6 Steps to Clear Old Love Karma

by Dr. Carmen Harra via Huffington Post

Your karma is yours like your eye color, voice, and blood type are yours. It belongs to your being, although you can’t see it the way you see your physical features when you look in a mirror. But karma makes sure that you feel its presence in your life, manifesting as the repetition of events, situations, and people. It will knock at your door time and time again until you open and say, “I get it!” In terms of love, unsettled karma will cause you to experience similar scenarios over and over again, such as meeting the same type of partners and enduring the same heartache, until you become aware and take appropriate action. If you want to clear your love karma once and for all, you must welcome it as you would an old (and annoying) friend. A clean karmic slate sets your soul free to fulfill your many purposes on earth, and to give and receive the love you deserve.

Carry out these six steps to attract a new relationship with unlimited potential or help your current relationship overcome karmic hurdles:

1. Understand your karma. If you want to change a story’s ending, you have to revisit its beginning. Understanding your karma requires that you return to the origin: when, where, how, and why did this pattern start? What exactly keeps repeating? Is it that you keep bringing in partners with the same disappointing qualities, that the same problems pop up in your relationships, or that your romances all end in the same awful way? Identify the issue then its source: Did your parents suffer similar circumstances, or was it something that happened to you as a child? Recognizing the reality of your karma entails a bit of introspection, but it’s the first step towards karmic resolution.

Essential Oils for Empaths

Essential Oils for Empaths

I stumbled across this on Pinterest and wanted to share with all of you.  I have no idea yet if this works.  But having used Essential Oils for over 30 years now, for pretty much of everything, I know how powerfully healing they can be.  Therefore, I’ll definitely be giving this a try.  Enjoy!

Empaths and Emotions – Why We’re Often Drained

Article by Calleen Wilder

Empaths and Emotions

It took me the longest time to figure this out.  I almost always felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster that I couldn’t get off of nor find a way to control.  But now that I know, if my mood shifts I pause and ask myself, “Is this me or them?”  In all honestly, usually you’ll discover it’s “them”.

Them is whoever you’ve just encountered.  Sometimes that involves people you know.  But sometimes, it can be as simple as someone you passed by in the supermarket (sigh)!  Seriously, it can get exhausting until you get a handle on it.

Personally, I always try to keep up my emotional defenses when I’m out in public.  I imagine myself surrounded by big, fluffy, light, and cool white light/clouds.  Yet sometimes you still ABSORB someone’s feeling no matter what you do.  So you have to stop and ask yourself the same question I ask myself.  It really will help.

Too though, if you’re constantly hanging out with someone who is mad, sad, depressed, or really consumed by anyone of the numerous other negative emotions, you might have to quit hanging out.  At the very least, you may have to limit your exposure.  We are the very thing that emotional vampires feed off of, even if unintentional.  Remember that!

To counter some of it, you simply must protect your space, your emotions, and your energy.  You do this by discharging (mentally) any emotional clutter around you via the above question.  Also, don’t allow yourself to become too emotionally involved or “open” when you’re around someone you already know isn’t in a good place.

And as mentioned above, you may need to cut out the emotional thorns in your life.  Know though, it’ll never be entirely gone.  An empath is an empath is an empath.  We not only have understand someone’s emotions, we literally take them on.  It’s just what we do.  So protect, inquire, and limit exposure.

At least that’s what I do.


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De-Stress Using Feng Shui

Here are 9 Feng Shui Secrets To DeStress Your Home

1) Water features

Water features at the front of your home invite new opportunities. Their sound tunes out noise pollution and helps cleanse the air

2) Flowers and Plants

Add beautiful flower beds around your home to invite meandering energy and place fresh cut flowers in your home to boost and uplift your mood.

3) Rocks and Shells

Add rocks, crystals and shells through out your home. They add to the five element cure and depending on where you place them can ground the space, add the water element and heal the energy.

4) Animal elements

Placing leather, or wool in the home adds the fire element. Another addition to the five element cure, if placed in the back of your home can help you gain recognition in your community

5) Candles

Candles are a great way to cleanse a homes spirit and invite in soothing energy. If the energy feels really heavy, use a white candle with the intention of purifying the space to uplift your fire.

6) Window Coverings

Windows are seen as the eyes of the soul to a home, but to many windows can create overwhelm, an extreme workload and lack of support. And while that view may be amazing, the high stress to enjoy it isn’t. So add plenty of soft window coverings to ease your home and slow the energy down.

7) Wind chimes

Sound therapy is not only a great way to uplift a homes spirit, but adds vitality to it’s attitude. A home with sound instantly puts people at ease and comforts your home to health.

8) Landscaping

Depending on how your home is positioned on the street or it’s location, landscaping can invite or provoke energy to your home. If your home is on a busy street, this high river of energy can put an enormous amount of stress on your home. If there is no activity at all, it can slow things down to a halt. Use beautiful landscaping to your advantage to control how energy approaches your home to create an atmosphere of peace. Have a condo? Bring the plants inside and decorate that balcony!

9) Mirrors

Mirrors are feng shui master healers if used correctly. Place mirrors throughout your home to boost energy upwards and create a meandering climate of serenity.

Utilizing these 9 elements will help keep your home healthy everyday. I would also suggest a space clearing on a regular basis to remove any unwanted energy that may have entered your home. Our homes should be filled with passion and excitement. They should recharge and energize us like a delicious hug. If your home is feeling sluggish or anxious, create an atmosphere with these 9 secrets to get you back on the fast track to ease and grace.

Article Via GatesInteriorDesign.com

7 Feng Shui Tips for the Wealth and Money Bagua Area


Feng Shui for Money

The feng shui element of the Money Bagua area is Wood, so the cures you will bring have to be either of the Wood element or the element that nourishes it (Water feng shui element nourishes Wood and Earth feng shui element strengthens it).

The life area connected to the Southeast Bagua area of your home (or the upper left area if you are using the BTB Bagua)  is called Wealth & Abundance. It is recommended to always express, at least in some of your Money area feng shui cures, the energy of wealth and abundance in all its forms – from material wealth to the wealth of all the numerous blessings in your life.

Here’s what is appropriate for the Wealth feng shui Bagua area of your home:

  1. Art with Wood element energy. See examples of good feng shui wood element art) and choose images with an abundant energy of growth.
  2. Art or images of wealth & financial success. Focus on finding art that really speaks to your heart, meaning expresses what wealth means to you. Be mindful about the colors in your chosen art, photos or images as feng shui cures and avoid strong Fire or Metal element colors and shapes in the Wealth/Southeast Bagua area.
  3. Water element art (see examples of good feng shui water element art.) Be sure the water is clear and moving; for example, the image of a waterfall is a better feng shui cure for wealth than the image of a still lake.
  4. Light is always considered a good feng shui cure. You can go for any size in your lighting fixtures when using them as a feng shui cure to strengthen the energy of a specific area. However, be sure that the size, look and overall design of your light fixture work well with the design of your room and fits harmoniously with your surroundings.
  5. Wood and Water feng shui elements objects such as fountains (excellent feng shui cure for Wealth!), decor items in Wood element colors (green and brown) or Water element colors (blue and black.) Be mindful about using the right feng shui element shapes in order to further strengthen the area. Vibrant and lush plants are excellent feng shui cure for Wealth, too.
  6. You can also paint the walls in your Wealth Bagua area in any of the nourishing feng shui element colors. Red or purple colors are sometimes brought to the Wealth area to activate it, but only a very small amount is needed.
  7. Mirrors are excellent for Wealth area, as they bring more light, expand the area and, of course, also bring the presence of the feng shui Water element. For the Southeast Bagua area, it is best to choose a mirror in a square or rectangular shape wooden or golden frame.

Article Source TheSpruce.com

These 10 Animals Bring Powerful Omens When They Cross Your Path

By The Alchemist

Animals & Omens

Whenever these 10 animals messengers accidentally cross your path, a powerful omen is presented for good or ill.

If any of these animals accidentally cross your path, powerful omens are presented to you according to ancient cultures and their Old Ways.

Omens and the Old Religion

During the Old Times animals and plants were all associated with Gods and Goddess. Athena had Owl as her sacred animal while Poseidon protected Horses and Artemis (Diana) deers. Everyone had a soft spot for animals, therefore close encounters with animals were supposed to be divine interventions at some point. We have selected the ones who are considered to be the most powerful omens of all.

An important notice before analysing the omens. Sometimes, the “accidental” appearances of Animals can be the encounters of our Totem Animals, trying to catch our attention. For more information about how to find out your Totem Animal click here.


Owls are believed to be harbingers of doom and carriers of unimaginable wisdom at the same time. (Read here more about Owls as totem animals) Maybe owls know things and they appear to warn us about what is coming – usually something huge – either this is for good or ill. Owls have been associated with many gods and goddess but one of the most powerful association is with Athena (Minerva) the Goddess of Wisdom in Ancient Greece.

When an Owl appears one has to be extra careful about his/her next steps as the Owl tries to make us ready for what’s coming (it doesnt have to be bad but it’s certainly very important or even life-changing). If you are a Witch, the appearence of an Owl probably means that our magic is strong and we should be very careful with the energies we summon. We should choose wisely!

Owls are not omens of Bad Luck or Harbingers of Doom (they can be if we see two owls fighting and shouting over a house). They are messengers of Great News. Owls are considered Royal Birds, therefore seeing them can be considered as omens of success.

2. Spider

Spiders are also associated with the Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Spiders are also considered sacred animals as their web symbolises that we are all connected with each other and all nature. However the appearence of a Spider does not have the same meaning as Owls. Spiders are trying to “ward” or remind us of a friend.

In ancient time Spiders were omens for a friend (either from the past or a close friend). We will probably soon meet this friend who is going to give us brand new information. In general, Spiders are good omens, bearers of Good Luck.

“If you find a spider at night, it means good luck.” Kemp P. Battle

3. Cat

You walk by the street thinking of your daily routine when for some reason a cat caught your attention. You refuse to believe that this is important but the cat for some reason follows you and tries even harder to make you turn around. Cat is the personification of intuition (click here to read more about Cats as totem animals). When a Cat appears out of nowhere and for some reason and you can’t help but notice their weird and cute moves, it’s an omen (or omens) that you have to listen to your heart.

Cats are associated with powerful and Wise Goddesses like Bast, Freya and Brigid. The weird cat symbolises your hidden magical and spiritual powers which now you have to listen. If you are witch then you should probably be more careful the next time you cast a spell as the cat tries to warn you that you’ve probably have to get in touch with your higher self before you cast more spells. The Colours of cats do matter:

White Cats: symbolise fertility and change in romantic affairs

Orange Cats: symbolise different planes of existence and spiritual travels

Black Cats: symbolise the change of Luck (for good or ill) and Wisdom

4. Crow / Raven

These creatures have the bad reputation of being harbingers of death and dark magic. However, although they sometimes can bring bad news, they are the personification of truth. Crow / Raves in the Sacred bird of Thoth, Great Egyptian God of Wisdom and Magic. Moreover, Crow/Raven is sacred to Apollo (the God of Sun), Hera (Queen of the Gods) and Asclepius (God of Medicine).

Seeing a Crow means that truth is going to be exposed to you soon. Ancients believe that wisdom cannot be achieved if you are not ready to receive this information. The sight of a Crow is the divine confirmation that you are now ready! Soon you will learn something really important.

5. Deer

These wonderfully enchanting horned creatures are sacred to the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis (Diana in latin). Artemis was believed to love them so much that she kept having one as her close companion. Artemis is a solitary Goddess who loved being alone in the Woods with her beloved animals and trees.

Seeing a deer is a symbol that Heavens know what you’re going through and that you should continue facing these problems with Grace, Purity and Dignity. Deers keep their heads up even when hunted. Be like the Deers. Stand up and face the problems without losing your inner beauty. Become a beautiful Warrior of Life.

6. Rabbit

These fluffy playful creatures symbolise Springtime itself as they appear after winter in large number. Rabbits reproduce themselves easily and rapidly and this is why seeing a rabbit is considered to be an omen of fertility and abundance. They love play in the grass, digging and searching for precious food.

Moreover, rabbits are believed to be really lucky as some believe to be fairies or good witches transformed. When a Rabbit crosses your path a change of luck is coming (mostly for the good) and the message is that you should trust Heavens.

7. Lizard

Discreet but strong, quiet but fierce, lizards symbolize the Dreamworld. If a lizard happens to catch your attention is an omen that you have to pay more attention to your night time as dreams can reveal something really great about you. Try to be more organized. Get a Dream journal and start writing down your dream history. You are about to reveal a great truth.

Alchemists believed that Lizards are EXTREMELY lucky creatures and the sight of one was a promise that their work is on the Right path! Therefore, if lizards cross your path then your work is probably blessed by the divine powers.

8. Snake

Snakes also have a VERY bad reputation as it was linked with the Devil and his minions. Although rarely snakes can be harbingers of evil magic, this is usually not the case. Snakes symbolise Mother Earth and nature magic. In fact Snakes symbolise the Old Religion at some point – some believe that when St. Patrick expelled snakes from Ireland he was actually banishing the Pagans from the island. But please, the next time someone tells you that snakes are satanic remind them what Jesus said: “be wise as the snakes – γίνεσθε οὖν φρόνιμοι ὡς οἱ ὄφεις” Matthew 10.16

Seeing a snake is a reminder that we humans hide very powerful forces inside of us as Mother Earth embraces all these powerful natural phenomena. However we have to master our passions and direct all this instinctive energy to something really creative. Snakes are symbols of great wisdom and power.

9. Dragonfly

Bright colour, winged miracles who usually appear where water hides nearby. Dragonflies are directly connected with the Fair Ones also known as the Fairies (or Shidhe, pronounced as Shee – click here to see how to spot Fairies). The Dragonflies are usually reminders that the spirits of Nature watch down our work and they constantly try be part of it.

Dragonflies can also be spirits of our ancestors who with the help of the fairies are here to help us by giving us the strength and the wisdom we need to proceed with our lives. Dragonflies are omens of nature’s blessings and a reminder that life does not end here. We are immortal and we should never give up!

10. Ladybug

More like Lady-Luck this wonderful creature is a symbolic synonym of Good Luck. Whenever they appear something good is going to happen as they symbolise the conquer of Life over Death. Good Luck will conquer Evil Magic and Good wins! Ladybug whenever appears tries to cheer us up and help us understand that no matter how hurt we feel, this should be a turning point and change our way of living.

Ladybug is the messenger of Joy. Observe how kids (who are far more sensitive to spiritual forces) react when they see a ladybug. They instantly cheer up and start shouting that they found one! Yes, this is NOT a coincidence. Ladybugs are the spiritual forces of good news and good luck! Cheer up! Good wins!

By The Alchemist

Via Mystical Raven


If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma…

Via EducateInspireChange.org

family karma

The karma of ancestral bloodline is called family karma. The most spiritually developed in the family will carry this ‘energetic blockages’ in the karmic family life from birth all throughout their lifetimes unless they release it.

This passing of energy could be done either physically, verbally, energetically or subconsciously.

Not getting along with your parents, sometimes, has to do with the energetic ties to past experiences.

You and your parents may have had karmic building experiences in the past by hurting another or refusing to learn a lesson.

Family patterns are handed down from ancestors to great grandparents, to grandparents, to parents, then to you.

An example of this is, let’s say, your grandmother is overly benign. She took care of everybody to the point of being used by everyone including your alcoholic and chain-smoker grandfather.

Your mother then becomes a sacrificial energy, lacking focused attention and love to herself or her children. These traditions get passed down exactly as oppression and false truth, perpetuating the system and keeping the mass consciousness on a lower, dense level.

As a child of your parents, you carry the karmic DNA that has been passed down to you. It could either be incredibly mild or extremely intense.

5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of A Family Karma

The carrier of the family karma has these specific traits:

– You are the most spiritually developed and the most conscious among your parents and siblings.

– You feel you’re greatly different from your family.

– You suffer an inexplicable illness at times, and may even feel that the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.

– You’re caught up in bizarre family matters many times.

– You recognize the recurring family pattern in your parents and ancestors and have the desire to change it.

How To Cut The Energetic Cords?

To release the ties from the parental energy, you must release them first in your own mind and emotions.

Look within and find out to what extent you live by your parent’s rules and set of illusions. Learn that these are mostly based on fear and judgment.

Once you’ve cleared everything and let that go, you’re free and able to forgive your parents and instantly “leave the parental house.”

Severing the inner cords within and taking responsibility for your life is in a way, letting your parents be.

Saying ‘no’ to their fears and illusions is, at the same time, seeing your parents as not identical with their fears and illusions. Like you, they’re also cosmic travelers trying to fulfill their soul mission.

Once you feel this, you see them as innocent and need forgiveness. They did their best in loving you the way they knew how, even if their best wasn’t good enough.

You may appear to be a victim of your parent’s ego-based consciousness since your childhood and may have lived by their illusions, yet transcending from a victim’s role is a breakthrough you can give yourself.

Transform your family’s energetic patterns by doing the following:

1. Meditate and do self-introspection to get to the core of the recurring problems.

2. Understand the behavioral patterns and change it.

3. Choose to be your own master, your own energy soul, your own karma-carrier.

Source: Life Coach Code

Via EducateInspireChange.org