The 5 Types of Soulmates and How Each Sends You DMs Recognizing the type of connection in your deeper relationships. By Dr Andrea Shakarian

Have you ever met someone and you knew instantly there was a connection there, a familiarity, almost like you’ve known them your whole life? These people are your soulmates. That’s right, you can have more than one kind of soulmate. A soulmate is simply someone that your soul recognizes or resonates with. There are different types of soulmates we come across in our life and each one plays an important role in your personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

The Friend Soulmate

You usually form these types of soulmates early on but you can also find new friend soulmates as you get older. These soulmates will be in your life always, regardless of where the two of you live. You may grow apart in distance but when you come back together you pick up right where you left off as if no time has gone by at all. You feel the most “at home” with these soulmates and you can share anything with them and know they will always keep your innermost secrets confident. You also share similar tastes in your style or interests and laugh at how you will pick out the same shirt or discovered the same new music. If you believe in past lives, these people were usually in your family as a brother or sister or cousin. Cherish these soulmates because they will always be there for you, no matter what.

DM Example From Friend Soulmate:

Hey girl! I’m gonna be in town at the end of this month, lets get together and reminisce about old times…can’t wait to see you…we have so much to catch up on!

The Teacher Soulmate

Sometimes people show up in your life when you are in transition or struggling with your next move and you feel this pull toward these people. At first, you may wonder if this is going to be a romantic relationship, but then, you begin to realize that this person is either going through similar trials as you or has just come through something similar. Another name for these soulmates is “mirror soulmates”. They reflect back to you why you need to see. They can be somewhat painful at times if you are not ready to face what these soulmates are showing you. Ultimately, however, you will learn something from these teacher soulmates that will change the way you think, believe, or operate. The saying:

when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

-Lao Tzu

applies to this relationship. This relationship is usually temporary and once the lessons for each are learned, the connection fades and sometimes this person is never to be seen again. Other times the relationship evolves into one of the other types of soulmates.

DM Example From Teacher Soulmate:

Hey, I got us tickets for this workshop on ‘How to Face Your Shadow Self to Level Up’. I’ll pick you up and don’t worry about paying me back, it’s on me.

The Past Life Soulmate

Past lives are something you either believe in or you don’t. Meeting someone that you feel an instant familiarity with is strange because you can’t place why you feel like you know them or you’ve met them before when you haven’t. This can even happen with complete strangers. Just a glance into their eyes and you know. These are often our souls recognizing others from a past incarnation. This soulmate type can also overlap any of the other types as well. It most definitely overlaps the twin flame soulmate. I believe that coming across a past life soulmate is like a confirmation to your soul that you are on your chosen path. Like a sign from another place and time that you’re showing up and doing the work and everything is gonna work out for the best according to divine timing.

DM Example From Past Life Soulmate:

After meeting you today, I had to look you up and let you know that I haven’t felt so understood by someone in a long time. It’s almost as if we’ve known each other our whole lives. Would you like to grab a coffee sometime?

The Lover Soulmate

This soulmate can be one of the most passionate relationships you ever experience. The chemistry you feel with this person is undeniable and can even be seen by others. Lover soulmates can be tumultuous though if one of the members is not on the same spiritual frequency as the other. The physical attraction and soulful longing are there but sometimes the maturity or intellect doesn’t match up. If one party is already in a relationship these connections can lead to affairs if no restraint is exercised. These are usually fleeting, except when you find your twin flame, if you do. The real purpose of these connections is to ignite passion in both parties. This passion can lead to a renewed sense of purpose and excitement in your life and can break you out of the mundane routine you’ve been stuck in. Lover soulmates can release any blocks you have in your sacral chakra and creativity is usually the result of this release.

DM Example of The Lover Soulmate:

When your hands touch mine, I feel this electrical surge coursing through my entire body! No one makes me feel as alive as you!

The Twin Flame Soulmate

Much has been written and aggrandized about the twin flame soulmate. The origin of the term came from Plato’s work “The Symposium” which reads:

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

This person would have all the characteristics of the other soulmates. They would be your friend, teacher, lover, and you would feel a past life connection with them. This would be the ultimate connection on the deepest level possible that you could ever have with someone. Not everyone is said to have a twin flame incarnate with them in the same lifetime. Some theorists think your twin flame could exist in the spirit realm and act as a spirit guide to you during your lifetime. If you do get lucky and come across your twin flame it can feel like the most magical thing you’ve ever experienced. The passion, the love, and the spiritual maturity are all there. You feel at home, and the energy created by your fields together is magnetic and intense, so much so, that others are usually in awe of it. You are often on the path to accomplish a shared goal that benefits humanity on the global scale. The physical attributes of each tend to be similar and the spiritual growth occurs together at the same time. In fact, intuitive gifts are unlocked in each and magnified in their intensity when the two first meet. These kinds of relationships are the ones that are talked about in history books. Examples include John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Pierre and Marie Curie, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, Jackie Kennedy and JFK, and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. I want to point out here that twin flames are not always of the opposite gender, however, one member will have more of the divine masculine attributes and the other the divine feminine attributes.

DM Example from The Twin Flame Soulmate:

I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I can’t wait to see what goals we acomplish together in 2020. You’re the answer to my prayers and our souls will forever be entwined.

Knowing the type of soulmate relationship you share with your deeper connections can help you understand the way to communicate with them and what to expect from the other person. Humans are intricate people and when we feel like someone gets us we know we’ve found a special relationship that should be cultivated and honored. Gratitude for these unique people we come across in our lives opens the door for diving timing to synchronize your destiny.

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What happens after death? Is reincarnation real? 15-year study claims life CARRIES ON by Sebastian Kettley

LIFE after death and the possibility of reincarnation is at the heart of a 15-year-long study of children claiming to have lived past lives – but could the claims of reincarnation be real? What happens after death?

Afterlife expert and child psychiatrist Dr Jim Tucker from the University of Virginia spent 15 years interviewing children who may have been reincarnated. The findings of his incredible study were published in the book Life After Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives.

For the book, Dr Tucker interviewed 2,500 children who exhibited unusual signs and behaviours associated with memories of living a past life.

Some of these behaviours included vivid memories of events from many years in the past.

But the researcher was also on the lookout for bizarre scars and birthmarks that could be evidence of past wounds and injuries.

Dr Tucker believes the phenomena can be explained through a quantum universe, where the human consciousness is linked to the cosmos in the form of subatomic energy.

What happens after death: Reincarnating spirit
(Image: GETTY)

What happens after death? Does the human spirit reincarnate into a new body? 

What happens after death: Quantum consciousness
(Image: GETTY)

What happens after death: Is consciousness linked to the universe through quantum energies? 

He told Virginia Magazine: “I understand the leap it takes to conclude there is something beyond what we can see and touch.

“But there is evidence here that need to be accounted for and when we look at these cases carefully, some sort of carry-over of memories often makes the most sense.”

For his research, the psychiatrist interviewed children between the ages of two and six, who said they had lived past lives.

In one such case, a four-year-old boy named Ryan Hammons in Oklahoma recalled memories of living in Hollywood and directing black-and-white films.

His mother Cyndi Hammons said: “I started researching the internet about reincarnation. I even got some books from the library on Hollywood, thinking their pictures might help him. I didn’t tell anyone for months.”

In some of the cases examined by Dr Tucker, children have been able to recall enough detail about their past lives to trace the memories back to specific people.

Our physical world may grow out of our consciousness

Dr Jim Tucker, University of Virginia

The psychiatrist said: “Quantum physics indicates that our physical world may grow out of our consciousness.

“That’s a view held not just by me but by a number of physicists as well.”

However, in a 2014 study, Susan Clancy of Harvard University showed how memories of past lives and UFO abductions can be explained through psychological means.

In the study, she wrote: “Our data point to quasi-spiritual motivations for why some people embrace the identity of alien abductee or past lifer.”

What happens after death: Reincarnated human soul
(Image: GETTY)

What happens after death: Are people with memories of past life reincarnated? 

What happens after death: Human spirit afterlife
(Image: GETTY)

What happens after death: Scientists are looking for evidence of an afterlife 

After first interviewing people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens, the researchers moved on to people with memories of a past life.

One woman detailed in the study, claimed to have been Anne Frank in a past life, while another man said he used to be General Gordon, a Confederacy officer in the American Civil War.

The study noted: “Despite their unusual beliefs, the past lifers did not appear mentally ill, consistent with the scant literature on this topic.”

The study also said: “Having ‘memories’ of past lives is very unusual, even among adherents of Hinduism and Buddhism.

“Their mainstream doctrines endorse reincarnation but deny that people can recover memories from previous lives unless they have attained extraordinary spiritual enlightenment as the Buddha reportedly did.”

In the study’s concluding remarks, Dr Clancy said both groups of people – alien abductees and past lifers – boasted vivid imaginations and ranked high in terms of their openness to “unusual ideas”.

Dr Clancy also noted the past lifers believed in reincarnation and used their experiences as proof of life after death.

Dr Clancy wrote: “They are content with their lives and non-distressed about their mortality.”

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Yeah, We Made You an Essential Oils Guide Based on Your Zodiac Sign Breathe it in, bb! image by KERRY WARD

What’s that? Mixing up little batches of your own essential oil blends isn’t a part of your Sunday afternoon routine rn? Well, it should be. With a few simple ingredients, you can start a supes fancy perfume counter from your very own kitchen—and what better place to start that with scents for your star sign, ya know? Let’s call it astrological aromatherapy.

But first, what is an essential oil anyway?

It’s the oil extracted from a plant (from its leaves, herbs, bark, or rind) that contains the essence of the plant’s signature fragrance. Distilled into small bottles of pure oil, they pack quite a punch and form the basis of aromatherapy. Essential oils can be breathed in, dabbed onto the skin, dropped into a diffuser, or infused in a bath. (PSA: they’re intense, so follow any and all instructions like a Virgo.)

Okay, so what’s your sign—er, I mean—oil?


Aries have a passionate nature and can be prone to stress and headaches because of that fiery Mars influence making ‘em get all aggro. Strong fragrances suit Aries’ powerful and dynamic personality, and can also help to soothe those fiery vibes. Frankincense, peppermint, rose, and marjoram all fit the bill. Chamomile and lavender can help to comfort unwelcome stressy headaches.


Taureans are ruled by Venus, which influences sensuality and indulgence, so Taureans love to smell alluring and rich. Neroli, rose, and ylang-ylang are alluring fragrances, whilst black pepper and cardamom are *wink* energizing in the bedroom. Venus also rules the neck and throat areas, so Taureans are vulnerable to aches and pains there, which rosemary and lemon can help to alleviate.


Geminis run on nervous energy and they can be prone to shortness of breath and tense, tender shoulders and necks. Thyme and eucalyptus can help to clear the airways. Marjoram and peppermint can help to relax tight muscles. Bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary and ginger are very stimulating scents, that can keep even the most fraught Gemini alert and ready for anything.


Crabbies experience tricky digestion sometimes, probably because of all those secrets they swallow down and brood over, which can be helped by peppermint, chamomile, and fennel. Being ruled by the Moon can make them moody and unpredictable, a tidal force of emotion. Calming, steadying oils such as lavender, patchouli, and neroli are the MVPs for leveling off those mood swings.


Leos commit 100 percent of their energy and vitality to everything (and everyone) they do. Such a high energy attitude requires a potent ~fuel~ to help keep them going. See: powerful fragrances like clove, cinnamon, and sweet orange. Leos can also be susceptible to aching backs (hi, same), which a blend of rosemary and ginger can help to alleviate.


Virgo is the worrier of the zodiac, fighting off mini meltdowns on an almost hourly basis. An overworked mind can be soothed by ylang ylang, lemon, rose, and vetiver. Maybe because of their stress levels, they can also be prone to colds and flu. Citrus oils, eucalyptus, and peppermint are all useful oils to keep handy to help soothe cold symptoms.


Librans are laid back, they like to mull over stuff and can procrastinate about decisions waaay too long. A focusing kind of scent like sage, frankincense, or ylang ylang will help to sharpen their clarity and attention when they need to *deep breaths* make a firm and final decision. Libras can also experience lower back pain, which basil and bergamot can help to relieve.


Scorpios love sex (blame Pluto, their planetary ruler, which influences the reproductive organs). Patchouli, jasmine, and neroli are erotic aromas that make them feel seductive. Some oils, such as melissa, rose, and fennel, are said to support reproductive health too. Scorpios also like to explore their psychic abilities (blame Pluto again, can’t resist those mystic vibes) and those skills can be enhanced by cedarwood, myrrh, and mugwort.


Sag is a freedom-loving, outdoorsy sign whose symbol is the archer—they’re always hunting and chasing a new target. Geranium, rosemary, and tea tree are all powerful oils that amplify feelings of adventurousness and boldness, helping Sag get out there and live life to the max. PSA: sometimes the Sagittarian appetite for life can tip over towards being an addictive personality, and tempering those excesses is sometimes necessary—juniper and basil can help.


Capricorn rules the bones and joints, so they can experience stiffness or sprains (especially around their knees). Ginger, lavender and lemon are good soothers. Caps are also huuuge worriers, and harbor feelings of insecurity, which drives them to work (too hard) to protect their material world. De-stressing oils include chamomile, sandalwood, and patchouli.


Aquarians dance to their own beat, and are typically pioneering and assertive. Sometimes this comes off as them being stubborn or unreasonable—don’t worry, those sharp edges can be smoothed by rose, lemon, and coriander. A natural-born inventor and innovator, Aquarius is always working on some project, campaign or scheme. Oils such black pepper, peppermint, and rosemary will help them to burn the midnight oil when they need to.


All Pisceans have a ~thing~ with their feet and love pampering and pedicuring. Oils such as tea tree, lemon, and lavender are great to soothe and soften hard-working feet. Pisceans are the zodiac’s dreamers, and it can be hard to persuade them to come back to reality sometimes. Grounding oils such as vetiver, spruce, rosemary, and cedarwood can help keep them connected to planet earth.

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What Is Psychological Astrology? 5 Ways You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life by Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, mediator, and author

Psychological astrology brings psychology and astrology together along their unifying thread: understanding our potentials and challenges and moving, through self-knowledge and practice, through obstacles and into a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

Psychological astrology dictates that every person arrives on this planet with specific proclivities, strengths, and liabilities. It’s a way of understanding what our “life school” is this time around: where we’re meant to explore and grow, and where we are naturally strongest. An understanding of our own birth charts supports us to live into the complete fullness of our unique selves, and to better understand and appreciate the uniqueness and potential of others. 

The psychological part looks at how through our “nurturing,” we have developed certain patterns, defenses, and strengths and how to address those adaptations or “complexes” to become more fulfilled and higher functioning. The astrological part is the “nature” aspect that reveals our cosmic DNA and what are divine lesson plan reveals. A psychological astrology reading combines the nature and nurture aspects of development and helps the individual rise to the highest expression of both. It also helps the petitioner understand diving timing in terms of shorter and longer lasting cycles of challenge and opportunity.

An important note: Psychological astrology is not about prediction and ironclad fate; it is about using our unlimited capacities to learn and grow and make the most out of our inherent assets and challenges.

Even a basic understanding of the planetary placements in your birth chart—especially your sun, moon, and rising signs—can be profoundly useful in your everyday life. Here’s how. 

1. It helps you understand yourself. 

Let’s say I have my sun in Capricorn and my moon in Aries, and that my rising sign is Leo. This reinforces that my identity (sun) centers around being a hard worker with great accountability and a love of getting things done; that my needs (moon) include vigorous movement, action, and emotional expression; and that my way of showing up in the world (rising) tends to be loving, theatrical, creative, and generous.*

Each of these signs also has a less skillful side. When less self-aware or under more stress, a Capricorn Sun person can become controlling, forget to rest, and be overly needy of external approval; an Aries Moon can fly off the handle or feel constantly in need of attention around their emotional state; and a Leo rising can hog the spotlight and fail to let others shine. 

This basic knowledge of myself helps me care for myself and others well, and to course-correct toward being my better self when I am less skillful in my life or relationships. 

2. It helps you understand & empathize with others. 

Let’s say my life partner is maternal, emotional, and nurturing on her better days, but might be clingy, irrational, or overly needy in worse moments. I might feel frustrated by her behavior at times, and once I recognize that these characteristics are textbook Cancerian—and that she has Cancer Sun, Moon, or rising—I can understand and empathize with her better. I can skip judging her for failing to deal with this situation the way I would! Instead, I can appreciate how beautifully differently made we are, and I can compassionately invite her into more skillful expressions of Cancer. 

3. It can help you forgive yourself. 

If I have my sun in Scorpio, I might have a tendency to be secretive or overly intense or to sabotage myself or others when I’m not self-aware or am under-resourced. My scorpion stinger might lash out as a first response to difficulty. Knowing about the many qualities of Scorpio (both skillful and unskillful) helps me recognize when I’m swinging toward an expression that might be harmful to me or to others. As I recognize it, I can name it, and I can choose to pause, take care of myself, and make a positive shift. I can skip the questioning (“Why do I always do this when I’m stressed or overwhelmed?”) and go straight to self-care and more skillful behavior. 

4. It helps you make decisions. 

A writer friend couldn’t decide which educational path to pursue. Should he write novels? Short stories? Creative nonfiction? Articles? Blogs? Poetry? Screenplays? A reading of his birth chart revealed a deeply intuitive nature (Pisces Sun), a love of details (Virgo moon), and a desire to stand for harmony and beauty in the world (Libra rising). With this understanding, he recognized that poetry was the best path for him. He entered an MFA program and wrote a beautiful book of poetry focused on the natural world and its preservation. 

Knowing our most important values is a big part of making decisions responsibly, and knowing the planetary placements in our birth chart can add much to our understanding of those values. 

I’m not suggesting that you should consult an astrologer to figure out where to go to lunch or which sweater to buy online. But the deeper your understanding of your birth chart – including where all your planets sit in signs and astrological houses, and how they sit in relationship to one another – the more clearly you can step outside of the tension and confusion that can accompany the making of a big decision, and into a better sense of which direction. 

5. It helps you remember we are all part of something larger than ourselves. 

The placement of the planets at any given time tends to be reflected in the events of the world and in the way people feel and interact. They also interact in meaningful ways with the planets in your birth chart. (This is how horoscopes are created: through an analysis of the relationships between the planets and your Sun sign.) We invite you to see this not as a way of predicting what will happen, but as a mythic organizing lens through which to see the whole world and your place in it. 

As we move through a world that can sometimes seem to make no sense, we can turn to psychological astrology to better understand the cosmic energies at play in current events. A look at the current placements of the planets called cycles, or transits, can help us orient ourselves with these energies, and to work with them rather than against them. 

If you make a habit of doing this, you’ll begin to see patterns and to feel more at home in the world. Patterns and behaviors will make more sense to you and you will have more self awareness and agency to address recurring themes. You’ll come to feel that you are not a single being flailing around in a chaotic universe—you are part of a glorious movement of forces that began at the start of time and will continue for long after you are gone.  

The views expressed in this article are those of one expert. They are the opinions of the expert and do not necessarily represent the views of mindbodygreen, nor do they represent the complete picture of the topic at hand. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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