Here’s The Top Design Disaster That Ruins Your Sleep And Health


According to one feng shui expert, there’s one design mistake that many people make when it comes to designing their bedroom and it’s wreaking havoc on their sleep and health.

You have to have been underground for the past two decades if you haven’t heard the term feng shui being thrown around. Just in case you think it may be a new type of fried pork meal, let us clarify! Feng shui, which literally translates to “wind and water” is the ancient art of placement.


The Chinese believe that the goal of one’s life is to enhance the flow of chi (spiritual energy) and create balanced and harmonious environments that promote health, increase wealth, and bring happiness.



One of the ways this can be achieved is through the proper placement of items, including furniture, in your house. The art has become so widely accepted and envogue that if a decorator doesn’t use it—or at least isn’t slightly familiar with it—it could be grounds for termination.



An entire house can be designed according to feng shui principles, but since rest is the foundation of a healthy life and the bedroom is the oasis of the home, experts agree that it’s the most important area to start with. In the bedroom, the way that furniture is positioned in the bedroom affects your health by affecting the flow of energy. The correct placement can make one feel more calm and tranquil, more positive, and generally in more in control.




Start by taking a look around your room. The top mistake people make in arranging their bedroom is not leaving equal room on both sides of the bed. This is one of the most vital elements in designing this room. Is your bed pushed up against the wall? Is there more room on one side than the other? Does the room feel a little off kilter when you step back and study it?



The uneven placement of items to the sides of the bed doesn’t allow for the equal flow of chi throughout the room and can result in relationship issues, and physical and mental health issues, as well. When designing the room, make sure there’s equal space on both sides of the bed but also be sure that there’s a grounding energy there as well. Two nightstands do the trick with some added lamps (both the same) for soft lighting.



This balance will be keep your energy centered and will also maintain equality in your relationship. If you have a choice, experts recommend the use of round tables instead of square ones. The points on the square of the tables may cut off the chi energy that will be directed toward you.


Feeling rejuvenated by the thought of revitalizing your life through your bedroom? Read on about the other things you can do to boost your mojo!

Don’t align your bed with doors.

Doors are a big deal in the art of feng shui and are symbolic of so many things. As a rule of thumb it’s important to keep the bed positioned as far from any door as possible. It’s also important that the bed not be in alignment with any door (bedroom, bathroom, or closet), or too much chi will flow toward the bed.



Even if it’s misaligned, a door should be visible at all times—this allows you to energetically and literally see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching. Additionally, a direct line of vision to the door is believed to start your day with a sense of control.


Avoid accumulating clutter.

Too much clutter means that chi can’t circulate in your bedroom which can cause intimacy and health issues. Be sure that the area surrounding your bed is clean and free of debris.


Extra books can be a particularly overwhelming source of clutter. Too many books lying around can disturb the peace in your bedroom by making the room look and feel like it’s a place of work. A few books are fine, but more than that should be placed in a different area of the house.


Take the television out of the bedroom.

Televisions are considered an unhealthy addition to most bedrooms; they not only create unhealthy magnetic fields which disrupt sleep, they also keep you distracted and keep the bedroom from being a place of relaxation.



This holds true for desks as well. If you can’t move either, experts suggest that you cover them with a scarf or sheet when they’re not in use.

Keep plants and flowers outside of your room.

Yang is the very active principle of the universe that’s characterized as male and is associated with heaven, heat, and light. Plants are thought to possess a lot of it—making them inappropriate for a bedroom.


Their high energy and internal activity can rob you of the peaceful rest that is needed so it’s recommended to keep all plants and flowers out of the room. If you must keep them in your bedroom, try to keep them out of line of vision when you’re in bed.

Have a supportive wall behind your head.

At nighttime, your body needs good backing, protection, and support to rest and repair from the day’s work and stress. Feng shui advises the use of headboards that are solid and made of wood. A good upholstered one is helpful because you get the best of both worlds: gentle and supportive.



Experts caution that it’s not advisable to position your bed under a window. Doing so may gradual rob you of your personal energy, as the window offers neither support nor protection.

Get a supportive mattress.

The quality of the mattress that you choose is super important in feng shui because the better you rest at night, the better prepared you are for your day. Pick your mattress wisely and be sure that it provides firm support, hopefully, support similar to these mattresses below.


Never, ever buy a used mattress because not only is that potentially highly unsanitary, it’s believed that energy is accumulated from previous owners and you have no idea what kind of energy it may be. Avoid beds and mattresses that fold into walls as they are typically uncomfortable and not healthy for your body.


Make sure the bed is high enough.

The height of your mattress is important because it allows for smooth energy flow under the bed so be sure that your bed is high enough off of the ground for it to circulate.


Platform beds or ones with storage under the mattress are considered bad feng shui choices as there is no space under the bed for chi to flow which can result in a myriad of problems.


Avoid mirrors.

Feng shui experts caution that mirrors in a bedroom can cause disturbed sleep and may invite space for infidelity. Mirrors are also considered too energetic for such a restful space.



If mirrors are necessary, experts suggest that you put them behind closet doors, or drape fabric over them when they’re not in use.

Don’t put your bed under a beam.

As a general rule of thumb it’s suggested to not position your bed directly under a beam as it may create feelings of pressure that can disrupt sleep and harm your health.



If you must do so, cover the beam with fabric or hang two bamboo flutes from the beam with the mouthpieces pointing downward.


Skip water fountains and fish tanks.

Remove all items that contain water or that picture water from your bedroom. This may include aquariums, water fountains, and pictures of lakes or rivers.



Feng Shui warns that these are considered negative items and may invite possible financial loss or robbery.

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The True Definition of a Wounded Healer

Calleen Wilder

Wounded Healer

I stumbled upon this and felt compelled to share it with all of you.  You see, I know many of you are Wounded Healers.  I also know that the first time someone referred to me as such, I wasn’t quite sure what that entailed.  Nor did I know if that was an insult or a compliment.  I’ve since learned that it’s neither.  Rather, it’s simply a truth… a statement of fact.

Here’s the thing though, I’m not a martyr.  For some reason I flee from that word.  I think largely because I don’t actually desire to cause myself any harm or extra burdens in order to lighten someone else’s load (exception being for my kids).

Plus, I’ve met too many “fake martyrs” in my lifetime.  You know, those who want everyone to believe they’re so righteous that they’ll gladly give up their own comforts for someone else’s, all in the name of goodness, mercy, and hopefully a bit of praise from you.  Yeah, that’s not for me.   That’s not who I am.

Yet in working with all sorts of people over the last 35 years, I’ve come to understand that a lot of the hard things I’ve encountered in my life likely happened for a reason.  A reason other than just for my own growth.

I now fully understand, and perhaps even appreciate, the simple fact that if you haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes you truly have no understanding of what their problem feels like.  Let alone have any “real deep and penetrating life suggestions” for what they might do in order to overcome whatever is troubling them.

Thus, I get that unless you have wallowed in the same mud as they are, you can’t begin to understand what being dirty, in that particular way, feels like.

So yes, it seems that if you really want to help others heal you must have already figured out how to heal yourself, to some degree or another, of the very same wound.

That’s not to imply that you have to have had a hard life in order to do any good for those you wish to help.  In truth, I’m sure there’s many healers out there who do good for others even if they’ve never experienced anything similar.

Rather, I’m saying that it’s the true Wounded Healers who can jump into that pit of hell with you, precisely because they really know what it feels like to be you in that moment.  And, if they’ve learned anything from their own similar experience they have wisdom to share with you.  True, practical, and proven successful solutions.

It seems we wounded healers shine the light in such a way that it makes it far easier for you to see the light.  Maybe simply because you understand that we are comrades in the same war, which makes you far more open to letting us into your wounds.

It’s complicated.  It’s deep.  It’s intricately personal.  And it’s likely been incredibly painful for all of us who try to help where we can, precisely because we know how lost a human can get.  We’ve been there.  We’ve felt it too.

I guess the downfall in all of this is simply that we wounded healers grow tired too.  Personally, I don’t want to learn one more thing about the inexpressible pain we humans can go through.  I don’t need any more lessons or growth experiences.  I’m maxed out.  I’ll help where I can, with what I already know, but I won’t even seek that out.

Today I find I’m ready for a break from it.  I’m ready for fun, light-hearted, and breezy.  Those are the pieces most missed in my lifetime.  But not for long, not if I can help it.

So no, I’m not a martyr.  I simply have a deep understanding about why my wounds exist.  I also have learned how to best use my experiences for the good of others.  In the end that makes some of the hell worth going through.

Anyway, in my humble, and perhaps slightly jaded opinion, this is what being a true Wounded Healer is all about.  Tough job.  But somewhere along the way I’m quite sure I chose it.  Not sure why.  Still sure I did.

I often say I think I was drunk or high when I picked out some of the challenges in this lifetime.  Truth is, I’m pretty sure that’s true (lol).

5 Signs You’ve Walked This Earth Before and Are Reincarnated (#2 Will Surprise You)

By Peace Quarters


To put it simply, reincarnation (rebirth) is the belief that energy is not destroyed upon death. It just moves onto another life form. Our souls do not leave this Earth, but seek out a new host.

This belief is around three thousand years old. It is most popular in India, Thailand, Japan, and China. One belief that comes with reincarnation is that each of us have lived many lives before this one, and that we have the ability to remember them.

If you think you have been reincarnated, or are simply curious, then I encourage you to read through these five signs.


Everyone has dreams, but if yours are more powerful than others then it may just be a memory. It is easier for our memories of past lives to reveal themselves in our dreams. Any reoccurring dream that you have is probably a memory in disguise.


Déjà vu is an extremely popular phenomenon. There are several explanations for this that range from a neurological dissonance, to proof of overlapping parallel universes. It is also possible that déjà vu is us experiencing a memory from one of our past lives.


A lot of people suffer from irrational phobias, fears that seem to exist for no apparent reason. Some people believe that memories from past lives stick with us through fear. If you were killed by a snake in a past life, it is possible that you will suffer from an irrational fear of snakes in this life.


There are cases of young kids having bizarre memories that the family swears did not happen. Sometimes these memories turn out to be insanely accurate. Maybe a little boy has a memory of being murdered, and this memory leads investigators right to the body of a man murdered years ago? That is all the proof of reincarnation that I need. If you have memories that do not seem to be real, then they may actually be from a completely different life.


Intuition is the ability to “tap” into an innate knowledge. It is believed that the more mature our souls become, the easier it is for us to draw upon this universal knowledge. If you have strong intuition, it is likely that your soul is becoming mature, which means that you have lived through several lives.

There are countless signs that point to reincarnation, but experiencing more than one of these five things is a strong indicator that you once walked this planet as a different person in a completely different life. Whatever your beliefs about life, death, and the afterlife happen to be, it is difficult to argue a scientific reason for any of these.

Number four is especially hard to disprove as anything but stone cold evidence that reincarnation is real. Whether you believe or not, I hope this list was able to offer more insight.

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Chakra Color Theory + Free Download

By FP Naomi for

Each of the seven main chakra centers in our body is represented by a color. Around this connection, we can assign a whole world of meaning to each color based on the chakra it is tied to. The energy centers correspond with certain emotions and physical body parts, and so do the magical hues. Recognizing each color’s meaning is useful when it comes to channeling color in your everyday life to manifest the emotions and healing that you’re after.

Applying the theory, you can use intention to fill your world with color. Here is a little rundown of the hues and what each can be used for. The aromatherapy and gem stone callouts are tools to boost the corresponding emotions or to heal ailments associated with the correlating physical body parts. Download the color theory chakra chart at the end to have these meanings on-hand for your everyday reference.



Purple represents the Crown Chakra associated with spirituality, peace, consciousness and thought. It is located at the top of your head and sends energy to the central nervous system, cerebral cortex, and upper spine. Surround yourself with purple if you’re looking to channel a meditative state of mind or heal a bad upper back. Jasmine and tourmaline help to bring in the Crown Chakra energy with their purple hues. Clear quartz is simply regarded as very spiritual, and can help to do so as well.

7 Special marks in Your Palm

Even though I know very little about palmistry, I stumbled upon this diagram and just had to share it. My suggestion is if you find one of these marks in your hand maybe Goggle it and figure out what it means. I only know that these 7 marks are important, and also not so commonly found on people. So they’re definitely worth looking into!

Palmistry Marks


By Kathy Parker

Even though this is slightly off-topic, I read it and it moved me. It spoke to me. I think all of us have struggled, at some point in time, with losses, letting go, and endings. Thus, I thought I’d share this beautifully written article with all of you, perhaps if only to let you know, you’re not alone in this particular type of struggle. (Calleen)

Letting Go

When I chose to let you go, there was no great moment of triumph.  There wasn’t an earth-shattering epiphany that changed my life, where music played and the universe conspired to bring everything together for good.

There was no conflict, no turmoil and no struggle. No internal argument. No weighing of pros and cons. No decision to be analyzed to death—even by me, who cannot make a decision without weeks of obsessive thought over every possible outcome.

There were only two words, when I chose to let you go:

No more.

No more will I measure my worth against your opinion. No more will I be pressed into the shapes you carved for me. No more will I tell my heart to quiet down, ashamed of its clatter. No more will there be blood on my feet from the eggshells I walked on as I tried not to give cause for your disapproval.

No more will I anguish over the ways you misunderstood me. No more will I fight to justify the intention of my heart. No more will I beg for you to see me, the real me—to know me, to love me.

No more will I live my life for you.

When I chose to let you go, there was no holy encounter. The stars did not collapse from the sky and cascade into the oceans. There was no ferocious wind that rattled the walls or blazing fire that consumed all within its destructive path.

There was only quiet resolution, the silent death of leaves that drift to the ground as frost begins to waste them away.
And there I found myself, in the barren ground where you once stood; I came to understand there must be winter.

Winter in all its loss, its grief, its letting go.
There must be a time for old things to die, that new things may be born.

When I chose to let you go, it was for me.

I learned to love myself even when you made me feel I deserved no love. To honor my own needs, my own heart and my own potential. To walk my own path, not yours. To not be pulled back into your confines while my spirit yearned to be free.

When I chose to let you go, I made coffee, ate toast, and folded clothes. I went to yoga and collected my mail and paid my bills. There was nothing out of place on the outside of my ordinary life—no visible change, nothing new or different.

There was only surrender.

One moment.

One breath.

I chose to let you go.

And in doing so, I chose me.

By Kathy Parker

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8 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

Article From House Beautiful US

Because nothing is worse than feeling bummed out in your own house.

Everyone experiences gloomy Sunday afternoon feelings from time to time. But if your home feels like it’s been in a constant state of the blues, it’s time to banish those negative, sad and downright depressing vibes that can have a dramatic effect on your mood once and for all. Trust us, you do want to try these techniques at home.


Clear Negative Energy


1.  Try airing everything out.

The first step to moving negative air out of your home: “Open up all the window and create a draft to let the air come through, even if it’s freezing outside,” says Silvia Christman, Growth Coach and health and happiness guru. “Fresh Air is everything.” While you’re at it, shake out your pillows and blankets, too.


Clearing Negative Energy


2.  Carefully burn some incense.

This fragrant smoke has long been a spiritual and meditation practice — so why not try it at home? Christman says it’ll help elevate the energy: “Nag champa is best used in a clean home for meditation as it’s property creates a calm and serene atmosphere,”she says.

Clearing Negative Energy


Be sure to repair or remove broken things.

Even though you’ve been meaning to get around to fixing that office chair, it might not be worth holding onto. “Broken things bring that stuck and negative energy into your home,” says Anjie Cho, feng shui and holistic living expert and founder of Holistic Spaces.

Clearing Negative Energy

4.  Spray orange essential oil around your home.

If there’s something about the smell of oranges that reminds you of smiles and sunshine, you’re not alone. “Not only does it clear the negative energy, but it uplifts your mood,” says Cho. “You can diffuse drops into water or use an organic essential oil spray.”


Clearing Negative Energy

5.  Remove clutter as soon as possible.

Yes, there’s a reason you feel so good after you clear off your counter. “Objects retain lots of energy and physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually block our ‘path’ forward,” says Maureen Calamia, a re-nature feng shui consultant. Oh, and did we mention clutter makes you feel tired and stressed, too?

Clearing Negative Energy

6.  Smudge your entire home with sage.

A popular Native American technique for removing bad energy is lighting sage, then blowing out the flame. “The smoke is what you will use to clear your home,” says Calamia. “I always start at the front door and work my way around in clockwise direction.” After “smudging” the entire home, visualize your intentions for your home as the smoke filling every crevice.

Clearing Negative Energy

7.  Protect your space with crystals.

Sadly, you can’t just pick out your favorite color for this practice. “Black Touraline is known to ward off and dissolve negative energy,” says Christman.”While Rose Quartz replaces negative emotions and feelings with positive ones.” She recommends keeping them close to electronic devices if possible.

Clearing Negative Energy

8.  Ring a bell in your room.

It almost too simple, right? “Just give [your bell] a ring in each corner of the room and in your doorway,” says professional psychic, Melissa Mattern. Then, set the intention in your mind for the sound waves to move the bad energy out, and the good energy in.

Article From: House Beautiful US