The Reincarnation Case of James Leininger aka: James Huston


Is this little boy’s incredible story proof of reincarnation?

Case of ReincarnationThe Story of James Leininger: AKA James Huston

Bruce and Andrea Leininger, his parents tell of how James Leininger was only two years old when he started having nightmares about being shot down in a plane by Japanese fighters in World War II. He started drawing graphic pictures of a battle. He says he used to be James Huston, Jr.

Details that were Factually Verified:

  • He recalled the name of his friend who also died, Jack Larsen.
  • He insisted he was James the third. Eventually it was found out the man he was believed to be in his past life, was James III.
  • He knew the name of the ship (Natoma) that his plane took off from during the war.
  • He knew that his plane was a Corsair, and that the Corsair would veer to the left on takeoff and that the Corsair had a tendency to blow tires out upon landing.
  • He knew that US fliers gave the Japanese bombers girl names and Japanese fighters boy names.
  • James called his GI Joe dolls Billie, Leon and Walter, he said he got those names from the friends he met in Heaven. Later it was revealed that those were the names of three Caseatoma Bay Navy aviators who had died before James Huston, Jr. Their full names were Billie Peeler, Leon Connor and Walter Devlin.
  • After finding James Huston’s surviving sister, James told Anne that he had called her Annie. Anne confirmed that only James Huston called her Annie.
  • He remembers having a sister named, Ruth. James Huston Jr did have a sister named Ruth as verified by his other sister Anne.
  • He remember the birth order and ages of his sisters.
  • He remembered his father being an alcoholic which was also verified by Anne.
  • James said that he and Anne, as children, had matching portraits done by the same artist, which were gifts from their mother, whose name was Daryl. He was correct.

Anne accepted James as her brother James Huston Jr. She accepted it so completely that she sent his remaining artifacts for him to keep in his memory.

Note: after visiting with pilots that witness James Huston’s plane being shot down, Bruce found one discrepancy in James’s version of events: When Huston crashed and died, he was actually flying a FM 2 Wildcat, but he later learned from another pilot, Bob Greenwald, that Huston had participated in a program in which Corsairs were tested for aircraft carrier landings. So he had flown Cosairs, he just didn’t die in one. Greenwald also confirmed that Corsairs would veer to the left on takeoff and blow tires on landings.

Family Believes Son Is World War II Pilot Reincarnated James Leininger 2013


An Update 2015

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LIFE AFTER DEATH: Heart attack victim gives astonishing account of near death experience

By Sean Martin

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Heart attack victim gives astonishing account of near death experience.

A WOMAN who suffered a near death experience claims to have undergone an “information download” which she believes is proof of God.

Life After Death Proof

The lady, who goes by the name of only Heather, was in hospital for an operation when there was a problem with the anaesthesia drip line which caused her heart to stop for a total of two minutes and 45 seconds.

This caused her to temporarily die and in the moments she was dead, she claims to have gained proof of God.

Writing on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), Heather says: “I was flying about eight feet over my body. I was watching the scene below as the nurse scrambled through the cabinet looking for something.

“I thought I was in a dream state until I looked at the EKG and it was all flatlines with the alarms were going off.”

At this point, Heather says that she knew she was dying and tried to “dive back” into her body, but was instead sucked into a dark tunnel where says she found proof of God.

Heather said: “At the end of this tunnel was the most beautiful place in existence. I seemed to have arrived back in the room but in another dimension.

“I was looking at everyone and everything in that hospital through what I can only describe as ‘through the eyes of God’. I felt the Love of God for all these people in the hospital.

“I began getting an information download. There was no talking, just information going into me with absolute love.

“It was very clear, very loud, and very certain, that We are ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD.”

Heather then says she ended up in Heaven.

She continued: “In this place we go to, we will have lightness, laughter and joy, and our soul family is there waiting for us.

“I recognized a big crowd of people around me, but they didn’t have human form. I recognized their souls.

“They had pink shapes but also resonated to the energy which was them. My great-uncle Steve, I felt him there.

“The next moment I was in my body and squeezed the doctor’s hand who was holding my hand.”

Some researchers, however, state Heather’s story is a normal phenomenon and not necessarily a sign from Heaven.

Dr Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City, told a recent Oz Talk: “People describe a sensation of a bright, warm, welcoming light that draws people towards it.

“They describe a sensation of experiencing their deceased relatives, almost as if they have come to welcome them. They often say that they didn’t want to come back in many cases, it is so comfortable and it is like a magnet that draws them that they don’t want to come back.

“A lot of people describe a sensation of separating from themselves and watching doctors and nurses working on them.”

Dr Parnia says there are scientific explanations for the reaction, and says seeing people is not evidence of the afterlife, but more likely the brain just scanning itself as a survival technique.

He said thanks to modern technology and science “death does not have to be limited to philosophy and religion, but it can be explored through science.

“They can hear things and record all conversations that are going on around them.”

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Life after death: 6 resuscitated people share bizarre accounts of what they went through

By : Alakananda Bandyopadhyay

From feeling like they’re reading a book, to hitting snooze on an alarm clock, here’s what happened to six people after they were declared medically ‘dead’.

Death – one of the only certainties of life – has been an unsolvable mystery for ages now, when it comes to what really happens after death? Where does the soul go? What is it like to die? IS there really a white light or just complete darkness? Is there life after death, or is it just some ultimate void?

Worry not, your questions have been answered, somewhat. Six people finally took to Reddit – the multi-blogging website – to share an account of what happened after they were medically dead, and before they were resuscitated.

1. Flipping through a book

User monitormonkey underwent a major surgery five years ago, during which he bled out, leading to being dead for several minutes. “I woke up in what looked like space but there weren’t any stars or light. I wasn’t floating so to speak, I was just there.

“I wasn’t hot or cold, hungry or tired – just a peaceful neutral kind of thing. I knew there was light and love somewhere nearby but I had no urge or need to go to it right away. I remember thinking over my life, but it wasn’t like a montage. More like I was idly flipping through a book and snippets stood out here and there.

“Whatever it was, it changed my thoughts on a few things. I am still afraid to die, but I’m not worried about what happens after that.”

Representational image.Creative Commons.

2. Garden of Eden?

User IDiedForABit’s encounter with death would beg to differ from all the theories about the ‘void’. Being dead for a bit after an allergic reaction that caused their heart to stop, they said, “I remember a feeling of being sucked backwards, extremely slowly, like being pulled through water and this blackness fading in and out.

“At one point it faded back in and I was staring out at a garden. It wasn’t filled with flowers, just dust and patchy grass. There was a playground with a merry-go-round in the middle and two children running around it. A boy and a girl.

“It’s difficult to describe but I got the feeling I could choose if I wanted to stay or leave, but every time I tried to go back I was held in place. I went through all the reasons I wanted to go back, and when I told the presence I didn’t want to abandon my mother whatever held me finally let go.

“I snapped back into my body. My heart had stopped for six minutes.”

3. Friendly visit

User Schneidah7 suffered a fatal fall when he crashed his motorbike going at 50 mph, leading him to be medically dead when he was being carried to the hospital. He recounted his experience of lying there on the road, awaiting the ambulance: “I just remember being on the pavement and things slowly going black and quiet.

“The only reason I didn’t fall asleep was because of a bizarre moment where I heard someone yelling, ‘Ranger up you candy f***! Come on man, get up. Get up. GET UP!’ Then someone was slapping my helmet (which was basically smushed really hard onto my head).

“When I opened my eyes I saw my brother squatting on the pavement next me to. This was odd because my brother died from an overdose several years ago. The only other thing I remember is him glancing at his watch and saying something like ‘They’ll be here soon’ and then walking away.”

alarm clock
Representational image.Creative Commons.

4. Alarming snooze

TheDeadManWalks’s teenage years were mostly about months of chemotherapy due to a Clostridium difficile infection. The condition worsened and he speaks of slipping in and out of death as: “The worst part of it all, looking back, is how peaceful it can seem.

“It’s like wanting to hit the snooze button on your alarm at 7am. And maybe you do hit it once or twice but then you remember that you have work or school and that sleep can wait because you’ve still got s*** to do.”

5. Just a joke!

User altburger69’s sense of humour was definitely not lost even though he did lose his life in the ER thrice. He shared: “Had a heart attack last year and my heart stopped three times in the emergency room.

“Apparently, each time they shocked me back I ‘woke up’ (how it felt) and told the staff a different knock-knock joke each time. No lights or whatever, just felt like sleep.”

6. Complete darkness

Rullknuf’s breathing and pulse stopped after a motorbike accident and he claimed to have gone “cramp and stiff”. Two minutes later, when he was finally resuscitated, he says: “For me it was just a blackout. No dreams, no visions, just nothing.

“Apparently I asked over ten times what happened and apparently I shall be happy to be alive today.”

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Past Lives – Do We Have to Repeat Unlearned Lessons?

By Calleen Wilder

Past Lives

I just had to post this.  Not only is it bizarre, it’s also far too identical to simply be thought of as an unusual coincidence, at least in my mind.

So here’s the thing… I’ve believed in Past Lives for as long as I’ve thought of such a thing. I believe we’re given more than one chance to “do it right”.

Plus, having been a hypnotist for many years, I’ve been privy to the strong emotional reactions of those venturing into a Past Life.  This, in turn, has made it relatively impossible for me to believe otherwise.

BUT… if there are Past Lives, must we come back and do a replay with certain people and circumstances in order to see if either they or we can up-it-a-notch and do something differently?  Maybe.  Probably.

Now I assume if you fall into the victim status you might do so in order to give them a chance (in this case Mr. Thornton) to make better choices.  Too though, perhaps you came back with them in order to learn something too.  Who knows, maybe simply to learn how important it is to listen to your gut.

One thing I’m pretty certain of is that we all recycle (reincarnate) with a circle of the same people.  They are our “tribe”.  These people/souls consist of both people we love and those we feel so little for.  Unfortunately it’s often the ones we detest the most who teach us the largest lessons.

Still…. it’s pretty depressing to think that we might get stuck in some cosmic loop of living lives where so little progress is made.  At the very least, seemingly not in the end.

Personally I hope this poor woman gets to live at least one life without beastly Mr. Thornton in tow.

Yet I know too that when we’re in spirit we see the big picture.  As such, it’s entirely possible for us to repeatedly choose to give those who harmed us another chance… if only in order to set their life record straight.  As I say that I have a couple of names popping into my own mind that just might fit a similar bill (ha).  And no, I won’t share.  But I do so hope we’ve both learned and can move on without need for repetition (sigh).

I guess the best slant on this is simply to acknowledge it.  This at least empowers us to realize that when we experience an ugly encounter with someone, perhaps it isn’t something we’ve done.  Rather, it could be something we’re allowing them to learn… albeit at our expense.

And even though in this life our physical, mental, and/or emotional bodies might take a hit, in the long-run, it’s their soul who pays the bill.

I only know this article gave me pause.  It caused me to think about some things and people long and hard.

Interesting indeed this life, death, rinse and repeat cycle we find ourselves in.

STILL… Can you imagine the déjà vu she must have felt?  Like off the charts déjà vu.  We must learn to listen to ourselves ALWAYS!  I’m so guilty of overriding what I know I know sometimes.  I so get it.  It’s scary how we get in our own way.  Interesting though!

LIFE AFTER DEATH: Teen dies and ‘is brought back to life by JESUS CHRIST’ – shock claim


A TEENAGER who was clinically dead for 20 minutes believes he saw Jesus Christ before coming back to life.


Zack Clements, from Brownwood, Texas, collapsed in gym class while he was running and was immediately rushed to hospital.

Doctors worked to revive him from his cardiac arrest, which lasted for an astonishing 20 minutes, and just as they were about to give up and pronounce him dead, Mr Clements’ pulse suddenly returned.

The then 17-year old woke up in intensive care days later, and told his story of how he apparently met Jesus on the other side.

Mr Clements told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth: “When I was out those 20 minutes, I saw a man who had long ruffled hair and kind of a thick beard, and it didn’t take me long to realise that was Jesus.

Life after death? Man who attempted suicide ‘went to HELL and was told to change by Jesus

By Sean Martin

I found this very interesting. Hence, I’m sharing.

Near Death Experience

A MAN who attempted suicide claims he saw hell and was told to clean up his life or “this is where you will spend eternity”.

Matthew Devalle has died twice within his lifetime – once when he was 12 in a swimming accident, and decades later when he attempted to take his own life.

The first experience came in his youth where Mr Devalle attempted to swim the length of a pool underwater, where he accidentally inhaled and died.

In an interview with ABC television, Mr Devalle said: “The instant I took a breath underwater, a white light engulfed me. I was completely happy to be in this place, and I just wanted more. And out of the middle of the light came an individual, just a beautiful creature.

“There was Jesus Christ, and he grabbed me by the wrist and said you’ve got to go back. Then I woke up on the side of the pool.”

Near Death Experience

It was this experience that left Mr Devalle pining for that place of peacefulness once again.

But he was unable to reach this level of tranquility which led to a pit of depression.

The American then spent years battling a cocaine and alcohol addiction which just sent him further into despair.

This led him to the conclusion that the best option for him was suicide.

Near Death Experience

Mr Devalle: “It will be the answer to all my problems, and I get to go back to Heaven.”

After buying a bottle of gin and three bottles of sleeping tablets, Mr Devalle pulled up on the side of an isolated road and consumed the drugs and alcohol he had bought.

He said: “I get a flash of light and suddenly I’m outside. I’m thinking ‘how the heck did I get out here?’

“I notice that there is no color, everything is grey. And the moment I closed my eyes there was another flash. I’m then in free-fall into a pit that’s pitch black.”

Near Death Experience

It was in this moment Mr Devalle said he realised he was in hell.

He continued: “It was hot, extremely hot, very humid and dense. There was smoke coming out of the ground and I am split into seven.

“Two of me are living in my past and I’m experiencing all the people that I had met throughout my life and they would come to me and get in my face and start pushing and screaming and I would relive a moment where I caused them pain.”

He then saw the suffering that his death would cause: “My mother, I was there when she collapsed when she found out I was dead from the suicide.

“My daughter, she was 18, she would sit on the floor contemplating suicide because I wasn’t there for her.

“I was weeping for Jesus to save me.

“I was then lifted up from the back of my neck and very slowly lifted out of this pit.

“A voice told me ‘you have work to do and if you continue to live life as you are, this is where you will spend eternity’.”

Mr Devalle then woke up from his experience a day later in his bed with no idea how he got there.

However, the sheer trauma of the experience caused him to quit his $1000 a week drug habit “cold turkey”.

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Powerful Hand Gestures: Increase Your Magical Potential Using These 3 Ancient Mudras

By ConsciousReminder

A Mudra, is a Magical Gesture used for symbolic and ritual purposes. The origin of this practice is in Hinduism – as Yoga! Mudras for Magic are very common.

Through these hand gestures, a practitioner can easily attune with Magical Powers, Gods, the elements and so much more. In India, mudras are used along with with pranayama – the mystical-yogic breathing exercises (find here the yogic breathing exercise). They are used to stimulate different parts of the body. Hence, affect the flow of prana in the body. It’s amazing how simple they are and if you practice them enough, you can see outstanding results!

A Mudra, is usually very easy to do with your hands. Therefore, I love to use them while I’m on a bus, while waiting, or generally in any chance I have, while feeling idle. For better results, mudras require peace of mind and meditation. You are going to love them!

We are going to give you Mudras for good health, vitality, prosperity, happiness… but let’s start with our favourites… Here we are going to show you 3 Mudras for Magic, 3 hand gestures which can give you instant magical powers. If you master these gestures you are going to see some outstanding results! Let’s begin…

1. The Garuda Mudra (aka Eagle Mudra) : the Awakening Mudra

Lord Garuda is a bird-like creature (sometimes humanoid bird). He is the mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda is usually depicted as a strong man with red wings and is associated with the Solar Energies. He is sometimes associated with the legendary bird of the Sun, the Sacred Phoenix.

Powerful Mudras

Garuda Mudra can be used for Awakening. It’s a very powerful mudra which when used can elevate prana (the cosmic energy) inside our body and aura. This flow of energy immediately powers up our magic and awakens our natural abilities. It’s the perfect start for many spells and can be used for many other reasons. Let’s see some:

# Magical Powers of Garuda Mudra:

Elevates prana and fights exhaustion
Awakens our powers – magical and/or physical
Brings healing to a tired body – it boosts vitality – balances energy
It can be used to alleviate pain
Used for Aura Cleansing
Breaks obstacles – used in ‘Road Opening’ spells and rituals
Used extensively before fighting (physical or invisible) enemies

# How to use Garuda Mudra:

Sit comfortably on a chair
Assume the gesture
Touch lightly your belly with your hands
Breathe normally for 3 minutes visualising the energy flowing freely in and out of your body

Precautions: The Garuda Mudra is believed to elevate blood pressure for a short time. Ask your medical doctor for any advice.

2. The Kubera Mudra: the Mudra of Manifestation

Kubera is semi-divine Yaksha who is considered to be the Lord of Wealth and protector of the North. Kubera is usually depicted with a plump body (usually gods of wealth are depicted ‘chubby’ as a symbol of good and prosperous life) wearing precious jewels, and carrying a money-pot.

Powerful Mudras

The Kubera Mudra, is also called as the ‘Mudra of Money’, or the ‘Mudra of Wealth’. The truth is that this Mudra actually activates our connection with the Astral Plane and balances the Macrocosm with the Microcosm. ‘As above, so below’ the alchemists used to say. It is used to initiate the materialisation of magical work. In others words, we use Kubera Mudra to bring in life whatever we want! No wonder why this Mudra is used in many mind control methods!

# Magical Powers of Kubera Mudra:

Manifestation of our desires
Attract wealth and money
Intensify your wishes
Focus on your intentions – give you confidence

# How to use Kubera Mudra:

Sit comfortably on a chair
Assume the gesture
Touch lightly your knees with each hand
Breathe normally for 5 minutes focusing on your intention

3. The Lotus Mudra: the Mudra of Light

Lotus has a very interesting symbolism in many ancient civilisations and traditions including India and Egypt. In both traditions, the lotus is a symbol of Light which rises from Chaos and Darkness. It is no wonder why the Lotus flower is used as an element for decorating sacred temples and sites in India and Egypt.

Powerful Mudras

The Lotus Mudra, is used to help us rise from darkness and conjunct with the Holy Light. As the Lotus flower rises up out of the swamp’s mud without a drop of mud on it, so can we rise up and see the light once again, without any trace of darkness, free from negativity.

# Magical Powers of Lotus Mudra:

Banish negativity
Cleanse our Aura
Exorcise vampiric – demonic entities (along with rituals – not just with a mudra)
Banish bad mood – raise our Vibrations (see more here)
Connect with the Divine source – Holy Light
Cleanse and bless objects, animals and peoples (along with rituals)
To charm anyone and anything
For inspiration

# How to use Lotus Mudra:

Sit on the floor – preferably in a lotus position or with legs just crossed
Assume the gesture
Touch lightly your knees with each hand
Breathe normally for 5 minutes focusing on a bright light shining on you from the skies

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Spiritual Communication Happens ALL the Time!

Calleen Wilder

Spirit Communication

Or through you or them.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve said something to someone without even realizing what I was saying… only to watch as their mouths hit the floor.

In fact, when most of them ask me to repeat what I said I normally fumble to even recall what that was.  Yet in those exact moments I’ve learned that some of the most profound and life altering information is exchanged.  Consequently I’ve learned that being a medium for spirit is often ongoing and doesn’t really require much involvement from me.

Too though, I’ve also learned this can happen to and through anyone, which is why I make it a point to really listen when people speak.  You just never know when the exact thing you need to hear the most will spill out of someone’s mouth… all without their even realizing it.  Pretty cool, right?

Eye Gazing — An Exercise for Soul Vision

By Nick Polizzi

Eye Gazing

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” — William Shakespeare

I have a little challenge for you today that involves a simple but often cathartic ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years — eye gazing.

Our eyes are highly complex organs, capable of distinguishing the most finite details of our surroundings and interpreting the slightest discrepancy in another’s countenance. And yet, we rarely make direct eye contact with one another for more than a flashing moment.

It can feel awkward to lock eyes for too long during a normal conversation, but what is the source of that discomfort?

Beyond the various cultural connotations and social dos and don’ts that surround eye contact, there is an opportunity to create true connection with the people who matter to us.

Truly “seeing” another is one more checkpoint on the medicine path—a place to step outside of your ego and into your higher self.

Eye gazing—much different from eye contact—is a way to do just that. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll see and the emotions you’ll feel through the experience. It rarely disappoints.

The beauty of the exercise below is that it’s alarmingly easy, yet so rarely done, even with our most intimate relationships. There’s incredible power to gazing with someone you’re already in close relationship with (friends, lovers, and family), but it’s equally wondrous to do it with complete strangers.

The Eye Gazing Exercise:

This works best when both parties are already relaxed and fully present, so do whatever you need to get in this state. A 15-minute meditation, a yoga asana, a breathing exercise, a walk in nature, aromatherapy, or your favorite hot/cold therapy could work well here.

1) Set a timer for 10 minutes.

2) Sit across from your partner, preferably cross-legged on a soft rug or cushion, arms-length apart.

3) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

4) Open your lids and look into the eyes of the person in front of you. Let the muscles in your face and body respond naturally to whatever is occurring in the gaze. This isn’t a staring contest; blinking is allowed.

5) No talking.

After the ten minutes are complete, it’s up to you whether you want to share your experience with your partner. Sometimes a conversation seems like a natural extension of what you just witnessed, and other times it feels more appropriate to simply thank one another and allow the experience to be what it is.

Buddhist teachings tell us that we are mirrors for one another, living reflections of both the light and the darkness that exist in our inner worlds. With our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to honor that sacred connection. We must open up if we are to help one another in this life.

Stay Curious,

Nick Polizzi

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