Can an unborn child remember what happens while in the womb? By Jaime Licauco Phillippine

This is not a common occurrence, but it happens!

Dear Mr. Licauco,

“Is it possible for my 3-year-old daughter to remember what happened when she was still in the womb?” asked Catherine P.

“She told me she dreamt she was floating inside my tummy, that I was cooking eggs and vegetables, and that she ate them also. This is true because I mostly cooked eggs and vegetables during my pregnancy. Also, she mentioned that she felt hot/burned once inside my tummy. There was this incident when I accidentally burned my tummy with hot water when I was pregnant. She also mentioned that she dreamt how she came out from me. Is this normal for her age, or does she have any psychic ability?”

Well, this is not a common occurrence, but it happens. For example, I read a story years ago about the case of a 3-year-old American baby who was heard by her parents humming an old French folk song. Now, nobody in the household spoke French nor did they know any French song. Then somebody remembered that when the baby was still in the womb, they had a French nanny who used to sing that same folk song.

Babies who remember things while still in the womb must have a photographic (or eidetic) memory and, yes, they also exhibit strong psychic abilities later in life.

Parents should, therefore, be careful when saying things in front of an unborn child. They can hear and remember things, believe it or not. But not only when babies are still in the womb. They should also be careful what they say in front of a newborn child.

I remember the case of a woman who grew up very shy and lacked self-confidence. She felt nobody wanted her and she had difficulty relating to people or making friends.

It was later revealed during a regression session that, when she was born, her parents expressed disappointment because they wanted the first child to be a boy. They expressed such disappointment in front of the newborn child, not realizing the baby could hear what they were saying.

Prenatal programming

There is such a thing as prenatal (i.e., before birth) programming which refers to “the theory that the environment surrounding the fetus during its developmental phase plays a seminal role in determining its disease risk during the later stages.

“The theory originated during World War II, when a German blockade in the Netherlands led to a lack of food supplies, causing the Dutch Famine of 1944-45. The famine caused severe malnutrition among the population, including women in various stages of pregnancy.”

An examination of the impact of lack of nutrition on babies born during and after the famine showed that “over the course of their lives, these children were at greater risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other communicable diseases.”

That’s why what a woman eats during pregnancy should be monitored carefully.

But prenatal programming can also refer to the practice of educating the child while still in the womb.

For example, reading books or stories to an unborn child can make the child appreciate reading books later. Listening to classical music can make the child appreciate classical music.

A mother who wanted to make her unborn child good in math used to memorize multiplication tables and solve algebraic problems aloud to make her unborn child appreciate math. And true enough, these children so taught by their parents while still in the womb turned out to be good in mathematics.

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New Side Gig by Calleen Wilder

Over the next few weeks most of you (or at least those who visit this website) will notice some pretty significant changes taking place.

I am finally working on the manifestation &/or completion of a project I’ve been mulling over for about two years. I am SO excited about it. I can’t wait to share all of the details with you soon.

However, since everything’s not yet entirely concreted in, I know it’s best I don’t say a thing. I realize I have to at least try to stay semi-flexible (hard at my age) for any last minute adjustments.

I will, of course, still be offering readings, so no worries there. They can still be arranged either via this website or by calling me.

I really do believe this next phase involves my shooting straight at my “life purpose”. It feels like something I’ve been heading towards forever… albeit resisting it vehemently at times. I felt I had other things I wanted to accomplish first, so I always back-burnered this.

PLUS, I am a Virgo. As such, I need all of my little damaged ducklings swimming in what some might call a “slightly chaotic synchronized arrangement”. Meaning, I’m OCD and terribly detail determined.

In the next few weeks I hope to have all of this up and running. Yet, there is still lots of work to be done, some of which is slightly out of my control. That part is driving me slightly bat-s-crazy. So no definite timing just yet.

But I wanted to let all of you know when you visit this page over the coming weeks, you’ll definitely notice things being rearranged and redone. Yet, I’m still here. I still do what I’ve always done. I’m simply adding something so super cool to the mix. I hope you’ll love it too… or at least benefit from it.

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Until then,

Loving an Empath by Calleen Wilder

I saw this and it spoke to me, so I’m sharing. I wanted to add to this by saying; if you’re an empath you know this is true. You also know it’s both a curse and a blessing for those who love us… and yes, for we ourselves.

Firstly, we are intense on a level many haven’t encountered before. And while many potential suitors are pleased-as-punch about this, they actually aren’t sure what to do with us once they have us.

It seems we’re almost too deep, too serious, too mysterious, or just plain too complicated for most. In truth, we’re simple beings. So very simple. It takes so little to please us, but it does take a few things. Things like giving us space and allowing us to “process”. We feel things on a level that cause us pain sometimes, even if it’s not really our pain, or sadness, or grief to experience.

Nevertheless, it becomes embedded in us until we work it through. In turn, that makes us moody, sensitive, withdrawn, and really unsure of how you can be of any help to us. So we pull into ourselves.

Conversely, once processed we may become “into you entirely, with our whole beings”… laughing, joking, kidding, and dancing around. All of this drastic change-in-attitude confuses most mortals.

Therefore, we have many, many, many relationship turnovers. We really do seem to be more suited for fantasies than for real-life, day-to-day interactions for many.

STILL… I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

Empath Problems & The Solution

I so “get” that people think I’m depressed, or a loner, or just plain weird (p.s. I am a tad unusual)… simply because I stay home almost always. Oh sure, I go out to exercise, to eat, to grocery shop, to otherwise shop when absolutely necessary (ha), and to visit people I care about… again, not as frequently as they’d like.

BUT… I have to recharge. I absorb SO much. I also seem to rather automatically give out SO much, just in order to be engaging, that my time alone is never boring, depressing, or stagnate for me.

So if you’re empathic or psychic or sensitive or otherwise in-tune with other people’s vibes, energies, and/or emotions, my story is likely your story as well. Meaning, do you… in the precise way you know works for you individually. Really, it’s all you can do and still have something left to give others.

In actuality, DOING THINGS takes energy… and we sensitives give out so much while we’re doing those things that most of us need to recoup our energy expenditure. Some might do so by working in their gardens, puttering around their homes, reading, watching TV, or working on things online and over the phone. This is even more needed as we age.

Bottom line is, many of us sensitives actually look forward to those days where we know we’re headed home with absolutely nothing we have to do. HA! I know, strange to those unlike us… the extroverts who actually get energy from associating with others. Image?!?!? But, I “get” that.

For me personally, I simply know my bliss is in my home. And if I do venture out to be with you, it means I think an awful lot of you. You are important to me.

NOW that doesn’t mean we sensitives don’t often enjoy our time out and about with a few folks. We do. No one is “taking” from us when you ask us to go do “things”. Often, we actually want to go. But much like a phone battery, we lose steam and have to return to our charger (in my case, my home) in order to be prepared for the next time.

Anyway, this is why I decided to share the above meme. It’s so very appropriate for those who “take in too much” like myself.

It’s part of the price we pay for being super sensitive. Still, there are so many benefits that come with being ulta-sensitive I won’t even whine about it too much.

So don’t worry about us when we withdraw, it’s definitely not personal. It’s just how we live our lives without overdrawing.


Candle Wishes – What Color You use Depends on What You Hope to Accomplish!

Since so many of us already burn candles in our homes, I thought why not share this so you can choose your candle with more intention. You could even say a little mantra/prayer into it while lighting it. Then try to think/visualize your goals every time you look at it.

I am a FIRM believe that the more intention we set, the more energy we collect, and that’s what turns wishes into concrete results.

Too though, I don’t believe in setting a goal or intention that harms anyone… or really, even one that overrides someone else’s freewill.

As an example, perhaps instead of visualizing that a specific someone fall in love with you, perhaps you very powerfully visualize being in love with the perfect person for you.

After all, the Universe really does know far better than we do what is in our best interest, as well as the other person’s best interest.

Anyway, I find this to be very helpful for all future candle lighting ceremonies I do (ha). Good Luck. Calleen

The Beginner’s Guide to Palm Reading by KERRY WARD

Since forever, people have been fascinated by the markings on their hands and what the eff they mean. Over centuries, this has evolved into a belief that the size, shape, and lines on a person’s palm and fingers mirror their individuality and path in life—and who they might be compatible with (sPoOoOooky!). This is called palm reading, aka palmistry, and TBH, you can learn how to do it in five easy steps. All you need are hands and eyes.

So, grab someone whose life you want to know everything about and get started by zeroing in on their dominant hand, which reveals a person’s current and future character and pathway. Then try these techniques:

Identify their hand shape.

There are four basic ones and they reveal everything:

Skin, Hand, Finger, Text, Glove, Line, Joint, Gesture, Font, Wrist,

Earth Hands

Square palms and short fingers

Finger, Hand, Skin, Text, Line, Gesture, Glove, Sign language, Font, Thumb,

Fire Hands

Short fingers and long palms

Hand, Finger, Skin, Text, Glove, Gesture, Line, Wrist, Joint, Font,

Air Hands

Air hands have square palms and long fingers.

Finger, Skin, Hand, Text, Gesture, Glove, Font, Nail, Thumb, Sign language,

Water Hands

Long palms, and long, graceful, slender fingers.

Earth hands have square palms and short fingers. This signifies that the person is honest, traditional, conscientious, and down to earth. These people have a practical outlook on life and prefer material realities over intellectual pursuits or daydreams. Weirdly, though, many musicians have earth hands.

Fire hands have long palms and short fingers. They are energetic, restless, charismatic, and enthusiastic. Like the astrological fire signs, these people are natural-born leaders, risk takers, and adventurers. They love being the center of attention but can sometimes be dick-ish. (Don’t blame the messenger!)

Water hands have long palms and long, graceful, slender fingers. These people are imaginative, emotional, and sensitive. People with water hands are the dreamers in your crew. They are gentle and others often confide in them. Although they can be moody or sensitive (you’re def gonna fight a little), their creativity and charisma win people over.

Air hands have square palms and long fingers. This kind of hand means someone is clever, articulate, rational, and intellectual. Think of these people as being skilled at creating new ideas and pursuing their ambitions. They have a tendency to overthink, though, which can make them frazzled at times.

Fun fact: If you’re reading your latest Tinder swipe’s hands, compare their shape to your own to see if you guys will get along. Use this chart to determine your compatibility:

Text, Line, Font, Parallel, Number,


Note the hand span.

If their fingers are held stiffly together, this can indicate a closed-off personality and a natural suspicion toward others.

If they have wide-open gaps between their fingers, it means the opposite—that they have an open, trusting, and maybe even naive attitude toward others.

If the space is widest between the forefinger and second finger, this signals independent thinking. This person cannot be “tamed”—so don’t even try!

If the space is widest between the second and third finger,this represents that they lean toward being carefree. They don’t really have fears about the future. People with fingers like this are easy company and always down to have fun (aka ideal adventure buddies).

If the gap is widest between the third and fourth fingers,this person will be an original thinker—even a little eccentric. They do their own thing.

If the gap between the fourth finger and pinkie is the most pronounced, this person may be very shy and prefer their own company to big, wild groups or parties. Careful handling required.

You gotta analyze the thumb.

Nose, Skin, Finger, Hand, Illustration, Thumb,


Thumbs are thought to be connected directly to the brain, so its shape reflects where a person’s head is at and their default mind-set. (BTW: When assessing a thumb’s length, note that a “normal” thumb tip would end at the base of the forefinger.)

Long thumbs: The longer the thumb, the more direct and self-assured a person is. These people tend to have leadership skills, determination, and good judgment. But when a thumb is extremely long, be on the lookout for self-absorbed and somewhat aggro behavior. Yikes!

Short thumbs: A short thumb can mean the person is impressionable and overly emotional. They might have a tendency to be indecisive and tactless.

Thick thumbs: Beware of stubbornness!

Thumbs with square tips: This person faces life with pragmatism.

Thumbs with pointy tips: They might be more impulsive and struggle to strategize or plan effectively. (Whoops!)

Thumbs with smooth, straight joints: This indicates that a person is full of vitality.

Thumbs with knotty joints: This signals a more erratic energy flow.

Find the head and heart lines.

The heart line runs horizontal on the upper part of your palm, starting from the outer edge. It influences emotions and sexuality (a long one means you’ll fall hard and fast).

You also have a head line that runs below and starts from the inner thumb at the edge of the palm. This one speaks to intelligence (a long one means you’re a smarty).

If these two lines are fused together, this is called a simian line or a crease. It’s rare, thank goddess, because it means that person exhibits ruthless single-mindedness, extreme focus, and sometimes obsession. Translation: all kinds of trouble.

Peep those love lines to reveal info about past relationships.

Skin, Hand, Finger, Line, Illustration, Graphic design, Gesture, Thumb, Art,


Look closely at the fleshy area directly underneath your pinkie. You might see one or more horizontal creases running from the edges of the palm (if you can’t see any, flex your hand to make them more pronounced). Most people have between one and five, which can represent any of your past serious relationships. Check these out when you’re trying to figure out if your current boo has a history.

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What is the meaning of each finger for rings?

When choosing jewelry and accessories, we can reveal a lot of information about our personality. However, what is most important and essential in this sense is how you wear these pieces. The fingers on which the rings are held can reveal much about what kind of person you are and what character you have.

1. Thumb – In ancient Greece, the thumb was associated with masculine dignity and male power. That was the main reason why the ring was on his king’s thumb. Nowadays, it is said that those who wear the ring on the thumb are people who try to be self-assured in any situation. This characterization applies to men.

As for women, wearing the ring on the thumb could indicate that they have some male characteristics, such as persistence and stubbornness. On the other hand, it could signal insecurity or dissatisfaction with the intimate aspects of life.

2. Index finger – Worn especially in the right hand, demonstrate the desire for power. They are also a symbol of character traits such as discretion. As for the significance of rings worn in the left hand, we can talk about symbols such as the desire to try to be what you are not, megalomania and inclination towards hysteria.

3. Middle finger – The middle finger is the perfect place to wear a ring you want to praise. Many psychologists believe that in those cases the ring-earner wants to show both his jewelery and herself as a person.

4. Ring finger – As you already know, the meaning of rings on the ring finger affirms your status. According to the belief of the ancient Egyptians, there is a nerve that starts from the ring finger, to the heart, this is why is the tradition to wear the ring on this finger. Those ladies who are not married and wear rings on their ring finger show that they are in the subconscious to change their status as soon as possible while trying to convince those around them that I am well.

5. Little finger – This is the hallmark of extraordinary people. It is the symbol of an artistic and creative character, having qualities such as eloquence and conviction power. The rings worn on the little finger also give signs of inventiveness. It is also believed that those who wear the ring on the little finger know how to handle difficult people.

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