People At Work: Shaman: Working with the Energy of the Body By Shirley Ruhe


The door opens in the upstairs room at Sacred Circle on King Street and the sounds of relaxing Native American flute music float through the room. The shaman can feel her guardian angels, animal guides and star systems in the room. “I feel them; their presence is here.” She says, “I have a number of clients who can feel them as if they are tuned in.”

#Deb Heisel has been a practicing shaman and energy healer for almost 15 years. “I needed to heal from suffering depression that was a lifetime task to cure. I had no intention of being a healer. I am my own walking testimony.”

#Heisel explains to her client she will use a rattle, a drum and stones to open up all of the chakras, lift up the luminous bubble. “This is not a religion; it works with the energy of the body and dates back 50,000 years; it’s in every culture.” She continues, “A lot of people associate it with Reiki, but I feel it goes deeper.” Heisel works with past lives, where parts of the soul have gone into hiding, and seeks to free the person to be what they were intended to be.


#She explains the person may feel tingling sensations to almost convulsions to a filmstrip as past lives march by. Floating, nothing, sinking into the table. It doesn’t matter. The person may feel nothing on the table but be emotional days later.

#The client takes off her earrings, shoes and lies on the table covered with a soft lavender sheet. A bandana is placed over the eyes to block out the light. Heisel sprays a mist of sage back and forth over the table to clear the space so she can begin. The rattle shakes in her hand. “See you at on the other side.”

#Heisel carefully places rocks of different sizes and shapes in a line up the person’s body. In a moment Heisel waves a large feather through the air to open up all of the person’s chakra points to clear out the body first before moving into past lives. It takes just a few moments to pull it out. Then Heisel connects with the ankles to show what is going on with the aura. She explains, “There is heavy energy in the feet.”

#Heisel shuts her eyes and stands still in the room. Back to the rattle. “It is still clearing. I like to do a deep clean and pull healing energy to the chakra points.”

#The large drum begins slowly … boom boom BOOM “to shake a lot of stuff free that doesn’t respond.” Heisel’s left hand is raised in the air to bring in the good energy. “You don’t want to leave the chakras empty. This takes out the bad and replaces it with a beautiful light.” If the body is balanced the energy will come through.


#The second part of the ceremony is the trauma timeline ceremony “with all of these old souls to help move through the timeline as quickly as possible so you can get as many swaths as possible.”

#Heisel waves a smoky quartz over the client’s body and places large deer antlers tightly wrapped with copper over the abdomen. “Copper is a good conductor. I just learned about this part of the ceremony several years ago. Guides come in to teach me something for a year and then move on. A lot of people are working right now. Breathe out.”

#Heisel waves the crystal in circles above the antlers. Fffffft. The wind blows through the room, which helps move the trauma up and out. Heisel strikes a tuning fork and holds the reverberating sound near the person’s head to help balance the brain. Finally she shakes the rattle up from the stomach with a final burst. An essential spray ends the ceremony to leave a nice smell at the end.

#The person’s toes wiggle under the sheet. Heisel brings her back into the room and asks what she has experienced.

#“My arms and fingers were so heavy.” Heisel says, “You are going deep.”

#“When you placed your fingers on my body, they were hot like fire. I could feel the energy moving down through my body.”

#The person stares at the deer antlers. “I couldn’t imagine what was on my body.”

#“I felt ooooooooh I was going up in the air. I had two bodies, one was above me. I fought it because I wanted to keep control.” Heisel says, “Your body is floating.”

#The client added the boom boom BOOM wasn’t very pleasant. Heisel says, “It was shaking things loose.” Heisel advises the drum takes a lot of stuff out so drink a lot of water. She adds, “Your guardians go out with you and continue to work on you the next few days. Heisel says, “The goal is to give them the healing they are meant to get. I’m just the conduit.”

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Seeing Auras

Well, it’s not as tricky as you might expect. You don’t need to be a spiritual healer, a psychic intuitive or have your third eye wide open to see the light which emanates out beyond every human’s physical body.

Training yourself to actually perceive the colors of people’s energy fields just takes the right approach and a little time. But first of all, let’s talk about what auras actually are…


The definition of this elusive energetic body is usually the “energy field” or “electromagnetic field” which surrounds a physical form. In humans it’s comprised of seven different layers of light – you can learn about these HERE – extending outwards in all directions. It is usually made up of a beautiful array of different colors, from golden yellows, through to reds, blues, grays and sometimes even murky browns and black. Closely connected to the chakra system, in its entirety, it forms a large, cocooning oval, or egg-shape which extends out around 90 cm from the surface of the skin.


Whilst most of us may not have the ability to see into the energy body straightaway, it’s likely that you can already feel into it, without being consciously aware that’s what you’re doing! If you’ve ever walked into a room full of people, and had the sensation of a certain “vibe” or atmosphere, then you were probably intuitively tapping into the auras of others. Or if you’ve ever been in a crowd, at a music festival or public event and had a sense of your emotions lifting (or dropping), the energy you were feeling came from a collective auric field!

Seeing the energy body, however, takes just a little more concentration.

Here’s a quick and super-simple method you can use to see your OWN aura. And afterward, we’ll share a technique you can try with a friend.


  • First, sit somewhere comfortable with both feet touching the floor. This is important as it will help to ground you.
  • Close your eyes, still your mind and take a few deep breaths.
  • Next, bring your hands up in front of your heart and rub them together firmly and quickly for about 30 seconds.
  • Open your eyes and pull your hands slightly away (about a hand’s width) from each other and gaze through the space between them. This is important. You’re not looking at your hands and you’re not looking at what’s behind them. Soften your gaze so that your eyes are unfocused and see the blurred space which lies between.
  • Gently move your hands together again, and then pull them apart, still gazing at this in-between space. You should start to see something fuzzy, cloudy, misty or even like tiny specks of dust in the sunlight. Don’t forget that your perception is unique to you, so there is no right or wrong way to see.

Experiment with direct and peripheral vision (many people report that it’s much easier to see the invisible emanation when looking out of the corners of the eyes, and not directly at something).

This new way of seeing (whatever form it takes) may take a little practice so don’t worry if you can’t ‘see’ anything yet. Practice again. Don’t put any pressure or expectation on yourself and most importantly, trust what you are being shown.

This method is great training for the next step, which is to see the aura of somebody else.


For this practice, you will need a partner and a plain white wall.

  • Get your partner to sit or stand in front of the wall, in such a way that they’ll be comfortable (this may take a little while!).
  • Stand or sit some distance away from them, so that you’re able to see their whole body. Ensure that your feet are both flat on the floor, to help you to ground.
  • Now using the same technique of softening your gaze and seeing into space, direct your attention to the top half of your partner’s body and their head, and simply let your eyes rest there.
  • Don’t focus. Don’t look AT your partner and don’t look AT the wall, simply see into the space around them. Allow whatever comes into your field of perception. Again, try not to put any pressure or expectation on yourself and really try to trust what you are being shown, however it looks.
  • Keep practicing, but be sure not to overdo it. Be aware that your perceptive abilities are growing and evolving by simply doing this, so don’t force it. Before long, you will start to see shimmers of energy around your partner and then colors will also start to emerge before your eyes!

*Note: It IS possible to use this technique to see your own aura, by using a mirror. Simply sit in front of a white or plain background, and place the mirror facing you, far enough away so that you can see your whole body. And repeat the method above.


Once you start to actually see the energetic vibrations of your own and others auras, it’s highly likely that certain colors will appear. It’s vital, especially if you offer aura readings to others, to understand that aura colors will change and shift according to the present mental and emotional state, and the environmental experience, of an individual. So the colors that you see in any one moment are not a definition of their personality! It’s better to perceive them as a snapshot, much as the famous Kirilian photography technique is a single moment, caught on paper.

The shade of an aura color also has a bearing on its meaning, so always consider it’s tone and density when giving readings.


Yellow relates to spirituality, learning, and ascension. A bright, vibrant yellow can indicate the onset of a spiritual awakening. This color is connected to the solar plexus chakra.


Orange relates to personal power, health and creativity. It is connected to the sacral chakra.


Depending on its tone, red can indicate strength, belonging and rootedness; or negativity, anger and an inability to let go. Connected to the root chakra


Pink is closely aligned with love, but a very dark shade can indicate feelings of mistrust or deceit. Connected to the heart chakra


Purple relates to higher consciousness and visionary states. It’s connected to the third eye and crown chakras.


Blue is related to connectivity: both to other realms, through clairvoyant or psychic abilities, or simply through honest and truthful communication here on the earth plane. Blue is connected to the throat chakra.


Green relates to healing. It can be found in abundance emanating from natural and gifted healers. But a dark or murky shade can indicate stored resentments. Also connected to the Heart.


Gold is a highly spiritual shade and can indicate angelic protection. A golden glow is often seen around those who are truly aligned with their life’s work and being generously rewarded for it.


These colors all indicate blocked or stagnant energy and often precede physical illness.


When you get good at perceiving auric fields, you may find that you can see them without even trying. You may see the aura of the person packing your shopping, or the aura of your neighbor as she leaves the house in the morning.

Be respectful.

Seeing into someone’s aura is peering into a private space, especially if you’ve not been given permission. In which case, don’t tell them what you see! Don’t judge or make assumptions about them based on the colors contained in their aura. Remember, many colors are fleeting so all you are seeing is a momentary snapshot, it is not the same as getting to know somebody as a friend. On the other hand, though, if you develop auric vision as a refined skill, then offering to share it with others – with their consent – can be an incredible tool!

So enjoy it!

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Understanding Your Health Through Chakras By Joyce Gonzales

Chakra Health

Chakras are considered one of the many energy systems that directly affect and influence our physical body. While Westerners may have you believed that there is no such thing as chakras, Asian cultures state that there is truth to this particular energy system.

Medical practitioners know that should there be any imbalance in one of the seven chakras in your body, symptoms of certain illnesses and diseases will start to show. These energies of specific chakra points should always be balanced to ensure that there is no diminished or increased energy flowing through your body.

Understanding the relationship between your health as well as that of the seven chakras in your body entails that you familiarize yourself with each category. By comprehending each of these categories, you’ll be able to better understand what caused you to be ill and what can cure you.

1. Sahasrara

The Sahasrara is also known as the Crown Chakra. It is responsible for your body’s connection to the spiritual realm. If you have any mental disorders, neurological disorders or light sensitivity, it means that your connection to God, hope and faith has been altered.

2. Ajna

Also referred to as the Third Eye, the Ajna pertains to your perception, psychic abilities, mind, thoughts and intuition. This is manifested through any emotional or mental stagnations as well as neurological disorders.

3. Vishuddha

The Throat Chakra is the home of your communication center. It is manifested psychologically through one’s feelings of isolation, fear and anxiety. It is manifested physically through overactivity and may result in jaw dysfunction, sore throat and nasal cavity.

4. Anahata

The Anahata is in your heart. Thus, it is considered the Heart Chakra. Any issues with the self are related to this energy point. If you have pneumonia, asthma, breast cancer or heartburn, you should pay attention to matters of the heart.

5. Manipura

Since the Manipura is located in the diaphragm and stomach area, its manifestations include eczema, acne, obesity, difficulty in sleeping, allergies, lack of self-confidence, gut feelings and more.

6. Svadhisthana

Svadhisthana is located at the base of the spine. Some of its psychological manifestations include unbalanced emotions and low self-esteem. As for its physical manifestations, pay attention to low libido and gynecological problems.

7. Muladhara

Muladhara, which is located at the base of your spine near your tailbone, is associated with finances, survival and security. Also known as the Root Chakra, the Muladhara, when overactive, may let you experience depression and anxiety.

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Soulmates, Twin Flames and Kindred Spirits (Which Have You Met?) by ALETHEIA LUNA

Love. It exists within all people, places, and things. It is inextricably linked to God or Spirit. It is the most powerful force in the universe.

In the grand scheme of things, Love encompasses all, so why is there a need to distinguish one type of love from another? The answer is that in order to spiritually evolve as individuals, we often need to label what we feel and experience. This helps us to better understand what we’re going through on the physical plane.

Before you continue please know that all unconditional forms of love are no better or worse than each other. They all bring their own unique gifts and lessons. They are equal.

The Difference Between Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Kindred Spirits

Image of two soulmates kissing at sunset

Soulmates, twin flames and kindred spirits are all phrases that have been used to describe relationships that touch our souls and change our lives forever.

But what is the difference between all of these terms?

I’ll share my interpretation below.

Please note that I’m revealing my own experience (and yours might differ). In my life, I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing all three types of love. Mateo Sol, my partner and co-writer of this website, is what I would consider both a soul mate and twin flame. So the people in our lives can definitely overlap these definitions!

What is a Kindred Spirit?

Kindred spirits are individuals that resonate at the same level or frequency as us.

As everything in life is composed of energy, we often feel attracted to some people and repelled by others. Have you ever spoken to a person who just seems to “vibe” or “click” with you? That person was probably a kindred spirit vibrating at the same energetic level as you.

Physically, a kindred spirit could be anything: a close friend, a confidant, a family member, a teacher, a lover, a pet, or even a landform.

Kindred spirits often play a very passive role in our lives. In other words, they do not play a very major part in our spiritual growth, but they do comfort and support us. Often kindred spirits share the same personality types as us, as well as similar tastes, interests, and passions. While not all kindred spirit connections are necessarily deep and soulful, some can be (these can be thought of as “soul friend” connections).

What is a Soulmate?

Soulmates are people in our lives whom we connect with on a deep level.

As the name implies, soulmates are primarily friends of the soul. If you have found your soulmate they will likely be the best, and truest friend, you willever have. You’ll be able to share everything with your soulmate, from your wildest dreams to your most shameful secrets. Nothing is off limits.

Spiritually, soulmates usually play a major role in your development. It is possible for soulmates to be platonic, romantic and/or sexual in nature. You can also have multiple soulmates in one lifetime, hence the many love triangles we see and experience.

We’ve previously written about the There are a few different types of soulmate relationships, you can read a summarized version here:


Soul friends are very similar to kindred spirits. However, the essential difference between the two is that kindred spirits are more personality-based, and soul friends are more essence-based. In other words, soul friends share our deepest dreams, values and drives (not just similar personalities and tastes). This is the most common type of soulmate.


As the name suggests, soul teachers appear in our lives to help teach us vital life lessons. Sometimes these lessons are taught deliberately, and other times these lessons are unintentional. Soul teachers often appear in the form of ex-lovers, family members, friends, and even enemies.


This type of soulmate is a combination of both friend and teacher. In fact, soul companions most closely match people’s perception of what a “soul mate” is. As confidants, soul companions deeply understand, love and cherish us. The depth and blissful harmony that you experience in this relationship will outshine any other that you’ve ever had.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin flames are our mirrors.

They reflect back to us all the strengths, insecurities, weaknesses, and shadows that we possess. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo inner work, spiritual transformation, and become the best version of ourselves possible.

But here’s the thing, at first twin flame relationships can be intense and tumultuous. This can carry on for many years. But once both egos surrender to their purging and purification, the gifts of humility, empathy and unconditional love are finally obtained.

Our flames reflect the disowned parts of ourselves; they are the yins to our yangs, the suns to our moons, and the light to our darkness. They propel us into shadow work, deep self-discovery and the fulfillment of our potential.

Many people have asked me whether it’s possible to have more than one twin flame. My response is that it could be possible, but I doubt it. As the word “twin” implies, we only have one twin flame in this life. Sometimes we don’t even meet our twin flame in this incarnation, but rest assured, we have always been connected to them on the level of Spirit.

Your twin flame could be your greatest dream or your worst nightmare (or both). They will test you, provoke you and love you fiercely all at once.

Among many tell-tale signs, the greatest proof of a twin flame relationship is its capacity to stimulate the deepest and most beneficial changes within you.

Common Questions

Image of two soul mates, twin flames or kindred spirits

I realize that all the little nuances of soulmate, twin flame, and kindred spirit connections can’t be answered above. So in this section, I’ll attempt to address the most common questions people have asked me.

In a past article, we’ve already explored the most common twin flame questions out there (see our Ultimate Twin Flame Guide to read that). So to prevent redundancy, I’ll just answer the most common questions pertaining to soulmates and kindred spirits below.

If you have any burning questions on your mind that aren’t answered below, do let me know in the comments:

1. What does it mean when someone says you have a kindred spirit?

When someone says you have a kindred spirit, they’re often implying that both of you have a lot in common. This is a great compliment that indicates the person likes you and resonates with your interests and values.

2. Are kindred spirits soul mates?

Yes, it is possible for kindred spirits to be soul mates. In the realm of love and connection, it’s not always easy to make crystal clear distinctions. Some kindred spirits will connect with us on an ego level, while others will connect with us on a soul level. Those who connect with us on a soul level are also known as soul mates or soul friends.

3. What is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame?

Soulmates and twin flame relationships have different purposes. While soulmates are there to provide gentle and stable support, twin flames are there to ignite the fires of spiritual transformation. Soulmate relationships are designed to uplift us, while twin flame relationship are designed to challenge us. I like to compare the two relationships to fire (twin flames) and water (soulmates).

4. Can a soulmate hurt you?

Yes, it is possible for a soulmate to hurt you. No relationship is perfect, and arguments, as well as emotional hurt, can occur in any type of relationship. However, in a soulmate relationship, it is unlikely that your soulmate will intentionally try to harm you. More often than not they unintentionally harm you as a result of their own unresolved wounds.

5. Do we all have a soulmate?

Yes, we all have at least one soulmate on this earth right now. However, not all of us are open to the possibility of connecting with our soulmate due to negative beliefs, self-destructive habits, and other limiting patterns of behavior. Unfortunately, some people are programmed with the belief that they’re not “worthy” of happiness or aren’t “good enough.” Often, those who do inner work find that they’re able to finally connect with their soulmate after years of searching.

6. Do we only have one soulmate?

No. Many people (including myself) believe we have many soulmates who exist in a multitude of forms. Our soulmates can be our partners, friends, coworkers, siblings, or even animal companions. One thing is for sure: all the soulmates we meet throughout our lives will have a major impact on us. Our lives will be much richer after coming into contact with our soulmates.

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13 Traits of a Real Empath

“As empaths, our high level of sensitivity means that we are prone to feeling like eternal outsiders who are in the world but not quite of the world.”
― Aletheia Luna, Awakened Empath

Mateo Sol beautifully explains who an empath is. He describes an empath as a being of immense depth, wisdom, and compassion. He further says that they are a pioneer and trailblazer of humanity, a model for others on how to be sensitive and powerful. “All the strength and love they need is already within them, waiting to be discovered.” 

An empath is essentially different from a person who is empathetic. Therefore, while empathy, as Dr. Judith Orloff, author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, explained in a piece on YourTango, is “The experience of understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and condition from his or her point of view.”  Empath is not just a person who is empathetic towards others; instead they are also highly sensitive souls that often act as an angst-absorbing sponge in different interactions with people throughout their lifetime.

Have you ever felt an instant mental connection with an absolute stranger? Have you met strangers who have absolutely no reason to trust you with their personal information yet they reveal all to you? Have you noticed people dumping their struggle stories at your feet? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then you might be an empath. If you are not familiar with the term and wondering what an empath is supposed to mean, you are about to find out.

Here is a list of 13 qualities that a real empath has:

These traits are innate and not learned. You are either an empath or you are not.

1) They are highly sensitive

Empaths have the innate ability to intuitively sense and perceive others. Being an empath surpasses being just too emotional. It isn’t just about being emotionally inclined towards everything and everyone. Other people’s thoughts, ideas and moods, unconsciously influence these people to a great extent. They can easily process other people’s emotions so in many cases they introject the emotions of others. They are nurturers and healers. Helping others comes naturally to these people.

Though they always stand for people through thick and thin, they find very few people who can reciprocate to their level of care and affection. They are often told that they are too sensitive and need to toughen up.

2) They suffer from chronic stress and fatigue

Empaths can literally sense the energy of the room they walk in, they can soak up the energies and emotions of people around them – mostly the negative energies. They are so affected by the sufferings and pains of other people that they bottle it up in themselves. This often leads to the diffusion of their self-boundaries into that of others. No wonder these withholding of emotional vent, manifests itself through physical symptoms like headache, body ache, extreme fatigued, loss of appetite and other gastrointestinal problems. It is no wonder that they also suffer from chronic stress because they face an onslaught of emotions and energies from all ends. Over a prolonged period of time, their health significantly deteriorates.

Empaths need to learn how to center themselves and distinguish between their own emotions and other’s emotions. They should learn to set a clear sense of self boundaries and stop themselves from spreading themselves too thin.

Learning to prioritize one’s valence and working on it will help the empaths avoid burnout.

3) They absorb other people’s moods and emotions

Empaths not only empathize but they can literally absorb other people’s moods and emotions. This means that they can actually, to the truest sense, experience the same emotional torment that the other person is going through. It is not like they are voluntarily empathizing; it unconsciously and uncontrollably comes to them. They have a tendency of imbibing the feelings of others and projecting it on to them without being aware of their origins. Therefore they tend to feel everything to the extent of living the other person’s experience as vividly as they do. They might undergo the same biological changes as you go through when you feel a particular emotion. They are as affected as you are.

4) They are usually introverts

Empaths can feel overwhelmed in crowded places. They prefer one to one interactions or small group meetings instead of large crowds. Most of the empaths are introverts. They are so overwhelmed by their exploding inner world that the buzzing external environment seems to be too clamorous for them.

Even if an empath is extroverted, he/she likes to limit his/her time in social gatherings to make peace with their inner turmoil.

5) They are highly intuitive

Empaths are highly intuitive in nature. They have experienced the entire spectrum of emotions. Their levels of understanding are way beyond that of the non-empaths. It helps them to efficiently distinguish farce from genuineness. They need to learn to trust their own intuition and gut instincts when it comes to people so that they can avoid energy vampires.

Since empaths can easily take on people’s emotions, it is extremely important for them to be careful of the kind of people they associate themselves with.

Their intuition works as an advantage for themselves. Their gut instinct can be an excellent filter mechanism to keep energy vampires at bay. Their intuition can help them to find their tribe and they can enjoy positive and uplifting relationships.

6) They need a lot of alone time

Empaths have highly heightened senses and they can be easily overwhelmed by the demands of situations and people around them.

They need regular considerable alone time to refill their drained energies.

Even a five minutes break can help them to calm down and prevent emotional overload.

It is important for empaths to create self-soothing rituals that provide them an opportunity to replenish their psychic energy like mindful meditation, walks in nature, reading books, practicing yoga, writing journals, gardening etc.

7) They can feel completely overwhelmed in intimate relationships

Since empaths can take on moods and energies of people around them, being in an intimate relationship can be overwhelming for them. They need space to breathe.

Too much clinginess can suffocate them and their partner has to understand and respect their need for regular alone time for the relationship to flourish. Deep down they fear that they will not be understood or their feelings will not be equally reciprocated with the same fervor.

8) They can be easy targets for energy vampires

Empaths can be very easy targets for energy vampires.

Some people are incapable of understanding the emotionality of other people. They drain you off your positive energies as vampires would drain you off your blood.

Empaths are bound to feel threatened, bored, irritated, hurt, attacked and disrespected by these individuals. The anger, fear, insecurity or grief of the energy vampires can host on an empath’s physical, mental and emotional energy.

They are also highly prone to becoming easy targets to narcissists who can use them as their narcissistic supplier and leave them feeling empty, worthless and devalued.

Being able to use their intuition in this instant will help them stay away from these people.

9) They like to spend time in nature

The fast pace life can be too overwhelming for an empath. They like to slow down every once in a while and head to nature to recharge themselves. The soothing power of Mother Nature helps them to overcome the burnout caused by social interactions.

For them gardening or a silent walk among the lush greenery is more desirable than going to the bar to hang out with friends. Time to time, they like to disconnect themselves from human contact.

10) They can’t stand lies and manipulators

An empath is gifted with very strong gut instinct to identify lies and deceptions. They literally work as human lie detectors.

Empaths are very kind-hearted and helpful but they do not want to waste their gifts on people who are liars and manipulators. They seldom get aggressive or violent, never the less, they strongly detest dishonesty. They can’t stand people who subterfuge to achieve their ends.

Once they find out your deception or lies, they would just walk way and there’s no looking back.

11) They avoid confrontation

Empaths are generally peace loving people and they believe in peaceful coexistence. They do not like to get into unnecessary fights or arguments. They have awareness about what over emotional interactions do to them. They are hugely motivated by peace promoting actions and like to maintain a harmonious relation with fellow beings. If they ever become slightly aggressive while defending themselves, they will readily apologize for it.

They would avoid confrontation of all kinds as far as possible. But this does not mean that they support injustice.

Their sense of value is appreciable. They are courageous enough to stand up for justice and fight to establish it.

12) People are attracted to their wisdom

They have experienced all sorts of emotions under the sun. Especially because they absorb cosmic energies like a sponge over a varied range of human interactions, their wisdom is fine tuned.

Empaths are not only wise and mature beyond their age; they are also great and patient listeners. They will listen to your problems and even respect your perspective instead of implementing their own ideas on you. They are nurturers and healers.

People are attracted to them for their philosophical wisdom and ability to understand. They are kind-hearted and generous; seldom say no to anyone who turns up to them for help. No doubt, they are an angel in disguise.

13) They are extremely kind and always give away too much

Empaths have huge hearts and try to ease the pain and suffering of everyone around them. This is because they are greatly stirred by human suffering.

Be it world poverty, hunger or any other epidemic, empaths can feel the pain of the entire world. They are highly compassionate and want to relieve the pain of the world in whatever way feasible for them.

Most often, their compassionate nature is a source of opportunity for other people to make use of. People misjudge their kindness for weakness and devalue them.

Sometimes they give away so much of themselves that they have no energy left to cater to themselves.

Empaths need to learn to set boundaries, have fierce time management skills and the art of saying no to energy draining people.

“Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” – Anthon St. Maarten

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5 Things ONLY Old Souls Can Fully Understand

by Steven Bancarz

Old Souls

The point of this article is not to try to exclude certain groups of people from one another or appeal to a certain type of audience. The point of this article to provide comfort and a sense of relief to people who get bullied, called names, and judged for not fitting in with the rest of society.

Some people are just old souls and need to be accepted as such. If you are one of the people that gets called crazy for thinking you can feel people’s energy, or a hermit for needing to have time alone, or a ‘weirdo’ for believing in alternative things, the best thing you can do is continue to be true to yourself.

As an old soul, trying to conform to a society that is hollow and spiritually void will only cause you pain and suffering. Don’t let authority figures or institutions pressure you into betraying your passions, desires, and natural state of being.

Here are 5 things that only old souls will understand:



Every old soul knows the extreme importance of taking time away from life, people, and obligation and spending time alone in isolation. Life can be overwhelming at times, and the energies of other people can be exhausting. Spending time alone in nature, or sitting by yourself on a park bench, or spending all day in your room are things which have become necessary for your spiritual health at times.

Some people may call you a hermit or say that you are socially challenged, but you just know the value of spending time alone to detox, reflect, and nurture yourself.



More than happiness and living comfortably, you want to live a life that encourages growth and expansion. You value growth and experience so much that you are willing to go through pain, suffering, and depression in order to learn more about yourself.

You take risks and go on adventures that other people may think are unwise, but playing it safe is just too boring for you. At the end of your journey here on earth, you would love to have experienced a life full of ups and downs, suffering and joy, and amazing adventures as opposed to having experienced a life playing it safe.



From a young age, you have been able to get a really good read on people. From watching someone interact for just a few minutes, you are able to identify the characteristics that person would have and the lifestyle they live. It’s almost like you have this software that allows you to look around and download the information on other souls.

This is because you have seen the archetype of that person before in a past life and are familiar with the general behavior and psychology of that archetype. You have interacted with thousands of people throughout the course of your souls history, so there is really no archetype you haven’t interacted with yet.

This doesn’t mean you are judgmental, it just means you are observational. You may find yourself at parties or social gatherings looking around every once in a while checking things out. Watching people interact, observing the exchanges of energy that are occurring during conversation. You may even feel more comfortable as a distant observer than as a participant. It feels natural to you.

Having the ability to get a good read on people has also given you a really good bullsh*t detector. When someone is lying to you, you know it. You notice the disassociation in their eyes, the shift in their energy field, the change in the way they pronounce words. You’ve been through this place many times before, so you aren’t socially naive, even though you may have not had much social interaction in this life. You’ve always been hard to manipulate because you can see into the real intentions and desires of other people. You are just good at feeling people out intuitively.

Some people may call you creepy or think you are a wackjob for trying to be psychic, but it comes naturally to you to pick up on the thoughts and energies of other people.



Mainstream music is heartless, passionless, and washed up. Mainstream media is polluted, biased, and deceptive. The mainstream lifestyle is dry, boring, and disappointing.  Because you recognize this, you have adopted ‘alternative’ ways of thinking and living that may seen weird to other people.

Personally, I listen to a lot of atmospheric metal and post-rock because it offers me what I desire to receive out of music spiritually and existentially. I can’t stand the radio. I remember showing some people the music I liked and having them reply with “that’s not even music”. I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing what it feels like to feel excluded based on your alternative beliefs, tastes, and preferences.



You have learned to trust and appreciate the journey. You aren’t trying to be “deep”, you simply can’t help but be overwhelmed at times with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and humility.

You understand that life is impermanent and don’t take anything for granted. Others around you don’t understand why you like spending time in nature so much, why you meditate so often, or why you stare at the stars all the time, but that’s because they are simply too distracted with worldly matters to see the big picture.

If you identify with any or all of these 5 things, then you can be sure that you are either mature beyond your years or you have lived a life or two on this planet in the past. The vast majority of the human population does not understand these 5 things, and actually takes pleasure in ridiculing and making fun of those who don’t seem to fit in.

You aren’t trying to be different, psychic, intuitive, or deep. Your soul is just hardwired a different way. Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to change to fit the expectations of the world around you. The world doesn’t need more carbon copies. It needs more individuals following the things that make their souls come alive.

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