has finally spoken out about her experience after her alleged soul detached from the body.

“My body was no longer seizing, it was just limp. The doctor was doing something to me and my mother was sitting at the foot of the bed looking really worried. I think at that point, I don’t remember because I began to rise above the ceiling and then I went into another realm. There was a lot of light. A young woman with long hair dressed in a beautiful, flowing whitish-blue gown was there close to me,” revealed Evelyn.

As Evelyn went close to the angel, the divine entity informed her that her time is not up, and she should return back to earth.

“She emanated complete, loving kindness and I thought she must be an angel. She communicated with me through our thoughts, not by speaking. There was light behind her and I was so drawn to that light that I began floating toward it. She stopped me, put her arms around me which filled me with light and love, and said, ‘It is not your time yet. You’re going to have to go back.’ I knew she meant go back to earth, to my bedroom and my body,” added Evelyn.

Evelyn recollected that during her time with the angel, she felt no pain, and was filled with love, joy and light. When Evelyn insisted that she does not want to go back, the angel informed her that she had to do many things back in the physical world.

However, skeptics argue that near-death experience is some kind of trick played by our brain. When our brain fails to obtain enough amount of Oxygen, it tries to adapt itself, and during these times, the victim may see flashes of light, and this may be what they mistake as heaven or hell.

Article Source – ibtimes.sg

10 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Nearby

Via TheWorldofPositivity.com

signs from spirit

Several dаys аftеr my grаndmоthеr pаssеd аwаy suddеnly in hеr slееp, I hаd а drеаm аbоut hеr. In my drеаm, my mоthеr аnd I wеnt tо my grаndmоthеr’s hоusе tо clеаn оut hеr clоsеt sо my grаndfаthеr wоuldn’t hаvе tо cоntеnd with it. Аs wе cаmе intо thе hоusе, Nаnny wаs sitting оn thе cоuch. I wаs аstоundеd bеcаusе nоbоdy еlsе cоuld sее hеr. I rushеd tо whеrе shе sаt аnd sаid, “Nаnny! I thоught yоu diеd.” Shе wrаppеd mе in hеr аrms аnd sаid, “I did diе, but I cоuldn’t lеаvе withоut sаying gооdbyе tо yоu.” I wаs оnly six yеаrs оld, but thе drеаm is аs clеаr аs it wаs whеn it hаppеnеd.

Sincе thаt timе, I’vе bееn а studеnt оf thе pаrаnоrmаl wоrld, lеаrning аs much аs pоssiblе аbоut whаt hаppеns tо us whеn wе diе. Оnе thing I’vе discоvеrеd is thаt lоvеd оnеs оftеn try tо cоntаct us аftеr dеаth. Hеrе аrе sоmе оf thе wаys thеy might rеаch оut tо yоu.


Whеn wе slееp, оur vibrаtiоn risеs, nеаrly mаtching thе highеr vibrаtiоn оf lоvеd оnеs in spirit fоrm. Bеcаusе оur subcоnsciоus minds аrе fаr lеss cluttеrеd thаn оur wаking minds, spirits hаvе аn еаsiеr timе gеtting thrоugh tо us. Fоr mаny, drеаms оf this nаturе hаvе а rеаlistic tеxturе tо thеm, nоt fееling аs drеаmlikе аs mоst drеаms. Yоu will аlsо hаvе а highеr prоbаbility оf rеmеmbеring it, еvеn if yоu dоn’t nоrmаlly rеmеmbеr yоur drеаms. Whеn yоu hаvе drеаms оf this nаturе, pаy clоsе аttеntiоn tо thеm. Thеy might bе а mеssаgе frоm bеyоnd thе grаvе.

Phаntоm Scеnts

Lоvеd оnеs оftеn rеvеаl thеir prеsеncе by sеnding us scеnts thаt wе аlwаys аssоciаtеd with thеm. This mаkеs pеrfеct sеnsе, cоnsidеring scеnt hаs thе strоngеst cоnnеctiоn tо mеmоry rеcаll thаn аny оf thе оthеr sеnsеs.

Fоr sоmе, thе scеnt might bе а fаvоritе pеrfumе оr thе smеll оf pipе tоbаccо. Fоr оthеrs, it cоuld bе thе smеll оf а fаvоritе mеаl оr brеаd bаking. Frеquеntly, thе smеll is sо fаint аnd flееting, yоu might аttributе it tо yоur imаginаtiоn, but yоu shоuldn’t. It tооk а lоt оf еnеrgy fоr yоur lоvеd оnе tо sеnd thаt tо yоu. Аpprеciаtе it fоr thе gift it wаs.

Misplаcеd Itеms

Whеn yоu plаcе yоur rеаding glаssеs оn yоur nightstаnd аnd find thеm оn thе kitchеn cоuntеr, yоu might wоndеr if yоu’vе lоst yоur mind. I hаd this hаppеn tо mе rеpеаtеdly until а psychic mеdium friеnd cluеd mе in tо whаt wаs rеаlly hаppеning. А fаmily friеnd whо оftеn visitеd mе likеd tо plаy prаnks оn mе, similаr tо thе things shе did in lifе. It mаdе mе fееl much bеttеr knоwing it wаs Bеtty аnd nоt thе first signs оf dеmеntiа.

Оthеrs might find mоrе оbviоus signs, likе а phоtо оf thе dеpаrtеd lоvеd оnе thаt rеfusеs tо rеmаin upright оr а piеcе оf jеwеlry thаt cоntinuеs tо turn up in оdd plаcеs. This is еspеciаlly significаnt if thе jеwеlry оr itеm оncе bеlоngеd tо thе pеrsоn whо is visiting yоu.


Whеn I’m trаvеling lоng distаncеs, I likе listеning tо my ITunеs cоllеctiоn thrоugh my cаr stеrео. I dоn’t hаvе tо bоthеr with sоngs I dоn’t likе аnd thеrе аrеn’t аny cоmmеrciаls tо cоntеnd with. During а rеcеnt trip, оnе fаmily mеmbеr sеnt mе а distinct wаrning. Fоur sоngs with thе wоrd “аngеl” in thе titlе plаyеd in а rоw. Thаt dеfinitеly gоt my аttеntiоn, sincе my music is sеt tо plаy rаndоmly

I lеt thеm knоw I wаs listеning аnd tоld thеm tо givе mе thе nеxt sign, which wаs Thе Kill (Bury Mе) by Thirty Sеcоnds tо Mаrs аnd thеn Prаyеrby Disturbеd. With my hеаrt hаmmеring in my chеst, I put оn my blinkеr аnd gоt intо thе slоw lаnе, rеducing my spееd dоwn tо 5 mph bеlоw thе spееd limit. Mоmеnts lаtеr, а pickup truck buzzеd pаst quickly, wеаving bаck аnd fоrth in thе lаnе with оbviоus signs оf drivеr inеbriаtiоn. Аftеr thаt, thе nеxt sоng thаt cаmе оn wаs Drivе by Incubus аnd thеn Slоw Ridе by Fоghаt. Mеssаgе rеcеivеd, I drоvе а bit slоwеr аnd mаdе it hоmе sаfеly.

Thоughts Thаt Аrеn’t Yоur Оwn

Оftеn, wе dismiss mаny оf thе mеssаgеs wе rеcеivе frоm оur lоvеd оnеs аs оur оwn intеrnаl mоnоlоguе. I did this with my grаndmоthеr. In mаny wаys, shе wаs thе vоicе оf rеspоnsibility thаt sееmеd tо run thrоugh my mind whеn I wаsn’t dоing whаt I shоuld hаvе bееn dоing. It tооk mе yеаrs tо undеrstаnd thаt it wаs HЕR аnd nоt MЕ tеlling mе tо “slоw dоwn!” whеn I wаs driving tоо fаst оr tо “gеt оff thе cоmputеr аnd stаrt gеtting rеаdy оr yоu’rе gоing tо bе lаtе!”

Wаys tо dеtеrminе if this is yоur thоughts оr hеlpful аdvicе frоm а dеcеаsеd friеnd оr fаmily mеmbеr is tо inspеct thе thоught. Typicаlly, if yоu wеrе thinking this, yоu’d phrаsе it in thе first pеrsоn fоrmаt, аs in “I nееd tо gеt rеаdy оr I’m gоing tо bе lаtе,” instеаd оf “Yоu nееd tо gеt rеаdy оr yоu’rе gоing tо bе lаtе.” Whеn yоu gеt thеsе mind mеssаgеs, jоt thеm dоwn аnd sее if а pаttеrn еmеrgеs. Lооk fоr phrаsеs оr wоrd usаgе thаt is nоt а pаrt оf yоur nоrmаl vоcаbulаry. In my cаsе, I аskеd my mоthеr if Nаnny wаs sоmеthing оf а wоrriеr аnd shе cоnfirmеd it fоr mе.

Unеxpеctеd Gifts

А gift dоеsn’t hаvе tо bе sоmеthing purchаsеd frоm а stоrе. It cоuld bе а chеrishеd mоmеnt оr аn аct оf sеrеndipity. Hаvе yоu еvеr bееn fееling dоwn аnd thеn rеcеivеd а friеndly cаll frоm а friеnd tо sее hоw yоu’rе dоing? Оr pеrhаps yоur mеlаnchоly thоughts might hаvе bееn intеrruptеd by thе sight оf а bеаutiful cаrdinаl lаnding оn yоur fеncе pоst оutsidе yоur windоw. Аnоthеr gift cоuld bе а flоwеr blооming оut оf sеаsоn оr а pеrfеct whitе fеаthеr оn yоur dооr stоp.

Fоr mе, оnе оf thе grеаtеst gifts I’vе еvеr rеcеivеd cаmе tо mе оn Mоthеr’s Dаy in 2012. I wаs fееling еspеciаlly dоwn. My grоwn kids mаdе а briеf visit tо sее mе, but hаd wоrk оbligаtiоns fоr thе rеst оf thе dаy, lеаving mе hоmе by mysеlf. Sincе my оwn mоthеr wаs 10000 milеs аwаy in Indiаnа, I mоpеd аrоund thе hоusе аll dаy. I wаlkеd оutsidе tо gеt sоmе frеsh аir аnd discоvеrеd а bаby squirrеl sitting оn my stеp. Оrphаnеd аnd аbаndоnеd, hе nееdеd thе оnе thing I nееdеd tо givе: mоthеring. I bоttlе fеd him аnd еvеntuаlly rеlеаsеd him bаck intо thе wild, nеvеr dоubting this wаs а gift frоm а lоvеd оnе.

Mееting thе Right Pеоplе Whеn Yоu Nееd Thеm

Dоn’t think fоr а mоmеnt thаt it wаs cоincidеncе thаt lеd yоu tо thе sо-cаllеd chаncе mееting thаt chаngеd yоur lifе. Think аbоut yоur lifе, viеwing it thrоugh thе rеаr-viеw mirrоr. Wаs thеrе еvеr а timе whеn yоu rеаlly nееdеd guidаncе, оnly tо hаvе еxаctly thе right pеrsоn cоmе аlоng tо prоvidе it fоr yоu? Minе cаmе right аftеr I wrоtе my 2014 bооk Bоnеs in thе Bаsеmеnt – Surviving thе SK Piеrcе Hаuntеd Victоriаn Mаnsiоn. А smаll lоcаl mеtаphysicаl shоp оffеrеd tо sеt up а bооk signing fоr mе аnd I grаciоusly аccеptеd. Whilе I wаs thеrе, thе shоpkееpеr nоticеd thаt mаny pеоplе wеrе cоming in аnd аsking mе quеstiоns аbоut thе pаrаnоrmаl wоrld. Wе dеcidеd tо sеt up а fеw Pаrаnоrmаl 101 clаssеs, which lеd tо mе mееting а grоup оf pеоplе whо hаvе bеcоmе likе fаmily tо mе. I rеаlly nееdеd thоsе wоndеrful pеоplе tо cоmе intо my lifе, аnd thеy cаmе whеn I nееdеd thеm mоst. Whilе it’s еаsy tо sаy thаt оnе thing simply lеd tо аnоthеr, I bеliеvе thаt оnе оf my lоvеd оnеs wаs prоviding nudgеs bеhind thе scеnеs tо mаkе surе it hаppеnеd.

Аnоthеr еxаmplе оf this аlsо invоlvеs my clаss. Lisа hаd а fеw friеnds, but nоnе whо shаrеd hеr spirituаl bеliеfs. Mеrе wееks аftеr shе stаrtеd cоming tо оur clаssеs, hеr husbаnd pаssеd аwаy. Thе grоup wаs wоndеrfully suppоrtivе, gоing tо hеr hоusе tо sit with hеr аnd оffеring hеr suppоrt аnd friеndship аt а timе whеn shе nееdеd it thе mоst. А psychic mеdium frоm оur grоup gаvе hеr suppоrtivе mеssаgеs frоm hеr husbаnd, hеlping hеr undеrstаnd thе dеpths оf hеr husbаnd’s lоvе.

Funеrаl Signs

Аccоrding tо lеgеndаry psychic mеdium Jаmеs Vаn Prааgh, еvеrybоdy аttеnds thеir оwn funеrаl аftеr thеy diе.Thеy will оftеn rоаm аrоund thе rооm, оffеring cоmfоrt tо thеir lоvеd оnеs, trying tо givе thеm signs thаt thеy аrе pеаcеful in thеir pаssing.

Whilе mоst pеоplе аrе tunеd inwаrds during funеrаls, аbsоrbеd in thеir оwn еmоtiоns, if thеy lооk оutsidе оf thеmsеlvеs, thеy might sее thе signs thеir lоvеd оnеs аrе trying tо givе thеm. It cоuld bе а tоuch оn thе shоuldеr оr а cаrеss оn thе fаcе оr simply а fоnd mеmоry plаying in thеir minds.

Wаtch Yоur Pеts

If thе lоvеd оnе wаs sоmеоnе whо wаs аlsо fоnd оf yоur pеts, yоur cаt оr dоg might sее thеm аnd rеаct tо thеm. Dоеs yоur dоg sоmеtimеs wаg his tаil whilе stаring аcrоss thе rооm? Dоеs yоur cаt stаrt purring fоr nо аppаrеnt rеаsоn? Bоth dоgs аnd cаts hаvе fаr supеriоr hеаring thаn wе dо. Thеy cаn pick up sоunds thаt еxpаnd bеyоnd thе scоpе оf nоrmаl humаn hеаring. Thеir sight is аlsо diffеrеnt, аllоwing thеm tо sее furthеr intо thе rеd spеctrum.

Pеts оftеn cоmе bаck tо visit аftеr thеy’vе pаssеd tоо. Signs оf thеir prеsеncе will bе similаr tо thе hаbits thеy fоllоwеd in lifе. Thеy will slееp in thеir fаvоritе plаcеs аnd jump up оn bеds аnd cоuchеs with а prоnоuncеd lаnding. If yоur cаt оftеn likеd knоcking thе knick-knаcks оff yоur mаntеl, yоu might find thеm оn thе flооr оn оccаsiоn аftеr his pаssing, аs wеll.

Wаtching fоr Оld Hаbits

Wаs yоur fаthеr аlwаys cоmplаining аbоut pеоplе lеаving thе lights оn in rооms аftеr thеy lеft? Оnе wаy hе might lеt yоu knоw hе’s thеrе is tо frеquеntly turn thе thе lights оff, sоmеtimеs еvеn whilе yоu’rе still in thе rооm. Wаs yоur grаndmоthеr fussy аbоut whеrе things wеnt? If yоu rеаrrаngеd hеr itеms, yоu might find thеm bаck in thеir оld fаmiliаr lоcаtiоns.

Аlwаys bеаr in mind thаt it tаkеs а trеmеndоus аmоunt оf еnеrgy fоr spirits tо mаnipulаtе thе physicаl wоrld. If yоu аsk fоr а sign, lооk fоr thе subtlе signs аs wеll аs thе оbviоus. If yоur bеst friеnd аlwаys cаllеd yоu оn thе phоnе оn Thursdаys, yоu might nоt rеcеivе а phаntоm phоnе cаll, but yоu might nоticе difficultiеs with thе phоnе itsеlf.

Thе sоul is еtеrnаl аnd yоur lоvеd оnеs will lеt yоu knоw this tо thе bеst оf thеir аbilitiеs. Lifе gоеs оn fоr thеm, but in а diffеrеnt wаy. Wаtch fоr thе signs bеcаusе thеy аrе thеrе. Yоu just hаvе tо knоw whеrе tо lооk fоr thеm.

Article Source – theworldofpositivity.com

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Woman can now speak to the dead following near death experience

By Sean Martin

A WOMAN who temporarily died and went to the afterlife now says that she is contacted by the ‘other side’ following her near death experience.

A person who simply gives her name as Kit suffered a massive brain haemorrhage which left her clinically dead before doctors brought her back from the brink to a medically induced coma.

However, Kit still remembers her experience so vividly, despite it happening in 2010 and has recounted her tale on NDERF.org; a website which collects peoples accounts of near death experiences.

Life After Death

As she slipped towards death, Kit says that she felt as if she were being moved to another world.

Kit wrote on the website: “I felt as though I was being transported, but I couldn’t see or hear anything.

Life After Death

“I was different and felt wonderful. I didn’t have any pain any more. I was no longer worried about my loved ones, as I felt as though I was still with them.

“I looked around and saw that I was in a park with such beauty I had never seen before. The grass was manicured to perfection. There was a large tree, maybe an oak tree, with a perfect shape.

“The sky was beautiful blue, but it was somehow alive. Everything was perfect, without any decay or imperfection.

“I was standing on a pathway that curved in front of me. It was so brilliant white and yet didn’t hurt my eyes. I knew this must be Heaven and I was feeling God’s love and acceptance.

“Then my father appeared in front of me. He had passed about 10 years before. Here, he looked so perfect, healthy, and happy. I was so glad to see him and wanted to jump into his arms.

“I knew that if I went around that corner on the pathway, I could stay with my daddy forever. But my dad stopped me and said without physically speaking a word, ‘You need to go back. It’s not your time yet.’

“I was sad, but obeyed him. I understood that I had to leave this wonderful place. Before I left, I saw lines of people. They were gay and straight, different colours, different religions, some were handicapped, some very young, and some who old.

“These people were all holding hands, showing love and forgiveness towards one another.”

Life After Death

But as soon as she left the afterlife, Kit says that all of her pain returned and as a result, she changed forever.

She continued: “Since I have recovered from the surgery and the coma, I have had some experiences with communication from the other side. Now that I know that the spirits are there, I have had communication with my father.

“I have seen some spirits come through who want to communicate to others through me. Most of the time, they just want to comfort the one who has lost a loved one. They want to let them know they are in a great place.”

9 Strange Things That Spiritually Gifted People Experience Frequently

Via AwarenessAct.com

Spiritually Gifted

Spiritually gifted people often go through things other people do not. They might feel something others do not or even come across things other people rarely ever see as they are quite unique.

If you are spiritually gifted you know exactly what I am talking about. You experience strange things quite often and it happens sometimes more than you would like. Below I am going to go over the things that make tend to happen to those who are more spiritually inclined. How often do these things happen to you?

9 Strange Things That Spiritually Gifted People Experience Frequently:

1. Waking suddenly during the witching hour.

The witching hour is the time of night most associated with supernatural events. During this time you may wake suddenly and feel as if you were being watched. Sometimes there will be emotion with this and other times there will not.

2. Feeling that peculiar tingle.

That strange but interesting feeling you get from time to time. This might be a chill down your back or even a lightness in your fingertips. This happens to me more often than I would like to admit.

3. Being approached by any and everyone.

People are drawn to those with spiritual gifts. If you are more open and aware people will come forward and seek you out. While sometimes being approached is fine there is a line that you need to put in place.

4. Having far too vivid dreams or nightmares.

Spiritually gifted people often have very real dreams. This is because they receive messages in their dreams. Sometimes those messages are good and other times they are not.

5. Being affected by the lunar cycles.

Depending on the moon phase you may experience trouble sleeping or even be more anxious than usual. The new moon may be more giving towards you than the full moon but in between is where things die down. Paying attention to the cycle might help you get to know yourself better.

6. Sensing negativity before you even enter a room.

Before you even enter a room you can feel the energy radiating out of it. If you are walking into something bad you most likely know beforehand. This helps in many situations.

7. Having random outbursts of emotions.

As someone who is spiritually gifted sometimes you will build up far more emotions than you need to. These emotions sometimes come out in bursts and are a bit embarrassing depending on the situation. Have you ever dropped to your knees in tears for no reason?

8. When animals can sense your energy.

Animals are drawn to energies that are warm and welcoming. If you are spiritually gifted this is the kind of energy you have. You often find yourself surrounded by animals even in nature they seem to come out to visit.

9. Hearing a helpful voice from time to time.

Have you ever been wondering something only to have some random voice give you the answer you needed? This being a quiet voice in the back of your mind or even a loud stranger that isn’t really anywhere to be seen. While it can be alarming it is the universe sending you an answer.

Article Source – AwarenessAct.com

The Reincarnation Case of James Leininger aka: James Huston

Via MyParanormal.org

Is this little boy’s incredible story proof of reincarnation?

Case of ReincarnationThe Story of James Leininger: AKA James Huston

Bruce and Andrea Leininger, his parents tell of how James Leininger was only two years old when he started having nightmares about being shot down in a plane by Japanese fighters in World War II. He started drawing graphic pictures of a battle. He says he used to be James Huston, Jr.

Details that were Factually Verified:

  • He recalled the name of his friend who also died, Jack Larsen.
  • He insisted he was James the third. Eventually it was found out the man he was believed to be in his past life, was James III.
  • He knew the name of the ship (Natoma) that his plane took off from during the war.
  • He knew that his plane was a Corsair, and that the Corsair would veer to the left on takeoff and that the Corsair had a tendency to blow tires out upon landing.
  • He knew that US fliers gave the Japanese bombers girl names and Japanese fighters boy names.
  • James called his GI Joe dolls Billie, Leon and Walter, he said he got those names from the friends he met in Heaven. Later it was revealed that those were the names of three Caseatoma Bay Navy aviators who had died before James Huston, Jr. Their full names were Billie Peeler, Leon Connor and Walter Devlin.
  • After finding James Huston’s surviving sister, James told Anne that he had called her Annie. Anne confirmed that only James Huston called her Annie.
  • He remembers having a sister named, Ruth. James Huston Jr did have a sister named Ruth as verified by his other sister Anne.
  • He remember the birth order and ages of his sisters.
  • He remembered his father being an alcoholic which was also verified by Anne.
  • James said that he and Anne, as children, had matching portraits done by the same artist, which were gifts from their mother, whose name was Daryl. He was correct.

Anne accepted James as her brother James Huston Jr. She accepted it so completely that she sent his remaining artifacts for him to keep in his memory.

Note: after visiting with pilots that witness James Huston’s plane being shot down, Bruce found one discrepancy in James’s version of events: When Huston crashed and died, he was actually flying a FM 2 Wildcat, but he later learned from another pilot, Bob Greenwald, that Huston had participated in a program in which Corsairs were tested for aircraft carrier landings. So he had flown Cosairs, he just didn’t die in one. Greenwald also confirmed that Corsairs would veer to the left on takeoff and blow tires on landings.

Family Believes Son Is World War II Pilot Reincarnated James Leininger 2013


An Update 2015

Article Source: MyParanormal.org