What Is Psychological Astrology? 5 Ways You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life by Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, mediator, and author

Psychological astrology brings psychology and astrology together along their unifying thread: understanding our potentials and challenges and moving, through self-knowledge and practice, through obstacles and into a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

Psychological astrology dictates that every person arrives on this planet with specific proclivities, strengths, and liabilities. It’s a way of understanding what our “life school” is this time around: where we’re meant to explore and grow, and where we are naturally strongest. An understanding of our own birth charts supports us to live into the complete fullness of our unique selves, and to better understand and appreciate the uniqueness and potential of others. 

The psychological part looks at how through our “nurturing,” we have developed certain patterns, defenses, and strengths and how to address those adaptations or “complexes” to become more fulfilled and higher functioning. The astrological part is the “nature” aspect that reveals our cosmic DNA and what are divine lesson plan reveals. A psychological astrology reading combines the nature and nurture aspects of development and helps the individual rise to the highest expression of both. It also helps the petitioner understand diving timing in terms of shorter and longer lasting cycles of challenge and opportunity.

An important note: Psychological astrology is not about prediction and ironclad fate; it is about using our unlimited capacities to learn and grow and make the most out of our inherent assets and challenges.

Even a basic understanding of the planetary placements in your birth chart—especially your sun, moon, and rising signs—can be profoundly useful in your everyday life. Here’s how. 

1. It helps you understand yourself. 

Let’s say I have my sun in Capricorn and my moon in Aries, and that my rising sign is Leo. This reinforces that my identity (sun) centers around being a hard worker with great accountability and a love of getting things done; that my needs (moon) include vigorous movement, action, and emotional expression; and that my way of showing up in the world (rising) tends to be loving, theatrical, creative, and generous.*

Each of these signs also has a less skillful side. When less self-aware or under more stress, a Capricorn Sun person can become controlling, forget to rest, and be overly needy of external approval; an Aries Moon can fly off the handle or feel constantly in need of attention around their emotional state; and a Leo rising can hog the spotlight and fail to let others shine. 

This basic knowledge of myself helps me care for myself and others well, and to course-correct toward being my better self when I am less skillful in my life or relationships. 

2. It helps you understand & empathize with others. 

Let’s say my life partner is maternal, emotional, and nurturing on her better days, but might be clingy, irrational, or overly needy in worse moments. I might feel frustrated by her behavior at times, and once I recognize that these characteristics are textbook Cancerian—and that she has Cancer Sun, Moon, or rising—I can understand and empathize with her better. I can skip judging her for failing to deal with this situation the way I would! Instead, I can appreciate how beautifully differently made we are, and I can compassionately invite her into more skillful expressions of Cancer. 

3. It can help you forgive yourself. 

If I have my sun in Scorpio, I might have a tendency to be secretive or overly intense or to sabotage myself or others when I’m not self-aware or am under-resourced. My scorpion stinger might lash out as a first response to difficulty. Knowing about the many qualities of Scorpio (both skillful and unskillful) helps me recognize when I’m swinging toward an expression that might be harmful to me or to others. As I recognize it, I can name it, and I can choose to pause, take care of myself, and make a positive shift. I can skip the questioning (“Why do I always do this when I’m stressed or overwhelmed?”) and go straight to self-care and more skillful behavior. 

4. It helps you make decisions. 

A writer friend couldn’t decide which educational path to pursue. Should he write novels? Short stories? Creative nonfiction? Articles? Blogs? Poetry? Screenplays? A reading of his birth chart revealed a deeply intuitive nature (Pisces Sun), a love of details (Virgo moon), and a desire to stand for harmony and beauty in the world (Libra rising). With this understanding, he recognized that poetry was the best path for him. He entered an MFA program and wrote a beautiful book of poetry focused on the natural world and its preservation. 

Knowing our most important values is a big part of making decisions responsibly, and knowing the planetary placements in our birth chart can add much to our understanding of those values. 

I’m not suggesting that you should consult an astrologer to figure out where to go to lunch or which sweater to buy online. But the deeper your understanding of your birth chart – including where all your planets sit in signs and astrological houses, and how they sit in relationship to one another – the more clearly you can step outside of the tension and confusion that can accompany the making of a big decision, and into a better sense of which direction. 

5. It helps you remember we are all part of something larger than ourselves. 

The placement of the planets at any given time tends to be reflected in the events of the world and in the way people feel and interact. They also interact in meaningful ways with the planets in your birth chart. (This is how horoscopes are created: through an analysis of the relationships between the planets and your Sun sign.) We invite you to see this not as a way of predicting what will happen, but as a mythic organizing lens through which to see the whole world and your place in it. 

As we move through a world that can sometimes seem to make no sense, we can turn to psychological astrology to better understand the cosmic energies at play in current events. A look at the current placements of the planets called cycles, or transits, can help us orient ourselves with these energies, and to work with them rather than against them. 

If you make a habit of doing this, you’ll begin to see patterns and to feel more at home in the world. Patterns and behaviors will make more sense to you and you will have more self awareness and agency to address recurring themes. You’ll come to feel that you are not a single being flailing around in a chaotic universe—you are part of a glorious movement of forces that began at the start of time and will continue for long after you are gone.  

The views expressed in this article are those of one expert. They are the opinions of the expert and do not necessarily represent the views of mindbodygreen, nor do they represent the complete picture of the topic at hand. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Mother cured of migraines by ‘visiting her past life‘

Model, 27, left housebound by crippling migraines is CURED through past-life hypnosis – and she goes back in time to 1700s America where she helped to save the lives of slaves

A model whose crippling migraines left her housebound claimed they were cured by visiting her past life.

Jasmine Charles, 27, was left feeling anxious, drained and isolated after suffering from the debilitating headaches twice a month for three years.

But they suddenly worsened in October when she began to have a recurring dream about the slave trade in the US in the 1700s.

Over-the-counter medicines failed to make a dent as it stopped her from leading a normal life, forcing her to resort to unusual means to relieve her pain.

The model, from Borehamwood, underwent past-life regression therapy – using hypnosis to recover memories of past lives – to clear her headaches in February.

Taking part in a Skype audio call, she saw herself saving the lives of servants by leading them to a river to escape.

Since having the unconventional ‘therapy‘, she claims her migraines have gone and she is a much happier, more confident woman. 

Miss Charles said: ‘I‘d heard about it and was just intrigued. I do believe in past lives, learning about them and how they affect this life.

‘I was having this same dream all the time and the stress it caused triggered my migraines and made them worse.

‘I felt anxious. I didn‘t trust anyone or want to be around people.

‘But since having regression therapy, I‘ve had no migraines whatsoever. I go out too. I‘m much happier.

‘I‘ve not had any dreams. I try thinking about the dream I had and I don‘t see it.‘

During the height of her migraines, she was unable to take her two-year-old daughter, Nevaeh, to the local park.

Instead, they were forced to play in their back garden or with Lego inside – away from sunlight.  

She went to see a doctor at first, three weeks after her migraines on the right side of her head began three years ago.

They gave her painkillers, saying that her headaches were just simply stress-related. She returned for more every two months, when she had run out. 

I‘d heard about it and was just intrigued. I do believe in past lives, learning about them and how they affect this life. Jasmine Charles, 27

During a migraine, her head would pound and she would need to close her eyes, lie in a darkened room and try to sleep it off.  

However, her condition deteriorated after she started having a dream that featured women and children, in rags, ‘running scared, screaming‘.

Miss Charles, who had the dream both during the day and night, added: ‘Everyone in the dream was panicked and I was in the middle of everything. 

‘I tried to work out what it meant. I was having this dream all the time. The stress it caused made my migraines worse.

‘I was scared to go to bed. I would close my eyes and have the dream.‘

She added that it affected her social life, forcing her to stop seeing her friends and spend less time with her daughter.

Working as a model, doing photo shoots and appearing as an extra on TV, her state of mind also prevented her from getting work.

Miss Charles added: ‘I didn‘t speak to people as much. I felt like I was a downer on everyone.

‘I didn‘t take my daughter to the park. I didn‘t want to be outside.‘ 

‘I wasn‘t applying for jobs. I didn‘t feel I wanted to go out. I didn‘t want stress by going out.‘

As her migraines got worse, reluctant to return to her doctor for a ‘quick fix,‘ she searched the internet for alternative treatments for pain.

She contemplated meditation, then stumbled across past-life regression therapy – the belief that some pain can be caused by a former life.

Despite being unsure if it would work, she decided to give it a chance in a desperate attempt to relieve her pain. 

Miss Charles added: ‘I told my gran, but she didn‘t think it would work. She doesn‘t believe in anything like this.

‘I didn‘t think anything would come out of it either. I was shocked when something did, when my condition improved within a week.‘

She arranged to be regressed by therapist Nicolas Aujula, and he spoke to her over Skype on February 26.

He told her to listen to his voice, concentrate on every word, and take in long, slow breaths, to get her to relax.

Next, she pictured herself as a young woman growing up in the US in the 1700s, and in a relationship with a powerful landowner.


Miss Charles sought help from therapist Nicolas Aujula in February for treatment to cure her migraines.

Speaking to him over a Skype audio call, he told her to listen to his voice and concentrate on every word.

The model had to take in long, slow breaths to get her to relax.

She then pictured herself as a young woman growing up in the US in the 1700s in a relationship with a powerful landowner.

After having the dream, she was brought round an hour later by Mr Aujula.

They discussed what she had seen, and how she could release the dream from her system. 

Miss Charles said: ‘I felt like I was actually there. It was weird. I was a young female. I don‘t know how old.

‘There was a big house and fields. I had a close relationship with a man, the owner of the house.

‘There were people wearing rags and running through dirt. Women and children. I think they were servants and I felt that they didn‘t want to be there.

‘Everyone was running. I felt like I was leading them to the river to escape. But the man came and I went back with him.‘ 

She added: ‘I was scared. He thought I was responsible. He must have known as he put me in a cell. I was locked up and I couldn‘t get out. I woke up in a box.‘

‘I felt hot and scared and anxious, unable to move or breathe. There was no-one around at all. 

‘I was in there for hours and hours. I wasn‘t given any food or water, and no-one came back. I tried to get out but there was no point.‘ 

Around an hour later, she was brought round by Mr Aujula and the pair talked about what she had seen, and that now she would release the dream.

Since her regression, she says her physical and mental well-being has improved dramatically.

Miss Charles added: ‘Now I feel less anxious. I take Nevaeh to the park, and out for lunch with friends.

‘I‘ve gone to some casting calls too now, and want to go to work to support my daughter.‘ 

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How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality (And Your Health Risks)

Your personality can be determined by the shape of your fingers and it’s 100% true. If you don’t believe it, you can continue reading this article and choose the shape of your finger?

If the shape of your finger is like the one with finger A in the image here is your personality:
You are not showing much emotion and with that you want for everyone to think that you are strong and cool.

Although you don’t show much emotion you are emotional type and once you get to know anyone you will be very nice to that person.

Like we said you are emotional type so that means that you really care about your loved ones but you can really cold towards the people you are not close to.

You never quit no matter the task so you always try to finish it even if you hate doing that.

Also, you enjoy in helping to people that really need help and with that you are a person with big heart.

You are very honest person and you don’t know how to tell a lie and that makes you fair person. But because you never lie to anybody you hate when someone lies to you.

Because you want for everybody to think that you are strong you often hide your feelings and that is what makes you sad.

If the shape of your finger is like the one with finger B in the image here is your personality:
You are big dreamer. You always dream about the true love and you dream about someone who will understand you and love you just the way you are.

Because you dream of that – that makes you very loyal once you fall in love with someone and you always think about them first.

When something goes through your head and you decide that that is the right thing to do, you will do it no matter what.

Although you are very sensitive person you appear to be strong and independent person.

Even though you will find some tasks hard to finish you will remain calm.

You are afraid of being hurt from the people you love.

If the shape of your finger is like the one with finger C in the image here is your personality:
You will never stick to someone or something if that is making you really angry.

Also, you don’t want to try new things and with that you hate challenges.

You don’t open very much to other people, so you like to keep your problems and feelings only for yourself.

But although you don’t open to people very much, you like when someone puts their trust in you and you like when someone is depending on you.

You know what you like and what you don’t like and you never pretend that you like something that you actually don’t.

You have very high ego when you think that you are in right for something. If it turns out that you are wrong, you will accept that and you will apologize to that person after that.

Also, you are a person with soft heart that easily forgives to people.

Article Source – Tipsforhealthylife.com

Manifesting Your Desires

I love the idea of this and will definitely try it! Problem is, at least for me, there’s a catch.

Because I realize, far too well, that what I wanted a year ago isn’t at all what I want today. Sometimes, what I wanted a week or even a day ago has radically changed.

SO, you really need to think about what you are reasonably sure you really want.

For instance, a few million dollars might be nice. Or would it? If I had loads of cash would I then find myself worrying about dwindling it down until I end up back where I began, or worse off?

Too, would I be able to distinguish who liked me for me or who liked my several million dollars best (ha)!

As for a relationship, I’m not even really sure what I want. In fact, I’m not certain I even want a relationship… maybe not full-time anyway. Again though, this is how I feel today. Tomorrow, who knows, I may be desperate for one.

Plus, how many times have you ended a relationship only to look back and wonder what the heck you ever saw in that person? Personally, I have a track record in it. So how in the world could I narrow down that a) I want a relationship, and b) With an already pre-determined beau?

I guess I’m smart enough to realize (yes, somewhat late in the game) that I don’t really know what’s best for me long-term. Consequently, I’m leery of manifesting a mess.

As a result, when I do work with manifesting I do my best to ask for specifically what I want. Example: I want all of my bills to be paid off. I also want money left in the bank for travel, play, and as a nest. Additionally, I want it legally, morally, and responsibly.

As for relationships, I’ll leave that to their discretion since I’m somewhat lost and looking for myself in that arena.

So choose responsibly. Maybe ask to be loved, to love, to be happy and content, and just crazy prosperous. Let the Universe decide the details.


The 10 Types of EMPATHS!

Whether you’re just stumbling across the word”Empath” or you’ve known about the label for a while, realizing you’re an Empath changes EVERYTHING. For the first time, who you are makes sense. You aren’t overly sensitive, too emotional/dramatic, ‘crazy’ or woo. You’re an intuitive being who is highly receptive to the energy of the physical and non-physical world, here to usher in a new heart-centered way of being.


  • You feel things about people, places, ideas, etc. and always end up being right
  • You naturally forgo your own needs and change yourself to make life easier on others
  • You feel random bouts of explainable mental and physical fatigue
  • You experience mood swings and often feel as if your emotions don’t match your experience (i.e., being unexplainably sad when grocery shopping) 
  • You are known for being a caring and nurturing person
  • You are an amazing listener, to others or signs/synchronicities/the energies of the world
  • Your awareness of our physical environment is greater than normal, e.g. your sense of taste, smell, hearing, touch, etc.
  • Crowded places tend to overwhelm and drain you
  • You would do ANYTHING for animals, children and injustice
  • You value your own space (and alone time) even if you’re an extrovert
  • If someone close to you is in physical pain, you can feel their pain in your own body
  • People (those you know and those you don’t) come to you with their life story or their problems
  • You cannot stand violence or cruelty and if you are around it you feel physically ill
What is an Empath_thediaryofanempath.com.jpg


To understand empath ability you first have to understand this world is energetic. Everything, including me, you, the device you’re reading this on, that thought you just had, is made up of energy and carries with it a frequency. Empaths are those who are receptive to those energetic frequencies. It seems simple, but unless you’re clairvoyant (can physically see energy), the frequencies behind the thoughts, feelings and emotions of other people, animals, places, things, the earth and universe are invisible and often go unacknowledged on a conscious level. Making Empaths completely unaware they are ‘picking’ up on energy of the external world and confused why they feel so up and down. 

Though understanding the world as energetic is considered ‘New Age’, an energetic understanding of the Earth and its people has existed as long as humans, carried through oppression by the strength and resilience of the world’s Indigenous cultures and communities.



A Physical Empath is highly receptive to the physical pain of others. When empowered, this type of Empath is so receptive to another’s physical state that they can ‘take on’ the pain temporarily to provide insight and action-steps for healing. When this type of Empath is not yet empowered, they easily attract colds, flus, and get physically run down. 


An Emotional Empath is someone who feels the emotions of others. These Empaths feel what another feels before those feelings are expressed. Almost all who resonate with being an Empath are Emotional Empaths.


A Claircognizant Empath is an Empath that funnels energy through both their heart and intellect. They just know things and are really good at giving advice because they know what needs to be done. They also have the ability to detect lies and inauthenticity.


A Geomantic Empath is an Empath who is tapped into the energy of Planet Earth. They have an uncanny ability of predicting Earth shifts and natural disasters. This is often unconsciously felt and manifests as anxiety or deep sadness but if a geomantic Empath has worked on additional intuitive abilities (i.e., claircognizance, see below) it can also manifest as a conscious knowing.


A Psychometric Empaths is finely attuned to the energy of inanimate objects including jewelry, photographs. This type of Empath can either be fascinated by antiques or completely debilitated in a space filled with *old* things.


A Telepathic Empath can read another person’s unexpressed thoughts. 


A Precognitive Empath can feel a situation or event before it occurs. This happens through emotional, physical sensations or vivid dreams.


Animal Empaths have a strong energetic connection with animals and their needs. They are often drawn to animal rights or professions that work with animals/animal consciousness like veterinarians or connecting people with their animal totems. 


An Empath who falls under the label of Medium Empath is receptive to the energies of spirit, especially those who have recently passed on. Their awareness for spirit can come across as feelings, seeing, hearing or knowing. These Empaths are highly attuned to seeing ghosts and fascinated by old buildings/hauntings as their presence helps ghosts leave the Earth realm and cross over.


And finally – Flora (flower) Empaths have the ability to communicate with plants and channel the wisdom of nature. These Empaths are drawn to holistics and Fae consciousness and are their most authentic selves when grounded in nature or surrounded by plant beings.

Note: Aa an Empath you will more than likely fit under many categories, each providing a clue into your unique purpose.

What is an Empath_thediaryofanempath.com (2).jpg


Empaths are able to perceive the frequencies of the physical and non-physical world in a variety of ways. We call these Clairs: 

Clairsentient: Clear-feeling (i.e., strong gut feelings, chills)

Clairvoyant: Clear-seeing (i.e., seeing spirit, angels, auras)

Claircognizant: Clear-knowing (i.e., downloads as thought-forms)

Clairaudient: Clear-hearing (i.e. hear direct guidance, music)

Most Empaths identify with being Clairsentient but Empaths are most powerful when they work to strengthen all forms of Intuition.


Realizing you’re an Empath isn’t just about your life finally making sense. Though that’s a huge perk! It’s also the gateway to understanding yourself and this life in a new, more meaningful and empowered way. As an Empath you have a unique set of energetic and emotional needs and when those needs are validated (by others who get it) and nurtured (by a unique set of skills and tools) you are no longer unconsciously influenced by the external world and finally free to explore who YOU are and what it is you are here to do with your beautiful intuitive gifts. 

Empaths exist across race, ethnicity, gender, sex, socioeconomic status and ability, and while most people believe empath ability is something *certain* people are born with, I believe we all have the ability to feel and interpret energy and that those of us who fit the empath label were simply born with the layers that keep most of us disconnected from our energetic reality already peeled off.

Article Source – TheDiaryofanEmpath.com

Your Spirit Guide is Probably Trying to Warn You of Danger if You’re Experiencing One of These Things! by Jenny

Many people have faith in spirit guides, however, we don’t regularly understand the distinctions they make in our lives. Our soul aides work to indicate us considerably more than you would feel that they would.

For any individual who may for reasons unknown not know a soul guide is basically a guardian angel or something of the sort contingent upon what you have faith in. It is the being that watches over you and pushes you toward the path your spirit needs to go. It is lined up with the source and is continually working to support you whether you think it is or isn’t.

Soul aides are unmistakably more liberal than we give them kudos for. They watch over us and ensure us in a greater number of ways than you would ever figure it out. Your soul guide tells you when something is going on or if there is something awful traveled your direction, but you have to realize how to speak with them on the off chance that you need to know about their messages. Underneath I will go over a portion of the manners by which your soul aides may attempt to make you mindful of something terrible that could be to come. In the event that you see any of these things, give close consideration to the things occurring around you

9 Ways Your Spirit Guide Might Be Warning You Of Danger:

  • Through the things, you smell

Some of the time when there is something awful going on that you don’t see your soul guide will make you mindful of it. Maybe something has burst into flames in a zone of the structure you would never truly see until it is past the point of no return? Your soul guide may give you a whiff of something consuming regardless of whether only for a minute to truly bring your mindfulness up. While here and there we don’t give enough thought to things like this, we should. In some cases, it could actually be life and passing circumstances.

  • Through lost things

Now and again we lose things which are as it should be. Our soul guide may move our vehicle keys to shield us from getting in a disaster area on our approach to work. Indeed, we may wind up being late, however, we additionally see that something awful had occurred. We would have been separated from it had we left simply negligible minutes sooner than we.

  • Through the resurgence of memories

Now and again we start to do things that we have done in the past without truly contemplating the outcomes. At the point when this happens our soul guide may show recollections to us that we overlooked. This is an honest token of the peril we are returning ourselves to.

  • Through uncertainty

At times our soul guide will fill us with uncertainty or negative contemplations. This isn’t to harmed us however to push us to address things. Maybe our guide is helping us to avoid something excruciating or perilous.

  • Through your dreams

When we dream our soul aides are increasingly ready to speak with us appropriately. Your soul guide may let you know or show you something in your fantasy that is to come. Never disregard your fantasies. They are considerably more genuine than you may suspect.SEE ALSO

  • Through compelling feeling

Once in awhile our soul aides will send us forceful feelings to make us mindful of something that is to come. For example, on the off chance that we are around somebody who wishes to hurt us, our aides may make us feel dangerous. This is something we ought to NEVER overlook.

  • Through Deja-vus

Maybe you see something terrible happening that hasn’t occurred at this point and the sign starts to happen, this is your soul guide disclosing to you that you ought to know. While signs like this sound shocking they truly happen significantly more frequently than you’d suspect. A sensation that this has happened before has spared loads of lives.

  • Through electrical unsettling influences

If you see electrical aggravations don’t simply chalk it up like nothing. There must be something driving these sorts of things. In many cases, they will be joined by different signs, tune in to your soul guides.

  • Through unusual experiences

Our soul controls now and again utilize other individuals to keep us down or keep us engaged for a minute. You may run over somebody who just won’t disregard you and needs to bother you and wind up inclination very irritated possibly to understand that if that individual had not kept you held up talking something horrendous may have transpired. This is considerably more typical than you may suspect.

Article Source – PositiveCatalog.com