Why We Can’t Breakup With a Soulmate

By Falcon via themindsjournal.com

Soul Mates“A bond between souls is ancient – older than the planet.” 
― Dianna Hardy, The Witching Pen

Older than the planets!

 When planets and Universe are involved, it has to be something serious, and something beyond our control, our choice. Just like a soul mate. We don’t choose them. They happen to us.

A soul mate is someone with whom you can have a cosmic connection when you meet for the first time. The connection is so strong that you feel drawn to these people from the start. This soul mate understands you and helps connect with you in every possible way. This in itself changes our lives and makes us calmer and peaceful human beings.

No matter how hard we try, a soul mate is someone who brings a smile to our lipsand changes the course of our lives eternally. Breaking up with such a soul mate is truly not a possibility. A soul mate observes us and makes us resolute. A soul mate often becomes our source of strength. The rush of love and peace is very tempting. We suddenly open our eyes to viewing someone that can be observed in new light as well.

Romance rekindles and it becomes a hard fact that we cannot get past the person without involving him or her in everything we do. The depth of emotions or even the heights of spirituality faced in life are often momentous. We all crave for stability and love in our relationships; our soul mates help us reach that pinnacle of personal glory.

Breaking up with a soul mate often is a prospect we hate. However, it makes sense to actually think of the times that we are wrong and live a life where the other person simply hurts you. This may be very painful but it makes sense to actually sever ties with the one that causes the maximum pain. These individuals may not be your soul mate but are instrumental in shaping your lives nonetheless.

A soul mate does everything in his or her power to make your life complete. He or she is the force that drives your life in a direction that would help channel the positive energy. No matter what the cause of your fights, your soul mate does everything to get the situation back into shape. He or she tries to be at the background and help you take the toughest decisions in life. A soul mate helps us get happiness in everyday moments. These moments are very special to us and getting distracted because of our tough schedules often puts our romantic life in the back burner.

You know as they say it’s rare when you find someone who parallels your mental wave-length. That someone, with whom you never brawl over a movie genre for a movie night. And that someone you can pour your heart out to whenever you want to.

Soul mates are inseparable!

It’s such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and realize there’s this one person who loves you the way you are, let alone the cosmic connection.

No doubt it. All those silly fights and misunderstanding can never be strong enough to shake this bond.

“What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

One is a choice, and one is not.” 
― Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein


Article Source – TheMindsJournal.com

The Real Reason Why Empaths Act Strange Around Inauthentic People

Via AwarenessAct.com

Empath Behavior

Have you ever noticed how empaths and inauthentic people tend to clash? Sure, this clash isn’t a full-on fight or anything like that but if they are ever around one another the tension in the air is so thick you could almost cut it with a knife.

You see, empaths are people who are emotionally sensitive. They absorb the emotions and energies of the people around them. When they are being around a fake person they are getting emotions and energies that conflict big time. The longer the empath is around the inauthentic person the more the tension will grow.

Empaths are able to read right through these people and while everyone else is fawning over them the empath knows their true intentions. If someone is being overly nice in the hopes of gaining something the empath is most likely going to call them out if things get to a certain extent. They feel pity for these people but are also causing themselves pain by sticking around.

Empaths don’t think they are better than anyone else but they do know that they have a gift most others do not. Their extreme sensitivity really makes them feel sick sometimes. Empaths avoid inauthentic people and really feel physically ill after spending time with them.

Spending too much time with an inauthentic person might leave the empath feeling as if he or she is losing who they are. They end up feeling drained and helpless, to say the least. While they may try to shut down their senses as a means of protecting themselves usually this is not possible.

Empaths just kind of freeze around fake people. They don’t tolerate liars or deceivers. While they may not be wishing these people harm even though they can see through them, they do become very uncomfortable. The best thing an empath can do when facing a fake person is to just remember saying no is always an option and that people pleasing is never necessary.

There is a lot going on in the mind of an empath. They can feel and see things others cannot don’t think they are being off-putting for no reason, there is always a reason.

Article source – AwarenessAct.com

If Your Children Show One Of These 12 Signs, They Could Be A Natural Empath

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Empathic Children

Being an empath doesn’t necessarily mean that you are gifted with powers of clairvoyance or telepathy, but for some people, it seems as real as anything. Some might have naturally gifted abilities to sense what others are feeling, even if they are hiding it.

Often times they develop almost super-human like qualities of empathy at an early age. There’s a special place in everyone’s heart for someone who is truly empathic. They have an uncanny ability to surprise you when you need them most.

Natural child empaths have powers of observation and perception that are almost ‘Sherlockian’ in nature. The following 12 traits can be observed in children at a very young age who may be developing their empathic abilities.

1. They have limited to no friendships:  Many empathic children, unfortunately, deal with isolation. They sense at an early age when people are disingenuous or fraudulent. They may also be able to sense when people mean them harm.


2. They ‘act out’ when you are feeling angry: Empathic children have difficulty managing their feelings when others around them are feeling negative. They have not yet developed the cognitive ability to keep out negative emotions from others. Instead, they share these feelings with you.


3. They are exceptionally intuitive: Some children remain oblivious when adults are dealing with difficult challenges or life experiences. Empathic children, seem to know the truth about everything without even fully understanding it. Their powers of intuition may foretell when parents are about to divorce, if an elder is fatally ill, or perhaps when a stranger means them harm.


4. They enjoy their alone time: Empaths need a break from the emotions around them. They often retreat to a place of solitude after a chaotic experience in the public. Empathic children may flock to their bedrooms after a long day at school.

5. They are surprisingly good at listening: Sometimes even adults need a shoulder to cry on, and when there aren’t any adults around, you’d be surprised to know just how well an empathic child can deal with your issues. They often take an innocent and plain look at the world, giving you perspective on an issue you wouldn’t normally get to see.


6. They have tremendous compassion: A natural child empath is often the first to volunteer aid when someone needs help. They sense what another child might be feeling if they fall and scrape their knee, so they do what they’d naturally want someone to do if they were in the same situation.


7. They tend to steer clear of family gatherings: One too many pinches on the cheek from Aunt Janice is enough to send any child running, but empaths have to deal with so much more. They become hyper aware of the attention of others, and family members tend to smother young children with love and affection that may be too much to handle.


8. Books and Movies have a profound effect: A natural child empath will not read a book or watch a movie the same way as other children. Instead, they get so roped into the emotional narrative and the story. Their mind makes them feel they are actually living in the shoes of the character.


9. They are often misfits or feel they don’t belong: Empathic children have difficulty connecting with other children if they aren’t on the same emotional level as they are. This, in turn, makes them feel left out or lonely.


10. Crowds Hyper-stimulate Them: Every sound, argument, shout, laugh, cry, and conversation in a crowd is observed by the natural child empath. Being exposed to this environment for extended periods can be exhausting.


11. They can tell when someone is lying to them: Empathic children are very perceptive of body language, tone of voice and intentions. They’re the children that are most likely to squirm when a doctor says, “this won’t hurt one bit!”


12. Their feelings are on a far deeper level: On top of dealing with other’s emotions, many empathic children are hyper-aware of their own emotions as well. They may bottle them up in hopes to contain everything they are feeling. Where others may be able to shrug off a feeling, empathic children tend to feel the full effect of a singular emotion.

Article Source – Providr.com

Your Strongest Chakra, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Strongest Chakra

Each and every one of us have loads of chakra points; however, there are only seven major chakra points.

These chakra points are energy centers in our bodies. They when working properly allow energy or chi to flow through our bodies. Chi, for those who do not know, is our life force basically. Now, while there are 12 zodiac signs some of these signs resonate more with one specific chakra than the others. For instance, if you are a Gemini your Root chakra may not be as strong as that of a different sign and so forth.

Below you will find a list of all the zodiac signs and the strongest chakra of each. You might be surprised at what this means for you. What chakra is strongest for you?

Aries: Solar Plexus Chakra

The Aries is very driven and always working hard to get what he or she thinks is needed in life. Because of this, their Solar Plexus is in overdrive. The Solar Plexus is a very power-driven chakra. It is one that will work to put you where you should be in life if blockage free.

Taurus: Throat Chakra

The Taurus is far more expressive than most people are. The Throat Chakra could be partly to blame for this. Their Throat Chakra really pushes them to speak their minds when there are no blockages. The strength of their Throat Chakra could also be the source of their willingness to always speak their mind.

Gemini: Heart Chakra

This is probably the last chakra you expected to be your most powerful but it is. The Gemini is someone who loved deeply and when their heart chakra is going full blast there isn’t a single person they cannot build a connection with. Sure, the Gemini is sensitive and a bit more conflicted than others, but he or she is also very open-minded with a big heart.

Cancer: Third Eye Chakra (Brow)

The Cancer is able to look at things from all perspectives. Their Third Eye chakra is far more advanced than that of those around them. This contributes to why they are so connected to the world around them. They are able to really build relationships and make a difference in the lives of others.

Leo: Solar Plexus Chakra

Very much like the Aries, the Leo is also power driven. Leos without a doubt are very Solar Plexus oriented people. They are always working to be ‘top dog.’ With that being said, when there is a blockage it literally rocks the world of the Leo.

Virgo: Sacral Chakra

The Virgo is very bodily oriented. He or she is not willing to admit their vanity but it is there. The Sacral chakra being powerful for the Virgo makes him or her very talented sexually and really brings an energy to their ‘experience’ that most people do not often get to experience. I know this may sound a bit odd, but it is very true, you will know exactly what I mean if you are a Virgo or if you have been with a Virgo.

Libra: Heart Chakra

The Libra is far more emotional than he or she will let on. Because of how powerful their Heart chakra is they are much more caring than some of the other signs. They are however quite conflicting as they are very indecisive and tend to pity themselves. When they do get things balanced out though things work great.

Scorpio: Sacral Chakra

As mentioned above Sacral chakra is very sexual as is the Scorpio. Scorpios really know how to use the energy radiating from this chakra. If you know anything about the Scorpio you know that they can be a bit manipulative but in the end, love is what they are really trying their damnedest to find.

Sagittarius: Root Chakra

The Sagittarius is very Root chakra oriented. For them, the Root chakra keeps them in motion and always wants them to continue on. This is why they so travel savvy. They don’t like to stay in one place for too long and when they do it builds up blockages in this chakra.

Capricorn: Crown Chakra

The Capricorn is the only sign that has an overly powerful Crown chakra and it really makes them stick out. The Crown shows just how spiritual we are and most Capricorns are able to align much easier than others with their higher selves for this reason. I know this is a bit confusing, but if you are a Capricorn it will make sense.

Aquarius: Throat Chakra

The Aquarius is also a very free thinking and nonsugar coating sign. Their Throat chakra makes them a bit hard to handle when it comes to things like this and when a blockage occurs you will notice quickly. They are independent and tend to struggle with emotional expression as this chakra really draws away from their others more than it would in other people.

Pisces: Third Eye Chakra

The Pisces is a Third Eye oriented sign as he or she is very mindful and ready for anything. While they are a bit lazy when you talk to them about something meaningful their Third Eye will really light up whether it is visible or not, you will feel a spark light in them. Third Eye chakra is very freeing in many ways and it works wonders for the Pisces.

Article Source-AwarenessAct.com

10 Types of Empaths

Types of Empaths

Again, many of you may already know this. Yet I feel sorting out the different ways your empathic abilities may manifest is crucial to you understanding that 1) these things are possible, 2) this is why you’re drawn to nature, animals, etc…, and 3) helps you find out what “your specific gift or gifts” are.

5 Things Empaths Need To Learn

Empath things

While I realize many of you already know this, it’s worth repeating. I remember my mentor explaining to me that if my own cup is empty, I have nothing to give. Likewise, if those on the other side have filled my cup with information and feelings, until I share it with others, they will give me no more. So yes, we must take care of ourselves first if we’re to have any positive effect on others.

Ayahuasca 101: Hard Earned Truth

By Nick Polizzi

AyahuascaThe first time I ever experienced an Ayahuasca ceremony was six years ago. It wasn’t in a remote jungle hut in the middle of the Amazon, or in some fancy Californian ashram. My first encounter with the legendary “vine of souls” (sometimes referred to as “vine of death”) was in a snow covered New England country house in my home state of Connecticut.

What can I say?  The universe works in mysterious ways.

We sat, packed like sardines, in the tiniest room of the house — at the request of the Peruvian shaman who was presiding over the proceedings. The idea was for our tight circle of about 12 people to be so close that our knees almost touched.

Slightly claustrophobic as I am, this was not the ideal setting, but I felt I had prepared myself enough with other exercises and vision-inducing plant medicines to tread the waters of Ayahuasca with relative grace. I didn’t realize that I was in for the most challenging night of my entire life…

As we sat there in the candlelit circle, the shaman (whose name I will exclude) gave us the following words of wisdom:

“You will see many things tonight. Some pleasant and some that are not so pleasant. My advice to you is to assume a comfortable position, focus only on your breathing, and try to be still. Be a conduit for the energy that is flowing through you and the information you are receiving, but don’t linger too long on any thought form, good or bad.”

Seemed simple enough. I drank my cup, went back to my spot in the sardine circle, and sat down cross-legged on a cushion.  We sat for about 30 minutes in silence, broken only by the occasional whisper, waiting for the medicine to come alive within us.

If the circle was a clock, I was sitting at seven o’clock, the shaman was at twelve o’clock, and the person to his left (at one o’clock) had drank first. In anticipation of what was about to happen, I couldn’t help staring at one o’clock to see if there would be any noticeable changes in this person’s manner or outward appearance once the Ayahuasca took hold.

And then I saw something that gives me goosebumps to this day. Starting with Mr. One O’clock, heads and bodies began slumping, one by one, tipping like dominoes in order of who drank first. It only took about fifteen seconds for this wave of impossibility to make its way around the circle to me.

I spent the first hour or two of the ceremony in complete free fall.  My bodily strength and sensation of being in a physical form drained out of me almost instantly – and it wasn’t pretty.  I panicked and began to struggle for breath.  As I dissolved into and through the floor, all of my deepest fears came surging up through the darkness to greet me.

A shrill voice in me cried out that I had made a terrible mistake ingesting this unknown potion and the I would soon die. I was tumbling through nothingness. The only remnants of the sardine circle were the distant echoes of a shaman singing his icaros (ceremonial prayer songs) to the beat of a drum.

I was clinging to any thought I could to try and get a foothold.  But the only ledges and ropes I was offered were words of fear, shame, and sadness – each one building upon the other.

And the storm raged on.

Mid-somersault through the void, something unexpected happened. My right foot began to ache (this running injury had been nagging me for months, but ‘ceremony Nick’ was in no condition to recall that!) Just then, the first emotionally neutral thought entered my consciousness, “My foot hurts so bad right now.”

In that moment ­– almost as if I had hit pause on the TV ­– the free fall stopped.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a whirlwind of cosmic activity happening in the darkness around me, but not in my immediate proximity. The circle of bodies was more lopsided now, some remaining upright and others lying down in the fetal position.

Looking down in the direction of my welcome foot pain, I saw that my right foot was glowing a dim blue.  The pain pulsed one more time and almost instinctively I brought my left hand up to my face and “turned it on”.  I placed the hand (which was now glowing a faint white) on my blue foot and watched with silent astonishment. The pain dissolved into the darkness while the white glow engulfed the foot up to the knee.

In that moment, I was not attaching any words or emotions to my experience, I was simply witnessing with an empty mind what was in front of me.

But unadulterated consciousness only lasts so long, and I ultimately broke the inner silence with a few innocent, but ego-driven words, “I think I’ve got the hang of this now.”

Like a trap door had opened under me, I fell back through the floor and into the terrifying plummet through the black. The next few hours continued much like this. Periods of feeling lost and overwhelmed, followed by moments of respite that could only be achieved by stopping the ticker tape of inner self talk.

I found that most words were “hot”, meaning they triggered free fall. But certain ones could be said again and again like a mantra that bridged those moments of doubt that are often accompanied by self chatter. The battle-tested words I turned to the most were: ‘thank you’, ‘grandma’, and ‘love’.

The Pendulum

I came away from that night with a simple rule of thumb for ceremony, and also for life outside the circle. The teaching is this:

Envision your core self, or soul, as a pendulum that is at pure presence when it is absolutely still. When an emotion or thought form is held onto for more than a fleeting moment, it begins to swing the pendulum. Regardless of whether the thought is blissful or fearful.

Another word for this could be attachment.

On one side of the pendulum lies fear and on the other lies absolute joy. If you cling to a disturbing emotion like fear of dying or a dwell too long on a blissful one like a vision of a lost loved one, it begins to pull the pendulum in the direction of that emotion. And we all know that once a pendulum is pulled one way, the laws of nature guarantee that it will swing back, past center, into the opposite realm.

It took me half the night to learn the pendulum lesson and keep it from budging too much. It all came down to the sage advice that the shaman gave us before the ceremony began…

Here are those three spiritual survival tips again.  They can be extremely helpful in times of intensity and challenge:

  • Don’t cling to fleeting emotions or thought forms, good or bad, comforting or discomforting.
  • Focus on your breath, it is the river within you that gives life to all else.
  • Be still within yourself. Be deliberate in your movement, if movement is even necessary.

That first Ayahuasca experience was reality shattering, but once I learned how to implement these principles, and got out of the way, the night changed entirely.

Sitting in stillness, I began to receive direct transmissions from a higher being who was motherly and compassionate, but also a stern teacher. I was like like a pup, being taken by the scruff of the neck and plopped down into different cosmic circumstances to get what I needed to know before moving on.

But that’s all for another day!

I hope the three shamanic principles, and the pendulum model help you on your path. They have certainly become trusted allies of mine.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi

Article Source – Wakeup-world.com

Burn Bay Leaves in the House and See What Happens After 10 Minutes

Via SeekingHabit.com

If you’ve ever stepped into a yoga studio or new age book shop, you may have noticed that these places sometimes have a very particular smell.

Bay Leaves for WellnessThis is because many of these locations regularly practice smudging (1), a Native American tradition that uses the smoke of sacred herbs to purify a room. This ritual is similar to the act of burning incense.

While the practice of smudging is commonly associated with sage, there are other herbs you can use and more concrete benefits you can enjoy.

Why Burn Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have been a things of legends for millennia: whether its incontestable role in Greek and Roman folklore or its steady presence in Indian and Caribbean culture and cuisine, this herb has withstood the test of time.

But bay leaves aren’t just used in food and fairytales, the herb is commonly used as a fragrance ingredient in creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and detergents.

Herbal Benefits

Traditionally, the leaf is used as a sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory, The herb also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and lowers both blood pressure and heart rate. It’s often used to help treat insomnia, chronic stress and to alter mood (2).

As a culinary herb, bay leaf can help manage glucose levels and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes and prevent kidney stones (3). Taken as a tea, bay leaf can prevent the growth and spread of Leukemia and cause apoptosis in other cancerous cells (4).

How To Use Bay Leaves

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking with this herb to get these benefits, just make sure you remove the leaves before serving, as they can be a chocking hazard.

However, if you’re feeling stressed or you’re a bad mood, simply burn a leaf or two in an aluminum baking tray in your room or office and leave for ten minutes. Make sure you close the windows (a breeze could knock it over), keep the tray away from anything flammable (like paper, wood, or linens) and make sure you’re not burning it under a smoke detector.

When you come back inside, the smoke of the herb will make your mind and muscles feel more relaxed and you’ll find it easier to focus on your task at hand. When you’re done, dispose of the ashes outside.

Article Source – SeekingHabit.com