Are Psychics Real? The Real World Proof of Psychic Mediums’ Abilities and Powers

When skeptics hear the word “psychic,” they see a pre-set image of a woman wearing a spiritual head crown full of colorful jewelry sitting in a dark room gazing into a crystal ball, and giving a “cold reading” with empty meanings.

Fraudulent wannabees like fake Jamaican psychic scammer “Ms Cleo” promote stereotypes that give all gifted mystics a bad name. However, people who got a genuine spiritual reading that foretold their future or gave them specific advice that worked out for the best know and appreciate the real power of a psychic.

However, despite the high number of scammers in the world, most people generally believe in psychics. Late-night TV show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver broadcasted a segment in 2019 about psychics. The research revealed 4 out of 10 people believed in them.

In this article, we will attempt to answer the burning question: are psychics real or not? And finally, put to rest and expose the real truth behind these spiritual guides. 

How Do Psychics Get Their Power?

The psychic phenomenon has left many skeptics wondering how spiritual guides arrive at a prediction or foretell the future. These people’s jaws drop when they have a personal experience with a real psychic because the guide has recalled accurate information that no one else could have known.

Interest sparks in those who need answers to their life’s burning questions and those who have had spiritual crossings and awakenings know the real deal behind psychics and respect their gifts. You don’t have to convince these people that psychic phenomena are real because they have had a genuine experience they wouldn’t mind sharing with people. 

I read an article about 19th-century philosopher William James who quoted the “white crow” theory. This theory states that people believe that all crows are black, but if you can find a white one then it’s possible there are more in the world. Therefore, when you apply the same principle to psychics, if you can find one person who exhibits real psychic power, then you can only assume there are many more in the world. And science has proven this is a reality. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Psychic Mediums

A medium is one of the most popular types of psychics. You might be surprised that they actually use scientific odds to arrive at their predictions. There are several experiments that go into greater detail about their capabilities. Take the “Afterlife Experiments” book, for example, written by an academic professor that asked two prominent mediums to be featured and show off their abilities. They would contact the afterlife under laboratory conditions to prove or disprove if psychic ability and medium communication are possible. The results were astonishing. Even the University of Arizona has a research program called VERITAS dedicated to studying human energy to this day based on these findings. 

If this all sounds like mumbo jumbo, then think for a moment about psychic experiments conducted by the US government. If a psychic phenomenon is real, then we can agree that the US government will have its hand in it and ultimately find a way to make it a weapon. The Pentagon allegedly spent millions studying the use of ESP and clairvoyance during wartime.

If that information is too deep for you, then ask yourself how many paranormal experiences you had in your lifetime. I guarantee you have thought of one. Most people had at least one. Spirits are deceased people lingering on earth who haven’t passed on to the next life. It’s not far-fetched to believe mortals can communicate with these other-worldly beings.

Remote viewers

Have you ever dreamed of an event that some years later happened, and you literally lived through it again? Similar to having Deja Vu? Some people believe these foreseen events are connected to psychic ability. Probably so.

The Department of Defense invested millions of dollars into a program called Operation Stargate. You probably heard Stargate references to the fictional movie franchise in which the military used alien technology to facilitate time travel. Maybe that was the ultimate goal of the program. However, the aim of the study was to use “remote viewing” and foreseeing future events for military purposes. Predictions were so accurate that top generals seriously deliberated making combat moves that would have changed the course of history. ‘Mind readers’ were also recruited to fight in the Cold War around this time. A 1995 declassified CIA report concluded that the results from this research were inconclusive due to the erroneous nature of the data, but many skeptical believers believe otherwise. 

Fortune tellers

Skeptics who don’t believe in a psychic phenomenon often make the statement that psychics don’t win the lottery. They would often say, ‘if psychics had supernatural power, then why don’t they use it to predict the correct lottery numbers?’ If you do your research, you will learn many lottery winners actually claimed to have chosen their winning numbers based on a psychic phenomenon, and some even are psychics themselves. 

Let me give you a few examples as references. A psychic claimed she had a premonition that she would win the lottery, and she did! She was part of a group of psychics who helped families in their village with ‘random acts of kindness’, which usually involved giving them money or food. Psychics aren’t supposed to use their power for personal monetary gains unless it will help people for a genuine cause. She believed that her win was a result of good karma.

People who have used the Law of Attraction have won the lottery. One of them is Cynthia Stafford who literally did visualization exercises to win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Many stories on Lottery Changed My Life cite some type of paranormal experience to the winner getting their lucky numbers. It could be a premonition in a dream or even as simple as a cat giving a lady the correct lottery numbers, as the source of their winnings

Moreover, there are countless people who said a psychic told them they would win the lottery, and they won! 

In all these examples, there is obviously some type of higher power at play.

Detectives have used the power of psychics to help them close unsolved murders. Declassified documents discuss in detail how law enforcement used psychics.

Still on the fence about the legitimacy of psychics? Check out a book called Mental Radio written by Pulitzer Prize winner Upton Sinclair that detailed how he conducted experiments for his psychic wife who claimed that ‘mind readings’ and telepathy were taking place in the home all the time.

What I find interesting about these psychic studies is a lot of stuff that took place in the early and late 1900s, but you don’t hear about it much today. It would make sense these methods have advanced and still in use by some very powerful people.

Who is a Real Psychic?

Anyone can be a real psychic. Kids can be real psychics because they are less judgemental and are more spiritually sensitive to the world around them since they are not yet heavily indoctrinated by societal limitations. It’s often said that dogs have psychic abilities and can see spirits walking around that we cannot see. What else are they barking at night when no one else is there?

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I believe everyone of us possess it. Call it “gut instinct”, “intuition”, “bad feelings”, “good vibes”, whatever… it is still Claircognizance. AND… if you work with it, trust it, and try to purposefully use it more, this muscle grows. Then before you know it, you’re developing your Psychic/Spiritual Gifts and can reliably foresee many things for both yourself and others. It’s a valuable and extremely cool thing that the Universe gave us coming in. Likely because the powers that be knew we were gonna need it. Calleen

20 Free Tarot Card Reading Websites For Seeing Into Your Future by Samantha Mayoralgo

“I’m sharing this because I find online Tarot Readings, especially free ones, fun. HOWEVER, most Tarot Readers are also Psychic. Therefore, there really is no substitute for an actual Reading with a live Reader. But, if you’re looking for fun, this might be it. Calleen

Tarot cards are a part of human tradition. Its processes have been used for over half a century and is still being used today. This practice connects to the fields divination and cleromancy, which people mostly relate to magic. Historically, people depict tarot card reading as a joke carried out by scammers and witches. While criticism of the field is okay, there is a lot more to it than onlookers think. And if you are getting a free tarot card reading, what do you have to lose?

Nowadays, there are millions of people who explore tarot card reading online through their computers and smartphones. Anyone and everyone are welcome to try it. Are you?

Tarot Card Reading

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card Reading
Photo from Jen Theodore on Unsplash

It is mainly a tool people use to find insight into their futures, but it is also a means to reconnect with their pasts. Each tarot card represents a human experience, emotion, and struggle. A standard deck of cards aims to capture the human narrative. This is why there are hundreds of decks to choose from, each inspired by a different tradition.

For each reading, there are cards singled out for your situation. Their meanings will vary per reader and situation. Interpretations for your career and love life apply differently, for example. Either way, tarot card reading means having a firmer grasp on the various mysteries of life.

Why Do People Search for Tarot Card Readings?

Why people use Tarots
Photo from Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Everyone wants to feel like they are going somewhere. With life being such an unpredictable journey, humans spend a lot of time pondering on their pasts and their futures. People who seek tarot card reading seek validation for their actions and emotions. For someone who is feeling lost, a quick read can help redirect their energy to something worthwhile. For someone who is at a crossroads, free tarot card readings can offer clarity and perspective.

As each tarot card is different, so is each person being read. Consulting tarot cards mainly helps human beings process their present state. Even if they are looking forward to the future, their concerns are rooted in the now, and which now will get to the best possible future. People looking for love may want to know when the right love will come into their lives, granted that they are actively seeking through physical or online dating.

Dating, like tarot card readings, can be done online. If you want to do these side-by-side, read up on the best dating sites of 2020.

Anyway, tarot card readings push people to make decisions they are capable of making. It is a motivator, not a crutch.

Are Online Tarot Card Readings Genuine?

Tarot Cards Genuine
Photo from Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Anything related to divination and cleromancy will have more than a few skeptics looking at its direction. The genuineness of free tarot card readings has been contested for hundreds of years. Online tarot card readings, however, are much more contested. An algorithm does a lot of the card shuffling, and you will not even be there to cut it for yourself.

Still, the same boxes for validity apply. Your tarot card readings will only be as genuine as your tarot card readers. Some online sites are transparent with their process, and these are more trustworthy. At the end of the day, though, everyone has a different tarot card reading style. It takes a few tries before you find a process most comfortable to you, but some websites have face-to-face readings if it’s any consolation.

For the most part, randomized free tarot card readings are okay, too. You have nothing to lose by exploring the possibilities.

15 Tarot Reading Websites

Free Tarot

Free Tarot Reading
Screenshot from Free Tarot

This free tarot reading website gets straight to the point. Lotus Tarot has been active in the online tarot sphere since 2002, and it is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Lotus Tarot answers specific questions through free tarot card reading. To date, they have had 50 million customers. People consult them for questions about their future, their past, their fears, and their centers.

The platform only has Major Arcana readings, but it is popular for a reason. Known for quick and reliable responses, Lotus Tarot is a go-to for new tarot enthusiasts. Address your concerns about love, life, and career through Lotus’ simple tarot card practices.

Explore Free Tarot

Medium Maria

Medium Maria
Screenshot from

Another option for people looking for quick and free tarot card readings is Medium Maria. Believe her or not, Maria claims to have psychic powers that she wants to share with the world. Her readings are clear and aim to provide a sense of peace to its audience.

Sticking by her calling, Maria will respond to you within 48 hours if you have any follow up questions.

Maria’s other offerings include numerology, tarotology, and clairvoyance. She has learning materials for these topics at the ready on her website. If you’re interested in learning not only your fate but others’ as well, then visit Medium Maria.

Explore The Medium


Facade: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from

One of the oldest free tarot card readings online is Facade. Although, most users may know that it offers more than just a guide to tarot. Like Medium Maria, facade also aims to educate about psychic culture.

This site has readings for other forms of divination. In Facade, you can expect rundowns on runes, biorhythms, numerology, and I ching.

Free tarot card readings are rampant on biased and questionable approaches, but Facade is tried and tested. From divination education to one-on-one sessions with experienced practitioners, Facade is great for beginners.



Screenshot from

The history of divination and cleromancy dates back to the Egyptian civilization. From there, it is no surprise that this branched out to different fields of study.

When using 7Tarot as a free tarot card reading platform, you are made aware of this. The website offers not just one type of tarot card reading. As a customer, you get to choose what traditions you want to uphold during your session.

Your readings can root from Western, Eastern, or ancestral Egyptian traditions. Choosing one may be the practice of some, but nothing is stopping you from exploring the variety of options available.

The best reason to use 7Tarot is its options. It caters to what you might find interesting and the traditions closest to your hearts. This site will find different ways to resonate with you.


Eva Tarot

Eva Tarot: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from Eva

Eva tarot is a divination platform for tarologist Eva Delattre. Like the websites mentioned above, this does not only focus on free tarot card reading. Still, it is a special feature of her website.

There is transparency to Eva’s process, which is why people flock to her website for direction. With 30 years of experience under her belt, Eva borrows ideas from 19th-century France. Decades of tarology work helped her in designing her own reading process.

Her readings are called “free draws”. She uses a 10-card method and asks questions before you draw. You will see the cards you choose for each prompt, and you will make these decisions based on your intuition. At least, this is what Eva promises.

There are no mind games with Eva Tarot. This free tarot card reading experience will not ask anything other than your card preferences. You receive your results automatically, too.

Explore Eva


Its Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from

ItsPsychic differs from its mainstream counterparts because of its more intimate setting. You have a small roster of tarot card advisors to choose from, and each is capable of helping you with life matters. However, some of these advisors specialize on different topics if you are interested.

Most ItsPsychic users get readings for their inquiries on love, relationships, death, and spirituality. There is less waiting around involved as you can get psychics who are online in real-time.

ItsPsychic also offers more than just free tarot card reading. The website is full of tools that help you navigate your place in the world. On ItsPsychic, you can read up on zodiac signs, numerology, crystals, and runes if you wanted to.


Salem Tarot

Salem Tarot: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from Salem

Salem is a household name connected to witchcraft and the mystic arts. Inspired by the real events in the “bewitched” town of Salem, this free tarot card reading platform lives up to its name.

With an online presence spanning more than two decades, you can trust that Salem Tarot is good at the services they offer. This platform is one of the “tried and tested” websites on this list.

Salem Tarot offers a three-card reading that is used by thousands of people every week. From there, you have the option to explore their 10-card reading approach.

Other than these, you can also opt to meet with psychic readers through video chat. There are people who prefer exploring the mystic arts with live professionals, making Salem Tarot an excellent choice for people who prefer that.

The people running this community have branched out to educate people on magic, too. This website is for broadening your horizons, especially if you have taken a liking to magic.

There are spells of the day, information on witches, and even a virtual walk through the town of Salem on Salem Tarot.

Explore Salem Tarot


Screenshot from

Venturing a more mainstream route is Kasamba, one of the world’s most popular tarot platforms. Operating since 1999, Kasamba has evolved into a powerhouse for free online tarot card readings.

There are numerous psychics to choose from, with different services offered and available time slots. In fact, options are so varied at Kasamba that they are functional 24/7. Kasamba users can get live tarot card readings whenever they want.

It does not stop at tarot cards, too, as there are also zodiac readings available. Kasamba also has space for those interested in paranormal activity.

You can reach Kasamba’s psychics through chat, phone, or email, whichever suits you best. Their services are so well-received and varied that they have over 2 million active users. This platform is for anyone looking to dive deep into cartomancy and divination.



Keen: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from

Another mainstream option for people who want clear and trustworthy readings is Keen. In the online world of free tarot card reading, this site is one of the elites.

Like its mainstream competitor, Kasamba, Keen provides thousands of readers available for immediate tarot card consultations. For people who need answers at the blink of an eye, Keen offers its readings on love, life, and career 24/7.

Other features of Keen include psychic mediums and zodiac sign readings. This is another platform for well-rounded cartomancy practice with an easy-to-use interface. For those interested in card readings, Keen offers three-card spreads and many card decks.

Keen offers the easiest route for anyone who needs immediate answers. There are a lot these live readings can do, and you can access them whenever you need to.


PathForward Psychics (Hollywood Psychics)

PathForward Psychics
Photo from

Previously known as Hollywood Psychics, PathForward Psychics continues to specialize in tarot readings and dream interpretations. In their free tarot card readings, you can opt to remain anonymous. This is a selling point to many as not everyone is comfortable with revealing their divination sessions.

Like all free tarot card reading websites, PathForward also offers zodiac readings. It goes without saying that their offerings vary. This is built on their team of experienced psychics, most of which have years of experience.

The site itself has spent 15 years providing online readings. Though their previous name misleads you into thinking they cater to the elite, this is not the case. Their readings, psychics, and processes are accessible for all to try.

This platform renamed themselves because there is no “clear path forward”. It is their goal to help you get a glimpse of yours.

Explore PathForward

Tell My

TellMyTarot: Free Tarot Card Reading
Photo from Charmaine Frapp Twitter

Tell My Tarot is another website that offers free online tarot card reading. Beyond this, their virtual oracle can also give specific predictions about different aspects of your life. There are a lot of people that come to Tell My Tarot, inquiring about their work life, relationships, and psychological well-being.

Readings on this website will reveal not just meanings, but also symbolism, history, and allegories. Each card has a story for you, and Tell My Tarot will share it.

For beginners, this is a good place to start. While cleromancy can be overwhelming, Tell My Tarot’s rundowns ease you into it.

This platform offers love readings, yes/no readings, and general past/present/future readings. Each offering aims to help you reflect on your life thus far. Still, if you are in a hurry, you can go to their page and just look at “Card of the Day”. It will give you the quick analysis you need.

Explore Tell My


Screenshot from

Labyrinthos stands out from this list as it is the sole website that denies the truth of divination. This may be confusing to most because they offer free tarot card readings.

The people behind Labyrinthos use tarot cards as a method of self-reflection. While others believe that the future is set, Labyrinthos believes you have complete control of it. Their tarot card readings merely offer an idea of what you can do.

Tarot cards are a reflection of what you want to be. The meanings you attach to them are yours for the taking. As you create meaning, you also create independence and individuality.

This platform is not exclusive to tarot card readings. In actuality, tarot card readings are a feature in their main goal to educate.

You can choose to take tarot card reading classes with Labyrinthos. Explore the types of decks, their meanings, and your own psyche as you perceive them in your own unique way.


Free Tarot
Screenshot from

The website name says it all. For people looking to explore different types of tarot card readings, feel free to visit FreeTarot. This website can do readings based on numerology, karma, and your “heart’s desire”. It is also worth noting that FreeTarot is more transparent about its process compared to its peers.

The site claims that other free tarot card readings on the internet choose cards at random. They, however, combine astrological time and the position of your mouse in drawing your card. FreeTarot also factors in your birthday and name. Borrowing ideas from astrological signs, they believe these affect your behavior.

For those who want more “real” readings, you can also use FreeTarot’s live psychic readings feature. It is a quick way to get to the answers you need or the questions you don’t know yet.

Explore Free

Psychic Source

Psychic Source: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from

An elite and mainstream pick on this list would be Psychic Source. For skeptics, this is their best bet at believing in the power of cleromancy and divination.

With years of experience, Psychic Source is most known for its tedious screening process. As a result of this, the platform has a reputation for having the best psychics on the internet. It ticks the box of “tried and tested”, too. Psychic Source has thousands of online users.

A platform as evolved as this does have space for beginners, though. It has comprehensive guides on the process of readings, major arcana cards, and rune stones.

Psychic Source also offers Angel Readings, Astrology, and Rune Stone Readings. This is best for people who are only interested in readings, but want to have variety.

Not everyone can use Psychic Source, but everyone that does use it is legitimate. You cannot go wrong with Psychic Source.

Explore Psychic Source

Screenshot from

Another early contender in the list of free tarot card reading platforms is From its domain, you can tell it was one of the first hubs for online tarot card readings because it was launched in Portland in 1995.

This website offers readings for horoscopes, astrology, numerology, and tarots. From there, you can also choose what aspects of your life to focus on. Examples of these would be love readings, harmony readings, and three-card readings.

The interface is also easy to navigate. Readings are divided into subsections, making it easier for anyone to find the answers they need quickly. You can also opt for longer readings and psychic chats on


5 Free Tarot Card Reading Apps

The Fool’s Dog – Tarot Sampler 1-4

Fools Dog: Free Tarot Card Reading
Photo from The Fools Dog website

Available on iOS, The Fool’s Dog gives you a taste of a tarot card reader’s life by giving you four Sampler Decks. Each sampler is a different app, designed for a specific purpose.

Using these apps, you will learn about the diverse world of tarot card reading. Decks are designed by tarot artists of all ages. Expect to discover the industry of tarot card reading as this app features the work of star rookies and seasoned professionals.

The sole risk of downloading these is that you can get hooked from collecting different tarot cards, but that is a risk you will be willing to take. Nothing compares to the wise words and beautiful art made by these tarot card readers.

Download The Fool’s Dog

MoodWorks – Tarot Free

Screenshot from

MoodWorks is a free tarot card reading app that records your readings for the day. It is a viable platform to keep track of how your life is going and how you are reacting to it.

Most people use MoodWorks to get quick rundowns of their love lives, careers, and lifestyle choices. Responses, as with real life, will vary from person to person. There are over 150+ spreads and six different categories available on the platform. There will be no rock unturned about your future.

This app is good for beginners, too, as information revealed does not require prior tarot card reading knowledge.

Download Tarot by MoodWorks

Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from

Golden Thread Tarot’s approach to tarot card reading is similar to website Labyrinthos’. The main difference between the two is you can carry Golden Thread Tarot with you anywhere and everywhere.

The people at Golden Thread see tarot card reading as a way to look into possible futures, not a fixed future. The meanings should unleash your potential, not limit it. An end goal of self-awareness is what differentiates Golden Thread from its peers.

Built-in app features include a tarot database, guided readings, and illustrated tarot lessons. Its customizable features include logging, saving, and storing your readings. In that way, you yourself get to keep track of time, and how you are evolving with it.

Golden Thread is a free tarot card reading app, but it first wants to be a platform of self-reflection.

Download Golden Thread Tarot

Magic Tarot: Daily Tarot Plus, Love Tarot Reading

Magic TarotDaily Tarot Plus, Love Tarot Reading
Screenshot from Magic Tarot: Daily Tarot Plus, Love Tarot Reading on Google Play

You can download Magic Tarot: Daily Tarot Plus, Love Tarot Reading on the Play Store. This app greets you with horoscope readings every day and is a platform for other forms of divination.

As for the tarot variety on this app, you can choose from the Celtic cross, the tree of life, and the general love life tarot spreads. These can help you in making decisions and finding more purpose in your relationships.

If you are a forgetful person, Magic Tarot can also push notifications on your phone. These will remind you to go through your tarot card or readings for the day.

Download Magic Tarot

Angel Tarot- Free reading

Angel Tarot: Free Tarot Card Reading
Screenshot from Angel Tarot- Free reading on Google Play

One of the most popular free tarot card readings apps you can get as of recent is Angel Tarot. This app is unique because of its angel readings. Yes, you read that right.

While some readings get guidance from the energy of the universe, Angel Tarot searches for guidance from spiritual beings. According to them, these beings can guide you in navigating your life with more purpose.

Because angels are guardians, Angel Tarot taps into their most essential use. When using this app, you can choose from 32 decks of cards, each with specific interpretations.

If you believe in angels or want to try out some new line of thinking, you can download Angel Tarot on your phone.

Download Angel Tarot- Free Reading


Free Tarot Card Reading Final Thoughts
Photo from Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Even though people consider tarot card reading as a niche, there are many avenues for you to explore. The age of smartphones and algorithm development has made it easier for people to keep an open mind when it comes to this practice.

As said above, there is not a lot to lose in free tarot card reading. If it has survived hundreds of years and has been passed on by millions of humans, what is the worst that could happen?

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7 Signs That You Might Be A Psychic Empath by Tommy White

Psychic empaths intensely feel the emotions of other beings, even more than their own. This can cause a bombardment of emotions that can overstimulate an individual possessing this gift. When this happens, a psychic empath may manifest anxiety or even erratic behaviors.

There are different types of psychic empaths, including physical,  emotional, and intuitive empath to name a few. recently published a new guide about these types and they also discussed details about a dream, plant, animal, or earth empath. If you feel extreme empathy towards others and you are curious to know whether you are already a psychic empath, below are some of the signs that may confirm your suspicion.

You are Overwhelmed by Closeness and Intimacy

One of the signs that you may have psychic empath abilities is when you find it difficult to manage close contact. In this case, spending too much time with another being may cause you stress and this can prove to be challenging in romantic relationships. Thus, make sure to set healthy boundaries and learn how to preserve yourself.

You Drown in the Crowd

Another indication that you may have psychic empath abilities is when you tend to drown out in the crowd. This is because you easily absorb all the energies in the crowd, both positive and negative. You may find it hard to handle the emotional noise from the crowd, especially for an extended period of time. As a result, you may even feel physically unwell.

You Tend to Self-Isolate

Since you find it quite challenging to be too close to another being, much more expose yourself to a crowd or even a small group, you just tend to self-isolate. You find comfort in completely shutting out the world because this is where you find peace and healing. When your favorite activities include taking your time alone outdoors or meditating in a quiet park, then you are most likely a psychic empath.

You are Comforted by Nature

More often than not, people really find comfort, peace, and serenity in nature. However, psychic empaths are more drawn not only to nature itself but nature in remote areas where they can enjoy the solitude of their being. Thereby, if you find yourself completely at peace when you are hiking alone rather than with anyone or sitting by the shore watching waves crash gently, alone, then take this as a sign that you may be a psychic empath.

You Have Extra Keen Senses

Psychic empaths have a heightened sensation wherein they are greatly disturbed by certain fragrances or odors, as well as loud sounds or strong touches. Because of this, they tend to read instead of listening to the media or when they do, they use lower volumes to hear information. There are also certain sounds that may trigger an emotional response to them. They also opt not to use any perfume or avoid people with a strong smell, fragrant or otherwise.

Your Gut Feelings are Strong

When you often have a good intuition or a strong gut feeling about anything that may not feel right, and most of the time you find that you are correct, then you may be a certified psychic empath. This is because you tend to pick up subtle cues about the behavior of others that can provide you with an insight into what is on their mind. Thus, you tend to trust your intuition, particularly when you are making decisions.

You Find it Difficult Not to Care

Finally, because you intensely feel what others feel, you find it quite hard to turn a blind eye and not to care. There are instances wherein you even take the extra effort to help ease their distress, even if this means that you are consumed up. Just keep in mind that while it is not bad to care for others, make sure to care for yourself as well.

To wrap things up, if you just feel overwhelmed by being close to another individual or you feel like drowning when you are in a crowded place and you instead tend to self-isolate, then you may be a psychic empath. In addition to this, when you find comfort in nature, have extra keen senses, or possess strong gut feelings that are often right, then you may tag yourself as one too. Finally, if you generally find it hard not to care at all, then just be open to the fact that you have the abilities of one and hone your capabilities to help those in need.

Article Source –

How To Use Each of the 4 ‘Clair’ Senses To Receive Information Psychically by Mary Grace Garis

Thumbnail for How To Use Each of the 4 ‘Clair’ Senses To Receive Information Psychically
Photo: Getty Images/Kyle Monk

Recently, in the midst of navigating some anxious feelings, I decided to pull a tarot card with an intended question in mind: “What would make me feel better about myself right now?” The card I pulled was the High Priestess: divine, all-powerful, and intuitive. Within minutes of pulling the card, I was writing down a list of everything I, on a soul level, knew to be true, which, in effect, calmed me about the situation at hand. I later learned that what I was actually calling upon was one of the four psychic clair senses: claircognition.

“There are four ways of receiving extraordinary information psychically: claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience,” says Alex Caiola, a claircognizant astrologer, tarot reader, and co-host of Priestesses Prescribe. “It’s my belief that some of us come in with a predisposition to these abilities, but we can all tap into and hone them over our lifetime. These abilities are crucial for guiding us on our individual paths of transformation and help to raise our collective consciousness.”

Sounds intense and hyper-mystical, but, ultimately, they’re just asking you to be hyper empathetic with yourself and others in order to make beneficial decisions. Want to know more? Below, Caiola breaks down the four psychic clair senses.

Below, learn about the 4 psychic clair senses, and how to use each to plan ahead.

1. Claircognition

Claircognition is really all about having intense gut feelings and using that information to guide you. For instance, Caiola says she uses her claircognition (or psychic knowing) in tarot readings to decode messages from the universe. Doing this allows her to tap into the energy of a situation or individual, and “energetically download” information about their past, present, or future.

“This can be as productive for predicting a working relationship as it is acute for observing the end of a career path,” says Caiola. “This ends up being a steady ‘channel’ of communication that flows through me to the person who needs it.”

2. Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance refers to psychic seeing, and every medium has different depictions of what they see and how they see it. Very often, this comes across as a sort of screen that pops up before them to provide messages in the form of pictures and symbols. It may also show up as a visual of a person with distinct characteristics, or a warning of the future scenario. They may see a person with their distinct individual visual characteristics or warn you of a scenario they see in your future.

“My beloved psychic Mike is clairvoyant and has described the physical characteristics of my current boyfriend—two years before I met him—and will tell me to ‘lower my shoulders,’ seeing they’ve crept up while on a phone call,” says Caiola. “One of the most well-known psychic mediums, Laura Lynne Jackson, describes a ‘widescreen TV’ that opens in her mind to serve as the mainframe for the psychic messages that come through in her readings.”

3. Clairaudience

Pull the “audi” out of clairaudience, and you can probably deduce that it’s describing psychic hearing, or being able to have messages really amplified.

“Messages that come through via clairaudience will sound like a thought, but louder and more pronounced during a channeling session.” —Alex Caiola, astrologer and tarot reader

“Messages that come through via clairaudience will sound like a thought, but louder and more pronounced during a channeling session,” says Caiola. “I experience this form of channeling as well, and can describe it as words popping into my head and coming through unfiltered, directly to my client to further illustrate a point.” For example, in a recent reading, Caiola blurted out that a client was coming off as controlling, “which I would normally cushion in my own communication style,” she says. “Instead of being offended, she took to the information instantly and constructively. Sometimes, your guides need you to hear a particular word above all others!”

4. Clairsentience

The final of the four clair senses is clairsentience, which is a tactile psychic feeling. “Picture this: You’re reading a passage and have the chills come over you when describing a particular place,” says Caiola. “Or, you shake hands with a person and their touch sparks a comfort in you like you’ve known them your whole life. These are examples of clairsentience, also known as psychic sensory experiences. These vibes are meant to clue you into the particular feeling itself for extraordinary information.”

Caiola says she often experiences clairsentience when shuffling the tarot cards during readings. “Before I even pull the cards, they may move in a particular way, which taps me to pay attention,” Caiola says. “Recently, I shuffled completely differently from my normal routine, almost backward, which I interpreted as a possible strategy for my client to ‘back into’ the scenario she asked me about.”

Whatever the method, the clair senses are really all about following your inner High Priestess (regardless of whether you pull the dedicated tarot card, and letting her knowledge guide you to whatever your next adventure is.

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Alex Caiola Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader

Is Your Innate Intuition Actually Your Sixth Sense Shining Through? By Sporteluxe Editors

You might be displaying psychic ability without even knowing it.

Do you ever “know” something before it happens? Are you constantly having visions of the future? Feeling and knowing in your heart the outcome of an event? Or maybe knowing what decision is better based on your gut feeling? You might be intuitive. Intuition is the human race’s sixth sense. It’s an instinctive awareness where our hunches turn out to be true. The way our society raises us, our modern living, socialization, and the world that makes us think otherwise. Is it logic or is it your heart? We explore below.

Psychic Ability

According to YogaDigest“People such as psychics and clairvoyants have developed their intuition so that their natural sixth sense is heightened, stronger, and perhaps more dependable than someone who is not as psychic. When a psychic carries out a tarot reading, they are not only conveying the meaning of the cards, they are also communicating what they are sensing or picking up in relation to the person.”

We are all born with this innate sense of knowing, but many things can distract us from connecting with our higher selves. It’s your duty to connect with this power in order to truly understand those around you and the world. Your inner voice is very accurate. For example, do you ever feel like you should’ve gone with your gut, regretting the decision you made before? Our intuition bridges the gap between logical thinking, instinct, and reason.

Your intuition is your superpower. It may make you feel vulnerable and nervous, but it is the universe guiding you, so it’s definitely scary. YogaDigest gives the following example to try and build your sense of intuition. Next time the phone rings, who is the first person who comes to your mind? Try and guess. When something unexpected comes into your mind about someone or something, write it down so you can refer back to see if you were right. When you meet someone new and you get a hunch that they may be helpful, useful, interesting, a positive or negative influence, remember this.

How To Know If Your Sixth Sense Is Strong

1) You can sense things without any of physical clues:

You are the type of person that instantly knows where something is. You can sense the past without any recollection of knowledge of it. If you lose something, you have a sense of where it is. You might even be able to see ghosts or spirits! You can figure out what is going to happen in the future.

2) You are an empath:

Empaths have an innate knowledge of your feelings and your emotion, but also others. It’s very easy for you to understand what people are going through. You can pick up energy very quickly. You also know if someone is lying or not.

3) You can read vibes instantly:

You know how someone feels about a decision, pretty instantly. It’s very easy for you to connect and read the room. You will be moved by other people’s frustration, anger, happiness, or sadness. It’s taking on another’s emotion, even if you have no prior knowledge of their circumstances.

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30 Signs You’re Not Dramatic — You’re Clairsentient by Emily Francos

It’s a very rare ability.

Clairsentients have the psychic ability of sensing and connecting to the world around us. 

The List describes clairsentient people as “People who have this ability are also considered to be sensitive and empathic, which means they can often end up feeling overwhelmed and burdened by any negative energies around them.” 

Clairsentients have a knowing clear feeling that they may not be able to explain, but it is overwhelmingly true.

The clairsentience meaning is often compared to the abilities of an empath, but there is a distinct difference.

While empaths are sensitive to other people’s emotions, clairsentients can also analyze these emotions.

The List also says, “While being intuitive has its good points, having a heightened sensitivity for your surroundings as a clairsentient means you need to learn to create a psychic barrier around you because it is not possible to absorb a high level of energy and emotion at the same time.” 

So, if you do find that you are clairsentient, then you need to figure out the best ways for you to protect yourself from being overly affected by the world’s energies around you. 

1. You are very conscious of all the energies around you.

2. People might describe you as highly sensitive and empathetic. 

3. Emotionally sappy movies leave you crying. 

4. History really gets your attention because you find it interesting that there is so much to where we have come from. 

5. You are very picky about who you hang out with because you like to pick people who do not drain you emotionally. 

6. It’s hard for you to be in darkness and in cluttered spaces because it holds heavier energy. Clairsentients are attracted to brighter and clearer areas because they have a lighter vibrational energy. 

7. You have great instincts that keep you out of trouble because you can easily see other people’s intentions. 

8. It’s easy for you to tell if the people close to you are having a bad day.

9. Empathy is your strong suit and you are very compassionate so you don’t hesitate to help other people heal. 

10. You can easily tell when people are lying or telling the truth. 

11. You cannot shop at thrift stores, antique stores, or flea markets because each object holds the energy of the people who have owned the objects before and clairsentients can pick up on those energies. 

12. You listen to your strong gut feelings. 

13. Meditation is something you easily do to center yourself and it helps you handle your body’s responses to the energies you are constantly feeling.

14. Little things can trigger strong feelings within you and you cannot ignore these feelings. 

15. It’s easy for you to discern the actual cause of someone’s problems. 

16. You also have a great sense of taste and smell because you are so in tune with the energies around you.

17. Clairsentients are at peace with death and are open to what’s to come. 

18. You are plagued by random emotional mood swings.

19. You probably feel like you have actually been touched by non-physical energy. 

20. You feel drained of energy after you are around people. 

21. You avoid the news because it makes you very emotional and upset.

22. It’s easy for you to tell when the temperature fluctuates in a room.

23. Clairsentients can also read the energies of animals. 

24. You can easily pick up on tense situations and avoid them. 

25. Physically and emotionally you can feel other people’s pain. 

26. Your third eye sometimes tingles making you realize that it is activating. 

27. You may have had some spiritual experiences that you cannot explain in your life. 

28. Because you are so in tune with your body, you know when something is wrong. 

29. You get goosebumps for no reason but it just means that something has startled your energy field. 

30. You can also tell when the energy shifts and you can describe what the energy actually feels like.

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How My Psychic Readings Work by Calleen Wilder

I posted an article this week, from another author, about What Psychic Readings are. I posted it because I felt it was a good article.

But after reviewing it I decided to share a little more insight into what I specifically do during a Psychic/Medium Reading.

So here goes:

Before the start of any reading I do a little opener. I reach out to anyone “in the white light” who knows you and wishes to relay something to you. I grant them permission to work through me in order to relay messages to you.

  • Being a sensitive/empath, I begin our reading by “feeling” what you’re feeling. Usually, I pick this up from the first moment you speak. Sometimes too, I feel it before we speak, often while I’m dialing your number.
  • From there I tell you whatever seems most pressing. I do this via clairvoyance (meaning I see pictures or glimpses of pictures, like snapshots).
  • I also experience clairaudience (meaning I hear, but inside my head rather than with my ears, words, messages, phrases, names, etc…) all throughout the reading.
  • Plus, I use clairsentience (meaning I feel things, in my own body, as if they were my own for that moment). This allows me to identify what your loved one passed away from. Sometimes too, it identifies what you’re currently struggling with, especially health wise.
  • If I’m in the room with someone, I definitely utilize Psychometry (meaning I hold an object of yours in order to feel memories stored within it).
  • Occasionally, Clairalience comes into play (meaning I smell things… like scents… perhaps flowers, cigars, or other things you can identify with).
  • Sometimes I taste things, like perhaps mint or fruit or really anything that might mean something to you.
  • And then other times I just “know”… no pictures, sights, sounds, tastes, or smells, just a “knowing” about something in your past, present &/or future. All of which I share.
  • In some instances I utilize channeling energy (healing and such) to my clients, should they need it. Generally I do this after the reading during my meditation later that night. Unless, of course, we’re doing an in-person meet.

In truth, I let my entire being become a “tuning fork” of sorts. I’m simply a vehicle that those in spirit (be it guides, angels, or loved ones) can manipulate in order to get a message through to you.

I’ve even dreamt about a client, or someone in their life, the night before a reading.

Honestly, I just open up and allow higher level Spirits to use whatever method they can to “connect” with you, via me.

I don’t read palms or tarot cards. Not because I think they’re bad or less accurate. Rather, this is simply the process I’ve always used. It’s what works best for me.

Am I always right? Nope, even though I try very hard to be. Human perception can cause me to misread or misinterpret on occasion. And free will allows you to change some things about your future.

Do I know everything about you? Again, nope. I know only what I intuit or “they” tell me.

An Astrology Reading is different. Charts and graphs are required for this type of reading. Some of the above tools often come into play as well. They simply aren’t the main course.

Today I do fewer readings than I used to. The energy adjustment that must take place seems to be a tad more tiring to my old-ish body. HA! Thus, I lessen my work load in order to keep the connection and accuracy high. Still, I try my best to work people in as soon as I possibly can.

For more information you can visit my Psychic/Medium Readings Page.

Best to all… Calleen

Exploring the Eight Extrasensory Clair Abilities by Women Fitness Magazine

Exploring the Eight Extrasensory Clair Abilities
Exploring the Eight Extrasensory Clair Abilities

Exploring the Eight Extrasensory Clair Abilities : Psychic readers use a wide variety of powers to connect to their clients and provide readings. Among the most common psychic abilities are eight extrasensory gifts known as “clair abilities”. These are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairtangency, claircognizance, clairempathy, clairalience, and clairgustance. That’s a lot of clairs! Here’s what they all mean.

  1. Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance means “clear sight.” Clairvoyance is the psychic power or ability to acquire information or to see objects, animals or people, despite any distance involved. In the case of living beings, clairvoyants can also judge their emotional state and present condition. Clairvoyants can also pick up on past and future events. Clairvoyance is often used as a general term that includes other extrasensory visual abilities such as telepathic communication and perception, prophetic visions, and lucid dreaming.
  2. Clairaudience – Clairaudience is a type of channeling and is generally defined as the reception of information in thought forms from entities that exist in the spiritual realm. People who receive clairaudient messages “hear” those messages in their minds. Though words or songs may be perceived the same way people hear phrases or songs stuck inside their heads, the thoughts themselves may be all that are received. If you’re just beginning to develop your clairaudience, make sure you only share the clairaudient messages you obtain with people you trust. Skeptics often characterize clairaudience as schizophrenia or other forms of mental illness.
  3. Clairsentience – Clairsentience is a type of energy reading performed by especially empathic people. When clairsentients sense other people’s emotions, they will feel them physically. Clairsentient messages are generally more complex than pure feelings, and such input can offer valuable guidance when helping another person who is facing important decisions.
  4. Clairtangency – Clairtangency, also referred to as psychometry, is the ability to touch a person, sit or stand in a certain place, or touch or hold an object and sense the energy of and around the person, place or thing. A psychic with the gift of clairtangency judges the energies based on their emotional impact. The energies can feel light or heavy, cheerful or gloomy, tender or tough, peaceful or disturbing, or benevolent or evil.
  5. Claircognizance – Claircognizance is the intuitive gift of clear knowing. Psychics gifted with claircognizance can receive knowledge or insights that turn out to be true, and just know things about other people, such as when they’re lying. Claircognizant people often have random ideas suddenly occur to them. They are logical people who enjoy thinking through issues and often wake up from dreams with effective solutions to problems.
  6. Clairempathy – Clairempathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotional energy and understand the cause of these emotions. Clairempaths differ from clairsentients in that clairempaths will not experience other people’s emotions as physical manifestations or symptoms.
  7. Clairalience – Clairalience is the extrasensory psychic gift of clear smelling. Clairalients can glean psychic information from scents not confined to the physical realm. Clairalients derive messages and information from scents originating in both the physical world and the spiritual realm.
  8. Clairgustance – Clairgustance is the paranormal ability to gain psychic knowledge by experiencing tastes with no physical source present. Clairalience and clairgustance are both fairly common gifts, but they’re often taken for granted.

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