8 Warnings Your Guardian Angels Use To Keep You Safe. By Jenny

Guardian angels are consistently there for you. They would enable you to out by and large where all entryways appear to close and would stroll by you as you attempt to cross the way to profound illumination.

Be that as it may, the manner in which they voice their alerts are additionally truly uncommon they don’t state it for all to hear. They would utilize any and everything available to them to sound strong alerts to you that will help avoid harms of a calamitous level.

Here are the means by which the heavenly attendants typically stable their alerts.

Unforeseen Machine Malfunction

You may be en route to work when your vehicle stalls. At first, you would be enraged at the episode of evident misfortune available to you, yet soon you would understand that it was intended to be. Perhaps a legally binding issue at the workplace or a total breakdown of the chain of command?

Losing Things

Some of the time you wouldn’t consider them to be great as you find things getting lost. However, when you understand that the slight deferral in plans is the thing that kept things from turning appalling, you would be grateful.


Now and again, you would discover somebody actually being the representative for the heavenly attendants. In this circumstance, they would be the ones sounding admonitions to you. And keeping in mind that it might look idiotic, you should notice to them.


Continuously an incredible route for heavenly attendants to sound their admonitions. While instinct seems like something that originates from inside and is all ‘you’, it probably won’t be so. A guardian angel could be the one voicing their admonitions through your instinct. Everything relies upon the quality of the profound relationship that you share.


Dreams are normally the primary course of guardian angels to sound their admonitions. So on the off chance that you see something in your fantasies that don’t look like everything else, or is quite remarkable, you ought to understand this is the guardian angel’s method for disclosing to you that things may not be right.SEE ALSO

Irregular Disembodied Voices

Except if you blackout from an arbitrary voice resounding in your encompassing, hold fast and hear it out. It could be warding you of a few things and cautioning you of a few more.


While becoming ill isn’t about heavenly admonitions, some of them maybe. No one can tell when a three day weekend at home can prompt more efficiency than you could have ever understood.

Sudden Delays

While a deferral may prompt displeasure and dissatisfactions when you understand that the train you should catch met with a mishap, you will feel your heavenly attendant’s essence.

Things being what they are, have the guardian angels sounded their admonitions?

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What happens after death? Woman claims to have seen deceased son during NDE By Nirmal Narayanan

life after death

Spiritualists believe that near-death experience is authentic proof of life after death, and they claim that humans will start their journey after taking the last breath.

The concept of life after death has been perplexing medical experts and spiritualists for years. Spiritualists believe that humans continue their life after death, while medical experts consider death as the end of everything. It is a phenomenon called near-death experience that compels spiritualists to believe that life after death is a reality. Websites like NDERF (Near Death Experience Foundation) are loaded with near-death experience testimonials and one such testimonial from a woman named Sarah has now gone viral on the internet.

In her testimonial, Sarah reveals that she had an NDE following complications of anesthesia during surgery. During the initial moments of dying, Sarah apparently saw a navy-colored tunnel and a light above her head. The NDE victim claimed that she felt an intense rain of love during these moments.

“I felt an intense feeling of love washed over me. There were no thoughts. There was nothing but love that I felt, saw, and that permeated everywhere. The best way to describe it is to say that love encompassed everything and every bit of me,” wrote Sarah on the NDERF website.

Sarah also added that she saw Jesus, her deceased son and grandfather during the near-death experience. As per Sarah, she was sent back to the earth by Jesus Christ, as her time was not up.

“I saw my baby boy who died 14 years ago when he was 48 days old. He had the small feet and was maybe 6 years old, had blonde hair in a bowl -ut, bright and shining blue eyes, and had the biggest smile on his face. Holding his hand, was my grandpa, who passed 3 days after my 9th birthday. My grandpa was 66 when he passed, but he looked like he was maybe 30 years old in this experience,” added Sarah.

However, medical experts believe that these testimonials are not proof of life after death. As per these medical experts, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen during life-threatening events, and at this time, the brain adopts a survival trick which is actually resulting in the visual hallucination.

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‘It’s Real’: This Amazing Tattoo Story About Heaven and Life After Death Is Going Viral by Benjamin Gill

A remarkable story about life after death has gone viral, all because of a special tattoo.

In an Instagram post, a California woman named Madie Johnson explains her new tattoo and the miracle behind it. 

Johnson’s Aunt Tina had died after suffering a severe heart attack. She was brought back to life four times by first responders before making it to a hospital. 
There, her aunt was “put on a defibrillator” and woke up. She was intubated and unable to speak, so she asked for a pen scrawling the message “it’s real.”Related

That “It’s real” message is now a memorial, tattooed on Maddie’s wrist, spreading her eternal hope to those around her.

Maddie writes the whole story on Instagram saying: 

“A little over a year ago my Aunt Tina, one of the most amazing, discerning, and healthy people I know had an unexpected cardiac arrest and according to doctors had died and was brought back to life four times by my Uncle Brian and first responders before arriving to the hospital. She was put on a defibrillator and after miraculously waking up the first thing she did, unable to speak because she was intubated, was ask for a pen and in my cousin’s journal wrote ‘it’s real’. The people in the room asked ‘what’s real?’ and she responded by pointing up to heaven with tears in her eyes.

Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen. It has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away. I love you @_tinahines! The way you boldly love Jesus and others has changed the way I hope to live and love.”

CBN has reported numerous cases of people who died, went to heaven and came back again to tell about it, like Landon Whitley who died in a car accident. Watch his story here:  ‘I’ve Seen Jesus’: This Guy Made Three Trips to Heaven, and the People He Saw There Will Astound You

Article Source – CBNNews.com

Boy Returns to Life After Dying 3 Times, His First Words Shook Family to the Core By Li Yen, EPOCH TIMES

This is the account of a boy who had been pronounced clinically dead thrice. However, it was obviously not his time to go, so after he finally came to, he astounded his mother with what he saw—in Heaven.

It all started one morning in 1997. Eight-year-old Landon Whitley was sitting in the backseat of his parent’s Pontiac Sunfire, on a trip back home from church. It was while crossing an intersection that Landon’s dad, Andy, started yelling. In a flash, an ambulance, which was returning to its station, T-boned the family’s car.

Photo courtesy of Faith Has Its Reasons

“I didn’t see the ambulance coming but I remember him yelling. That was the last thing I heard from him,” Landon’s mother, Julie Kemp, who was behind the wheel, told CBN.

The horrifying crash instantly killed Andy. Julie was also injured but was stabilized.Read MoreSisters Took Wrong Person off Life Support Thinking It Was Their BrotherMan With Down Syndrome Justifies His Right to Live, Says, ‘My Life Is Worth Living’

Initially, the rescuers didn’t know Landon was in the car too. When the rescuers finally saw Landon’s shoe, they searched further and managed to pull the 8-year-old boy out of the crushed car.

Landon was found dead, but the rescuers successfully revived him.

Photo courtesy of Faith Has Its Reasons

While on the way to Carolina’s Medical Center, Landon was pronounced clinically dead again. But once again, he was resuscitated. Upon arrival at the medical center, he died again.

Although Landon was brought back to life a third time, doctors weren’t optimistic. They advised Julie that even if he survived, “he would not know how to walk or talk or to eat because of all the brain damage.”Read MoreHead of Pro-Life Group Promises $41M to Support Trump for 2020 Election CycleSeniors Who Feel Their Life Has Purpose May Live Longer

Landon had sustained massive head trauma and remained in a coma, showing no signs of life.

Two weeks later, miraculously, Landon woke up. And much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t suffer any brain damage.

Photo courtesy of Faith Has Its Reasons

What’s even more unbelievable was Landon’s response after Julie broke the news of his father’s death.

When Julie asked Landon gently, “Do you know where your dad is at?” Landon replied unexpectedly, “Yes, I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven.”

Landon even told her he saw “streets of gold,” Jesus, and angels. Not only that, he explained that he met his father’s friend Olan Palmer and his son, Neil Palmer. Both were killed in car accidents.

“I remember us all like standing in a square. Never one of us said a word to each other, but we were just all standing there,” a grown-up Landon recalled years later.

Photo courtesy of Faith Has Its Reasons

Yet, that’s not all Landon had seen. He remembers telling his mom at the time, “I saw your other two kids.”

“My mom had two miscarriages before me that I had never known about, never heard about,” Landon recounted to Fox News. “I was able to see them.”

“I knew that they were my siblings even though no one had ever told me about them. Just being in Heaven, I guess you know—you know your own or you know who everyone is,” he added.

Photo courtesy of Faith Has Its Reasons

This incredible story is “a huge blessing” for Julie. She was able to gain strength from it, and “I was able to use this story to help others not to give up.”

“There is a heaven, there are angels,” Landon said. “Life does get better at the end.”

The mother-and-son duo have also written a book called the “Highway to Heaven,” which accounts Landon’s journey to Heaven and provides a glimpse of what a wonderful place it is. The book is meant to provide comfort to kids who have lost their loved ones.

Watch the video:

Article Source - EpochTimes.com

‘Jesus offered me the chance to LIVE’ Man in vivid experience of life after death by Sean Martin

A MAN who had a near death experience believes he saw Jesus in the afterlife who gave him the option of eternal peace.

After being involved in a car accident a man, who only gives his name as Gary, temporarily died. Before he was resuscitated by paramedics, Gary believes he crossed over to the afterlife where he gained proof that Jesus is real. Writing for the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Gary described his vivid experience of life after death.

He said: “I was in blackness but with hundreds of sparkly lights. I was a little scared because I could see my hunched-up body and knew that I’d passed over.

“To my left and in a field, there were many people. I saw my grandma and her sister who had passed in the previous year. The colours were so vivid! In front of me was a medium-sized stream with a white bridge over it.

“Jesus was standing on the other side of the bridge. There was a huge, sunlight object shining down on his left side. But it didn’t hurt me to look at it.

“Meanwhile, a man stopped and ran over to my body. He cradled my head in his lap, telling me to wake up.

jesus afterlife

‘Jesus offered me the chance to LIVE’ Man in vivid experience of life after death (Image: GETTY)

“I heard in my head, Jesus asking me, ‘Gary, would you like to stay for eternal peace and happiness or go back?’ I thought, ‘I’d like to go back’.”

Suddenly, Gary was back in his body, but he said the experience has changed him forever.

He wrote: “If an experience like this doesn’t change you, then there’s something wrong with you.”


Article Source – Express.co.uk

How to Tell If You’ve Encountered an Angel in Physical Form

Every angel sighting is a one-of-a-kind encounter.

Angel Sighting
How to Tell If You’ve Encountered an Angel in Physical Form

Angels are always near—sending us wise guidance, offering us healing energy, protecting us or fighting our battles, and sometimes simply being present with us through life’s ups and downs so we’re never alone. As I explain in my book Angel Insights, we know angels are near because we sense their presence, hear their voices in our inner ear or thoughts, dream about them, receive signs and synchronicities from them, see images they place in our mind’s eye, and are gifted with angelic insight into complex situations where there is no logical basis for our understanding. At times people even get proof that angels are near in one of the most powerful ways of all—angels appear before humans in physical form.

Why don’t angels always appear in physical form? The angels tell me that if they did, it would be too overwhelming and distracting for humans. Angels are really part of another dimension, called heaven, and simply don’t match the dense physical matter of earth and its inhabitants. And there are so many angels surrounding and watching over humans that they wouldn’t all be able to fit here amongst us in physical form. The short answer is: The veil between the dimensions of heaven and earth exists for a reason. Angels will appear in physical form (usually as humans) if they need to interact with you in a practical way to accomplish a clear objective (push your car out of a snowdrift when you’re stuck on an isolated road, or pay your grocery bill when you discover that you’re short on money in line). Angels will also appear in physical form (sometimes with wings) if they feel that being seen by you will increase your faith or peace of mind.

There are many ways an angel can appear in physical form. If you think you’ve seen an angel, the list below should help you clarify and better understand the experience. If you’ve never encountered an angel in physical form, read the list below carefully—you may have seen an angel and just don’t realize it! Most people see an angel in physical form very rarely, if ever. Some folks will go their whole lives having great faith and yet never see an angel. Just remember, angels are nondenominational beings who love and cherish each human equally. An angel’s love for you is unconditional and absolute—you can never do anything to change it. Whether you see an angel or not, angels are always near, always just over your shoulder!

Angels Appear as Light

Is it any wonder that angels sometimes appear to humans in physical form as light? Light can be seen but is still abstract in this dimension, an ethereal form of energy that matches the angel’s vibration (as opposed to other denser forms of matter like rocks, pencils or humans). Common ways that angels will appear to humans as a light source include: bursts of small, colored lights across your field of vision; glowing orbs; a constant stream of very bright white light which, like the sun, is difficult to look into directly. Angels could appear as small bursts of colored light at anytime, like when you’re sitting at your desk or making dinner (if you see this continually, get an eye exam to rule out any issues with your vision). Glowing orbs and streams of bright light are a touch more dramatic and showy, and will usually happen when you are alone and can give the experience your undivided attention!

Angels Appear as Shadows, Clouds and Mist

Ever swear you saw something out of the corner of your eye, then turned around and peered at that spot for a good look, only to see…nothing? You may have gotten a glimpse of an angel. Have you ever seen a cloud that looked just like an angel, maybe when you were down and needed a reminder of Spirit, or when you were feeling carefree and peaceful? Very likely it was an angel or group of angels forming their energy into a giant cloud in the sky to give the people below a reminder of the angels’ presence in our lives. Angels can also appear as what looks like mist—a white, gossamer substance that may take on the loose outline of a figure, perhaps near your bed when you wake up from a dream.

Angels Appear Wearing Wings

When people think of angels, they usually think of wings. Wings that are big and white and full of feathers. The stereotypical or traditional angel image is an angel with two enormous wings, wearing a long white robe with a golden belt. It’s important to note that I’ve spoken with hundreds of people who’ve seen angels of this description—and in all ethnicities (African, Inuit, Western European, Native American, Japanese). This imagery of the winged angel does not come from myth but experience: Sometimes angels really do appear to humans in this manner. It is the most disarming and alarming way an angel can appear to a human, which is why the angels in the Bible instruct humans to “fear not” when they encounter an angel with wings. I saw an angel with wings and a flowing robe once, and it is one of my most cherished—but also most shocking and terrifying—memories. While angels would never harm a hair on our heads, it is still very unsettling to be suddenly confronted with a winged being of great power and strength from another dimension. Why do angels take this form? Is this what angels “really” look like? The angels tell me they sometimes take this form because angels know this form is familiar to humans, so it’s an easy way for angels to identify themselves without a shadow of a doubt. Likewise this physical form is close to what a human looks like, but different enough that it registers as an angel to us.

Angels Appear as Humans

It is far more common for angels to appear in physical form as humans than wearing wings. Often an angel will appear as a human because the angel wants to offer you assistance—a good Samaritan who changes your tire, a fellow shopper who helps you pick the perfect outfit for a first date. And the best way for angels to work in public around other people unnoticed is in human form. Maybe an angel appeared to you as another patient in a hospital waiting room, a stranger who loaned you kind words or a hand to hold while you waited for news on a loved one’s condition or some test results of your own. Maybe an angel appeared as a stranger walking along the road by your farm just as some hay caught on fire, and with this stranger’s help you were able to get the fire under control before it spread to the barn. Angels who appear as humans usually disappear just as quickly as they arrive, and often without a trace. You might return to a restaurant where a kind waiter helped you settle your screaming toddler down a few days before, only to be told by the manager that there is no waiter working at this restaurant who fits that description. Or you might go to thank the woman who just rescued your husband from drowning, but when you turn around you see there is no sign of this stranger on the beach—not even a single footprint in the sand walking away. Angels who appear as humans often have very kind eyes and a peaceful, calming energy. They are remarkably helpful, and usually don’t say much though what they do say is very poignant.

Article Source – Belief.net.com

Will humans live after death? New Zealand woman shares mind-blowing NDE where she saw an angel by Nirmal Narayanan

During the near-death experience (NDE), the New Zealand woman apparently saw a heavenly being whom she believes is an angel.

Near Death Experience

All religions, including Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, proclaim that humans will live after death, and the real eternal journey of all living beings begin after taking the last breath. Adding heat to their views, a New Zealand woman named Katrina has now shared her near-death experience (NDE) where she apparently saw a being whom she believes is an angel.

Katrina made these revelations on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). As per Katrina, she died for some moments after attempting suicide following episodes of depression. The NDE victim revealed that her body started floating in a dark place soon after the last breath, and she claimed that someone literally cut her soul’s cord connection to the body.

“My spirit body was floating in the darkness and it was a lonely place. It felt like someone came up behind me with scissors and cut the cord connected to my body. I knew I was dead and couldn’t go back. My thoughts were very fast, like lightning, and my mind was so clear and sharp. My senses were all heightened and my emotions felt more intense,” wrote Katrina in her NDE testimonial.

Katrina also added that she saw a bright being during the near-death experience episode. She revealed that this being was pure white, and it was almost 8 to 9 feet tall.

“I tried to fly or direct my floating towards the light, but my progress wasn’t very good. The light came to me in a zigzag, erratic pattern and at great speed. It was at that moment that I realized the light was a Being. The Being of light was pure white and about 8 to 9 feet tall. I had a peaceful, loving feeling being in this Being’s beautiful presence. I believe that Being was an angel. However, I felt like the Being was waiting for something,” added Katrina.

The New Zealand woman claimed that she is now living as God has given her a second chance. She also made it clear that she felt pure bliss after the death, and all she experienced was intense euphoria.

Katrina’s testimonial has now gone viral on the internet, and many religious believers claim that life after death is a reality. As per these people, the afterlife is real, and humans used to live in the form of souls even after death.

Quirky Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp marks 125th anniversary as haven for mediums and healers Lisa Maria Garza By LISA MARIA GARZA

CASSADAGA — Sunflowers, the universal symbol of those who believe that life continues after death and some people have the ability to communicate with the deceased, are sprinkled throughout this tiny hamlet.

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, a home to mediums and healers about 35 miles north of Orlando, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, marking the evolution of a community on a “vortex of psychic energy” where the gifts of spiritualists can thrive and believers can worship in peace.

On Saturday, the camp will kick off a monthly series of celebrations, culminating with a masquerade ball in December, at the sanctuary for 78 residents immersed in the metaphysical world that draws curious visitors from around the world.

“Karma and destiny” brought Reverend Don Zanghi from Buffalo, N.Y., to the camp 28 years ago. He teaches a Sunday morning service, Lyceum, for anyone who wishes to learn about spiritualism.

“The whole idea of having a camp is because the energy is here, you’re surrounded by it all the time — you’re breathing it, you’re living it, you’re feeling it — it’s like going to school,” said Zanghi, a 70-year-old medium and healer.

Rev. Don Zanghi, a certified medium and healer, has been a resident at the Cassadaga spiritualist camp for 28 years. Gretel is one of several outdoor feline inhabitants.
Rev. Don Zanghi, a certified medium and healer, has been a resident at the Cassadaga spiritualist camp for 28 years. Gretel is one of several outdoor feline inhabitants. (Rich Pope / Orlando Sentinel)

The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association began as a 35-acre winter haven in 1894 founded by George Colby, a trance medium from New York who was guided by a Native American spirit named “Seneca” to Central Florida.

It was designated as a historic district in 1991 and operates as a nonprofit organization under a board of trustees.

Dawn Medley, camp activity director, said visitors are welcome from sunup to sundown — even skeptics — and that spiritualism isn’t an evangelical religion.

“We demonstrate. We don’t go out and feel the need to have people come here and believe what we believe,” Medley said. “We really encourage free thinking — we want people to come to their own conclusion.”

Many residents offer services in their homes and apartments at an independently determined rate. Mediums and healers advertised on signs around the camp are labeled as “certified,” a distinction that applies only to members who have undergone training and a verification of experience and skills.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

It’s been 125 years since George P. Colby, a trance medium from New York, traveled to Central Florida and set up camp in what later became known as the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, unofficially dubbed as the “psychic capitol of the world.” May 2, 2019.

Camp guidelines discourage the use of “gimmicky” tools such as pendulums and crystal balls.

“We’re going to give you evidence of who we’re connecting with – it could be could be a physical description, could be a shared memory, could be how they passed or something about their personality … any number of things,” Medley said. “And then we’ll give you the information they wish to bring.”

The long, curved pavement of Cassadaga Road serves as a physical divide between the camp and a cluster of businesses that also offer spiritual services but have a long-standing disagreement over the tools of the trade.[

“They’re just trying to separate themselves because they feel that we’re hokey,” said Varney Pearce, store manager for Purple Rose Trading Company, a third-generation family owned shop. The 119-year-old building with an attached haunted history museum sells “esoteric accessories” — crystals, stones and astrology charts.

“As far as tools go, I know readers that prefer tarot because it’s a visual representation of what they’re telling you,” Pearce said. “People will see the devil or death card and freak out but it can actually mean change or the death of a career into something new – it’s a good thing, something new. It’s all perspective.”

Although camp members don’t use tools, they do embrace technology such as cameras and voice recorders that document physical phenomenon.

Medley gives a nighttime tour of the camp — often accompanied by Gretel, one of several outdoor feline inhabitants — using flashlights, which spirits can employ to announce their presence.e

“When that light turns on, it’s something everybody sees,” she said.

Cassadaga resident and spiritual tour guide Dawn Medley walks through the Fairy Trail at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on May 2, 2019.
Cassadaga resident and spiritual tour guide Dawn Medley walks through the Fairy Trail at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on May 2, 2019. (Rich Pope/Staff photographer)

Cassadaga, the camp and town immortalized in a Tom Petty song, has been known for decades as a quirky travel destination. It’s listed on RoadsideAmerica.com, dubbed as an online guide to “offbeat tourist attractions.”

Visitors are drawn to landmarks like Hotel Cassadaga, a reportedly haunted structure with “friendly spirits” that dates back to the 1920s. It was sold by the camp during the Great Depression and now operates under private ownership.

The camp recently created an elaborate outdoor fairy trail, in collaboration with the West Volusia Tourism Office, which feature 6-foot tall pastel butterfly wings that are already making the rounds on Instagram.[

At Saturday’s event, Volusia County Council member Barbara Girtman will read a proclamation and camp residents will unearth a time capsule that was buried during the 100-year mark.

The camp is also raising money for the upkeep of its seven historical buildings, including Colby Memorial Temple, to preserve its legacy into the next century.

“Death has always been scary for people and when they see proof that life continues on, it’s quite comforting and soothing,” Medley said. “There will always be generations looking for these answers.”

Lisa Maria Garza

Lisa Maria Garza covers Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville and east Orange County for the Orlando Sentinel. She previously reported general news for Reuters, based in Dallas, and graduated from the University of North Texas. Lisa, a San Antonio native, moved to Florida with her two cats but remains a loyal Spurs fan.

Afterlife BREAKTHROUGH? Man who ‘died for 15 minutes’ recalls shock vision by Callum Hoare

A MAN who claims he died for 15 minutes during a shocking accident at sea recalled during a documentary what he apparently saw.

People who believe in an afterlife claim the essential part of an individual’s identity, or the stream of consciousness, continues after the death of the physical body. Some people who have come close to being pronounced officially dead claim to have been given a brief insight into what life after death may be like. David Bennet, a former research diver and Chief Engineer of Vessel Aloha, claims he witnessed a glimpse of what this might look like.

Mr Bennet detailed his claims to Morgan Freeman during his documentary “The Story of God”.

He said in 2017: “Back in 1983, off the California coast, there was a storm with about 25 to 30ft seas and so we started heading in.

“All of a sudden, we fell off a 30-footer – that fast – and we just slid right off.

“I looked up and there was another one and it came right down on top of us.

Afterlife Breakthrough

“I was in the bow, it catapulted me into the sea and I was just tumbled and tossed like a rag doll.”

Mr Bennet then recalled the moment he believed he knew he was physically dead.

He added: “You can only hold your breath for so long, then you reach a point of release, where you just, you just let go and breathe in the salt water.

“It’s quite a violent way to die.

“I had totally lost my awareness of my body and the ocean at this point.”

Afterlife Breakthrough

However, there was a moment of clarity, when Mr Bennet knew he would return.

He continued: “Then I noticed this light, it was millions upon millions of fragments of lights in all different colours.

“They were all dancing and swirling, but kind of like they were one mind – I knew I had left my body.

“As I approached this mass of light, it was a familiar home and it was a relationship that was so much deeper than any I’d ever had.

“Then I reached a certain point where these millions of fragments of light spoke and they said ’this is not your time’.

“‘You must return, you have a purpose.’”

Mr Bennet then explained how his soul apparently returned to his body.

He detailed: “I was watching my body and I was mesmerized because I knew I was going to go back in that body.

“Then the next waves came and pushed my body against the boat – pushing the salt water out of my lungs – and I was suddenly alive again.”

Asked by Mr Morgan how long he thought he had been underwater, Mr Bennett responded: “The crew said I was there for anything between 15 and 18 minutes.”

The revelation comes after a scientist claimed life after death was possible.

Afterlife Breakthrough

Dr Sam Parnia revealed during the same series how he studied more than 100 cases of cardiac arrest survivors.

He said in 2017: It’s important to understand that when a person is dying and they’ve turned into a cadaver, it’s only at that point that the cells inside the body start to undergo a process of death, which can take hours, if not days.

“So actually we have this window of time where we can bring people back to life and the experiences that they have given us is an indication of what it is like to go through death.

“Today we call the soul consciousness in science, so we can test the theory scientifically.

“The evidence we have is that when a person dies, that part that makes us who we are – the soul or mind, or whatever you call it – it does not become annihilated.”

Article Source – Express.co.uk