Top 10 Feng Shui Crystals

By Rodika Tchi

Pick Your Crystals and Stones

Feng Shui Crystals
Wondering which crystals to bring into your home or office? Or to use in your good feng shui jewelry? Start with our list of 10 most popular crystals and see which ones you like the best. From amethyst to pyrite, each one of those crystals and stones will bring not only beauty but also specific healing energies.

Clear Quartz

Feng Shui Crystals
A clear quartz crystal, especially a crystal that is really clear/transparent and has happy rainbows inside it, is an absolute joy to look at! The clear quartz crystal comes in many forms – from tumbled rocks and small points to impressive big clusters and generators. You can also find many carvings made of clear quartz and of course, clear quartz jewelry.

Rose Quartz

Feng Shui Crystals
Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in healing, jewelry, as well as feng shui. Famous for attracting and keeping love, rose quartz is also used when it comes to healing one’s heart from pain and disappointment. You can find all sorts of feng shui adornments made from rose quartz, especially in feng shui for love cures. Rose quartz is inexpensive and easy to find.


Feng Shui Crystals
Amethyst crystal is unique among all crystals in its popularity, as well as affordability. Mother nature has been generous with the wealth of available amethyst which makes it affordable to choose it for your home, office, garden, and even your car! One of the most popular uses of amethyst is in a cluster or tall geode, as well as tumbled rock form. The deeper and more intense is the purple color of the amethyst, the higher the price.


Feng Shui Crystals
Jade seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to various carvings used as feng shui cures. Jade is also much loved in various jewelry pieces, from beads to bracelets and rings. Jade carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy that can feel very healing. It has a soothing purity about it, and it goes about purifying your energy field in a very accepting, loving, wise kind of way.


Feng Shui Crystals
Citrine contains a solar quality of energy; this is why it is traditionally considered a good healing crystal for the solar plexus/third chakra issues. It can help strengthen self-esteem and a positive, vibrant flow of energy in and around one’s body. Citrine is also considered helpful in improving digestion and strengthening one’s one’s physical endurance.

Smoky Quartz

Feng Shui Crystals
The popularity of the smoky quartz crystal is due not only to its gorgeous look but also to its affordability and the energy it provides. Grounding in an uplifting kind of way, the smoky quartz also provides a subtle energy of protection and balance. Just as with the citrine crystal, it is important to choose a natural smoky quartz (not a heat treated one).


Feng Shui Crystals
Ammonites are considered a powerful feng shui cure! This basically means that ammonites have a very strong energy that can shift the energy of any space, be it home or office, to a much higher and better quality of energy. The ammonite that is best to use for feng shui purposes is actually ammolite, the gem quality part of ammonite, or the opalized fossil. It comes in many beautiful, rich iridescent colors that create excellent energy.

Tiger’s Eye

Feng Shui Crystals
Tiger’s eye is a very protective stone. It has a powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality to it. After all, there is a reason this stone is called tigers eye! Specific colors of your tiger’s eye stone–from golden yellow to deep reds–will also express, in different degrees, a strengthening and grounding energy. Tiger’s eye also has a mystical, opalescent quality to it, and the combination of solid black color stripes with shimmering golds, browns, and reds make for a very special stone indeed.


Feng Shui Crystals
The shiny pyrite wakes up any space in a matter of seconds. Highly energizing and freely sharing its optimistic energy, a good quality pyrite is a must for your feng shui collection of crystals and stones. Initially thought to be gold, pyrite is also known by the name of fool’s gold. Pyrite mostly comes in clusters, but you can also find pyrite in stunning shapes of cubes and globes.


Feng Shui Crystals
The name “hematite” derives its meaning from the Greek word for blood. The reason for the origin of hematite’s name can be twofold. Even though it is shiny black on the outside, if you break the stone (not an easy thing to do!) you will see that on the inside hematite has a deep blood red color. Another reason for its name might be related to the high iron content found in hematite (almost 70%).

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Types of Empaths – Signs of Empathy

By Lyn-Rose-Hornabrook

Types of Empaths

There are different types of empaths who employ different psychic empathic traits. These are the 10 levels of the empath:

Psychometry – the empathic ability …to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or places

Telepathy – the empathic ability to read people’s thoughts

Mediumship – the empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits

Physical Healing – the empathic ability to feel other people’s physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)

Emotional Healing – the empathic ability to feel another person’s emotions

Animal Communication – the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals

Nature – the empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants

Geomancy – the empathic ability to read the energy of places and of the land – geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.

Precognition – the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom)

Claircognizance or Knowing – the empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis

Symptoms of being an Empath:

•Acute senses – i.e. sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing etc.

•Acute awareness of the feelings of those around them and feeling deeply for those in pain or suffering

•Often easily hurt

•Avoidance of conflict where possible preferring to keep things harmonious

•Easily startled by noise

•Easily moved to tears because of deep feeling

•Nervous in crowded situations

•People feel safe around them and able to talk to them easily. Even complete strangers will talk to them about personal things without consciously intending to do so

•Animals and children love and are attracted to them

•Easily affected by the weather

•Their greatest gift is to perceive with the heart

•They are usually a blessing to be around as they are nurturing and caring

•Music and harmony are very important to them. They can lose themselves completely while listening to music that resonates with them.

•Water is very beneficial and therapeutic to the empath

Having psychic empathic traits can be extremely challenging, and even painful. The definition of empathic understanding is to be able to feel what another person feels (sometimes both emotionally and physically). Even under normal circumstances, having psychic empathic traits can be confusing and difficult to manage or understand, but in times of global chaos, emotional tidal waves that rip through the collective consciousness can be utterly overwhelming. This is why an empath feels anxiety at these times.

Some people consider being an empath to be a paranormal trait, but it is more normal than we realize. Many, many people have psychic empathic traits, but they are usually labeled as being “overly sensitive”.

Empaths have a heightened sensitivity, and parapsychologists often refer to them as being “Psi Sensitives”.

Some of the characteristics of an empath include being “moody”, or having mood swings for no apparent reason. This is because empaths pick up on the energies and emotions from other people, places, animals, and even things around them. An empath can be feeling fine one moment, then suddenly become depressed or sad or angry, or even develop physical pain and headaches “out of the blue”. Many empaths can feel like they are going crazy, especially empathic children who cannot understand what they are feeling or why they are feeling that way. An empath must learn to trace these feelings back to their origin in order to determine what triggered them. First ask yourself, “Is this mine?” – if the answer is no, then determine when and where it started, and who or what was around you at that time.

Some other characteristics of an empath can involve extreme shyness, avoidance of public places, or being overweight (especially in children). These are all ways to try to shield and protect oneself from the psychic abilities of being empathic. An empath can absorb and take on the feelings and symptoms of others just by being near them or even by speaking with them on the phone, which is why an empath feels anxiety when faced with crowds of people.

By Lyn-Rose-Hornabrook and Grace and Grace Associates Consulting Inc.

The 15 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath.

By Emilia Gordon

authentic empaths

Empaths are the most sensitive ones among all. The term ‘empath’ is derived from the Greek words ‘em’ meaning in and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘feeling.’ Hence, a person who can feel the feelings of others is called an empath. An empath is characterized by the traits of understanding the universe around them.

Though many of us might claim to have the sense of empathy, very few are rather what we call authentic empaths.

It is but hard to notice when an empath is around, below we have listed 15 strange traits and behaviors that are common among empaths.

(1) They are extremely sensitive:

One of the predominant traits of an empath is sensitivity. They can’t see anyone in pain. They feel a person’s suffering as if it’s your own. In this situation, they will try their best to lessen the pain.

(2) They are highly intuitive:

They can sense positive and negative vibes in people. While talking to people, they will figure out their negative intentions even if they don’t spell it all. The empath can easily track their thought processes without giving them a single inkling about it.

(3) They get drained easily:

Since they are constantly getting affected by the energies of people around them, an empath gets drained easily. They are always busy helping out people. Hence, their energy decreases. Also, negative energies pull an empath down. This is however not good for their psychological and physical well-being. An empath gives too much to the world more than what they receive. At the end of the day, they feel completely exhausted.

(4) They pick up physical symptoms of another:

Not just psychologically, but physiologically too, an empath can feel the pain of others. They tend to catch pains like cold or body aches of the person.

(5) They imbibe emotions of other people in themselves:

An empath absorbs emotions of other people, be it pain, anger or fear. They feel exactly what others are feeling at that moment of time.

(6) They help friends as well as strangers:

If they feel someone needs help, the empath will immediately jump into it. They might know that person, they might not. The empath always tries to help people irrespective of the relationship they share.

(7) They feel the nature:

An empath is drawn towards not just human beings but animals and plants too. They feel upset when a tree is cut or a pet is mistreated by the owner. The empath takes steps to stop the living being from getting hurt. If they can’t do anything to help them, the empath will leave the scene because they can’t stand and tolerate their pain.

(8) They can’t tolerate violence:

An empath cannot stand violence even if it’s shown in a television series or a movie. They will close their eyes or leave. If it’s narrated in a book, they will cry.

(9) They can tell if the other person is lying:

It’s not that easy to fool an empath. They can easily catch a person lying. Even if they don’t express it in front of others, the empath will not trust that person themselves.

(10)They attract sad people:

People who are sad are drawn towards an empath. It’s the empath’s caring and sympathetic nature which alleviates other’s pain. Not just friends but strangers too find it easy to open up to them.

(11) They find it difficult to stay in crowds:

Crowds affect an empath a lot. There are so many energies among the people of the crowd that the empath gets confused. All these energies attack them from different directions leaving them baffled.

(12) They enjoy solitude:

The empath needs space for themselves to introspect on life. They enjoy spending their time alone. It also helps the empath to heal themselves and rejuvenate.

(13) The place where they live affects their psyche:

An empath gets affected by the energy of the place where they are living. Primarily they enjoy less crowded place surrounded by nature.

(14) They can sense the energy of the collective consciousness:

The empath can sense the energy of the collective consciousness. For example, they can feel the fatigue of Thursday even if they are not working themselves. The empath can feel the joy of Christmas celebrations even if they are having a difficult time of their own.

(15) They don’t care about themselves:

The empath spends too much time helping others. They don’t pay heed to their own needs. The empath must realize that if they don’t take care of themselves, nobody else will.

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31 ways we’re still using feng shui


here’s how you bring more balance to your life.

feng shui your home

The concept of feng shui is a simple one. Based on the Chinese philosophical system of organization, its focus is derived from an alignment of one’s self with the space in which they live as well as the objects that surround them. By utilizing feng shui, you can learn to harness the energy of all that surround you to create a more positive space that encourages love, happiness, and prosperity. While feng shui as a trend certainly had its day in the sun, we think the benefits of approaching your decor in this way are truly lasting.




There are eight cardinal directions that make up bagua, which is essentially an energy map determined by eight interrelated principles typically identified as: career, spiritual life, creativity, love, reputation, prosperity, health, and knowledge, respectively. Or, the eight major aspects of one’s life. Each principle holds a unique location within a room, beginning with ‘career’ situated by the entry point of the room and ending with ‘knowledge’.



… keep the entry point of the room well-lit! This principle is associated with a water sign and linked to the color blue.




… think metals and outfit the area with a round, framed mirror or a work of art.




… think of this as your “happiness” spot. Personal objects, especially those that hold a sentimental value are key.



love and relationships

… think double! Bring in pairs of furniture pieces such as armchairs, side stools, or opt for one love seat.


Decorative items such as lamps or wall art work as well for balancing love! Keep the area lighthearted and stick to a palette of earthy tones.




… consider this the best spot for displaying the accolades you’ve collected throughout the years. Good luck charms are highly encouraged.




…  think green. Literally! Bring in plants or any sort of lively, natural element. This is where your affinity (or mild obsession) for fresh flowers finally pays off!

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Keep the clutter to a minimum. What better excuse for spring cleaning? Ditch the unnecessary and create space for something new.


Prosperity is channeled through shades of purple, green, and gold. Sneak in small accent pieces (or go big with an accent wall!) featuring one of these shades.




… keeping this area free of clutter is key. The element linked to health is wood, so try and incorporate this earthy material into your decor in any form that best fits your style!




… establish an area that promotes learning and growth. Consider it another reason to turn that awkward corner into a reading nook.


Decorating Your Space

Arrange the furniture in your living room to promote an open and free-flowing space, especially one that encourages a conversational setup. This means, in a space that contains a sofa and armchairs, the armchairs should be facing the sofa.


A round or oval coffee table can instill a more fluid essence within a space, while the rectangular or square variety may promote a feeling of discontinuity.


That being said, a mix of various shapes paints a more complete picture, establishing a wholesome effect to the room.


Establish a clear focal point in the living room – whether it be the TV, window, or a work of art on the walls – and plan the positions of the remaining furnishings accordingly.


Bring in a cozy floor piece to create a defining zone for the main components of the room such as the sofa and the coffee table.


Unpleasant views out the window? Consider a decorative piece, such as a curtain or blinds, to create a delicate barrier between your living room and the outside.


Much like one would not like the idea of “overlooking” a particular aspect of their life, decorating a living room should hold a similar view. Be sure to give every square inch of the living room the thought and attention it deserves!

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Balance is key. Avoid heavily saturating one area of the living room with furnishings or decor. Try to stick to a cohesive decor flow.


Mirrors not only help instill a visually-enhanced feeling of depth, they also help “bounce around” positive energy.


Incorporate some sort of an element that pays an ode to water, to promote relaxation.


Store smart. Magazines piled up high on the coffee table? A sofa buried under throws and pillows? Find a storage solution that works for you and manages to seamlessly blend in with your decor. A chic basket or a bookcase will do the trick!


Opt for a neutral wall paint with pops of color scattered throughout the decor.


Decorating For The Things You Want

Decorating for


… get rid of the negative. Opt for pleasant accents that are happy and positive.


Decorating for more


… use red! Albeit it’s a rather aggressive tone, this powerful shade can ignite the spirit from within.


Decorating for


… create a laid-back environment by bringing in cool blue tones into the space. It’s commonly known that this shade has a soothing effect, which can support a relaxed vibe.


Decorating for

change from within

… decorate with green! This revitalizing shade is known to motivate.


Decorating for

positive energy

… yellow is key! This spirited hue is known for its cheeriness and ability to evoke a brightening element.


Decorating for


… bring in the white. Psst, here’s your excuse to finally go for the whitewashed space!


Remember, it’s important create a space that feels right for you and channels your personal style. There is no right and wrong in designing your home!

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How To Design Your Own Feng Shui House

Via Haunty

In this project I’ll show you how to design the ideal house according to feng shui rules. You can also reorganize your room using some of these ideas.

Stairs should never face the front door. So, when you are designing your house, make sure that the front door and stairway (if there are two floors in your house) are apart from each other.

Roads in ancient China were always windy and curvy to keep away evil spirits, who could only travel in straight lines. If you would like to make a windy road leading up to your house, this will help to make your design have good feng shui and keep you safe from the evil spirits!

Good feng shui means avoiding clutter and keeping things neat, which lets the energy flow harmoniously through your house. This might be hard to show in a drawing, but in your own house where you live now, you can start having good feng shui today by cleaning up your room!

1. Feng Shui Loves Rectangles

The best shape for a house with good feng shui is a rectangle. First draw a large rectangle big enough to fit all the rooms and details inside.

You can choose a “U” or “L” shape, but then you must add other natural elements (such as trees, a fountain, or a garden) to the border to close the open side. When you are finished, the outline of your house should have no openings.

Use your ruler and follow the lines of your grid paper, so that you have a neat design with straight edges.

9 Bagua

  • Career: for grown-ups, this area refers to jobs. For children it refers to school.
  • Wisdom and knowledge: learning, knowledge, and study.
  • Health and family: physical and emotional health, as well as your ancestors, current family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Wealth: money and anything else that makes you feel blessed.
  • Fame and reputation: how the world sees you.
  • Love and marriage: personal relationships, such as those between husband and wife, business partners, and good friends.
  • Children and creativity: children, current projects, or anything creative.
  • Helpful people: relationships with people other than your family and friends, such as a stranger who has touched your life, a mentor at work, your priest, or rabbi (or other spiritual guide).
  • Center or Qi: harmonizes all the areas together. It represents health and longevity and is the center of the bagua. It should be as uncluttered as possible.

2. The Magic Number is Nine

Divide the house into nine equal sections, or rooms and label them. Each room will be one of your nine bagua (pronounced bag-wa). In feng shui, each bagua is a different aspect of life.

So each room in your house will represent a different part of your life. For example, if your family room is the “wisdom and knowledge” room, then this is the place where you should study and keep your books.

The Chinese believed that keeping your nine bagua in harmony kept different parts of your life in harmony.

3. Emphasize The Most Important

Choose where to place your front door. This is an important decision. The room you enter first in your house will determine which room, or bagua, is most important to you. For example, if you value health and family most, put the entrance in this room.

4. Use Colors With Purpose

Choose which color each room will be. In Chinese culture and feng shui, each color has a different symbolic meaning or mood. To make good feng shui, you should use a mix of many different colors throughout the house to balance the qi. Here are some examples of the meanings of different colors:

  • Red: attraction, warmth, strength. Red also means energy and too much can cause an argument. Use it sparingly.
  • Orange: sense of purpose, organization.
  • Blue: calm, relaxation.
  • Green: health, potential.
  • Purple: spiritual guidance.
  • Yellow: energy, life.
  • Pink: love, romance.
  • Black: mood, perception, money. Too much black can be draining so only use it a little.Feng Shui Bagua

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Magic Touch – Psychic surgeon who ‘has X-ray vision’

By Becky Pemberton

Psychic surgeon who ‘has X-ray vision’ claims she ‘heals’ people and animals with her hands – and charges £120 for a two-hour session.


Britta Hochkeppel earns tens of thousands of pounds a year ‘healing’ back pain, insomnia, arthritis and migraines – and says she has even helped people with cancer

A “NATURAL born sceptic” has told how she quit her career as a print maker and became a “psychic surgeon,” charging £120 a session.

Britta Hochkeppel now earns tens of thousands of pounds a year from her “spiritual gift”, and  experiences X-ray vision when she touches people.

Single Britta, 52, from Essex, retrained in alternative medicine in 1997, and now works as a self-employed alternative medical practitioner.

She claims to have a “word of mouth reputation” for ‘healing’ back pain, insomnia, arthritis and migraines – and says she has even helped people with cancer.

She has ‘healed’ hundreds of people simply by laying her hands on their bodies, seeing inside to the root of the problem and directing energy towards it.

Britta also receives animal patients and says that last month she cured a paralysed dog after three sessions.

Psychic Healer

She said: “When I first started out in naturopathy, you only had to mention the word energy or psychic and people would run a mile.

“Now though, the tide is starting to turn and people have come to realise that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that science doesn’t have an answer for.”

She grew up in Germany and became familiar with natural remedies from a young age, as her grandmother Gertrude was a faith healer.

Britta said: “She was a very humble woman and did not like to boast about her abilities, but she certainly had some kind of healing power, which fascinated me.

“People would come to her with things like shingles and warts and she would be able to get rid of them, either by healing spells or by placing her hands on them.”

Psychic Healer

Gertrude died in 1992, when Britta was 24 and working as a print maker, and this led to her interest in her grandmother’s spiritualism being stirred.

She visited a medium in an attempt to connect with her grandmother beyond the grave.

From then on, Britta said she began having psychic experiences when she placed her hands on people and animals – experiencing visions of what was happening inside their bodies.

Scared to confide in anyone, in case she was accused of being “loopy,” Britta kept her visions to herself.

She said: “I’m a sceptical person myself. I don’t believe things until I truly experience them or see them with my own eyes.

“So I knew what people would think if I started telling them about the things that I was seeing.”

Psychic Healer

As the years passed, Britta became convinced that she had inherited her grandmother’s psychic gift and quit her job, training in natural medicine, hoping it would bring her one step closer to using her clairvoyant talent professionally.

She said: “Even in the late 1990s, people were very dubious. There was a big gap between feeling comfortable with alternative treatment like naturopathy and accepting psychic healing.”

One day, while examining an elderly lady with neck pain and dizzy spells, the images being transmitted through her hands from beneath the woman’s skin were too powerful for Britta to keep quiet.

Psychic Healer

She recalled: “I could see that this woman had some sort of implement stuck in her upper gum and I instinctively knew that was what was causing her all of these problems.

“Quite nervously – thinking she’d turn round and call me a loon – I told her and, thankfully, she believed me.

“The next day she went to her dentist and asked for an X-ray, but he refused and called me a quack. Later, though, she did get an X-ray, which showed I had been right – she had a massive, plum-sized infection in her gum.

Britta added: “After that, the woman successfully sued her dentist.”

I see around 15 clients each week and am probably able to cure 90 per cent of them. I’d really just say to people, keep your mind open – because you never know, it really could help you too.

Psychic Healer

The incident gave Britta the confidence to start introducing her powers more and more into her work.

She set up her own practice after moving to the UK in 2001 to be closer to her mother Christel, 79, in Essex.

Now she openly advertises herself as a “psychic surgeon,” charging clients £120 for each two-hour session.

During their appointment, she performs a full body reading with her hands, as she tries to locate and heal the source of the complaint.

Psychic Healer

She continued: “I see around 15 clients each week and am probably able to cure 90 per cent of them.”

Despite her success, Britta says she sometimes receives sceptical patients who actively want to test her.

She said: “When I did manage to help them, they would be so freaked out by it that they never came again.

“I’d really just say to people, keep your mind open – because you never know, it really could help you too.”

(Article Source –

‘I told my parents how I died’ – Past Lives

by Abbey Lenton

When Abbey was a toddler, she told her parents a story that chilled them to their very core.

‘I told my parents how I died'

I was three years old, hunched over in my bathtub and completely distraught. My parents ran to me, terrified.

“I know how I died,” I cried. “When I was a boy, I know how I died.”

“I drowned. I remember now. I drowned.”

When I was two years old, I began talking about a time ‘when I was a boy’

They were innocent stories like “when I was a boy I went here …” or “when I was a boy my dad looked different …”

My parents put it down to childlike imagination, likely because I learnt to talk a lot earlier than I learnt to shut up.

But the older I got, the more sophisticated my stories became. I began recounting with a level of detail that was inexplicably vivid, and speaking with such genuine certainty. My parents could not fathom how a child so little seemed to be able to say so much.

As a toddler I used to love the bath. I would sit and splash and play and chatter away to myself.

Then chatter got strange

“It sounded like another language” mum told me recently. “Almost like Italian. I didn’t know what you were saying, but you sounded so confident with it.”

Every time I came out of the bathtub I was armed with a realm of new stories about my time as a boy. It was almost as if my imaginary friend took the form of the water.

It was odd, but it was always harmless. Or so my parents thought in the beginning.

That was until the final moment that left me screaming and reeling in the water.

Abbey's parents will never forget the day she started screaming in the bathtub. Image: Supplied.Abbey’s parents will never forget the day she started screaming in the bathtub. Image: Supplied.

After telling my parents how I died, I never brought it up again

I don’t know what happened or who I thought I was speaking to. But whoever or whatever it was, they really wanted to tell me about the drowning.

I always knew this happened. It was never particularly taboo in my home. Just a weird distant occurrence that my family and I have never given any real thought to. Because what could we possibly say to rationalize it?

But every time a new story breaks about a child and their creepy gift, I’m reminded that I am one part of an unexplainable global phenomenon.

I’m not afraid, necessarily, but I am unsettled

I spoke to psychic Rose Smith to hear how she interprets the strange phenomenon.

“The child is going through a developmental stage from 18 months to two-and-a-half. And because they’re becoming more aware of their independence and who they are, it kind of fits that they might have memories of times before they were born” said Rose.

Psychic Rose Smith. Image: Absolute Soul Secrets.Rose Smith is a Queensland woman who claims she has a very special gift – the ability to see past lives and communicate with the dead. As head of Absolute Soul Secrets psychic network, she has done thousands of readings in her life. Including readings for many mothers who suspect their children may have psychic abilities.

Rose believes it’s common for children to freely speak to spirits because they’ve not yet been taught to be sceptical and cynical. “At that age they still haven’t had that programming and conditioning to get those imaginary friends, if you like, out of their head.”

But not only is the phenomenon driven by childlike open-mindedness, there is also often a unique sense of safety that surrounds us in our earliest years.

“The thing with remembering past lives, or things that are deep in your subconscious, is that it will only come up when you are safe. So you can deal with it. That didn’t happen for me until I was about 22.”

Rose’s childhood was clouded in danger

It wasn’t until she was in her 20s that she felt finally out of harm’s way. And that was when her own past lives interacted with her for the first time.

Her first memory took place in Ancient Rome. She and her husband were a wealthy couple with many servants. But she was a brutal master. She suspected one of her slaves had stolen from her so she had his hand cut off. Her slaves then revolted and viciously murdered her.

Her next memory came a year later. It was in France in the 1700s. She had stolen bread to feed her starving family, but was caught and publicly beheaded. “And the shock of that, the shock of the guillotine coming down on my neck, I could feel it” said Rose.

“The people were all baying for blood, they were all screaming and they hated me because I’d done this terrible thing, stealing food for my family.” Rose said that as we spoke, the memory came back to her clearly. She was so disturbed by this memory that it was five years before she saw another past life.

Just like my own experience, Rose’s traumatic deaths were the most vivid part of her vision.

Abbey was an otherwise normal little girl. Image: Supplied.Abbey was an otherwise normal little girl. Image: Supplied.

According to Rose, the majority of us have thousands of past lives, but only those who feel unresolved will come back to us. Rose believes that most fear or anxiety we feel now can be traced back to a past life. These lives come back to us because “they do have something to say, because they want healing, they want resolution.”

The impact our spirituality has on our psyche is a huge focus of Rose’s. Not only is she a psychic, she also has a degree in Psychology. “There’s not many psychics that have academic qualifications,” she said. She approaches spirituality with a psychological and neuroscientific perspective, “I think I’m in a unique position as a psychic to do that.”

I told Rose my own story, and she wasn’t shaken in the slightest

But she was especially intrigued by the detail of the bathtub. “The water is symbolic of emotions. To be in the bath, it’s like being in the amniotic fluid in utero before you’re born. The water is regressing you back to an earlier time.”

Our past lives come back to us as children to help themselves move on. Image: Supplied.Our past lives come back to us as children to help themselves move on. Image: Supplied.

Rose assured me that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and by no longer seeing this past life likely meant that they now feel resolved. But she also thinks there is no harm in attempting to once again channel this past life, or my many others.

As interesting as it was speaking to Rose and going down the weird rabbit hole that was my childhood, I don’t feel I need to do any kind of regression. The way I see it, whatever needed to be said was said.

It’s odd to believe that I am a part of this strange phenomenon. But I am at peace knowing it was just an unusual, albeit a bit spooky, part of my life many years ago. I don’t think I’ll be jumping into amniotic fluids/my bathtub and channelling my little Italian mate any time soon.

But if I ever do get another visit, you can be sure I’ll be writing about that one too.

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9 Strange Truths About People Who Prefer To Be Alone

By Gerald Sinclair

For all my fellow loners.


Just because someone likes being alone doesn’t mean they are lonely. Sure, they might have their moments but overall loners are just like everyone else.

Honestly, loners are some of the most down to Earth and interesting people you will find. They actually enjoy being around themselves and are not afraid to be alone with their thoughts. Sure, they might sometimes come across as a bit weird but they have some pretty amazing traits.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that everyone needs to know about loners. These people are not the sour rude people we tend to paint them as, for the most part, they are quite happy and eager to enjoy themselves. While becoming their friend might not be easy, it would be well worth it.

1. They are more compassionate than most people.

Loners tend to be able to sympathize with people on a deeper level. They understand misfortune and things of the sort more-so than most. You might not always see them express it but they do feel it. Loners often go out of their way to do nice things for those they see struggling.

2. Loners are usually very loyal.

While you might not realize it, loners are extremely loyal. They tend to have few close friends but those few close friends are people they would go to extremes for. They make sure that the people they care about know they will not do them any harm.

3. Loners love experiencing new things.

Just because they like doing things on their own doesn’t mean they live boring lives. Loners still do all the things everyone else does. They just sometimes opt to do them by themselves.

4. Loners understand their emotions.

While they might seem cold, they are not. Loners are some of the most emotionally intelligent people you will come across. They are very in tune with who they are.

5. Loners value their time.

Loners don’t like to waste time. They might seem a bit pushy or as if they are rushing things but that’s not always the case. They are just able to tell when someone is throwing them off and it is something they try their best to avoid.

6. Loners do still enjoy company.

While they might not like to always be surrounded by people loners do still like taking and having friends. They are willing to give up some of their alone time to be with the people they care about. Just because you aren’t in their circle just yet doesn’t mean you can’t be.

7. Loners notice the details.

Loners are really good at spotting the smallest details about things. They observe more than they speak and because of that, not much gets past them. They notice just about everything.

8. Loners tend to be quite open-minded.

While they might not say much they really do tend to keep their minds open. They consider things that the average person might not. They always think things through and don’t mind having to reevaluate.

9. Loners are aware of their own flaws.

Loners know that they are not perfect and that no one else is perfect. They are able to appreciate the things most other people wouldn’t. They realize that while improvements can be made, nothing will be as everyone wants it to be.

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By Jenn Aubert

Desktop Feng Shui

Have you looked around recently and realized that your desk collects all sorts of odds and ends.

Rather than the perfectly organized desks that you see in stock images or in expertly coiffed professional photos of celebrity entrepreneurs, your desk looks like the contents of your junk drawer were let loose to roam free and multiply.

Most people know that making their space more functional and clutter-free makes work a bit easier…  hell, at the very least you can find that post-it note with the million dollar idea on it in a jiffy.  One would think.

But did you know a clutter free desk where objects are strategically place can also open you up to all sorts of opportunities.

(If you didn’t know that – well now you do!).

Feng Shui is the practical science of our living space. Although it has been used for thousands of years (and historically only accessible to a select group of “worthy” people), today feng shui is practiced all over the world and across of variety of cultures, businesses and resident types.

What many people don’t know is that although feng shui creates organization and space in one’s environment, it can also ENHANCE and PROMOTE certain qualities or desires in your life.


If you’re already concerned about adding Chinese coins, frogs or funny looking item that have no meaning to you or that clash with your style aesthetic – don’t fear!  You have so many more options available.

You can easily add gorgeous, meaningful items that appeal to your style while at the same time energizing your business and enhancing your life.

And the best part…

You probably already have everything you need. You just may need to move them around a bit.

The feng shui map called the bagua is the main tool you’ll see consultants use in feng shui.

You can overlay it to any area in your home to help promote supportive and beneficial energy.  And … keep that positive energy moving!

Here is the basic bagua:


Feng Shui for desk

Now let’s take it and overlay it onto your desk.

Imagine you sit down at your desk and place this right in front of you… where the career sector is nearest your lap.










To invite more abundance and wealth into your life, place a healthy plant or a symbol of wealth in this corner. Plants symbolize growth and upward mobility. Find a plant with lovely rounded edges or even a money tree.

You can also place objects or images that represent wealth to you. It could be a picture of something you’ve been longing to buy.

Have some fun with it too. You can paint some river rocks a beautiful sparkly shade of gold (my son and I had a blast doing this one afternoon) and keep them in a crystal bowl to symbolize the abundance in riches you’re after.

Avoid: Do not use cacti or plants with sharp edges.  Also make sure if you have a plant that it is healthy and vibrant.

Location: Upper left


Boost your reputation by focusing your accomplishments here. You can have a name plate, awards, credentials or a recent positive review. This is also the perfect place for a lamp or candle as a way of representing how you shine in the world!

This area is enhanced with the color red or a fire element so bringing that energy to your desk in this area will boost your fame quotient.

Location: Upper middle


If you’re in a business partnership you can enhance this relationship by placing a picture of the two of you in this area of your desk. If that feels odd, then perhaps keep a token or gift that reminds you of that relationship.

If you’re not in a business partnership, you can promote your love relationship by placing a photo of your honey in this corner. It’s the ideal location for a lovely vase of fresh pink or red flowers.

Location: Upper right



Keep pictures of your family here to boost your familial ties.

It’s also a wonderful place to promote new projects you may be working on or want to work on. Add something made of wood or the color green to enhance and promote new beginnings.

Location: Center left


This area symbolizes your health as well as the health of your business. Keep it clutter free and tidy! It’s easy to have piles of stuff in the middle of your desk as you work away building your empire but it needs to be as clean as possible! You can add earth elements to enhance including rocks, stones or earthen items.

Location: Center middle



Do you feel like you need a spark of creativity?  Want your muse to visit a bit more often?

Place items here that inspire you.

This is a perfect place to keep your notebook or journal to capture your aha moments. Or find objects that are made from metal such as gold, silver or copper.

Location: Center right


This is the perfect place to keep a stack of books that you refer to often. Are you ready to learn a new strategy or simply increase your knowledge? Are you looking to improve your mindset and boost your self-confidence. Keep your favorite reference books and notes here.

Location: Bottom left


The career and life’s journey is front and center!

This is the perfect place for your computer since most people these days use their computers in their career. If you’re exploring your life purposes through journaling you can push your computer forward and use this energetic zone for really exploring where you want to go.

To further enhance your career have an image of water as your screensaver to boost the flow of abundance and opportunities.

Location: Bottom center


Although you may be going it solo… you don’t really build a business on your own!

Allow for more helpful people to enter your life by keeping your appointment book, calendar, client files, phone and list of people you want to connect within this area.

If there is someone you want to meet who you believe will be helpful to your business, then place a picture of them here or simply their name on a piece of paper.

Location: Bottom right


Although this may seem like a lot of items that you are placing on your desk – especially when I stressed the notion of being clutter free – you can move and shift things around to utilize the space AND enhance the placement of objects, supplies, lights, etc.

These items do not need to be large to be effective. If you’re wanting to boost your reputation you could place a small piece of red jasper or garnet in that place and it would work it’s magic.

Just like our own desires and ambitions,  we often already have everything we need to succeed. It’s just a matter of letting some stuff go, cleaning up the clutter and shifting a few things to create success!


Remember any changes you make, make them with intention and you’ll see the results you desire!


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